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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Bubz View Post
Okada vs Naito was the fucking nuts. Both guys went in with a strategy and kept to it for pretty much the entire match. I've never been a big Naito fan, but I have to say he's made me a fan just from this match, he really showed me something. He was amazing at going after Okadas leg and never giving up on it, until later in the match, but I'll get to that later. Okada then goes after Naitos neck and almost everything he does is focussed on the neck and it's some really good offense too, all the while selling his leg, and selling it after he uses his leg for a dropkick, or hitting the tombstone on the outside for a near count out and grabbing his knee. Some of Naitos leg work is awesome, especially the dropkick off the apron to the railing, that was cool, and theres a submission he uses later on thats hella nifty. If there was one complaint it might be that Naito didn't really sell the neck too well when he was making his comebacks, but I can let that slide since Okada was selling his leg so well throughout and Naito just kept going after the leg. Okada is really growing on me, like his cocky facial expressions when he knows he's in control and the fact he is a good seller adds to that too and some of his submissions looked really cool. There were points that I got slightly worried that he was going to forget about it, but he didn't, maybe because naito focussed everything on the leg so he had no choice but to sell it. Then the finishing stretch was bloody awesome! It felt like Naito took his eye off of the weakness and went for his signature stuff, and thats what led to his downfall. Okada stayed focussed on the neck and never let up on it, all his signature stuff was on the neck and the match was so much better for it. I would like to see him use the tombstone as a finisher though instead of a random move he hits earlier in the match, but his Air Raid Neckbreaker and DVD look really good, and the way they transitioned into the massive lariat for the finish was really great. The crowd was alive for this too and really behind Naito, so that always adds to a match, but I heard some Okada chants too so he must be growing on the fans as well. My MOTY fur sure, and I can't see much topping this for me for a while. Awesome stuff that I recommend everyone go out of their way to see. ****1/2
Awesome match. This is my first time ever in seeing a match with Naito that was this long and I must say the guy absolutely blew me away. He was looking like one of the best wrestlers in the world. This guy has got "it". I have to see more of his matches!
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