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Re: Being The Booker

11. World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton

Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

You've made this one VERY hard to call, Wolfy. With the way you've built the feud between these two, it's almost Andre/Hogan-esque, by which I mean of course that the monster heel has UTTERLY, COMPLETELY dominated the plucky babyface in the build up, and, in Booking 101, would normally lead to said plucky babyface somehow overcoming the odds and slaying the monster to retain the title and ride off into the sunset for the feel-good moment of the year. However, it's clear you want the belt on Umaga. I mean, I thought DDMac had a crush on the Bulldozer, but you take it to a whole new level () Those promos that you wrote, though, with everyone writing Christian off, will prove to be a HUGE mistake if 'Maga does indeed go over and go over clean, as everyone's preassumptions will be proved correct, that Christian can't beat Umaga, he doesn't have what it takes etc. etc. etc.

It's such a hard booking decision for you, because either guy could be damaged by the loss. Umaga is hotter than ever right now, so it's only natural for you to want to pull the trigger on his title win and not fuck the MITB contract over yet again (poor Edge ) but Christian is such a brilliant babyface champion. I hate to use the cliche, but he really is a breath of fresh air to all the other champions out there. I know everyone moans that he's overused as a champion in BTB, but if ANYONE can show me a successful or even slightly good thread other than this one where he's a champion, then I'll be really fucking surprised. He's amazing. His feud with Trips was great. His feud with Kennedy was great. His mini-feud with Shelton was great. I just want it to keep going and going and going. He could feud with Angle, Rey, Benjamin properly once he loses the IC strap, and many others. Plus, we NEED to see the WrestleMania rematch between him and Cena where Cena either TURNS heel or is already one. Would such a match need the title? Not really. Would it help given Cena's character? Fuck yes.

So yeah, I'll be pulling for CC in this one, and you never know, he might just pull it out the bag. The booking certainly suggests he will. But I think you just love your big ole' Samoan a wee bit too much to let him leave SummerSlam empty handed.

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

You've really stepped it up in recent weeks with Orton's character. I now COMPLETELY disagree with TKoW about his championship run. I think some people (aka WWE/F fans) are just uncomfortable with a dick heel constantly winning. And for TKoW moaning about Orton getting pinned in a tag team match ... so WHAT?! That's basic booking. Dick heels always find a way to win ... when the title's on the line. But when it isn't ... they sometimes, not always, lose. This makes the fans think that there is SOME possibility that they'll lose when they face the Babyface Of The Month challenger. I need to teach that boy about booking [/arrogance].

But yeah, Van Dam has had Orton on the back foot since he came back, but for the Punt to Dreamer last week. As probably EVERYONE has already said, Orton will win this one, but not clean like he pinned RVD at Judgment Day. I see some kind of screwy finish, leading to the eventual ladder or ECW Rules match between the two further down the line. I don't ever see Van Dam winning the title back from Orton, and I really don't know who you're planning on having take the belt from him eventually. Personally I'm pulling for London, but considering the lack of imagination with people in BTB, I'm probably on my own in that one.

Oh, and I love you really, TKoW

8. World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

I'm not a fan of TLC matches really, but that be because they've been so overused in real life that I'm sick to death of them. You, on the other hand, have barely used the stipulation, so it's kind of unfair that a bring by baggage to this. Straight Edge SHOULD win here. They got their big moments at WM and Backlash, but I understand why you had MNM win the titles back. You needed to sustain RAW's tag team division for a few more months whilst you built up/brought in some new teams. And it's not like the feud between these two was completely stale. All you had to do was spice things up with a monstrous stipulation like this, and BINGO, everyon forgives and forgets.

Logic would suggest that Punk & Helms win, and go on to feud with The Entourage, British Lions (Are they still together?), The Master Craftsmen (yeah, I think they're jumping) and the debuting Angels of Anarchy, with MNM heading over to SmackDown to feud with the new BABYFACE WWE Tag Team Champions. And as you're a logical man, I think that is what you will do.

2. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Caribbean Connection

Although it would be HILARIOUS if AMW somehow managed to win this thing given their behaviour recently, yeah, it would make the others teams on SD look like chumps. The CC are a very nice new babyface team, so a win for them here in their first title shot following a BIG feud with Albright & Haas would be logical booking. It would be natural for them to then feud with The Master Craftsmen, but I think you might be done with that feud (hence my previous prediction) so MNM, AMW again, Los Latinos and The Daredevils will provide the competition for them for the future, which I am VERY happy with.

1. WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

Benjamin hasn't really had the belt that long, but he's looked pretty strong going into this match, so I think you're looking for a title switch here. On a side note, I really wish you'd give us another lengthy IC title run. Feels like we haven't had one for a while. Regal has kind of come out of nowhere to insert himself in this feud, but given the location I really can't see anyone else winning. Regal as champion COULD be brilliant if you book him right, but I know for some frankly bizarre reason you don't even like him. Could it be ... anti-English?

5. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. M.V.P

I'm fairly certain that MVP will get the belt eventually (at least I certainly hope so), but not tonight. London's lost a few times recently, with Porter getting the upperhand in this feud clearly. Also, this feud is only really beginning, and given the talent of the two men involved, I think you could have this go on for a while. London by a hair for me.

9. Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

She's new(ish) and very, very exciting. I think you'll give her the belt for a while and let Mickie/Gail chase her. This feud NEEDS to end with Beth on top for the sake of the division.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

I'm not quite as big on this feud as everyone else, but that's probably just because I can't get over still seeing Lesnar in 2007 and I've always found Trips about as entertaining as tap water. However, you have built this rematch BEUTIFULLY. A really, REALLY well built clash that has got over the epicness of it on every level. I wish more people in this section would take a look at the way you build feuds. It really sets you apart from the herd. As for the result, I think the damage done to Lesnar a few weeks back is your way over letting Trips win in a semi clean way, whilst also giving Brock a slight babyface excuse. So I see Trips winning following some kind of shot to Lesnar's already damaged head.

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

This has been a very strange feud. Strange, but very interesting. Both men could be on the slide. Cena's is leading to an eventual heel turn way down the line, but any slide for Kennedy would lead to him returning to the mid-card. Cena will NEVER, EVER leave the main event. It's just common sense. Therefore, though it might not be the popular decision, I think Kennedy HAS to go over in order to keep him in the main event. I'm sure it won't be clean, hence Miz's presence at ringside, but as long as you're not putting Miz in the ring, I can tolerate that annoying prick's presence.

3. One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Another hard one to call. Before 'Taker's loss to Orton a few weeks ago thanks to Edge, I had Edge down to get the win here to resume his endless pursuit of the World Title. However, now I'm not sure. I'm still leaning slightly towards Edge, as 'Taker just squashed JBL on PPV, so he's already looking strong. At this point 'Taker is basically a special attraction character anyway, so coming in every now and then to put the next big thing over is fine with me.

4. Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

You know how much I loved the beginning to this feud, and I hope this goes all the way to the eventual Mask vs. Medals mask, with Angle wanting Rey's mask for already stated reasons and Rey wanting Kurt's most prized possessions to humiliate him. How do you get there? You have the heel win the first encounter of course in some kind of bullshit way to continue the heat. Angle gets it for me.

Also, if it wasn't for Shelton/Matt/Regal, I'd LOVE for this to be the opener as a nice throwback to 2002.


Pre-Show 20 Man Battle Royal:
Batista, Garrison Cade, Jeff Hardy, Burchill, Tyson Tomko, X-Pac, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Ken Doane, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy, Evan Bourne, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Nick Nemeth, Chris Masters, Rhyno, Mark Henry, Scotty Too Hotty

1. Predict the winners Done
2. Predict the match order (not counting the Pre-show battle royal) Done. It's a bit random, but I like imaginative cards.
3. Longest match Christian/Umaga
4. Shortest match Women's Championship Match
5. Will the womens championship match even happen?? Yup.
6. On Smackdown, Brent Albright and Charlie Haas promised to be at Summerslam, but what impact/role will the Master Craftsmen have on the show?? Yeah, I think they're jumping to RAW. I just hope you remeber Albright's KotR.
7.Predict the final four of the pre-show battle royal Cade, Doane, Batista and Nemeth

Am I excited for this?

Just a bit.

2020 sound good to you?
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