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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries



After learning on Smackdown this past Friday that the World Heavyweight Championship will ALSO be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge as well as the WWE Championship being contested for under the same rules, it is thought that the match is wanted to become a staple for the Pay-Per-View each year. With the want in the management to reduce the amount of "hardcore" gimmick PPVs in order to make the more extreme matches at regular Pay-Per-Views seem more special, it is rumoured that this year's TLC event in December will be the last one, and that next year there will be no Extreme Rules after Wrestlemania, and the Money in the Bank Ladder Match is being moved back to 'Mania so the PPV will not exist any more either.

The WWE Championship Match has a lot of different factors going into it, and it is hoped that the match will tie up some loose ends, or add to further rivalries. It is expected the Raw shows leading up to the event will try and build Kofi Kingston, The Miz and R-Truth as threats to the championship. It is currently up in the air whether Del Rio will walk out with the gold; the similar dilemma on the Smackdown side of things, as many are tipping that Randy Orton will not be the World Heavyweight Champion leaving the event; but due to Orton's pulling power in the back this could just be put down to speculation.

Click below to see an exclusive wwe.com interview with Jack Swagger, regarding his recent issues with Zack Ryder.

Spoiler for Jack Swagger Interview:


The camera is outside a house, and it pans to the side to reveal Scott Stanford standing at the end of the front path, and he has a microphone in his hands.

Scott Stanford: Hello WWE Universe, I am Scott Stanford, and I am here in beautiful Perry, Oklahoma, and behind me you see the home of WWE Superstar Jack Swagger. We've came here today on request from "The All-American American", as he said he has an announcement regarding Raw this coming Monday night, and he plans on telling us his involvement in show. So let's see what he has to say.

Stanford starts walking up the path as he says his final few words and then knocks on the door, and keen viewers of Smackdown in 2010 will recognize Jack Swagger's father, who opens the door.

Scott Stanford: Hello, Mr Swagger. My name is Scott Stanford and we're from wwe.com; we're here to talk with Jack.

Mr Swagger: Oh, I guess you better come in then. He's not been right these past couple of weeks, something to do with this Zack Ryder guy; there's something about him that Jack just can't get his head around. I'll show you to his room; he's not come out of there all week.

Mr Swagger then leads Stanford and the cameraman up the stairs, and then opens a door which is a little further down the hall.

Mr Swagger: Jacky, there's some men from work here to see you. (To Stanford) I'll get outta your way, just go in.

Stanford then walks into the room, which as the cameraman enters, we see that Jack Swagger is sitting on a chair, just looking out of the window, not acknowledging that anyone has entered the room.

Scott Stanford: Jack...is everything okay, bro?

Swagger simply takes in a deep breath through his nose, and then turns around to look at Stanford, who seems slightly nervous about being there.

Jack Swagger: Bro? You call me Bro? After everything I've been through these past two weeks on Raw, you come into MY house and call me "Bro"?!

Scott Stanford: Sorry, Jack, I've just been spending so much time with Zack recently that it's kinda just became habit; I..I didn't mean to offend you.

Swagger then turns in his chair slightly.

Jack Swagger: What is it that you've been doing with Zack Ryder?

Scott Stanford: We've done some filming for Z! True Long Island Story this week, and then-

Jack Swagger: No one cares about Z! True Long Island Story! All people should care about is me! Everyone has been going on about how Zack Ryder made himself the star he is, everyone is forgetting about the man that really matters; Jack Swagger.

Scott Stanford: So Jack, why did you want this interview with...me? Do you have a message for Zack Ryder?

Swagger now stands up for the first time in the interview, and then squares up to Stanford.

Jack Swagger: I am a two time All American athlete and a former ECW and World Heavyweight Champion; I got all of those accolades from planning ahead of my opponents. I have a match again with Zack Ryder this week on Raw, and I want you, one of his best friends to tell me how he has beaten me twice in a row.

Stanford now looks confused.

Scott Stanford: Jack, you expect me to give away Zack Ryder's tactics? I... I can't do that, as you said I'm one of his best friends, I can't tell you that information.

Jack Swagger: Fine, have it your way, but trust me, either way, Zack Ryder would have gotten the message.

Scott Stanford: What? What's that supposed to- BAM!

SWAGGER FLOORED STANFORD WITH A RIGHT HAND! Stanford groans as Swagger steps over his body, and looks dead into the camera, the cameraman obviously scared as we see it shaking around a little bit.

Jack Swagger: You hold this damn camera steady or I'll hit you in the face too!

Swagger's face takes up the entire frame, and he stares right into the lens.

Jack Swagger: Zack, I know you'll be watching this, and I'll know that now you're scared of what I'm going to do to you next week. Zack Ryder, you're gonna pay for embarrassing me, so now, your boy is gonna suffer.

Swagger then turns around... and PUTS SCOTT STANFORD IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Stanford cries for the cameraman to help him, but the crew member seems to be frozen stiff. Swagger screams as he applies the hold tighter and shouting as if it is Ryder himself that he is punishing, referring to Stanford as "Zack" Not knowing what to do Stanford rapidly taps, and then Swagger lets out on last huge scream, before dropping the interviewer to the ground. Swagger approaches the camera and then pushes the cameraman over... the screen going fuzzy, and the video ending.


Just a few notes, regarding any issues that I think might have come up regarding the double Six-Pack Challenges. (I made the Match Banners myself for this PPV depending on how well down they go will decide whether I make them or not for the other PPVS)
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