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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
Mister Hands is right. Harrison Ford was a huge movie star but The Fugitive became a big hit in large part because it was well-directed, well-acted and well-written. Tommy Lee Jones became a draw himself, in his own right, because he was so impeccably cast and he gave such a terrific performance.

Like Triple H in late 2004/early 2005. He was a huge wrestling star but the Evolution Disintegration/Batista Rebellion Angle became a big hit in large part because it was well-presented, well-acted and well-written. Batista became a draw himself, because he was so impeccably cast and gave such a terrific performance.

WWE needs more Fugitives.
And the good thing about that was you could have predicted it as far back as the previous August, once Orton left Evolution, you knew Batista was next as did the crowd, you then plant the seeds and bam, they got the big pay-off with big rating numbers. That was probably, what, road-mapped starting in late 2003. Okay, I doubt someone said back then "it's Batista/HHH main event in 2005" but you get my drift.

On the SmackDown side of things you had Cena vs JBL. JBL had been your champion for nearly a year, he had the presence on the brand. And obviously at the event Cena had his push culminate. That, again, were road-mapped back to early 2004 with Cena's US title win at the previous 'Mania.

Now fast-forward 7 years. We have Punk/Jericho and Sheamus/Bryan. Do those have the build of the above two? No. Punk should have been the face of RAW since Money in the Bank holding the WWE title (obviously not on the show due to the 'firing' storyline) but he should have been holding the title, got through everyone - and then there's Jericho. Jericho wins the 'Rumble make intentions clear - and as you've built up Punk you have a great feud in the making. Yes, Punk is big now bit he is not as big as he should be.

Sheamus/Bryan. WrestleMania main event? Really? This should be Henry/Bryan, it really really should. They did not need to make Henry drop the title when they did as his injury didn't keep him out for too long, that can easily be worked around with two promos. You have Bryan have a great 'Mania moment winning the title with Big Show's help and then you start the slow progression heel turn (as what happened in real life if they wanted to) as he would have been over as they wanted to see someone take down the big giant in Henry (David v Golliath) and it happened. Someone firmly over now. Sheamus should not be in the main event? Where was he 12 months ago? Ah, that's right going through a table. If anything it should be Cody more than Sheamus (who should have passed the IC title down to someone else to get a push in the same way Cena did all those years ago).

They can build stars, but then when they've been built, it's like "now what?"...
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