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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
I get what you're saying and you're entitled to have this opinion and all but seriously? Those 3 things I bolded there sum up WWE perfectly these past few years and not just with Mania but with practically all of their PPV's as of late. Outside of the WWE title match (which sometimes isn't even the case), most of the matches involve random mid-carders battling for no reason, none of the matches have a reason behind them and most of them are just on the card to fill up spaces lol. Starting from Mania 27 at the very very least . I'll give you from Mania X7 up until about 23/24/25. Around there is when WWE very obviously stopped caring about...well...everything really. I guess I just found your statement a bit curious, that's all. Of all the things to say about modern day WWE, those 3 things most certainly don't spring to mind. Quite the opposite in fact.
I mean, most matches on earlier Wrestlemanias seemed like exhibitions between two mid-carders outside of the main events. Again, this is probably because I wasn't alive at the time but those matches on the earlier Wrestlemanias seemed to have no build up at all. They were just thrown together to give the fans something to watch until you got to Hogan, Savage, Warrior, Andre, or whoever was involved in the main event matches that year. At least the mid-card matches now a days have a reason to happen, regardless of what that reason is. I agree that the build up is awful for some matches but at least they have a reason to be having a match. They aren't just throwing matches like Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre or Ted Dibiase vs Primo onto the card just to give us something to watch until we get to the matches involving Cena, Rock, Orton, Punk, Jericho, etc.

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