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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

A big thank you to cp for the Smackdown feedback, and any more comments would be very much welcome. But I have decided that I really want to get this going properly and I've written over half of this show already so I thought I'd just stick the preview up, and I am hoping to get it out in less than a week.

Monday Night Raw

August 29, 2011
Resch Center - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Last week, after a huge brawl after the Main Event between John Cena and Kofi Kingston vs The Awesome Truth, involving the four men as well as the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk; who had had altercations with the combatants earlier in the night. CM Punk was attacked backstage by the troublesome Miz and R-Truth, and after Del Rio interrupted John Cena, his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez was the ungrateful recipient of an Attitude Adjustment from the Cenation Leader. After the carnage at the end of the show, the WWE COO Triple H announced that the six men will compete in a Six Pack Challenge for Del Rio's WWE Championship at Night of Champions!! There have been criticisms directed at The Game for including Kofi Kingston in the match, but Kingston has asked for a chance to prove himself to all of the critics and show that he belongs in that match, so Triple H thought there was no better way than to face the WWE Champion! Also, the other main event of the evening will be between the other four men involved at Night of Champions, as The Awesome Truth will maybe see their comeuppance at the hands of the two men they have jumped the past two weeks; John Cena and CM Punk. Will the common enemy manage to unite the two men that fought tooth and nail over the WWE Championship at Summerslam? Or will The Miz and R-Truth manage to carry on working as effectively as they have been since joining forces?

The Awesome Truth though will apparently be punished tonight however for their actions these ast few weeks, as was promised by Triple H on Smackdown this past Friday. We have no idea what punishment The Game could have in store but we can promise that The Miz and R-Truth will not like it. "The Boss" will also still be on the lookout for his friend Kevin Nash, who last appeared two weeks ago on Raw, costing CM Punk the WWE Championship. With so many loose ends and unanswered questions around the WWE Championship Match at Night of Champions, hopefully tonight will make things a little clearer.

The past two weeks on Raw, Zack Ryder has managed to earn victories over former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Losing to a man that was not deemed good enough for WWE Superstars this time a year ago and on the brink of losing his job had it not been for a Youtube show doesn't seem to sit well with Swagger. Scott Stanford, Raw's backstage interviewer and also a close friend of Ryder was requested by Swagger to visit him at his home in Perry, Oklahoma, to talk to Swagger, and to also pass on the message that Swagger wanted Ryder in the ring once again this week in Green Bay. But the appearance of Stanford proved to only be a set up, as Swagger then took it upon himself to assault Stanford and then put him in the hospital with a broken ankle following Swagger's devastating Ankle Lock manoeuvre. Swagger has been fined 20,000 dollars for his actions and Ryder will no doubt be on the lookout for some payback tonight.

After defeating Rey Mysterio via dubious means two weeks ago on Raw, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and his manager Vickie Guerrero have revealed that they have made it their mission to rid the WWE of Rey Mysterio. Last week, Rey managed to get back to winning ways by beating Drew McIntyre one on one, despite being taken to the limit by the wily Scot. This week, Ziggler will team up with McIntyre to face Mysterio and the man that McIntyre has been having problems with these past couple of weeks on WWE Superstars, Alex Riley! Not only is this a good chance for Mysterio to prove that he is worthy of the United States Championship Match he desires, but for Mcintyre and Riley to lobby their claim to a match for the gold. Which of these two competitive teams will come out on top?

Despite everything that Beth Phoenix has done in order to get the Divas Championship Match she "deserves", which include defeating the champion's best friend Eve, as well as pinning the champion last week on Raw, "The Glamazon" was still denied a match at Night of Champions in her hometown of Buffalo by Smackdown General Manager, due to her actions OUTSIDE of the ring since Summerslam. Tonight, Phoenix will be in action, and I'm sure that she will be looking to make another Diva the victim of the devastating Glam Slam.

Last week, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga defeated one of his and Michael McGillicutty's opponents at Night of Champions, Santino Marella; albeit by dubious circumstances after McGillicutty inserted himself into the match illegally. This week, it is McGillicutty's turn to face Santino's tag team parter, "The Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov. What with the roll Kozlov has been on since returning to the WWE, could the 3rd Generation Superstar be in trouble tonight in Green Bay?

Confirmed for Raw:

Non-Title Match:
WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

John Cena & CM Punk vs The Awesome Truth

Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder

United States Champion Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley

Vladimir Kozlov vs Michael McGillicutty

Beth Phoenix will be in action
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