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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
I wouldn't call Hogan/Warrior a terrible match. At all. Was pretty good tbh, especially considering you've got someone who is total shit and Ultimate Warrior... . Hogan did an amazing job getting Warrior through that match without it turning into a fucking disaster.

Hogan/Andre is probably the absolute worst WM main event of all time. It can have as much significance as it wants but its still a god awful match that nobody ever needs to see. There are plenty of clips of the slam going around .
Agree to disagree I guess about Hogan/Warrior. I just never liked either one of them as far as what they did in the ring. It was like oh lets play mercy for a few minutes, let me fake an injury outside of the ring for a few minutes, let me put the sleeper on you, lets both do our finishers, etc. At the time when it happened (I was 9) I loved it but watching it again now I can't believe Warrior was as over as he was while guys like DiBiase, Rude, Perfect and Davey Boy Smith couldnt even get a sniff. Granted they were not as over as Warrior was in 1989-1991 but it's just odd what people like. I don't know. The crowd was so into it and it was huge for wrestling seeing the two top babyfaces go at it and the end was unexpected....at least for me as a 9 year old.

I think the Warrior/Savage match at WM7 was far and away better. As was the Savage/Warrior match at Summerslam. they also had some good cage matches at house shows in 1991. I think Savage and Warrior just had way better chemistry together thn Hogan and Warrior.

I think LT/Bam Bam and Hogan/Sid were complete disasters. Neither had any business closing Wrestlefuckingmania. Savage/Flair not closing WM8 made no sense whatsoever and as much as I can't stand Nash I think HBK/Nash should have closed Mania. I wish Hart had won the title at Royal Rumble in 1995 and we would of got Hart/HBK in 1995 for the title. I don;t know why that didn't happen? Im sure someone wouldnt put someone over....like always.


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