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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Sorry to get off the WrestleMania discussion but I just watched the Bret\HBK dvd again and it really is a great interview session. Even though they basically told me everything I already knew you still have to sit back and enjoy these two men sitting right next to one another exchanging there perspectives. Bret's imput was a lot more interesting as expected considering his book and how great his memory is. The fact that he can go into deep attention to detail about stories 20 years ago is just amazing. It shows the difference between being relatively sober and being HBK in the 90's. It also doesn't help that HBK has to say "YOU KNOW" five time in a sentence when trying to explain something. HBK was a better mic worker than Bret but when actually speaking in shoot interviews HBK is complete shit and Bret Hart is excellent.

So the main reason I came to this thread is to get your opinion on the Montreal match. I know this has been talked about to death but I'm not here to take anybodys side or anything like that. I just thought it was interesting when Bret talks about his conversations and relationship prior to the match. He claimed HBK was very disrespectful saying he wouldn't put him over and things along those lines. So it was obvious these two were not on the best terms and Bret even went up to Vince face to face telling him that he would put ANYBODY over besides HBK and even went into detail of why and told him the conversation he had in which HBK refused to put Bret over. Vince totally looked over this and didn't give a damn. He went with his original idea and told HBK that he was going to put the belt on him. Now to me this is where I have an issue. Was HBK really the ONLY option you had going over Bret? Really? I realize that Vince loved HBK and thought he was the best man for the belt and the best man to replace Bret at the time. I just don't understand why Vince couldn't put the belt temporarily on somebody else who was established like The Undertaker or ANYBODY but Shawn. That guy who doesn't have personal issues going on with HBK would have no issues with dropping the belt to HBK and there's no drama or Montreal Screwjob. Even though the Montreal Screwjob started the Vince Mcmahon heel character and did great things for WWE that doesn't take away the fact that Vince handled this whole situation about as poorly as you could and that's the reason he looked like a complete idiot at the end.

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