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Highspots have lots of DVD from a bunch of promotions world wide at reasonalable prices. They even have a DVD with Edge and Christian from their indy days. I've been looking for footage of the two every where but can'r seem to find it. Too bad I don't have a credit card or paypal account

Originally Posted by Dark Church View Post
Punk and Mysterio do work very well together. Even a throw away match like Capitol Punishment actually worked quite well. I am also amazed at the improvement in Punk since his debut between 2006 and 2010 he had only a hand full of good matches and now he has them all of the time. I know I will get some disagreement but Punk was average at best for the first few years of his WWE run. I actually think his feud with Mysterio is what turned it around. He went from rare *** matches to regular *** matches.
I agree with this. By 2009 Punk just matured so much as a wrestler. I think it's the WWE style of wrestling. A lot of people shit on it but I'm one of the few that prefers it over the style on the indies- the high impact, death defying moves. The thing bout the WWE style is that it's focused on the wrestlers telling a story in the ring and building a match around their characters. On the indies, it's just about who can throw the stiffest kicks, elbows, punches etc, whoever can pull off the sickest variation of a suplex or who has the baddest looking submission move.

Tyler Black and Jon Moxley are examples of this as well. I was a fan of Black in ROH. I thought he had the look, just needed to work on his mic skills. My only gripe with him was the stupid indy style of wrestling. And I'm not saying it's stupid (ok I am) but that's just my opinion. You may love it, I don't. Maybe you can go off on a 10 paragraph tandrum on why it's superior to any other style of wrestling. Anyway, where was I? Right, Tyler Balck had promise. Likewise, Moxley. When I first saw him about 2 years ago, it was at an EVOLVE show. I was like "dyam" now this kid has the look. Not to mention, really good mic skills. His ring work wasn't that bad actually. Yadda, yadda, yadda by the time they came to the WWE both men have put on some of, if not, the best matches of their careers thus far.

This isn't the right forum but the next guy I wanna see in WWE and someone I could see benefiting from working WWE's "watered down style" is Adam Cole. He's a great heel, has a good look but needs to tone his shit down. His work as a heel was some of the best I've seen on the indies and he's a guy that incorporates his character into his matches which is something that I find to be very rare on the indies. Unless everyone's character is that of a motherfuckin' badass.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post. I thought there would have been a new post by then. And it's not that Punk/Mysterio matches are bad it's just that they're matches I won't wanna watch twice.

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