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Re: F1 2012 thread

Originally Posted by OOOOOOO Crab paste View Post
The thing is nige SKY cant take it to a new level, the FIA have always had their own camera's over the circuits unlike other sports that Sky "improved" so this improvement people keep saying will happen will infact, be very very small if anything at all.

Yeah the F1 channel sounds great but sooner or later when it starts to get boring it will become the next Top gear while running out of decent material.

Plenty of races? Have you seen what the BBC got out of this deal, about 60% of them are the REAL shit races.

China: zzzzzzzzzzzz (Sorry apart from last season this circuit is crap 9 times out of 10)
Barcelona: Boring!
Valencia: Super zzzzzzzzzz (Now being predicted to be dropped this season) leaving BBC with 9...
Monaco: Thank god the first decent one!
British GP: YES!
Spa: Wicked
Singapore: Boring!
Korea: Boring!
Abu Dhabi: Always Shit.
Brazil: Another good circuit.

So 4/10 are actually decent, Spa, Brazil, Monaco and Silverstone. The rest arn't races, that's called torture against the basic human rights.

No Japan, No Monza, No Hungary, NO CANADA!, No Hockenheim and No First GP of the season....

All the BBC get is stinking Tilkdromes that deserve to be shot if they were living.

For once after the Schumi era, British intrest in F1 hit a 10 year high even with RBR winning 2 years straight with Seb, but still the BBC improved it far beyond what ITV ever did in the Lewis hype era. It's all because of the shitty 2012 Olympics, so they took the axe to the only profitable YES PROFITABLE!!!! sport going on the BBC, football was negative, tennis was negative, snooker negative, darts was negative, they mostly were apart from F1. They could of axed BBC four ffs, but no they wanted to piss off around 7-8 million, ((on average, peak numbers like China and Canada would be 10-11 million)) F1 fans instead because the board is run by a bunch on Wimbledon dickheads that would rather support some overhyped Scot in tennis, rather than supporting 2 British (((World Champions))) that the world are jealous of.

That's what I think of this "improvement" personally

I hope Ofcom arserape BskB and everybody linked with News International and shut the fuckers down for corruption on the highest degree and it looks like it will happen sooner than later.
I'm not a massive F1 fan and I have to say I've loved the BBC coverage over the last couple of years that have got me back into it again.

For me having watched the F1 show last night, it's great to see the extensive behind the scenes stuff that we've never really had before. Sky are going to give F1 fans more than they've ever had before, and the ways in watch you can watch the races look terrific. I think you're right about how they maintain the interest with their own channel. It could get stale, no doubt but for now I think it's exciting.

As for News International, I think the nation share your sentiments on the cunts.
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