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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Homecoming 2012

WGTT vs Future Shock
I enjoyed this quite a bit. The best WGTT heel performance I've seen so far. They just dominate O'Reilly for most of the match which is a nice change from the recent ROH tag formula. There were a few awkward moments in the match, as ther always seems to be with WGTT matches, but Future Shock gave a great babyface performance and this was a good opener. ***

Ciampa vs Bennett vs Redwood vs Ridge
Pretty enjoyable match but nothing really good. I'm becoming a big fan of both Ciampa and Bennett because imo they both know how to work good matches. The face off between them was pretty cool I have to say. Ridge absolutely sucks balls. **1/2

Corino/Steen promo was great. Awesome stuff from Steen and surely this has to lead to Corino turning again and realising who he truly is...an eveil person?

Steen vs King
Really good back and forth match. Steen is so awesome at interacting with the crowd. I'm glad he does it in ROH as well as PWG. His impression of Titus clapping his crutches together had me laughing my ass off. I still think King is a very sloppy wrestler, almost every match I've seen of Kings has had a botch or two in it. Anyway, this was a really fun match but mostly because of Steen interacting with people, be it the wrestlers or the fans. ***1/4

Hero vs Elgin
Awesome match. Hero brought back some old school stuff and started doing the flippy/athletic stuff he used to do before the match and it was pretty funny and got the crowd behind him. Hero is definitely better as a cocky heel dominating a match, but he did really well here getting dominated by Elgin and he plays a really good sympathetic babyface. Once Hero gets his comeback going and they go into the finishing stretch it gets really great with some awesome nearfalls that had me thinking it was over. Hero also trimmed a lot of the fat off since he returned at Final Battle which was good to see. Now this is where Elgin looks like a beast, catching Hero, throwing him around and dead lifting him into a suplex. Probably my favourite Elgin match so far, but it's Chris Hero and that dude can play any role in a wrestling ring so it was no surprise he made Elgin look good and had a great match with him. ****

It's a shame we won't get to see Hero any more in ROH, I would have loved to have seen how this whole 'Hero trying to prove he can do it alone' angle played out.

Steen backstage promo was again awesome. The man is just gold with his promos. I love the idea that he's just trying to tear ROH apart bit by bit, here he tells King that he needs to get rid of the dead weight in Titus and that he should study the FB09 tape. Trying to make everyone turn on eachother and what not could be awesome.

Strong vs Cole
Pretty good no DQ match here. I was a bit annoyed that Roddy went after the back for a bit but Cole never sold it. Some good hope spots from Cole though and some cool spots with the chairs. The crowd could have been so much more into it and it would have helped a lot. I really liked that Roddy dominated for the most part and Coles offense came from mostly hope spots and attempted comebacks and wasn't too one sided. ***1/2

Vader Scott is pretty fit.

Briscoes vs Hallowicked & Jigsaw
First of all let me start by saying that I find CHIKARA to be okay in small doses, and when theres guys like Kingston and Quack it's really good. I'll get to that later. This was a really fun tag match, and the most I've enjoyed a Briscoes match in some time. They just seemed on, and recently that's something they don't seem to have been in the ring. Jigsaw is still fucking shit though from the looks of it, and Hallowicked is ok I guess, but man, Jigsaw is just so fucking generic and bland and his kicks are PATHETIC! Then you get the whole CHIKARA roster coming out, and they are so hard to take seriously. I know the company isn't supposed to be serious (their main angle is based around fucking magic ffs), but this is supposedly a serious invasion here? And you have the Colony marching around, and Ultra Mantis Black coming out waving a staff around and dressed like some kind of wizard? Fuck off. It's fine in CHIKARA where there is a whole comedy, light hearted vibe going on, but in super serious ROH? Not way. It did get the crowd pumped though which is always a good thing I guess. Anyway, despite Jigsaw being shit, this was a really good match, and mostly because of a good Briscoes performance. ***1/4

Ultramantis Black then cuts a promo, and quite frankly it's god awful. He just sounds like a 12 year old nerd playing a stupid character he made up, and the fact he's dressed like a tool doesn't help one bit.

I didn't watch the main event quite simply because after Sundays ippv, I've had enough of this type of match to last me a life time. I'll watch it eventually but I'm not expecting to like it.

Just also want to add that the guy commentating with Kelly is abysmal.

This is an enjoyable show even without the main event. Not a bad match on here (though nothing great apart from one match) with the worst being the 4 way, which even had it's entertaining moments.

Hero/Elgin was great and easily MOTN and the best ROH match so far this year. Hero owns.

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