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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
I think Bret/Austin SS 1996 was a great match, but not a MOTYC or GOAT. It was simply a great match with great storytelling and strategies, but people overrate it more than sometimes. My rating: ***1/2
About right. I'm at the same rating. Maybe slightly higher, but yeah.

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
I prefer the SS match between Bret and Austin to WM, but only ever so slightly. Too COMPLETELY different matches, and it says a lot about them as performers that they can have 2 ***** (imo of course) matches during the same feud and tell 2 stories that are perhaps more different than any 2 matches between any 2 wrestlers in a series of matches.

As for Bret/Davey, I don't think too much to their matches. WM X with Owen is worlds above any Bret/Davey match for me. Don't like their cage match though. Urgh.
The Cage match certainly doesn't touch their WrestleMania X match. I have it at around *** 3/4. Still a great match in its own right.

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Yeah I've not seen SS 1996 in a while but I was a fan of it last time around, though its a step step down from Wrestlemania 13. I seem to remember Cal or Yeah1993 being a big fan of (or at the very least discussing) an Austin/Bret match from Africa I believe, unless I've got the participants wrong but I'm 99% sure its those two.

Canadian Stampede 10 man also kicks all sorts of ass, and whilst we're on the matter of great multi mans the February 2000 10 man tag from Dallas featuring Cactus/Rock/Too Cool v HHH and The Radicalz also needs more love. An insane segment/match with an unbelieveable crowd which is honestly one of the best tv matches the company has put on IMO.
It's amongst the best 10-men tag team match; both the ones you mentioned. Both matches had super hot crowd and the action was non-stop. Incredible matches both and the atmosphere made it even better.

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