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Originally Posted by Rated R™ View Post
Ok will do, is there some game types you prefer?

I just rolled a joint, waiting for it to dry and gonna get ripped, have the whole house to myself for 6 more hours.
I mostly like shooters. Although really I run the gambit, only game type I don't play at all are RPGs. Portal 2 is one of the coolest games I've ever played, I like weird stuff like that too. Wouldn't mind a different fighting game all I have is Mortal Kombat in that genre.

Speaking to the dry buds comment from Walls - If you get buds that are dry as fuck you can get a bit of the thick ass white pieces of lettuce and leave it in a bag with the buds for a several hours. Moistens them up to a normal level without leaving much of a taste. I remember some shady fucks selling sprayed buds to weigh them down. Two fucked up stories related to spraying buds, but not with water...

One dude I used to hang out with was paranoid about his parents finding out he smoked. He would spray his buds with cologne or Axe to cover the smell. Shit tasted god awful, such a retarded idea. What happened to putting a few dryer sheets in a plastic bottle or cardboard roll and making a spoof?

Another guy, who I didn't know but several people told me the story, used to spray his buds with wasp killer. I forget if it was because he didn't like certain people, or if he thought it would get you higher. I hope I never smoke anything like that, although I don't smoke dirt weed so I'd probably realize if my heady buds tasted way off. Schwag tastes like shit either way so maybe you can't tell sometimes. All I know is that is fucked up.

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