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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Smackdown's Elimination Chamber ruled thanks to Mcintyre going on a badass rampage and proving his quality.
Lawler/Miz from the same show was also super, total Lawler formula match but they worked the Riley interference well and gave Lawler some convincing and good nearfalls but still established Miz as a champion by the end.

Cody/Rey and Punk/Orton were the two best matches at Wrestlemania 27 for me, really really good midcard matches with Cody/Rey having a great story centred around the face mask of Rhodes and Punk's workover of Orton's weakened left leg.

Punk/Orton II at Extreme Rules is fine, standard WWE gimmick match these days but its stiff and has some nice sequences and build throughout, a step down from Wrestlemania but perfectly watchable and the best match on the show unless Cody/Rey was better than I remembered. People will point to Christian/Del Rio but I wasn't overly impressed from memory, thought some of the spots were nice and Del Rio took some great bumps but single ladder matches aren't my cup of tea and I don't think its half the match Sheamus v Morrison was from TLC 2010 for example.
Christian/Orton Over The Limit is by far the best match of their series, wonderful face v face matchup with smooth counters that are built to well and don't come off as choreographed, callback spot to their TV match a few weeks prior is also magnificent and vintage Christian.

Rey/Punk from Capitol Punishment was really good as well, not their best match together but a fine outing from both men.

Henry/Sheamus from Summerslam is really really good IMO, total slugfest between two beasts and the finish was great in putting over Henry whilst protecting Sheamus and leaving the feud open for a rematch.

Henry/Orton from NOC is maybe Henry's best performance on his killer 2011 run, a very good match with Orton trying to work out ways to beat Henry but with Henry constantly looking immovable and impenetrable. Very smartly worked and surpassed my expectations given my distain for babyface Viper Orton.

Henry/Show from Vengeance is also extremely great, feels very reminiscent of Batista/Taker from Wrestlemania 23 with it being a total superheavyweight sprint with some good limb work and awesome big man spots for some great false finishes. I also really dug the finish and thought it pretty much defined the Henry character up until that point, shame the feud largely stagnates from this point onwards.

Not really a fan of much else tbh, Punk/Del Rio from memory isn't bad but I think its far lesser than what Punk produced with other workers over the year, Ziggler/Ryder at TLC is fun for a culmination of a long running angle but still not one of Ziggler's best matches. TLC 3 way is quite creative in trying to tease Punk losing but its hardly a great match. Ricardo and Del Rio take killer bumps though.

Definitely watch Henry/Bryan in the Steel Cage from late November if you get chance though, better than most PPV matches in quite a strong year PPV wise for WWE. Only goes 10 minutes but the selling, character dynamic and sequences are marvellous with some good callback spots throughout their mini feud within a month, the highlight being Bryan's counter to Henry's counter to the Labell Lock.

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