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Re: F1 2012 thread

Well well, the first race of the 2012 season will soon begin and the F1 circus will travel the globe to select the best driver/car combo on the planet.

I wouldn't fap over the testing times as they really do mean fuck all as a bench mark since the fuel loads, engine mapping, tyres etc... all skew the result. You only have to look at Williams as proof and look how shit they were last season and everybody was saying how quick they looked during testing, same with Toro Rosso. For all we know Mercedes are faster than both RBR and McLaren.

Some say Lotus are looking quick, some are saying it's just a glory run to get more sponsers as they usually do, unlike the front runners who will sandbag until Quali 3 next Saturday. Kimi will have to get past the likes of Rosberg and Schumacher, with Mercedes bigger budget and resources improving the car.

Ferrari are really looking in the shit at the moment, I'm not sure if they are just pretending to be but why would they silence both drivers on the matter if they were not in the shit this year? Even Pat Fry is saying they're unlikely to get on the podium, why go self destuct mode with sponsers if it wasn't fact?

McLaren are looking strong, stronger then RBR car wise IMO, Seb was already rating their long distance pace and they haven't made any major changes to the car. The only problem McLaren will have if they're the best is that they wont be able to support two world champion drivers "100%" over the season or face another 2007 even RBR cut it close in 2010 trying to favour both.

Seb is the defending World champion and it's highly likely RBR will favour him as the reputation of having the "youngest triple world champion in history"... BEATING! Ayrton's Senna's record by about 6years?. He would also become 1 of 3 men in F1 history to go 3 WDC's in a row: Fangio+Schumacher---???Vettel???

McLaren look the best to take the WCC since they got 2 highly rated drivers while Mark could fail to keep up with Sebs pace over the year and I dont expect him to challenge Seb for the WDC.

I reckon 2012 will be a ugly fought WDC title win, Jenson and Lewis will start to bring the daggers out and will look after themselves very early on, refusing to give any space for an easy overtake if they're faster. Lewis I reckon will on purpose refuse to sign another contract with McLaren unless he gets what he wants.

Something on the lines of: "Number 1 status or I leave for Mercedes or Ferrari next year even if I win this year" and holds McLaren to ransom towards the end.

My WDC Prediction:
1st: Vettel
2nd: Lewis
3rd: Jenson
4th: Webber/Rosberg

1st: McLaren
2nd: Red Bull
3rd: Mercedes

"Vettel pulled it out of the bag when he needed to," said BBC commentator Martin Brundle. "That's the difference between the great and the good."

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