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Tuesday January 11, 2011 | Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee

Recap video is played detailing the recent problems between Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella and the attack from Kozlov, on JBL’s orders, on his former Tag Team partner in Week 1. Footage of Kozlov and Khali winning their first matches on NXT to earn the right to participate in the Ranking Number 1 place match tonight are shown before the voiceover asks whether the Moscow Mauler or the Punjabi Playboy will be the first NXT Number 1 of the series – we find out tonight!

***** WILD AND YOUNG *****

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Striker and Mathews welcome everybody to Week 3 of NXT Season 3 and they hype up tonight’s main event match between Team Rock’s Great Khali and Team JBL’s Vladimir Kozlov as the ‘Battle of the WWE Heavyweights’ for the Number 1 ranking spot here on NXT. Striker poses the question of who will be the man to secure the first ever top spot and how it could help to build momentum as that man looks to win NXT and earn a future WWE or World Heavyweight Title match after NXT finishes at WrestleMania.


Hollywood, Florida | 223 pounds
(with Vickie Guerrero)


Brooklyn, New York | 174 pounds

Striker and Mathews remind us of the treatment that Kaval has received so far from his so-called mentor, JBL, and his team-mates. Striker declares that he hopes that Kaval can find a way to overcome the odds with Team JBL but it doesn’t look good as he appears to be a certainty for being the first man eliminated from NXT the ways things are going. Mathews says that he needs a win over Ziggler tonight to avoid falling to the bottom of the first NXT rankings and that Vickie Guerrero is desperate for her man to avoid the same feat.

MATCH 1 | SINGLES MATCH (for Ranking Place 7 and 8)

A thoroughly entertaining first match of the evening and it is an even contest as both men look to obtain a huge win here in NXT. Ziggler fails with two attempted Zig Zags before Kaval manages to take him down and climbs to the top rope – unfortunately, he cannot land the two footed stomp and twists his ankle a little on landing. Ziggler is like a shark smelling blood and he works over Kaval’s ankle until he is hobbling on one leg. Every time Kaval looks set to make a comeback, Ziggler cuts him back down with a shot to the ankle. When he fails with this, Vickie distracts the referee or Kaval and this allows Ziggler to take control back. Eventually, Vickie’s distraction allows Dolph Ziggler to hit the ZIG ZAG but Kaval manages to grab hold of the rope to break the pinfall to the delight of the crowd. Kaval uses the time that Ziggler spends arguing with the referee to launch another comeback and he manages to take Dolph down and goes for the stomp again – KAVAL HITS THE WARRIORS WAY from the top rope! Kaval makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


As he was about to count three, the referee was pulled out of the ring and he landed heavily at ringside – it was DREW McINTYRE! Kaval’s team-mate is less than impressed and he launches kicks to Drew as he gets into the ring but Drew, with help from Dolph, overpowers Kaval and hits a stunning FUTURE SHOCK DDT before Ziggler follows it up with the ZIG ZAG. McIntyre shoves the referee back into the ring and hides out of sight as Ziggler makes the cover and the referee groggily makes the count ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Ziggler and Vickie celebrate up the rampway as they realise that Ziggler will not be bottom of the first ever NXT rankings, instead it is Kaval who will be Number 8 – thanks to his team-mate, Drew McIntyre! Kaval gets to his feet with a look of anger in his eyes and looks desperate as if he has no idea of how he can overcome these problems. Suddenly, he is spun around and kicked in the gut by McIntyre who has sneaked up from behind. Another FUTURE SHOCK DDT follows before McIntyre, looking impressed with himself, heads out of the ring with a smirk on his face as Kaval lays flat out in the ring ...



How will John Cena react to the news of Randy Orton being reinstated in the Royal Rumble?

NXT returns with replays of Drew McIntyre’s interference in the last match and Striker and Mathews condemn his actions after he left Kaval down and out and furthermore in the bottom ranking place in the NXT competition. The camera heads backstage where a jubilant Dolph Ziggler, sweating after his hard fought match, is heading down a corridor with a beaming Vickie Guerrero. They enter the locker room and the crowd go wild as we see Ziggler’s mentor, The Great One himself, The Rock! Ziggler asks Rock if he was impressed but Rock cuts him off and hits his ‘Finally ... The Rock has come back ... to Nashville!’ catchphrase before addressing Ziggler. Rock asks Vickie what she thought of Ziggler’s performance tonight and then uses his ‘It doesn’t matter what you think!’ phrase as well before berating Ziggler for even being in the match over 7th and 8th place in the first place. Rock tells Dolph that he is wasting his potential and confirms his belief that Dolph needs to get rid of his manager, Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler refuses and he starts to pick fault with Rock’s leadership skills as he accuses him of not supporting Ziggler so far. In walks R-Truth and he joins Ziggler in accusing the Rock of leaving them too much. Rock isn’t impressed and rants about how he never had anybody helping him, he rose to the top of the WWE because he listened to the crowd and he bust a gut every single night. He tells Ziggler and Truth that he has given them advice – ‘ditch Vickie, ditch the rap music and dancing’ but both have ignored him so far. And have lost both their matches. Rock tells both men that they need to impress him with their work ethic and their ability not to waste their potential – then he will support them ... ‘If ya smell ... what the Rock ... is ... cookin’’

The cameras return to the ring and Mathews and Striker hype up the announcement made by Chip Butty last week about the Tag Team Championship and the Royal Rumble Turmoil match in just 12 days time ...

*** RADIO ***

Long Island, New York | 450 pounds | Tag Team Champions


577 pounds

Striker reminds us that the winner of tonight’s match will head to the Royal Rumble with a guaranteed late entry – either fourth, fifth or sixth – rather than being one of the first three teams to enter. Mathews identifies that being a later entrant into the match could work in a team’s favour and suggests that these NXT matches could be as important as the actual Rumble match for the title ...


Great early action as the Tag Team Champions and Evan Bourne mix up together with a lot of fast paced, flowing action as the Champions get the upper hand over the 165 pound Evan Bourne. They manage to isolate him and keep him away from the bigger Mark Henry and they look to cut off the ring and get the match won without facing the World’s Strongest Man. However, this is not to happen and Evan Bourne suddenly uses some reverse mule kicks to break free of the champions and tag in his partner, Henry. Now the match slows but Henry dominates as he executes a number of power moves to get the advantage over Curt Hawkins who is the legal man. Henry hits the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM to Hawkins but as he makes the cover, Zack Ryder returns just in time to break the count. Another slam takes Ryder down as well but Hawkins manages to get up and kick Henry in the head and take him down to the mat. Ryder ducks as Henry groggily goes for a clothesline and hits the ropes before taking the big man down with a ROUGH RYDER! Zack is not legal and is ushered out but Hawkins heads for the top rope ... HEAT SEEKING ELBOW! Hawkins makes the cover ...

But the referee doesn’t count! As Henry went for the clothesline, Evan Bourne managed to stretch out and make the tag meaning he is the legal man! Hawkins is irate and he tries to beat the hell out of Bourne but he steps up a level as the fans get behind him. He takes out Hawkins and has him flat on his back near the corner of the ring and he looks round with a knowing look on his eyes. Ryder attempts to stop Bourne heading for the top rope but Henry clotheslines him over the rope and Bourne climbs to the top ... AIR BOURNE! EVAN BOURNE TAKES OUT CURT HAWKINS WITH AIR BOURNE! Bourne makes the tag ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Bourne and Henry celebrate in the ring as the Tag Team Champions slink away after their first defeat in ages, a real boost for the challengers who will now enter the Tag Team Championship match later. Ryder and Hawkins look concerned as they are reunited with their Tag Team belts outside the ring and an early entry into the Tag Team Turmoil will mean they will have their work cut out to retain their titles in twelve days time. As they turn to leave though, on the stage appear William Regal, Finlay and Mason Ryan decked out in red, white and blue and carrying the Union Jack flag.

Finlay, Mason Ryan & William Regal

Regal has a microphone and Bourne’s music is faded out so he can speak. Regal declares that the British Empire are unimpressed with both teams and that they are now even more confident that their tag team, which will debut next week, will destroy both of them at the Rumble. Regal declares that they are guaranteeing that the Tag Team Championships will be returning to the land of hope and glory, to the home country of the WWE owner Chip Butty ... Great Britain! Regal receives some heat for this comment before he suggests that they won’t play the British National Anthem this week as these Tennessee idiots will be unable to listen and may besmirch it with their mindless chatter ... Instead, Regal says that they will defeat Hart Dynasty next week on NXT before heading for the Rumble and becoming the new Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, JBL is in the ‘Team JBL’ locker room with Drew McIntyre and Vladimir Kozlov. JBL is beaming and he shakes the hand of Drew McIntyre and congratulates him over something. He declares that McIntyre is showing the right level of commitment to ‘Team JBL’ and that he is very impressed so far. JBL tells Kozlov that tonight he will lead the team to the top of the first NXT rankings and after that they will eliminate every single one of Rock’s team as well as Kaval to completely dominate the competition. And when it is down to the final three, JBL will sit back and let them fight it out between themselves for the right to win NXT. In walks MVP who looks hesitant as he spots the leader and the other two guys stood talking. JBL guides MVP into the conversation and asks him if he saw Drew’s actions earlier tonight? MVP reluctantly nods his head and JBL tells MVP that he needs to aspire to be more like Drew McIntyre. He asks him if he saw Vladimir Kozlov beating down on Santino Marella on the first NXT show? Again, MVP nods his head as JBL declares that Kozlov forgot the past, he forgot about the people who held him back. JBL tells MVP that he needs to do that too and challenges him to stop feeling sorry for Kaval and start looking out for the best interests of himself and Team JBL. MVP almost argues back with JBL but thinks better of it and shrugs his shoulders. JBL tells MVP that he will be watching him as he looks to step it up over the coming weeks ...

The cameras switch to the interview area where Todd Grisham awaits and he introduces his guest: Chavo Guerrero. Grisham congratulates Chavo on his win over MVP last week and securing third place in the NXT rankings. He asks him how he intends to move on and reach the Number 1 spot. Chavo responds by pointing out the mammoth size of the two men ahead of him in the rankings – Khali and Kozlov. Chavo tells the world that first and foremost it is important he finishes in the top three to ensure he keeps his job in the WWE. However, Chavo tells us that he has never been one to sit back and accept his situation. He promises that he is going to go after Kozlov or Khali and search for a way to defeat them and take the Number 1 spot. He recalls No Way Out in 2004 and signals for video to be played ...

Chavo Guerrero is watching thoughtfully as the video ends and we return to the interview area. He smiles and reminds us that nobody gave Eddie a chance heading into the No Way Out WWE Championship match with Brock Lesnar but he managed to overcome all the obstacles, he managed to find a way to shock the world and win the title. Chavo says that nobody believes in him anymore. He says that nobody expects him to beat Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Drew McIntyre or Dolph Ziggler ... but he will. He will do it for the Guerrero family, for his Uncle Eddie watching down from above and for the WWE Universe who need to see one more miracle from Los Guerreros. Huge cheers for Chavo’s announcement and there is a ‘Chavo!’ chant echoing around the arena which makes him smile ... Into the picture walks Vickie Guerrero and she doesn’t look happy. She says that she has received a number of calls from members of the Guerrero family in the past week and that they are not happy with her actions last week – she doesn’t care though. She is not interested in the ‘Guerrero family name’ now that Chavo is hell bent on wrecking it anyway. Vickie tells Chavo that his win over MVP last week was a fluke, that he is destined to fall when he meets her man, Dolph Ziggler. Vickie tells Chavo that Dolph is part of a new breed of wrestling and she is as far away from being part of the antiquated ideas of the Guerrero family. She tells Chavo that she has moved on with her life and that when Dolph wins NXT and he is out of a job, that will be proof that the Guerrero family is finished in wrestling. She laughs a high pitched laugh and then walks away leaving Chavo looking disappointed ...



Who will win the Royal Rumble and advance to WrestleMania 27?
Find out in 12 days time!

NXT returns from the commercial with the Divas Champion heading for the ring ...

*** NASTY GIRL ***

London, England | Divas Champion

*** POURQUOI? ***

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Both WWE Divas go all out for the win as Maryse looks to take away the Divas Championship that Layla has held – in some way or another – for nearly eight months now. Layla is being cheered on though and she looks to be rising above the sneaky tactics of Maryse and a snapmare takes her down to the mat as Layla looks for the quick win. Maryse battles back though and avoids the neckbreaker – the ‘Layout’ – before shoving Layla hard through the ropes to the outside. Maryse drags Layla up and forces her back first into the ring post where she grabs her hair and roughly mocks her for thinking that she could hold the title when she was around. With the referee threatening a DQ, Maryse releases Layla but then hits a running knee to the back to shove Layla head first into the barricades. The referee orders Maryse into the ring and Maryse obliges as the referee begins the countout. Layla returns to the ring on 7 and Maryse begins to use her feet to stomp away on the lower back of her opponent as she weakens her further. The crowd try to get behind Layla again but Maryse has control and locks in the Camel Clutch ... Layla struggles like mad and manages to make the ropes to release the hold but Maryse almost refuses and gets disqualified again. The ref isn’t happy with Maryse but she ignores him and pops Layla off into the ropes ... Spinning Backbreaker! Layla writhes in pain on the mat ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out just in time from Layla!

Maryse stops and straightens her hair before a kick to Layla’s gut as she gets to her feet gives her chance to set up for the French Kiss. Maryse looks round with a satisfied look on her face as she is about to plant Layla into the mat head first ... However, Layla manages to reverse the hold and snapmares Maryse to the mat once more. A low dropkick to a seated Maryse follows and Layla looks to be building the momentum just in time. Layla once more looks to go for the Layout but once more Maryse manages to grab the ropes to escape the move. As Layla is out of position, Maryse suddenly extends her long leg and hits a spinning kick to the back of the Divas Champion just below her shoulders. FRENCH TKO! Maryse wastes time as she tries to get her head in order and then she rolls Layla up looking for the pinfall ...

Maryse grabs the rope for leverage, the referee is counting Layla’s shoulders ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

MARYSE (4:13)

As ‘Pourquoi?’ blasts out around the arena, the referee hands the Divas Championship belt to Maryse who looks delighted. On the other hand, Layla is livid with the decision and she complains bitterly to the referee about Maryse having the ropes. The WWE Universe are also unhappy but Maryse mocks Layla by posing in the corner of the ring with the title belt. A furious Layla rushes over at her and tries to attack her but Maryse is quick as a cat and clambers through the ropes just in time. Straightening her hair, Maryse once more poses in the ramp way with the title held over her head ... MARYSE IS THE NEW DIVAS CHAMPION!




A replay of the controversial ending of the Divas Championship match is shown as NXT returns and Striker and Mathews inform us that the WWE board have already announced that next Tuesday on NXT, Layla will invoke her Divas Championship rematch clause and challenge Maryse for the title. Striker says that his ‘English muffin’ Layla will definitely show Maryse who is boss and will win her title back four nights before the Royal Rumble. A split screen is shown that shows Great Khali with The Rock and Runjin Singh on one side, Vladimir Kozlov with JBL on the other. Mathews hypes up the main event tonight as both Khali and Kozlov look to be named as the first NXT ranking number 1 in the series, a place that will, after WrestleMania, lead to a guaranteed WWE or World Championship match for one guy. Will that man be Khali or Kozlov?

*** PAIN ***

Moscow, Russia | 302 pounds


Punjab, India | 347 pounds | w/Runjin Singh

Both men stand face to face in the ring as the ranking place up for grabs is announced. Runjin Singh leaves the ring and the referee signals for the bell ...

MAIN EVENT | SINGLES MATCH (for Ranking Place 1)

A slow paced match as the two big men of the NXT competition go at it and lumber around looking for the big powerful move needed to secure them the top spot on NXT. Khali takes control in the early stages with some ferocious slaps to the chest of the Russian but these do not appear to weaken his resolve as he responds with some agile kicks to the legs of Khali that take him down. As Kozlov begins to keep Khali on the mat, he starts to throw punches to the giant and starts to rock him now he has him down to his size. However, such is the way with Khali, one move can be so powerful and he manages to shove Kozlov down on his backside as he looks to prevent the momentum of the Russian. The crowd are behind the fan favourite Khali and he gets a huge cheer when he manages to hit a big boot to the face of the onrushing Kozlov that sends him up and over the top rope. At this moment, Kozlov’s mentor JBL heads out into the arena with a microphone. He informs Khali that he traded him for Kozlov before NXT began because he knew he wasn’t up to it no more. Khali doesn’t understand his words until Runjin Singh informs him of them and then Khali decides to go out of the ring after JBL. Wisely, JBL backs away but this gives time for Kozlov to recover and when Khali re-enters over the top rope, Kozlov is waiting to deliver a big boot of his own which staggers Khali. Quick cover from Kozlov ...

1 ... Kick out from Khali!

Khali gets to his feet and Kozlov looks a little worried by this. Kozlov does use his head though and hits a battering ram type move to Khali in the corner before launching a series of headbutts to the chest of the Punjabi Playboy that the crowd jeer and boo. JBL is back at ringside now without a microphone and he urges Kozlov on. Kozlov does get on with it and he looks to hit the Iron Curtain but he cannot lift Khali up to slam him spine first on the mat and instead he resorts to a scoop powerslam. Again, no can do, Kozlov cannot get Khali off his feet. More Sambo kicks follow and Kozlov does manage to keep Khali struggling but he cannot find a way to take the giant down. Khali does drop to his knees in the end and this allows Kozlov to hit a DDT to the delight of JBL and he makes the cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Khali kicks out!

What is it going to take for Kozlov to get a win here? How can any of the NXT hopefuls defeat Khali? Khali rolls over and starts to get to his feet when JBL jumps up onto the apron and distracts the Indian. As Khali looks to get to JBL, the referee tries to stop him and Kozlov heads the opposite way and picks up a chair. He heads back into the ring and looks ready to wait for a chance to smash the chair into Khali as JBL distracts the referee. However, there is a commotion in the crowd and somebody jumps over the barricades and slides into the ring behind Kozlov! IT’S SANTINO MARELLA! Santino drags Kozlov round and hits a kick to the gut of the Russian who was his former partner ... As Kozlov drops the chair, Santino reaches into his tights and pulls out a Cobra sock puppet that he places on his hand ... COBRA! THE COBRA STRIKES AND KOZLOV IS DOWN! The referee is still dealing with Khali and JBL and hasn’t noticed. Santino looks to leave but then he sees the chair on the mat. He stops and decides to pick it up ... CRASH! As Kozlov gets to his knees a little, Santino smashes the chair into the back of Kozlov! The Russian is down! However, the noise from the chair shot is noticed by the others and the referee, Khali and JBL stop what they are doing and turn to see Santino with the ‘smoking gun’ in his hand ... The referee holds his hands out by his side and shrugs his shoulders before signalling for the bell ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


As Santino stands over Kozlov, he looks annoyed that he was caught; Khali looks even more annoyed and he confronts Santino over it. Santino clearly apologises to Khali and tries to explain but Khali looks annoyed over this and he looks as if he might attack the Italian. In the end, he changes his mind but – as Striker and Mathews now tell us – he has just lost the match which means that Kozlov is the first NXT Number 1 in the rankings. As Kozlov gets to his knees again, Khali looks down over him and seems to be getting an idea. He holds out his hand for the chair and Santino hands it over to him with a grin. However, as Khali turns to use it on Kozlov, JBL drags his man out of the ring and they stagger away up the ramp to safety – a wise move from JBL. A graphic is flashed up on the titantron that shows the complete first NXT rankings ...

Mathews reminds us that next week the NXT superstars will be able to start challenging each other to move up the rankings as NXT moves on with all eight men looking to earn their spot in the WrestleMania NXT Final. They speculate that there could be some fallout from tonight’s main event next week and urge us to watch next week as JBL and a weary Kozlov look down to the ring at Khali and Santino ...

***** END OF SHOW *****

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