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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
August 29, 2011
Resch Center - Green Bay, Wisconsin

The show tonight starts with a video package highlighting the events of last week on Raw, where we saw The Awesome Truth attack CM Punk and then John Cena with chairs during the main event. We then see the carnage that ensued last week after the main event, and then Triple H announcing that the WWE Championship will be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.


We enter the arena after seeing the pyrotechnics display, and see some sweeping shots of excited members of the WWE Universe, who are ready for Raw. Our commentary team then welcome us into the show.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Tonight we are here in the sold-out Resch Center right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin! I’m your elite commentator here in the WWE, Michael Cole!! I’m joined by my regular partner on Monday nights, Jerry “The King” Lawler! Jerry, we have a huge show to bring you tonight, and coming off of the events from last week, they’re going to be a great chance to see who is building momentum heading into Night of Champions.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Michael. I’m glad to be here, by the way. We’re going to see the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, facing one of the men he is defending the championship against at Night of Champions, Kofi Kingston.

Michael Cole: Well, all week people have been criticising Triple H’s decision to include Kofi Kingston in that match, and I, for one, do agree with them, but tonight is definitely Kofi’s chance to silence his critics. Also, our main event! We’re going to see The Awesome Truth, the awesome Miz and R-Truth, take on two men who they will be competing against at Night of Champions, and who they have brutally attacked these past two weeks, John Cena and CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler: I got a chance to speak with John Cena earlier today, and it is safe to say that he is looking forward to getting his hands on The Miz and R-Truth later tonight. After what they have done to him, there is no doubt that Cena, AND Punk, will want retribution tonight.

Michael Cole: And THAT is not all! Tonight we will see a Superstar that has seemed to have developed an obsession with Zack Ryder, he is one of my favourite Superstars, that being “The All American-American” Jack Swagger.

Jerry Lawler: Jack Swagger has not been having the best of luck these past couple of weeks, falling short to Zack Ryder twice in a row now, and in a wwe.com exclusive video he violently beat up our very own Scott Stanford, who is one of Zack’s close personal friends.

A still from the wwe.com video in Swagger’s bedroom, where Swagger is holding Scott Stanford in the Ankle Lock.

Michael Cole: We understand that Jack Swagger has been fined for his actions on Scott Stanford this past weekend, but his match with Zack Ryder is still scheduled to take place tonight. I know Jack very well so I think Zack Ryder better watch out tonight.

There is a little hush now in the arena, as everyone seems to be waiting for whoever is going to open the show tonight...


A loud cheer erupts, as Triple H, “The Boss” of the entire company, strides out from behind the curtain, all suited up as usual, and he looks like he is ready to start the show, adjusting his tie as he walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Now here is a man that kept himself busy last week. On Raw, he announced that the WWE Championship will be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions, and this past Friday on Smackdown, he told the General Manager Theodore Long that his performance was under review. Haha!

Jerry Lawler: Of course everyone here wishes Teddy Long will be keeping his job as Smackdown General-

Michael Cole: (Interrupting) I don’t!! Christian has been in hospital the entire weekend because of that idiot!

Jerry Lawler: I think this is a conversation for another time, Michael. But what Triple H did promise us tonight was that we would see some form of punishment for The Awesome Truth for their actions recently.

“The Game” is now in the centre of the ring, with a microphone in hand, as his music fades out, a small “TRI-PLE H!” chant can be heard, but he quickly silences the WWE Universe by motioning with a hand.

Triple H: I’d like to start tonight by answering any questions about what happened on Smackdown on Friday. I’ve been getting tweets from fans and text messages from Superstars, asking me about Theodore Long.

A mild pop for the Smackdown General Manager.

Triple H: Mr Long’s performance is under review... which means that he isn’t going to get fired, but if Smackdown spirals further out of control, I will have to terminate Mr Long’s contract.

Some small heat.

Triple H: If I’m being honest, the situation isn’t much better here on Raw, either. I’ve received messages from Superstars from both shows. Some of these messages... well, if I’m being honest... HAVE BEEN PISSING ME OFF!

There is a good pop, as Triple H loudly snarls the last few of those words out, clearly frustrated.

Triple H: Apparently, some of the WWE Superstars have forgotten just where the hell they work. It has been said before, but this aint ballet; this is the WWE, this is MY WWE.

“The Game” starts pacing around the ring now.

Triple H: So yeah, a few guys have been jumped backstage, people have gone through tables, so what? Back in my day, we had the Hardcore Title, twenty-four-seven rules; people got their asses kicked in the back all the damn time!

He laughs to himself, and then continues.

Triple H: But because I am now the guy that is trying to stop all of this instead of being the one that is creating it, I have to do something about it. What I told Teddy Long on Friday night was the start of the road to recovery for Smackdown, but over here on Raw, the all of the trouble seems to be coming from two men.

Heat from the fans who know exactly who the COO is talking about.

Triple H: Yeah, it seems you know who I am talking about; The Awesome Truth.

BIG heat

Triple H: Two weeks ago, they attacked Cena with steel chairs. Last week, they attacked CM Punk backstage and then got Cena with the chairs again during the main event. Usually, I wouldn’t give a damn about what they do but since their actions have led to my ass being on the line, I have to step in. I’ve been told I have to (Air quotation marks) discipline them.

He then walks over to the side of the ring facing the stage.

Triple H: So Miz, Truth, I’d like you to come out here, so-


There is a large amount of heat in the arena, as The Awesome Truth, The Miz and R-Truth start striding down to the ring, both wearing huge shit-eating grins across their faces.

Jerry Lawler: These two guys are out of control! I can’t see any justification to why they’ve been attacking John Cena these past couple of weeks.

Michael Cole: They’re doing it because they want a shot at the WWE Championship, which they have been deprived of, Jerry! And who are you to criticise their methods? They’re in the WWE Championship Match at Night of Champions, so it obviously works.

Jerry Lawler: I just don’t think that is how things should be done in the WWE.

The Awesome Truth are now in the ring, and both men picked up microphones on the way into the ring.

Triple H: Now, I asked you two out here, because I need to get some sort-

The Miz: Who the hell do you think you are?! You... are calling us out? Really?


The Miz: Really?


The Miz: Really?

Triple H: Ya, really. Now if you speak when you’re not spoken to and interrupt me again, that microphone is going to go somewhere where the sun don’t shine. And to answer your question as to whom I am... I am your boss.

BIG pop; Miz being put in his place already.

Triple H: As I was saying, I’ve got you two out here because some of the guys in the back don’t feel safe with you two walking around doing whatever the hell you like... because there is only one guy that is allowed to do whatever the hell he wants around here... me.

The Awesome Truth look unimpressed.

Triple H: So, as part of your... punishment... I have decided to make a small change to tonight’s main event, and your match against John Cena and CM Punk will now be fought under No Disqualifications!

A loud pop, as The Miz simply smirks and R-Truth start laughing.

The Miz: You really don’t understand do you? The great, Triple H, seems to have already forgotten what it is like to be a WWE Superstar. Ahh, I don’t think you realise that making that match a No Disqualification match is fine for us... It works in OUR favour.

The Miz starts striding around now.

The Miz: It gives us the chance to do some damage on two of our biggest threats in the Six-Pack Challenge. Tonight, we take John Cena and CM Punk... out.

R-Truth: Now that’s wassup!

The Miz: And once Punk and Cena are out of the way, it is only Alberto Del Rio and pathetic little Kofi Kingston left in our way. Who knows? We might decide to interfere in their match later on and then once the show is over, we won’t have any opponents to face once we get to Night of Champions.

R-Truth: They gon’ get got! An’ then, this conspiracy will be ova! Haha!

It is now Triple H’s turn to laugh now, as The Miz asks him what he is laughing at.

Triple H: That sounds like an AWEE-SOMMMME little plan you got there, but I’m afraid I thought that that is what you would do, so until you’re match later on, I’ve arranged you some temporary... care.

As Triple H says this, we see that around twenty Security Guards are walking down to the ring.

The Miz: What are they doing here? What do you mean?

Triple H: Well, I thought you’d try and ruin my show again, so I figured I’d ask these gentlemen here to escort you out of the arena and not let you back in until it is time for your match.

There is a HUGE pop in the arena, and R-Truth’s eyes start to bulge out of his head, nostrils flaring, as five of the guards enter the ring, and then grab Miz and Truth, and start to pull them away, both men trying to fight them off. A small “NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY, GOODBYE!” chant starts, but doesn’t really pick up properly.

Michael Cole: Well, that isn’t fair! These guys are forced to compete under No Disqualification rules, and now they are being escorted out of the arena by security! SOMEONE STOP THIS!!

Jerry Lawler: Michael, sometimes what goes around comes around, and The Awesome Truth just got what came around.

Michael Cole: Besides the most entertaining men on Raw being banned from the arena for the entire night, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the show.

R-Truth can be heard shouting “IT’S A CONSPIRACY!” before both men are dragged out behind the curtain, leaving Triple H laughing in the centre of the ring before we go to our first commercial of the night.


Returning from the commercial, we are backstage, and we come in during the middle of a commotion by the exit to the arena. We see the mob of guards from before, trying to force The Miz and R-Truth out of the door, but both men are refusing to budge.


Obviously hearing the commotion, Triple H then arrives from the scene, pushing through the guards to get to The Awesome Truth.

Triple H: Look guys, you can either leave quietly or I’m going to have to ban you for a lot longer than 2 hours.

The Miz: You can’t do this to us. We are The Awesome Truth!!

R-Truth: It’s a God-damn conspiracy!

Triple H: I’ve had enough of this... Pay rise for whoever gets them out.

Like that, all of the guards then pile on The Awesome Truth, finally bundling them OUT OF THE DOOR, to a LOUD pop in the arena. Triple H then walks away from the scene as the camera focuses on the door in the centre of the frame, and we can hear The Miz banging on it from the other side and trying to shout through.

Back to the arena, however.


There is a big pop, as we see the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov burst out onto the stage; Kozlov being in action tonight.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied by Santino Marella, from Moscow, Russia, weighing 302 pounds, VLADIMIR KOZLOV!

Michael Cole: Going from two most entertaining men on Raw to the two most boring men...

Jerry Lawler: What?! Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are the most entertaining men in the whole WWE! The two most boring men are the guys that they are facing at Night of Champions!

Michael Cole: You know nothing, Lawler.

The Odd Couple are now in the ring, with Santino quickly giving Kozlov a massage on his shoulders to calm his partner’s nerves, as their music dies down to be replaced by...


There is some heat for the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, with Otunga dressed in a full suit with his belt over his shoulder, and McGillicutty wearing his beanie hat and his title belt around his waist.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, accompanied by David Otunga, from Champlain, Minnesota, weighing 227 pounds, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... Michael MC-GILLI-CUTTTYY!!!

Jerry Lawler: I hope this one is quick; I can’t stand to watch these guys.

Michael Cole: What do you mean?! These two men are the future of the WWE, and I don’t know why people are always so bummed out on them! They’re fun!

Jerry Lawler: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are fun, these two... are BORING.

The Tag Champions get into the ring, and stare down their opponents in less than three weeks’ time, before Otunga walks across the ring to give Jerry Lawler a hard stare, before then returning into the centre to talk some tactics with his partner.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what the hell he thought he was looking at.

Otunga and Marella then leave the ring, leaving the referee to brief the two men that are competing. The ref seems happy with everything and he then singles for the bell.

Match One:
Vladimir Kozlov
w/ Santino Marella vs Michael McGillicutty w/ David Otunga

The match starts with Kozlov going straight after McGillicutty, all guns blazing. The tag champ uses the ropes as a means to stay away, but after a few times of the referee preventing Kozlov from getting at his opponent; but then the referee tells McGillicutty that it is time to fight now, so Kozlov then takes immediate advantage by bulldozing him into the corner and then connecting with a flurry of headbutts and shoulders to the midsection. Kozlov then throws McGillicutty over his head out of the corner and then Mike falls into the opposite corner, so Kozlov runs in, but is met by a boot to the face from his opponent, knocking him back. McGillicutty then runs in and goes for the McGillicutter early on, but then Kozlov counters and flattens Mike with a boot to the chest, which sends one half of the tag champs out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Kozlov goes to follow up, but the referee prevents him from doing so; this happens as Otunga goes around to his partner, trying to get him up to his feet. Santino tries to come over and get involved... but he is met with a CHEAP SHOT FROM OTUNGA! The fans give big heat, as Otunga doesn’t seem to regret his actions one bit. Jerry Lawler even stands up at the announce table, with Otunga then pointing at him, as the referee then exits the ring, and checks on Santino... BEFORE SENDING OTUNGA ON HIS WAY! The fans now cheer, and King starts applauding on commentary, as Otunga and McGillicutty now protest the refereee’s call, as now Otunag seems to continue arguing his case, as the referee now has to escort him up the ramp, allowing Santino to grab McGillicutty, and then roll him into the ring... for a waiting Kozlov! McGillicutty springs up to his feet, and then looks petrified at the Moscow Mauler standing in front of him, and he then turns to exit... COBRA!! Santino was up on the apron, and just as he gets down, the referee starts running back into the ring, just as McGillicutty gets back up to his feet, before planting him with the Iron Curtain!! Kozlov then jumps down into the cover...One...Two...Three!

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov (4.24)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, VLADIMIR KOZLOV!!

Jerry Lawler: Well it seems that turnabout is fair play! Last week, McGillicutty cost Santino, but the roles were reversed tonight!

Michael Cole: Someone punish that man! Santino had no reason to do that, why did he get involved?

Santino starts playing his trombone, with Kozlov joining in soon after; the number one contenders then start eyeing up the tag team championships that are being given to the champions; McGillicutty having been pulled out of the ring by Otunga.

Jerry Lawler: Well a great start to tonight’s show, and we’ve still got a lot more for ya; but now we are going to pass over to well, not Scott Stanford, but Matt Striker.

We go to the interview area, and Matt Striker stands there solemnly, before addressing the WWE Universe.

Matt Striker: Unfortunately, Scott Stanford will not be appearing on Raw for some time due to the heinous assault by Jack Swagger that occurred this past weekend. So I’ll be taking over his interviewing duties until Scott is back. So my first guest is one that I know that Scott would have wanted to interview; Scott’s close personal friend, “Long Island Iced Z!” Zack Ryder.

To a HUGE pop, Zack Ryder then walks into the frame and he noticeably isn’t wearing any of his merchandise other than his headband, dressed to compete. Ryder looks very angry also.

Zack Ryder: Matt, if it is cool bro, I’d like to just get straight to the point.

Striker then holds his hands up and then moves out of shot, the camera then centering onto Ryder.

Zack Ryder: Jack Swagger... what you did was not cool, bro. I know you may not like that I’ve beaten you twice in a row but to trick my bro Scott Stanford into coming to your house just so you can beat on him...

Ryder then wipes his chin, the rage behind his eyes clear.

Zack Ryder: You just don’t do that!! Scott didn’t want any trouble, and neither did I.

The rage is building up even more now.

Zack Ryder: I’m gonna keep this short and sweet... Tonight, Jack Swagger, you’re luck isn’t gonna get any better because I’m going to FIST-PUMP YOUR FACE!

The fans give a solid pop, as the camera back up a little to show more of Ryder.

Zack Ryder: Woo Woo Woo... You know it, BRO.

Ryder then curls his lip, almost spitting the last word out and then marches off, to a solid reaction from the fans. The camera then pans back to Striker and he seems a little taken aback.

Michael Cole: Will Zack Ryder be able to get some revenge against Jack Swagger? Find out next on Monday Night Raw!



There is a big pop, as Zack Ryder storms out through the curtain and out onto the stage. He is still wearing his headband, but he throws it into the crowd as he walks down to the ring, not bothering with slapping hands with the fans, looking extremely focused.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Long Island, New York, “Long Island Iced Z!” ZACK RYDERRRRR!!

Michael Cole: Well here we see an emotional, vengeful Zack Ryder, wanting to get back at Jack Swagger for his cruel beat down on Ryder’s close personal friend Scott Stanford this past weekend.

Jerry Lawler: I really hope that Jack Swagger gets what is coming to him tonight; there is no excuse for what he did to Scott Stanford.

Michael Cole: Swagger should feel no remorse for what he did; Zack Ryder has embarrassed him these past two weeks; Swagger was just getting a measure of revenge!

Ryder gets into the ring, and then stands facing the stage; waiting.


DEAFENING heat in the arena, as Jack Swagger emerges from the back. Ryder is being restrained by the referee in the ring as Swagger saunters down the ramp, smirking as he does so, staring right into Ryder’s eyes.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe the measures that Jack Swagger went to in order to get some payback on Zack Ryder. He should have been suspended for what he did.

Michael Cole: We understand that Jack Swagger was fined twenty-thousand dollars for his actions this past weekend, and now he has to face anything that Zack Ryder wants to throw at him.

Swagger steps up onto the apron, and looks straight at Ryder. Ryder glares back at him and tells him to get into the ring, but Swagger simply stands on the apron looking at Ryder.

Jerry Lawler: What is Swagger doing? Get in there and face him like a man!

Ryder tries advancing forward but he is cut off by the referee; who now tells Swagger to get into the ring himself so the match can start. Swagger starts smirking now, as Ryder is irate.

Michael Cole: Not even I know what Jack Swagger is trying to do here, King.

Swagger carries on smiling at Ryder, before he then jumps backwards back onto the floor! Still with his eyes locked on Ryder in the ring, Swagger then starts backing up the ramp slowly, before saying “Not tonight.” And then turning around, and starts walking to the back! The crowd starts too boo even louder than before, as Swagger has his goofy smile plastered across his face as he turns around to see Zack Ryder shaking with anger in the ring; before Swagger walks behind the curtain and out of the arena.

Jerry Lawler: What a coward! First, he attacks an interviewer and then he isn’t even able to face Zack Ryder and the consequences!!

Michael Cole: That was probably a smart move on Swagger’s part, King. Ryder looks pumped tonight.

In the ring, Ryder complains to the referee but there is nothing he can do; Ryder kicking the ropes in frustration, as we fade out to somewhere in the back...

We see Drew McIntyre applying some wrist tape around his arm, sitting in a locker room. We then hear the door close and Drew looks up and smiles. The camera then pans around slightly to see the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero walk into the shot to some heat in the arena. Ziggler and McIntyre then share a handshake

Drew McIntyre: What can I do f’ ya, partner?

Vickie Guerrero: Drew, we came here to offer you a fantastic opportunity; one that is too good to pass up.

Mac looks slightly confused, but then ushers Vickie on.

Drew McIntyre: I’m listening.

Vickie Guerrero: Now we know that you’re teaming up with Dolph tonight to face Alex Riley and that little runt Rey Mysterio, and-

A big pop for the mention of Mysterio cuts Guerrero off. She then looks angrily towards the ceiling before composing herself and carrying on.

Vickie Guerrero: We saw how close you came to beating Rey Mysterio last week, and as you probably know; our mission is to rid the WWE of Rey Mysterio.

Heat; Ziggler starts grinning and patting his championship.

Vickie Guerrero: So in the match tonight... if you are able to take Rey Mysterio out and get him out of our hair... permanently; I’ll extend to you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join my exclusive managerial clientele.

Drew starts to smirk, as the fans in the arena carry on booing.

Vickie Guerrero: Just look at the heights I’ve taken Dolph; He’s the United States Champion, a former World Heavyweight Champion... All of this can be yours if you do one little thing for us tonight.

Ziggler bears a huge cocky grin, as McIntyre smiles broadly.

Drew McIntyre: You’ve got yourselves a deal.

With that, McIntyre rapidly shakes hands with both Guerrero and Ziggler.

Vickie Guerrero: I knew you’d make the smart choice, Drew. We’ll see you out there later on.

Dolph and Vickie then walk out of the shot, to a smattering of heat; McIntyre sits back down and continues his preparations.


We are shown a short video highlighting the events of last week’s Smackdown; where we learnt that Theodore Long’s job is in jeopardy and we are then shown highlights of the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship, in what was Christian’s last chance whilst Randy Orton is champion... in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH. We are shown Christian slamming a door into Orton, and then battering him with a chair, before the final finishing move of the night; an RKO onto the exposed concrete at ringside, the video ending showing Orton standing tall with the championship as Christian is loaded onto a stretcher.

Back in the arena now, and we see Alicia Fox in the ring; she is playing to the fans as her match is up next.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw; we are set for some Diva action, but you just saw the events of Smackdown last Friday and we now know that Theodore Long is under pressure to keep control of Smackdown otherwise he will lose his job. I can’t wait for him to go!

Jerry Lawler: It’s a shame that Teddy has been put in this position but hopefully he can get things under control; all of us here on Raw wish him the best of luck. But anyway, Michael, we’ve got some Divas now! Look at Alicia Fox!

Fox’s music starts to die down now, as we see a sweeping shot of the crowd as we wait for her opponent...


To a mixed reaction; “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix and her Divas of Doom partner, Natalya Neidhart march out from behind the curtains, both glaring at Alicia Fox in the ring.

Michael Cole: When someone mentions the women here in WWE; no one cares about the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, everyone talks about these two women; especially Beth Phoenix.

Jerry Lawler: Well we know out next Pay-Per-View event, Night of Champions, is held in Beth’s hometown of Buffalo, so she is desperate to be named the number one contender to the Divas championship; and I’ll admit; she has been DOMINANT since Summerslam where she failed to win the title.

Michael Cole: The fact she hasn’t been named number one contender is a travesty I feel. She pinned the champion last week!

The Divas of Doom are now in the ring; as Justin Roberts is ready to start the introductions.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall-

Beth Phoenix: Shut up!

Phoenix snatches the mic out of the announcer’s hands, as the WWE Universe now boo her for her actions.

Beth Phoenix: I want everybody to take note of what I am about to do to this woman. I am going to beat her senseless until I am named the number one contender for the Divas Championship that I deserve.


Beth Phoenix: On Smackdown, Teddy Long thought he could threaten me and not give me a title shot... how DARE he think he can talk to the most dominant woman in this company’s history like that!

Phoenix starts to circle the ring as Fox is getting impatient.

Beth Phoenix: After I dismantle Alicia Fox I want Triple H, John Laurinaitis, anyone with the power to make a match to come down here and give me my shot!

Phoenix then hands the mic to Natalya, who leaves the ring with it and the referee rings the bell to start the match.

Match Two:
Alicia Fox vs Beth Phoenix
w/ Natalya

Phoenix is in no mood to mess around tonight; as soon as the bell rings she charges at Fox and takes her down in the corner, before starting to stomp away Fox’ midsection. The referee has to come in and separate the two women, but Phoenix then gets Fox back to her feet straight afterwards and levels her with a clothesline! Phoenix then grabs a hand full of hair and starts ramming Fox’s head against the ground. Phoenix then takes Fox up and then drops her gut first across the knee and then signals that she has had enough, before taking Fox up and planting her with the GLAM SLAM!! The fans know this is over and then count along with the referee...One...Two...Three!

Winner: Beth Phoenix (1.12)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... The Glamazon... BETH PHOENIX!


There is a big pop as it is not Beth’s music we hear, but that of the COO of the WWE, Triple H, making his second appearance of the night. He has a microphone in hand.

Triple H: Okay Beth, I hear ya; you want a title shot.

The Game starts pacing, as Beth has a look saying “Well, obviously”

Triple H: And I find it hard to argue with that performance right there, so I’ll tell you what is going to happen... if you apologize to Theodore Long this Friday on Smackdown for going against his order of not appearing after Kelly’s match with Natalya... You’ve got your match at Night of Champions against Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship.


A mixed reaction, as Beth smiles along with Natalya after finally getting what they wanted.

Michael Cole: Finally! Finally! Beth finally gets what she deserves! YES!

Jerry Lawler: But do you really expect her to apologize to Teddy Long?

Michael Cole: I’m sure Long will see things Beth’s way soon enough; but all I know now is that Kelly Kelly’s days as champion are numbered... 20 to be exact.


We return from commercial, and we can see that we are in an office, and we see a man’s feet, the camera pans upwards to see that they belong to the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. He gets a negative reaction from the Green Bay fans; we can see that he is finishing up a phonecall.

John Laurinaitis: ... Yes. I’ll let him know, thank you.

He hangs up the phone, and then has a heavy sigh, as Triple H then walks into the shot!

John Laurinaitis: Ahh, Hunter, I was just waiting for you; I’ve got-

Triple H: Who was that?

John Laurinaitis: It was the Head of Security from the arena we used in Richmond two weeks ago. He said that Kevin Nash had bought a ticket and then jumped the rail during the WWE Championship Match.

Triple H: And what about at Summerslam?

John Laurinaitis: The exact same thing.

“The Game” seems confused now, and then seems like he has an idea.

Triple H: Good work, John. I’ll go speak to the ticket vendor here tonight and see if he’s let Nash in. Thanks, kid.

Triple H turns around and leaves, and Laurinaitis’ face turns extremely sour after being referred to as “kid”. The fans in the arena boo as we see John pull the same face that he pulled two weeks ago; a sinister smile. Suddenly though, his face turns from a smile to complete shock, as we hear the door of the room close, and the camera zooms out a little to see that CM PUNK has walked into the office!

John Laurinaitis: What are you doing here?

CM Punk: Oh, I was just coming by to speak to you, actually. I think it was really cute what you did to me last week, you know, putting me in a match with Tyler Reks right there on the spot.

Punk then broadly smiles.

CM Punk: Was that really the best you could have found? Anyway, I came here to let you know that I am launching my own official investigation as to why Kevin Nash has cost ME the WWE Championship TWICE. And as Awesome Truth aren’t around attacking anybody tonight and I get to deal with them in the main event; I thought I’d come and ask you a few questions.

John Laurinaitis: I have nothing to say to you, Punk.

CM Punk: See, I thought you’d be like this, FUNK-man. I know that there is just something about me that makes your blood boil; something that you just can’t stand.

CM Punk edges closer to Laurinaitis now.

CM Punk: I know that if there is anyone that doesn’t want me to be WWE Champion... it is you.

Laurinaitis looks taken aback, and the fans pop, as Punk seems to be getting more serious with every word.

CM Punk: I’ve never spoken to Kevin Nash; he had no reason to attack me off of his own accord, because I’ve never done anything wrong to the guy. So that means that someone must have put him up to it. That someone is you.

A LARGE pop meets that final line, and Laurinaitis is now bordering on boiling point.

John Laurinaitis: SHUT UP! Punk, you’re right, I don’t like you and I don’t think you have the right image of the champion that should be representing this company!

A bigger pop now, as Punk starts nodding his head, and smiling.

CM Punk: Just as I thought; You couldn’t take me being on top-

John Laurinaitis: - But I didn’t order that hit out on you.

Punk doesn’t seem so sure, and then he squares up to Punk, nose to nose.

John Laurinaitis: Punk, I’ll have you know that you do not intimidate me; and if I wanted you out of the WWE that badly, (snarling) I’d do it myself.

Punk then moves his head back and then smiles again.

John Laurinaitis: So do not come into my office and make accusations at me again, otherwise I’ll make sure you never wrestle in a WWE ring EVER again.

There is heat now, as Punk seems to have bitten off more than he can chew with Laurinaitis, and the former WWE Champion starts backing away slowly...

CM Punk: If you wanna fight, Funkman, I’ve got no problem putting you to sleep.

A good pop now as Punk finally turns around and leaves; Laurinaitis looking furious as we fade out.

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

Back into the arena and we see a shot of the commentators, as the crowd seems excited for the rest of the show.

Michael Cole: Of course on September 18th the WWE presents Night of Champions, from the Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, in association with Light Strike!

Jerry Lawler: It is great to see the card building up as we get ever close to the Pay-Per-View, I think the one match that everyone is going to talk the most about though going into the event is the Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship! Alberto Del Rio will have a big task ahead of him as he defend his championship against five other men!

Michael Cole: in what will be Del Rio’s second ever defence of the WWE Championship, he will face John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. Just think of all of the different issues and rivalries are going into this match; it seems there aren’t many friends going into this one.

Jerry Lawler: Well, and in that environment where it is in effect every man for himself, it is good to have friends, as then you can work together and eliminate other competitors.

Michael Cole: Well the WWE Championship Match is not going to be the only Six-Pack Challenge that we’re going to see; the World Heavyweight Championship from Smackdown will also be contested in a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.

Jerry Lawler: Randy Orton is riding a wave of momentum coming off that huge win this past Friday, but we already know that Mark Henry and Wade Barrett have also qualified for that match; both men in search for their first World Heavyweight Championship.

Michael Cole: We’ve been informed that we will learn who the other three men competing in that match are this Friday night on Smackdown!

Jerry Lawler: What about the Tag Team Championship Match? We know that The World’s Most Boring Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty will defend their titles against Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov; I can’t wait to see that one!

Michael Cole: Well, earlier tonight, Kozlov defeated McGillicutty after some interference from Marella getting revenge for last week on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: These two teams are going to leave it all in the ring come Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: There are still more matches to be decided as we have just less than three weeks to go!! But right now, we are going to take you once again to our temporary Raw Interviewer Matt Striker. Take it away, Matt!

The camera then goes backstage to the interview area, and Matt Striker is standing ready.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is one of the six men competing for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions and the man who will be taking on the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio in just a few moments... he is Kofi Kingston.

The camera widens so Kofi Kingston can be seen in shot, and Kingston looks happy to be there. Kingston garners a good pop from the fans in the arena.

Matt Striker: Kofi, at Night of Champions, you are going into the biggest match of your career so far... what are your thoughts on your opponents at Night of Champions?

Kofi Kingston: That’s a good question, Matt. Well, I could stand here and try to run down all of my opponents and makes jokes about them, but that isn’t how I do things.

Kingston then punches Striker on the shoulder in a joking fashion.

Kofi Kingston: Matt, what I think you should be asking is what my opponent’s thoughts are on me. All week, ever since it was announced that I am going to be part of the WWE Championship Match... people have doubted me.

Kofi looks a little annoyed as he is saying this.

Kofi Kingston: Whether it be The Awesome Truth, Michael Cole, Alberto Del Rio... whoever; everyone has been ruling me out. I know that I have the least big match experience out of everyone in the match... I know. But that could work to my advantage.

A big pop, as Kingston starts smiling again.

Kofi Kingston: No one is going to know what to expect from me, and I plan on delivering. At Night of Champions, I plan on becoming the first ever African-born WWE Champion. I am going to silence all of my doubters and win the WWE Championship.

The crowd are really getting behind Kofi now.

Kofi Kingston: I’m going to prove everybody wrong at Night of Champions, but I might as well start tonight; by beating the WWE Champion.

A LOUD pop for Kingston, who then shakes Striker’s hand and leaves the set as we go to another commercial.



We hear the sounds of a car horn beeping, and then we see a Bentley start to pull up at the side of the ramp, which means only one thing... the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio!! There is no sign of Ricardo Rodriguez after his Attitude Adjustment from John Cena last week, and Del Rio doesn’t seem very happy about it, and having to settle for a Justin Roberts introduction instead.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, weighing in at 239 pounds, he is the WWE CHAMPIONNN, ALBERTO DEL RIO!!!

Michael Cole: Poor Aberto, having to listen to that hack Justin Roberts do his introduction, bring back Rodriguez!

Jerry Lawler: I think that Alberto Del Rio should be more worried about Night of Champions, as well as Kofi Kingston tonight!

Michael Cole: As Kofi Kingston said before our commercial break, tonight is his chance to silence all of his critics; myself included, that he belongs in the main event.

Del Rio had gotten out of his car and done his shower of pyro as he walks down the ramp. The WWE Champion is now in the ring, with a microphone, because obviously he has something to say...

Alberto Del Rio: Now everyone can see why I employ my own... personal... ring announcer.

Some heat, as Cole laughs at Justin Roberts and Del Rio chuckles to himself.

Alberto Del Rio: My name... is Alberto Del Rio, and I am the WWE Champione!

Del Rio smirks as he gets ready to say his next bit.

Alberto Del Rio: But you already know that! Haha!

HEAT, as Del Rio revels in the amount of fans he is annoying.

Alberto Del Rio: But, the odds of me keeping this WWE Championship at the NIGHT of Championés, it’s not good. But I am the greatest WWE Championé of all time, so I will no problem beating all those other dogs.

Some heat, as Del Rio looks serious now.

Alberto Del Rio: The biggest dog of them all, John Cena. He walks around like he owns the whole place, but this... this is my show, and it will be for a long... long... long... LONG time. I’m disrespected that tonight I have to face the least worthy of all my challengers at the Night of Championés, that perro, Kofi Kingston.

Del Rio smirks as the WWE Universe start a “KINGSTON” chant.

Alberto Del Rio: The thing about Kofi Kingston-


There is a HUGE pop, as we finally have someone to come out here and shut Del Rio up, his opponent Kofi Kingston. Kingston looks determined as he doesn’t keep his eyes off of Del Rio as he does his Boom Claps to set off his pyro.

Jerry Lawler: As a friend of mine would say, business is about to pick up!

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston, perhaps the most undeserving man fighting for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

Kingston then sprints into the ring, and tackles Del Rio to the floor!! This one has started.

Match Three:
WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Kingston starts off by unloading off on Del Rio, with rights and left, until the ref has to intervene. Kofi springs back up to his feet and waits for Del Rio, and when the champion gets up; Kingston runs and connects with a huge jumping clothesline! Both men get up quickly again, and Kingston scores with another one! Kingston then whips Del Rio into the ropes and when he comes back he does a Back Body Drop, sending the WWE Champion crashing down onto his back. Kingston goes in for a cover, but Del Rio kicks out at one. Kofi gets back up and is straight back on the aggressive, flicking Del Rio over with a couple of arm drags, before jumping over the charging Del Rio, and then connecting with a dropkick to the champion’s face!! Kofi then goes in for another cover ...One...Two- Del Rio kicks out!

Kofi has the champion on the ropes now, and then chops him in the chest to take him down as he rises to his feet. Del Rio then uses the ropes to get back up to his feet, and as Kofi charges at him, Del Rio elevates him upwards and flapjacks Kingston onto the top rope! Del Rio turns the match around as quickly as that and Kingston lies on the mat clutching his throat. Del Rio then starts stomping away on Kofi’s throat and neck. Del Rio then sits Kingston up, before rebounding off of the ropes and then dropkicking Kingston in the face, knocking him down to the mat! Del Rio then steps out onto the apron and then slingshots himself over onto Kingston with a Flip Senton... TOPE ATOMICO! The fans give a mixed reaction for the move, some booing because it was Del Rio that did it, but others cheer as it looked pretty sweet. Del Rio opts against the cover, and instead decides to picks Kingston up, and throws him out of the ring onto the floor outside!

Kingston lands hard on the floor in front of the announce table, and Del Rio then waits for Kofi to get back to his feet, and then launch himself over the top rope... DEL RIO CONNECTS WITH THE CROSS BODY!! Both men land in a heap as we go to commercial.


We’re back from commercial, and see that Del Rio has Kingston locked in a Dragon Sleeper Hold; replays from the commercial show Del Rio starting to get to work on Kingston’s arm by forcing him into the steel ring post and then doing the double-knee arm breaker, both damaging Kofi’s left arm. Kingston flails around as he tries to break the hold of the WWE Champion, but Del Rio only locks it in more, applying body scissors as well as the hold. Kofi then manages to roll onto his side, and then manages to roll his body towards the ropes, but Del Rio is fighting to keep him away... KINGSTON REACHES THE ROPES!! The fans are relieved as Del Rio is forced to release the hold.

Del Rio gets to his feet, looking extremely annoyed, and he then ushers Kingston up to his feet also, calling him “perro” and a dog as he does. Del Rio tries to whip Kingston into the turnbuckle, but Kofi turns it around, and then Del Rio crashes into the corner. Kingston then runs in and leaps onto the top turnbuckle!! Kofi then hammers Del Rio in the head with a couple of right hands, before jumping back down to the mat and taking Del Rio overhead into the centre of the ring with a Monkey Flip! Kingston then waits on Del Rio to get up, and then runs in... TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!! Del Rio catches Kingston completely off guard and then covers... One... Two... NO!!

The champion is even more frustrated now, and then he decides to climb up the top rope. He waits on Kofi to get back to his feet, and then goes for a diving cross body... But no one is home!! Del Rio crashes against the mat and lands flat on his back! Kingston then sees where Del Rio is before rebounding off of the ropes... “BOOM BOOM”... BOOM DROP!! The fans become alive, as Kingston takes a few steps back and then starts clapping... the fans joining in. Del Rio gets to his feet... TROUBLE IN PARADISE? NO! Del Rio ducks and then pushes Kingston into the corner! ADR charges in... but Kofi kicks his feet up; catching Del Rio in the face and then rolling onto the top turnbuckle!! Kofi looks set to jump, but Del Rio then pushes the ropes... CROTCHING KINGSTON!!!
The fans cry “Ohh!” as Kofi sells the pain, but Del Rio then runs at Kofi and catches him with an Enziguiri to the back of the head!! Kofi rolls off of the top rope, and then lands on his knees. Del Rio then grabs him from behind, and brings him all the way across the ring before hurling Kofi through the opposite turnbuckles, sending Kofi’s shoulder into the steel ring post!! Kofi then stumbles back into the centre of the ring to the waiting Del Rio... CROSS ARMBREAKER!! Del Rio has Kofi locked in, and Kingston screams in pain!! He tries to find the ropes once again, but he has no choice but to TAP OUT!!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (14.34)


Del Rio then releases the hold, and is given his WWE Championship to hold, and he grabs it and holds it to his chest like a newborn child; maybe now finally realising how much danger there is of him losing it at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: Okay, I’ll give the devil his due here... Kofi Kingston just took Alberto Del Rio to his limit.

Jerry Lawler: How noble of you, Michael. But I think that Alberto Del Rio has realised just how hard it is going to be at Night of Champions, and Kofi Kingston I think despite losing tonight, has silenced a few critics.

Michael Cole: I still give him no chance at the Pay-Per-View, but tonight he did okay.

Lawler settles for Cole acting like a normal person, as Del Rio now has his arm raised by the referee, and then looks down on the dejected Kofi Kingston; looking happy with his victory.

*Video Package*

We are in the same dimly lit ring as last week, and we see the same hulking huge figure of Brodus Clay standing in the centre of it.

Brodus Clay: Deception.

We cut to Clay charging across the ring and crushing a much smaller man in the corner.

Brodus Clay: The human eye can be easily deceived by what they see in front of them.

Clay then rebounds off of the ropes and flattens the poor man with an impactful Running Cross Body.

Brodus Clay: When one sees a rhinoceros; at first glance they see a big, grey, pile of fat with a horn.

A different man runs at Clay now, but he runs into Clay’s head and drops to the mat in a head.

Brodus Clay: But what they actually see is an unstoppable force that cannot be stopped by any man.

Clay then takes another man up onto his shoulders, before ramming his back into the turnbuckle and then turns him around and scores with a Running Powerslam!!

Brodus Clay: I’m unstoppable.

Another man is thumped in the face with a right hand, and then another with a big boot and then another one with a overhead suplex.

Brodus Clay: I’m Brodus Clay...

A quick montage of all of the damage done to these men in this video with a drum beat when each one connects, before the camera then comes right in close to Clay’s face.

Brodus Clay: ...and I’m comin’.


*End Video Package*

Kofi Kingston is in the back, with an icepack on his shoulder, looking dejected over his loss. Suddenly, to a mixed reaction JOHN CENA walks into the shot, clad in his t-shirt and hat, and he then goes and pats Kofi on his other shoulder.

John Cena: Kof’, you shut a hella lotta people up t’night, and you proved that you should be up there with the best.

Kofi Kingston: Thanks, John; you’re a good friend... But I really feel like I coulda had him, you know?

John Cena: Kofi, on another night, you’da probably had ‘im, don’t worry. I got some last minute stuff before I have to face Awesome Truth again, so I’ll catch you after the show.

With that, Cena walks off, and Kofi is left continuing his walk.

Michael Cole: Well, Kofi Kingston still upset about his loss to Alberto Del Rio, but up next, we’ll see the United States Champion in tag team action!


We return, and we catch the end of Dolph Ziggler’s music playing, and the US Champion is in the ring; talking tactics with his manager Vickie Guerrero, and their next potential client; Drew McIntyre.

Michael Cole: As you can see the United States Champion is in the ring and tonight he teams with Drew McIntyre!!

Jerry Lawler: I’m still shocked at what Dolph and Vickie said about Rey Mysterio last week, Cole! They want to rid the WWE of Rey Mysterio!

Michael Cole: I’ve got no complaints about that!

Jerry Lawler: You make me sick.


There is a big pop in the arena, as Rey Mysterio jumps out onto the stage, with Alex Riley in tow, and the two men then both set off Rey’s pyro, before they both walk down the ramp, eyeing up their rivals. Rey gives his overmask to a young fan at ringside, as Riley steps up onto the apron, with Rey joining him. Guerrero exits the ring with the US Title, and this match is ready to go!

Match Four:
Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre
w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley

Ziggler and Riley are the ones that start the match and it is the United States Champion that gets the early advantage, as he is able to pick his spots early on and starts only taking shots from behind, and that puts Riley on the back foot. McIntyre is then tagged in and starts pounding away on his rival, and he has Riley trapped in his team’s corner, stomping away at his chest. The ref tries to break it up, but McIntyre fails to stop, but does when threatened with disqualification.
McIntyre then takes Riley into the centre of the ring and applies a headlock, but A-Ry is able to get himself out of it and pushes Drew into the ropes and connects with a back body drop. Riley then gets Mysterio involved for the first time in the match, who springboards into the match and then takes McIntyre down with a Seated Senton!! The fans pop as Rey makes the first cover of the match... but Drew kicks out at two! Mysterio then lines McIntyre up and dropkicks him in the face!! Mysterio then catches Ziggler’s gaze and points at the US Champ, signifying that he wants Ziggler in the ring.

Drew then tags in Dolph, who comes in and squares up to Mysterio... WHO REPLIES WITH A SLAP TO THE FACE!!! Ziggler stumbles back, as Mysterio then runs in and hits his signature Bulldog!! Rey waits on Ziggler to get back to his feet... but Dolph quickly falls into the corner and then tags McIntyre back in! The fans boo Ziggler’s cowardice, but he simply smirks on the apron holding his chin. Mysterio starts to take it McIntyre as he gets back into the ring, successfully connecting with a dropkick to the face and then a couple of arm drags, but then Vickie Guerrero hops up onto the apron, and she and Riley start to argue, distracting the referee. Ziggler then uses the opportunity to BLINDSIDE MYSTERIO!! McIntyre then drags Rey into the corner and he and Dolph then start choking Mysterio out as the referee is still distracted. Ziggler is then tagged in as the ref turns back around.

Ziggler starts to put the boots in on Mysterio, but then the ref gets involved again, backing Ziggler off, and McIntyre then starts choking Rey against the middle turnbuckle!! Ziggler then moves the referee out of the way, and then runs at Rey in the corner and connects with a Stinger Splash!! Dolph rolls Mysterio forward so he is sitting up, and Ziggler then comes in behind him and jumps forward and snaps Mysterio’s neck forwards!! Dolph then goes in for the cover but he is unable to put Rey away, who kicks out at two.

Dolph then slaps on a Reverse Chinlock, and the fans start to get behind Mysterio. Mysterio struggles for a good thirty seconds in the hold, but then manages to fight his way out of it! Mysterio pushes Dolph into the ropes, and the US Champ then comes back off of the ropes looking for the Leg Drop Bulldog... But Mysterio gets out of the way!! Ziggler crashes down onto his ass, and REY THEN DAMN-NEAR DECAPITATES HIM WITH A KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!! Mysterio drops to the mat to just sell the damage he has received from his opponents, and both men now try to crawl to their prospective partners, and Ziggler tags McIntyre in... just as MYSTERIO TAGS IN RILEY!!

A-Ry bursts into the ring and takes McIntyre down with a clothesline, and then Dolph gets one for his troubles as well! McIntyre walks right into a scoop slam, as then Dolph starts to run at the youngster, but Riley uses his momentum against him and then throws Ziggler out of the ring!! Dolph lands hard on the floor and Vickie comes to check on him, but Dolph barks for Vickie to get the United States Championship!! Meanwhile in the ring, Riley takes McIntyre down with a dropkick to the face, and McIntyre then falls back and lands across the middle rope!! The fans pop, as Riley now looks to Mysterio; and Rey is back to his feet in their corner, and Riley then tags Mysterio in! Rey enters the ring but notices ZIGGLER AND GUERRERO ARE LEAVING!! They both turn back, to see Rey staring at them, before he raises his arm, and then CONNECTS WITH THE 619 ON MCINTYRE!! Drew stumbles back into the centre of the ring to the waiting Riley, who plants him with the TKO! Drew flops down and lands on his back, and Rey then runs across the apron and scales the turnbuckle... before coming off with the MISSILE SPLASH!! Rey then hooks the leg, as the crowd and Riley count along... One... Two... Three!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley (7.55)


Mysterio climbs up onto the turnbuckle, and then looks at Ziggler, who is now standing on the stage, and Rey motions once again that he wants the United States Title!!! Ziggler shakes his head furiously, as we fade to backstage...

We see the door that The Awesome Truth were thrown out of earlier tonight, and it is still surrounded by the security guards, but we see Triple H then come into the shot, and open the door, as it is time for the main event. The Miz and R-Truth then walk through the door, and they both stare a hole through the COO, and then the security guards part so they can march through them. “Burn it to the Ground” then starts playing, as Michael Cole then pops up on commentary.

Michael Cole: There they are; The Awesome Truth! The main event... its next!!



There is a lot of heat in the building; as an extremely pissed off-looking Awesome Truth make their way out from behind the curtain, both scowling as they march down to the ring.

Michael Cole: And it is time for our main event! These two men, The Miz and R-Truth; they have been running roughshod over Monday Night Raw these past couple of weeks, and tonight they could get theirs when they face the two men they have targeted in John Cena and CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler: Even though Triple H said earlier tonight that he doesn’t agree with the people complaining about these two men; deep down he still wishes that they weren’t acting how they are. I personally hope they get the crap beaten out of them tonight!

The two men both enter the ring, and neither of them bother with any theatrics; all business tonight. The camera catches The Miz’ face as he stares at the entrance ramp... his expression then gets even angrier...


A HUGE mixed reaction as usual greets John Cena, as he bounds out onto the stage, and then looks at the camera and says “Time to make it a 4-Way”, before running down the ramp and stopping at the bottom; removing his t-shirt and hat there, as he knows that he should wait for his back up before he goes in and both men in the ring look unimpressed.

Michael Cole: What a coward!! John Cena isn’t man enou-


The roof almost blows off... as CM PUNK then comes out onto the stage, and he crouches down at the bottom, and then informs us that it is now Clobberin’ Time, before chucking his t-shirt into the crowd, and he then runs down the ramp and him and Cena then slide into the ring and start taking to Awesome Truth straight away!!!

Main Event:
No Disqualification Match
CM Punk & John Cena vs The Awesome Truth

Miz and Cena are still going at it in one corner, with Cena being the aggressor, but in the opposite corner we see CM Punk trying to block some blows from R-Truth with limited success. Punk then starts to turn it around on Truth, and then he kicks him in the back of the head, sending Truth through the ropes and out onto the floor!! Cena then knees Miz in the gut and then grabs him by the back of the neck... before throwing him over the top rope so he lands right down next to Truth!! Punk and Cena then share an awkward stare, both clearly not on the best of terms as you would imagine. Cena then goes to leave the ring to follow up, on the two men who are now using each other to get back to their feet... but Punk holds him back! Cena looks confused, as Punk then runs off of the ropes and then back across the ring... SUICIDE DIVE!!! Punk collides straight into R-Truth, as Miz had gotten out of the way! Miz walks around the other side of the ring... only to be taken out with a HUGE CLOTHESLINE FROM JOHN CENA!!

Cena then scoops Miz back up and then rolls him into the ring; making Cena and Miz the legal men. Cena pounds away at Miz in the corner, as Punk is back to his feet and then goes and stands on the apron. The referee is powerless to stop Cena under the No DQ rules, but Cena then whips Miz across the ring into the opposite corner and follows him in with a clothesline! Miz stumbles out of the corner, only to be taken over by a Hip Toss from Cena!! The Cenation Leader is pumped, as he waits for Miz to get back to his feet before running through him with another clothesline!! Cena then spots Truth climbing back up onto the apron, and then runs at him and knocks him back down with a right hand!! Cena then points to Punk to go and follow up on R-Truth... and Punk looks disgusted at Cena telling him what to do.

Nevertheless, Punk then drops down from the apron, and starts walking around the ring; not taking his eyes off of Cena as he does so... and this allows R-Truth to take advantage!! Truth jacks Punk’s jaw with an uppercut, and then fires him into the steel ring steps!! In the ring, Cena is still hammering into Miz with mounted blows, but then Truth slides into the ring and boots the back of Cena’s head! Truth now starts to club Cena in the back, before getting him up and bouncing his head off of the top turnbuckle! The referee seems to give up trying to stop Truth, and he realises that he is only there now to count the pin when it comes. Miz now gets to his feet, looking a little dazed, and he then joins his partner in the corner in stomping away on Cena. The Awesome Truth then pick the former 9-time champion...before both slamming him into the turnbuckle back first!! Miz then picks Cena up and put him over his knee, and Truth then climbs up the top turnbuckle, and then comes off of the second rope with a leg drop across Cena’s neck, bending him over Miz’ knee!! Miz then goes for the first cover of the match...One...Two... No!

Slightly frustrated, Awesome Truth then gets their opponent up once again, and Miz holds Cena in place as Truth starts going at him with punches to the midsection and face... THAT IS UNTIL CM PUNK COMES SLIDING BACK INTO THE RING!! Miz drops Cena who lands in a heap, as Punk starts unloading on Truth with rights and lefts, before Miz charges in only to receive a kick to the side of the head!! Punk ducks a clothesline from Truth, and then carries him on running so he crashes into the corner! Punk then runs in... and hits the HIGH KNEE TO TRUTH!! Punk grabs him for the Bulldog, and sees Miz getting back to his feet... he waits for Miz to turn around and then scores with a BULLDOG/CLOTHESLINE COMBINATION ON AWESOME TRUTH!!! Punk now goes for the cover on Miz...One... Miz kicks out! Punk then goes for one on Truth...One...Tw-Truth kicks out!! Punk then starts getting back to his feet, but MIZ FROM BEHIND!! Miz sees Cena then trying to get back into this on the apron, but runs at him with a boot to the face and knocks Cena down onto the floor.
Punk starts to recover from the shot from behind by Miz, but The Awesome One is right back at him with another clubbing blow from behind; killing any and all momentum Punk had a couple of minutes ago. Miz then helps Truth back to his feet, and they then start stomping away on Punk, much like their backstage assault last week. Miz then starts leading traffic, and tells Truth to gets Punk up. Truth then pushes Punk forwards... right into a Big Boot from The Miz!! Awesome Truth then start stomping around the ring, as they wait for Punk to get up again, and when he does, Miz then plants him with a Swinging Neckbreaker!! Cena then climbs up onto the apron, but then Truth runs in and knees Cena in the face, knocking him back down to the floor.

With Punk isolated, Truth picks the former WWE Champion up... only to slap him in the face!! The fans boo The Awesome Truth, as Truth then goes out to ringside, as Miz holds Punk carries on the beating in the ring. Cena is down near the timekeeper’s table, and Truth approaches him... CHAIR SHOT FROM CENA!! The chair connects with Truth’s gut, and then Cena throws him into the timekeeper’s table! Cena now, chair in hand starts walking towards the ring, but Miz sees him coming, and meets him with boots as he comes in, but Cena pushes him back!! Cena then charges and takes Miz down with a clothesline, and then a shoulder block and then another one! The males in attendance start booing now as Cena takes Miz for a ride with the Blue Thunder Bomb... “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!!”, but as Cena runs against the ropes he is tripped up by R-Truth!! Truth then grabs Cena’s ankle and pulls him out of the ring, before picking up the chair and cracking it over Cena’s back!!! Cena falls to the floor, as Truth re-enters the ring with the chair, as CM Punk is now getting back up to his feet... and TRUTH CHARGES IN WITH THE CHAIR... PUNK DUCKS AND SCOOPS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!! The fans go wild, as Punk is ready to connect, but he is distracted by some commotion and he turns to see John Laurinaitis out on the stage?! Punk then drops Truth, and then goes over to the ropes to see what he wants, but MIZ FROM BEHIND!! Miz takes Punk down with a forearm, and then brings him to the centre of the ring, where Truth is also waiting; putting the chair into, before Miz goes behind and then hooks Punk up, and then Truth grabs on as well! LITTLE JIMMY FINALE ONTO THE CHAIR!! Miz turns Punk over and then hooks the leg... One...Two...Three!!

Winners: The Awesome Truth (13.22)


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners... The AWESOME TRUTHH!!

Cena is down on the outside still out, and Laurinaitis smirks at what happened and then turns around and walks out behind the curtain. Miz and Truth both have smug grins on their faces as their hands are raised by the referees.

Jerry Lawler: What the hell was that? John Laurinaitis just cost CM Punk!

Michael Cole: Did he? Maybe Punk should have stayed focused on the match at hand, and not at what was happening on the stage. Anyway, AWESOME TRUTH WON! What a great way to end the show!

Jerry Lawler: I’m not so sure!

Michael Cole: It doesn’t matter what Jerry Lawler thinks; Awesome Truth getting a huge win as we are getting ever closer to Night of Champions and the Six-Pack Challenge! Goodnight, folks!

The final scenes are The Miz and Truth standing on the second ropes of opposite corners, both of them revelling in the heat as Raw goes off air with Punk laid out in the centre of the ring and Cena sitting up against the announce table.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
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