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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I managed to watch the Naito/Okada match with a friend last night - someone who is familiar with both men from TNA - and I can safely say I marked like a bitch. My friend wouldn't stop laughing at Naito (whom he thought looked like a jobber with his haircut) but even he got into this match, and he's a strong lucha-lover/puro-hater.

Admittedly, we both noticed some "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero mannerisms in Okada but, as my friend said, when you're stalking him to such an extent, and video-taping his every move, it's totally understandable. Sigh, we're only two matches in to Okada's push and I'm already annoyed at TNA for misusing him to such an extent.

As for the match as a whole, I'd love to use Bubz' saying, as it sums it up more than any amount of words could: "Okada vs Naito was the fucking nuts"
Rating: 4.25+ (maybe a 4.5-)

Originally Posted by Bubz View Post
C&P from the Puro thread...

NOAH - The Navigation in February 2012

Nakajima vs Ishimori

I always say this about Nakajima, but I'll say it again here, he knows how to do a limb workover really well, and then use it to constantly gain the advantage later in the match. He did it here amazingly well, but ishimori's selling was quite bad throughout which took away from the great job Nakajima was doing. He sometimes would hold his leg for a second, but then was running around like a crazy person and hitting all his offense which pretty much all invovled using his knees or feet, hitting all his usual stuff like kicks, knees, lungblowers, dropkicks etc which annoyed me a bit. But that's the negative stuff out the way. Nakajima was awesome here, like I said working over the leg and then when Ishimori made his comebacks he would always go back to the leg to get the advantage back. The sequence leading to the finsih was awesome stuff and the nearfall off the 450 was great. So there was a few things that nagged me mostly to do with Ishimoris selling, but the good stuff far outweighed the bad, a lot like Nakajima/Marvin from last year, but I thought this was better. ****

Nakajima is so good imo, he's easily my favourite Junior in Japan. To me, he's like if some scientist took Davey Richards and extracted all the shit and injected some wrestling logic into his brain. If you put him in the ring with someone who can sell (like SHINGO) you will pretty much be guaranteed a MOTYC.
Randomly pulled a match from Dailymotion and it happened to be this match.

I couldn't agree more with your post, especially the Davey Richards line as I genuinely looked at it in the same light. They're most certainly more prone to an American Indy liking, what with their thigh-slapping and MOVEZ~!, but at least they kept it fun and still critically enjoyable.
Rating: 4+

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Daisuke Sekimoto vs Yuji Okabayashi - BJW 26.02.2012

Watched Finlay vs Tajiri too. Bored the life out of me at times. I liked the story and I didn't dislike anything they did but it was just far too slow and dull to ever grab my attention and never seemed to get out of first gear. Dark arena and quiet crowd certainly didn't help from my own personal standpoint either. Good match on paper but not good enough or maybe better put interesting enough in execution.
Funny, I thought mostly that of the Sekimoto/Okabayashi match.

I'm probably in a very select minority about that, though, but I just couldn't get into that match at all. Perhaps it was my preconceived bias for it that helped overshadow the match, but I can't say it did anything near enough to tickle me in the right place. The Nakajima/Ishimori bout did more for me, as did Reyes Del Aire which I watched in the same night. The latter probably coming in just shy of 4 stars (thanks to some seriously mark-out pins/moments).

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