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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Over the next four days I will be posting the matches for WrestleMania X8. Each post will include two matches (one being an upper card match and the other being on the undercard). Currently there are 8 matches scheduled, but this may change as time goes by. I leave you today with the WWF Undisputed Championship and the WWF Womens Championship Matches:

WWF Undisputed Championship: The Rock vs. Triple H

Their Road to WrestleMania........
The Background
Triple H won the 2002 Royal Rumble earning himself the right to face the WWF Undisputed Champion at WrestleMania. However he had a road block going into No Way Out, but Triple H successfully defended his “spot” when he beat Kurt Angle after the special referee Stephanie McMahon was knocked out, allowing an unbiased referee to count the fall for Triple H.

The RAW after No Way Out started with Stephanie McMahon calling out Triple H and trying to “win him back” as she wants to be part of the main event of WrestleMania. However Triple H sees straight through her and he sees that she just wants the attention of being in the main event. Irate that her desperate pleas for attention have not worked she slaps Triple H. Hunter retaliates with a Pedigree!!

Following No Way Out, then WWF Undisputed Champion; Chris Jericho, came down to the ring and gloated about his victory of Austin the previous night. Knowing that Austin was not in the arena, Y2J called him out and offered him a rematch. However Ric Flair (Co-Owner of the WWF) came down to the ring and told Jericho that if he wants to defend his title so badly, then he will tonight, against the man who defeated The Undertaker last night – The Rock!

During the title bout between Rock and Jericho. Mr. McMahon tried to interfere but Flair took down McMahon on the outside of the ring before any interference could happen. The confrontation between the Co-Owners distracted Jericho for a split second, allowing The Rock to hit Jericho with the Rock Bottom and get the fall to become the NEW WWF Undisputed Champion.

The Rivalry
The build up between The Rock and Triple H had several different threads. One of the main focus points began with Triple H saying that even though they are both fan favourites and that he has gained respect for the fans, he reminds Rock that he is still “The Game” and still “The Cerebral Assassin” and that when it comes down to it in the end he is the best in the business.

The second thread to this rivalry comes when it starts to be noted that in, the past three WrestleMania main events, The Rock has failed to win. More importantly it is noted that two of those times he entered the WWF Champion and lost each time. Secondly it is also noted that the time he entered as the challenger he lost to Triple H (the man he is facing at this years main event). The Rock seems to be having doubts and Hunter plays the psychological card very well. This brings out the very intense Rocky we don't see all the time.

Triple H also noted that he cannot afford to lose. He said all the hard work and effort it took to return after the injury he had, followed by the hard work it took to win the Rumble, keep the “spot” at No Way Out and deal with Stephanie McMahon, was too much to lose at WrestleMania. He said that it his time, to once again, be in the MAN in the WWF.

Physicality between the two men has been sparse. Whilst there have been some heated promos between the two, neither Rock or Hunter have had any matches against each other, in fact they have often been teamed up in the weeks leading up to Maina. This has at times brought about intense face to face confrontations.

The last Raw before mania involved a confrontation in the middle of the ring, within which The Rock and Triple H shook hands to what seemed like confirm that there was no personal issues between them two and it was all about being the WWF Undisputed Champion. However later on in the show we see Stephaine McMahon (who hasn't been seen since HHH pedigree'd her 4 weeks ago), walking out of The Rocks locker room.

A few days later at the last SD!, Triple H calls out The Rock to find out what Stephanie McMahon was doing in his locker room. The Rock says he was not in the locker room when she was in there. Triple H is getting furious and disbelieves The Rock. Eventually The Rock has had enough of Triple H's accusations and they begin brawling. Finally Stephanie appears on the top of the rampway, she has a mic and starts to shout out Hunter's name. Triple H stops brawling with The Rock and looks up at Stephanie, but this gives The Rock a moment to catch Triple H off guard lay him out with the Rock Bottom! Stephanie looks pleased and smiles at the Rock whilst clapping, The Rock looks back with what seems to be a puzzled look on his face.


Hardcore Match for the Womens Championship: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus
Jazz has dominated and at times cheated to hold onto the WWF Womens Championship. However this Sunday at WrestleMania she will have to go one on one with Canada's own Trish Stratus. Also under both combatants agreement a few weeks ago on SD!, this match will be contested under Hardcore rules.

Dream Match: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Their Road to WrestleMania.....

At No Way Out, Hogan, Hall & Nash cost Austin the WWF Undisputed Championship. Over the next week Hogan cut promos on Austin. He called Austin a cheap knock off of himself and that it was Hogan who made wrestling popular in the 80s and then it was Hogan who made wrestling popular once again in the 90s. He says if there was no Hulk Hogan their would be no Steve Austin.

Austins reply was that Hogan is jealous that Austin over took Hogans popularity and that Hogan is a has-been and a poison that needs to leave the WWF. Austin finally challenges Hogan to what Austin called “the match of all ages”. Hogan accepts but Hall and Nash attack Austin from behind leaving him beaten down in the middle of the ring.

Hogan tells everyone that he has Austins number and that he made WrestleMania what it is today. Hogan says that whilst Austin wrestled Bret Hart, Hogan mentions that Bret Hart was barely on the card when Hogan main evented WrestleMania. Hogan mentions that he was in the main events before Austin knew ever laced up a pair of boots.

Austin had grew sick of Hogans rants and cheap mugging from behind and Austin took the liberty to team up with Kane and take out the Outsiders, before then making his way to the ring and attack Hogan. However Hogan kicked Austin in the groin to make a quick escape.

Finally this past RAW, Hogan tried to jump Austin in the midst of his match against Kurt Angle, but Austin fought back and Hogan and Austin started to brawl across the ringside area. The brawl became violent and Austin busted open Hogan. Security and backstage staff eventually broke up the fight.

In the BIGGEST MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, The 2 pioneers of this industry go one on one, on the grandest stage of them all. WRESTLEMANIA!


Intercontinental Championship: William Regal vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T
Co-Owners Flair and McMahon put this match together after all three challengers claimed to be the number 1 contender as they have all scored wins against each other in previous matches since No Way Out. With four very talented athletes in one ring, all competing for the same prize, this match has the potential to make a start out of a number of the participants.


Updated with the following two matches:

Control of the WWF: Chris Jericho w/Mr. McMahon vs. Big Show w/Ric Flair
Their road to WrestleMania......

After No Way Out. Mr. McMahon and Ric Flair finally decided to end this Co-Ownership deal by having a match at WrestleMania to determine who would take complete control of the WWF. However both Flair and McMahon agreed to settle the score by choosing their own counterparts for the match. McMahon chose first, by choosing the Chris Jericho.

Jericho, who a week before being chosen by McMahon had just lost the WWF Undisputed title to The Rock, a match which Flair had scheduled at the last minute taking Jericho completely unprepared. Jericho has been a corporate suck up to McMahon leading up to and after being chosen to represent McMahon at mania.

Flair chose the 500lbs Big Show. Who ironically was the person McMahon chose to replace him in the WWF vs Alliance match at Survivor Series to keep the WWF alive. Now that same man can remove McMahon completely from the control of WWF.

This rivalry heated up quick and fast, with Jericho costing Show the hardcore title on one occasion. Jericho and McMahon have played it cowardly and sneakily by attacking both Flair and Big Show at times they didn't expect and then running away before there could be retaliation.

However, it has not been all fun and games for McMahon and Y2J. Flair interrupted the Board of Directors meeting by attacking Vince!!! Show has also attacked Jericho and even Chokeslammed him into the state river on a SD! Leading up to Mania.

The fate of the WWF, rests in this match. At the end, their will be only one owner of the World Wrestling Federation.


Singles Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Perfect
After returning at the Royal Rumble and putting on an excellent performance, Mr. Perfect has become a fan favourite of kinds with the WWF fans. However Kurt Angle has grown an dislike to Perfect. Kurt believes he is the better athlete and the better wrestler. Kurt has made it clear that he thinks that Perfects time has come and gone and that he should step aside for the future. However Perfect says he isn't ready to step aside just yet and that he has a lot more to accomplish in the WWF (primarily to win his first WWF championship). Perfect also told Angle that whilst Angle may come with ways to cheat and win, Perfect says that he was the one who invented them and that he knows everyone Angle knows because Angle learned from him. Kurt and Perfect have tried to continually one up each other in separate matches. Angle defeated Spike Dudley with the PerfectPlex a few weeks ago on SD!, to which Perfect replied by defeating Crash Holly with the Ankle Lock. Angle and Perfect have also cost each other matches as well, which also has been building the tension. What will happen at WrestleMania, when they finally face off, one on one.


WrestleMania X8 Card (So Far)
WWF Undisputed Championship:
The Rock vs. Triple H
Hardcore Match - Womens Championship: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus
Dream Match: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Fatal 4 Way - Intercontinental Championship: William Regal vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T
Control of the WWF: Chris Jericho w/Mr. McMahon vs. Big Show w/Ric Flair
Singles Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Perfect

The final two matches will include the Tag Team Titles and the Undertakers 10th WrestleMania match.

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