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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Is WWE going to die? Of course it's going to. It's not going to live forever. That's quite absurd.

I can guarantee right now that if nothing majorly explosive happens in the wrestling industry the next couple of years, WWE, and wrestling might become extinct. It DESPERATELY needs another Austin or Hogan, because those are the only two guys who got you to watch wrestling, who got you into it in the first place. Sure, guys like HBK, Undertaker, and the Rock were there as well, but those were the guys that KEPT you watching, not got you started. Right now, guys like Punk, Miz, Orton, hell even Cena are in the same category as Rock and Taker and Hart were. They keep you watching, and that's exactly why the ratings aren't budging, and going down. As soon as the viewer gets tired of those guys he tunes out, and each year, it seems the interest in those guys is decreasing.

Face the fact that in the old days, there was so much stock put into one man, that viewers had no problem tuning in the entire 2 hours watch him do whatever. I don't see that in Cena (albeit he's the closest we've gotten) or Punk or Miz. At this point, the ONLY thing that can save WWE and bring them back up is one guy, and we don't even know who he is, he might not even be wrestling right now. Yes, history has proven that putting that much into one guy has been dangerous, but it's also proven to be quite effective overall in terms of bringing MAJOR popularity to the WWE.

EVERYTHING in the WWE right now, from stocks, to buy rates, to website views, are down, and they're decreasing dramatically each year. They need another Austin or Hogan (NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS, JUST those two) that can bring them back from where they are.

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