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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Evolve 9

Eric Ryan (0-0) vs. Bobby Beverly (0-0)

This was really bad for the few minutes they got before Steen came to the ring and beat them both up. Maybe these guys can work a different style better but when it comes to working thr style that Evolve wants them to they were terrible. Their stiff strikes weren't stiff and the big moves weren't impressive either. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt before I say they suck because nobody knew who they were and neither guy had a chance to get over as both were portrayed as faces.

Steen's promo wasn't anything all that special. He was a big deal at the time and him showing up here was kind of cool with the angle he was working for ROH. His whole, "I'm going to destroy Evolve" idea seemed pretty forced.

Super Smash Brothers (0-1) vs. Facade and Gory (0-0)

A fun spot match. Nothing all that memorable or particularly great but they didn't really botch anything so that's a plus.

Sugar Dunkerton (0-0) vs. Silas Young (2-1)

It was good to finally see a match where there was a clear heel and face. I don't really know why but Silas Young just came out acting like a huge asshole and trash talked Sugar a lot because he's a Chikara guy and, according to Young, "a joke." I thought Silas played his role really well actually as his trash talking hit close to home and he got to the point where you just wanted to see him get his ass kicked. Dunkerton did a decent job but didn't display all his anger until the match was almost over. We got that point where we saw that Sugar Dunkerton was adapting though as he straight up bitch slapped Young and let out a "fuck you!" which was good to see. This was a pretty decent match actually as they hit a couple of nice looking moves and told a pretty good story.

Pinkie Sanchez (0-0) vs. Lince Dorado (0-0)

Pinkie was awesome as when he was outside the ring he appeared to make a huge mess of Green Lantern Fan's table. The match was really weird because the crowd was behind Pinkie and he started the match working a heel but as the match wore on he appeared to start working as a face since the crowd was behind him. So got to see a Pinkie control segment and then he was the one that did the comeback segment. He worked the leg a lot and Lince didn't sell it. Not a very good match at all. Just very weird.

The Scene (0-0) vs.Up in Smoke (4-0)

Fun match. Some good back and forth stuff with some innovative moves. Nothing that I would call ground breaking but everything looked good. They worked in a quick control segment but the control to hot tag just seemed rush and more of a chance for everyone to take a quick breather. Not really sure why Cheech turned on Cloudy after the match. I guess he just couldn't deal with having at least 2 more wins than everyone else instead of 3.

Unsanctioned Match:

Bobby Fish vs. Jon Davis vs. Kevin Steen

Everyone was very angry and every hit each other very hard. I really liked this one and it's given me some more faith in Jon Davis. He looked like a total badass in this match and held his own with two guys who I think are awesome. They kept a really fast pace and Steen did a great job showing his character in this one. When you go from laughing at Steen one second to grimacing at the super stiff strikes you know you're watching an entertaining match. That's probably the best word I have to describe the match, entertaining. It wasn't very long but it kept my attention the whole time and I was never bored. Good stuff.

John Silver (0-0) vs. Tony Nese (0-2)

This was tough to sit through. It's another example of where they give neither guy anything to work with. The fans have no idea who Silver is and he has to walk to the ring with generic music and the style they work doesn't give him a chance to show some personality, if he even has any. At least Nese had some fan support but the crowd was still really dead for this. They did some crazy moves at the end that got the crowd back into the match and it also made me a little more interested in it as well. Even so they then sold the moves terribly and Silver did has best to be like Davey Richards. It was terrible, he took a big bump, stayed down for like 30 seconds, kicked out at 2, and then just jumped up and went crazy like nothing even happened. The moves were cool and everything but the best way I could put it is that this match defines what indy wrestling is becoming and I really don't like it. Again though, cool moves.

Dave Finlay (0-0) vs. Sami Callihan (3-1)

This was incredible. Probably as close as you can get to a legit brawl in a wrestling ring. They just beat the shit out of each other and the stiffness was on a level that you rarely see. What made me love this so much was that both guys had awesome characters in the match and they didn't just beat the shit out each other (but there was a lot of that). Finlay is a bully that doesn't take shit from anyone. Sami tried early to stand toe to toe with him but that didn't work very well for him at all. I really found myself pulling for Sami as he took such an ass kicking but just refused to give up. And when Sami got his shots in they were fucking brutal. This was well worked and if Finaly wasn't Finaly I think the crowd would have been totally behind Sami.

In between all the striking there was some great leg work from Finaly and I have to say that Sami sold it really well too (probably under threat from Finlay). I think what I loved about the match was that you knew Sami didn't have a chance within the first few minutes of the match but they went on to have a long match where you thought Finaly was going to have to kill Sami to win. There were a few brief moment where it looked like Sami had a fighting chance but they were short lived and Finaly always put them to rest.

This was great. Finlay looked like the biggest badass in the ring and Sami looked the toughest guy in the world for taking all of that. Sami gave an incredible performance and did everything he could to make this a great match, I don't think there are that many guys that would take a beating like that. Finaly also took a huge beating as well. Either he had some great selling in his interview or he was chopped so hard in the chest he was losing his voice. Neither would surprise me. This is right up there with the best matches I've seen Evolve put on. It didn't top Danielson/Fish but I don't think there's anything
else that I can safely put ahead of this match.

Chuck Taylor (5-3) vs. Johnny Gargano (6-2)

These was great. They really played off the fact that both guys knew each so well as there were a ton of counters to signature moves and both guys stole each other's signature moves. I thought they would go into the match with Gargano playing a heel with Larry Dallas in his corner but that theory was thrown out the window right away when Gargano promptly fired Dallas and wrestled the match as a face like Taylor. I didn't think I would like the idea but it ended up working really well for this match as they worked it the best way possible.

We didn't get any lengthy period where one guy controlled the match but I was fine with that since the whole match was about how they were equals and knew each other so well. When the match ended you were left with the feeling that it really could have gone either way. Great match, not quite in the level as the last match but not far behind. Certainly near the top of the list when it comes to Evolve's best matches.

The two main events delivered but there were a few matches that just weren't good at all on the undercard. The quality of the main events alone probably makes this one of the stronger Evolve card. Certainly a step up from some of the previous shows they had been putting on.
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