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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

It's not. They were genuinely really bad. The Hayato tags went to 30 minute draws with overtime for absolutely no reason and the crowd in the 2nd one were basically silent. Juniors should never wrestle that long but if they are then it needs to be a lot more than them kicking each other for 30 minutes. They had no structure, did nothing of interest and the crowds were shitty in all of them. They were as bad as Davey/Eddie from Final Battle. Slightly less stupid stuff but as equally hindered by them doing nothing for a really long stretch of time.

Kensuke Sasaki & Mitsuhiro Kitanomiya vs Jun Akiyama & Kenta Kobashi - Diamond Ring 11.02.2012
Oh I do love a great rookie tag and the best part is that they're so easy to do and get right. Kitanomiya puts in one of the best rookie performances I've seen recently though and really makes himself stand out from other rookies working a similar match. I don't often care for Akiyama but the exchanges with him and Kitanomiya were brilliant in this. Thoroughly enjoyed their opening segment with Akiyama just shrugging him off. Kitanomiya taking a rough one and bleeding added to it really well. Kitanomiya had everything you'd want from a guy in his position but especially load of fire and persistence. Akiyama complimented him really well in his role too. Sadly though Kobashi and Sasaki brought the match down whenever they got in so it was only great in parts rather than throughout. Kobashi was awful in this. It's no so much that he's old but it's the fact that he's so immobile that makes it no fun to watch him. Inevitable Kobashi/Sasaki chop exchange and it sucked and felt forced like they felt they had to do it because of 2005. Sasaki and Tenryu worked the same roles last year in the Tenryu Project 6 man where they just chop each other until one of them dies and they made it work. This was the total opposite of that. Could have done with a bit of time chopping off but it didn't drag much for long periods. Kitanomiya and Akiyama rocked a MOTYC despite how much Sasaki and Kobashi tried to drag it down.


Watched Nakajima vs SHINGO from the same show. Good match I guess but NO to being a MOTYC. Maybe I just want more than wrestling from my matches with the current stuff. Felt too heavily reliant on a kick strike formula.
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