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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

No Way Out 2004

Tajiri/Akio/Sakoda vs London/Dragon/Kidman(HEAT)

High flying 6 man tag match here with 6 talented cruiserweights. Does it's job of getting the crowd pumped before the show. If you love flips, and all of those crazy fast paced style matches, you'll like this match. Popcorn fun, and a very entertaining match. Ultimo Dragon was awesome, wasn't he ? I always was a huge fan of Kidman as well. GREAT for a Sunday Night Heat match for sure.

** 1/4

Bashams/Shaniqua vs Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi

So, a handicap tag match featuring a stable with two Bashams and a dominatrix.....RIIIIGHT. Scotty botches a hurricarana from the get go, as Rikishi is getting pops here during the end of his tenure here. It's sad that the Bashams were reduced to this gimmick, as Doug was apparently quite awesome in OVW.

Rikishi gets a huge pop for beating on a dominatrix. That just sounds wrong. Fans go crazy for the worm, and the crowd is heating up, but the psychology isn't good. Scotty just randomly jumped up after taking a clothesline he was CLEARLY supposed to stay down from. Bashams actually use some pretty impressive tag moves here, but Shaniqua just kills this. WHY IS SHE necessary. Match is pretty okay to say the least, not sure if it's correct for the opener. Banzai drop ends this. DECENT.


Jamie Noble vs Nidia

Noble is blindfolded for this. Why do I think this is going to suck ? Nidia is owning Noble here early on, and gets in a pretty good leg kick, even though this is RIDICULOUS. Noble shoots for a blind takedown sometimes. This match is so slow, boring and stupid, that it is just ridiculous... WE KNOW HE CAN SEE DAMNIT ! Noble takes the blindfold off and makes Nidia tap with some sitting dragon sleeper hold. In case that you can't already tell, this was horrible and it made no sense. Shame, because Noble was actually quite talented.


APA vs World's Greatest Tag Team

Bradshaw has an injured right arm here. We start off with Benjamin using the grappling style and Faaroq breaking out the brawling style, I'm loving the clashes here. Good armwork by the WGTT
right here on Faaroq. Shelton showing off athleticism here, as he was ready to get his push. Bradshaw is just DOMINATING here with a huge powerbomb.

Ending is pretty smart, as Bradshaw hits the COH on Haas, who was not the legal man. He did this
with his injured arm, sells it well, takes a superkick and gets pinned. Pretty decent tag team match here. Loved the style clash.

** 1/2

Rhyno vs Hardcore Holly

Before the match starts, a brawl ensues outside for a brief period of time. Some really weak punches by these two start us off. Holly uses a pretty long side headlock, and it's boring a hell. Nobody cares about this match as Holly gets some pretty stiff chops. Rhyno is working on the midsection here as this is starting to become painfully boring.

I mean, it's Rhyno vs Hardcore Holly featuring nothing but side headlocks and body scissors. Rhyno SPITS on Holly, which is pretty intense for a feud that has lasted like 3 days. They are beginning to move like molasses out there. The match actually switches to spanish commentary, and it still isn't exciting. Alabama Slam ends this...After Holly pretty much NO SELLS A GORE. WTF. Boring, Not a good match. TV quality stuff here. BAD TV quality stuff.

* 1/2

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

About time I get something worth watching. Mat based to start this off, which isn't bad at all. Chavo goes for the mask, and begins to become a victim to the high-flying Mysterio. The styles are clashing in this even better than the WGTT match as Chavo tries his best to counter Rey's high flying moves, instead of keeping up. Some good near falls here, as Chavo quickly becomes the chickenshit heel in this match. Chavo hits a potentially botched backbreaker from the top rope, and continues his ground game. Chavo begins to work on the midsection here, even getting in a single legged liontamer of some sort.

This match is awesome but it has a medium sized flaw: after all of that abdomen work, Rey does a moonsault. WHY WOULD HE ATTEMPT THAT ? Anyway, Chavo Classic intereferes and Chavo gets this. Great match with some messed psychology at times, but overall great.

*** 1/2

John Cena vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle

This is getting even better. Big Show using the power game early, tossing around both Cena and Angle. This triple threat style starts off as the more "one on one" based triple threat that we've
seen before. Really interesting to see what Cena and Angle must do to get Show out of the equation. Cena vs Angle is always great, and when we move to Cena vs Show it's a good clash of
styles with power vs brawling. FU TO BIG SHOW, and the fast paced/everybody in the ring at once triple threat style begins. Big Show is kicking out of everything, making him look AWESOME.

Both Angle and Show work on Cena's injured knee here, as Angle does his typical Angle non selling
here, and hooks the Angle lock on Cena. Cena taps VERY quickly. WOW. That HAS to be the last time that Cena tapped out, right ? Great triple threat match here, as once all three were involved at
once, the pace got better and the match quality improved. A damn good match.

*** 1/2

Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero

What a way to end the show. The people are excited for this match because the show has gotten progressively better, with the "climax" of the show being the main event. We have a simple story here, power vs determination, individual talent vs heart. Going into this match, it honestly looks like another tomato can for Lesnar to crush on his way to Mania, however Eddie has other plans. Lesnar was given the Jackhammer earlier in the night and looks like a pissed off BEAST.

Brock tossing Eddie around early, taunting him, as Eddie is getting MAJOR pops from the crowd here. Lesnar DEMOLISHING Eddie early on, making me think "wow, a squash match main event". Suplex after suplex after belly-to-belly, Eddie is getting destroyed here. When Eddie gets on offense, he works on the knee of Lesnar, and gets desperate, diving over the top rope trying to plug Lesnar into HIS style and play HIS game. Lesnar's selling is superb, as the knee work is taking away his speed. Lesnar's cockiness allows Eddie to hook an STF, and the crowd goes CRAZY. Lesnar's intensity is off the charts here, as Eddie is using his old school high flying style, mixed with holds like the figure four, which focuses on the bad knee. Brock cannot keep Eddie down here, screaming "DIE EDDIE DIE". Amazing emotion and even bigger psychology in this matchup.

F5 leads to a ref bump and the climax, Goldberg interfering and owning Lesnar with a spear, and the crowd officially EXPLODES here. Brock kicks out as Eddie realizes "hmmm, I can steal this one", with an F5 counter to a tornado DDT. Frog Splash ends this. WHAT A MATCH. Great false finishes and amazing drama towards the end. One of the best WWE championship matches you will EVER see, this match is required viewing. One of the most legendary moments in WWE history. The dream has been fufilled.

**** 3/4


The first hour or so of this show absolutely SUCKS. It features a DUD, two decent tag matches,
and a horrendously boring Holly vs Rhyno match. Once you get to the cruiserweight championship match, however this show takes a turn for the better. The last hour and a half features two great matches wih good psychology and good paces, and an all time classic.

One of my favorite matches ever is the main event, and I don't believe the Goldberg interference takes away from Eddie's reign at all, he "Stole" the belt, it's what he does. Watch the main event ASAP, and watch this PPV, just fast forward the first hour or so. A third of this PPV is focused on the main event, so I HAVE to give this show a good grade.


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