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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I think it's more the style of match Davey wrestles combined with the perception of his MMA > Wrestling personality that's annoying fans more then just the booking. Shocked that Owens/Davey was that good, will have to check that out. I thought Steen/Davey from Perils in PWG was fine but their match at Kurt RussellMania while maybe not as action packed might have been better because while there was comedy and Davey showed something of a personality besides "Grrrr, kill" there was actual limb work that lead to the finish and no overkill.

SMV Best On The Indies: The Cambodian Axe Murderer - The Joker Story

CZW 10/4/03
Joker vs. Sabian - **1/4

CZW 12/13/03 - Ladder Match
Joker vs. Chri$ Ca$h - ***1/4

CZW 6/12/04
Joker vs. Zandig - N/A

Chikara 2/24/06
Joker & Necro Butcher vs. BLK OUT (Eddie Kingston & Sabian) - ***

CZW 5/13/06 - CZW World Tag Team Titles
BLK OUT (Joker & Eddie Kingston) vs. Necro Butcher & Super Dragon - ***1/2

UWA 9/22/06
Joker vs. Ricky Reyes - **

Chikara 11/12/06
BLK OUT (Joker & Sabian) vs. Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) - **3/4

UWA 11/24/06 - UWA Tag Team Titles
BLK OUT (Joker & Sabian) vs. Olsen Twins (Colin & Jimmy Olsen) - **3/4

Chikara 3/24/07
BLK OUT (Eddie Kingston, Joker, Sabian & Ruckus) vs. Hallowicked & The Colony (Fire, Soldier & Worker Ant) - ****

IWA-MS 4/6/07
Joker vs. Davey Richards - ***1/4

IWA-MS 5/11/07
Joker vs. AJ Styles - ***3/4

IWA-MS 5/12/07
Joker vs. Gran Akuma - ***

CZW 6/14/07
Joker vs. Drake Younger - ***1/2

IWA-MS 8/31/07
Joker vs. CJ Otis - **

CZW 1/12/08 - UltraViolent Underground/Iron Man Titles - Home Run Derby Iron Man Deathmatch
Joker vs. Brain Damage - ***1/2

Chikara 3/2/08
BLK OUT (Joker, Eddie Kingston & Ruckus) vs. Team Japan (Miyawaki, Susumu & Kudo) - ***3/4

CZW 8/14/10
Philly’s Most Wanted (Joker & Sabian) vs. Adam Cole & Tyler Veritas - ***


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