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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Undertaker's top WrestleMania matches in order would be:

1. 26
2. 27
3. 25
4. 24
5. 23

26 had flawless storytelling and execution. I can understand why people prefer 25 over it because 25 was a spectacle, while 26 was just wrestling at its best. It's the best match of Undertaker/Michaels series (26). It's not as glossy as WrestleMania 25 and I think that's what makes it a perfect match. You have two wrestlers here in a wrestling contest having a wrestling match. That's just it. It's so simple. The kind of match they have is exceptional and one of the best in WrestleMania history. I won't go on pin-pointing what was great and have a breakdown of the match, yet I appreciate one factor more than anything else and it's not the story of the match, it's the sincerity of both these legends. They didn't try to replicate 'Mania 25. They used it to create another classic in arguably a more simpler and precise manner.

27 is another match with superb storytelling. In fact, it was just like watching a movie, with two legends fighting each other and the action inside the ring revealed the story of the feud. Many people seem to fail to understand this while judging the match. After watching Michaels fail for two years in a row, Triple H knew what was needed to be done. He did it all but that Undertaker just wouldn't stop ticking. 27 was a larger than life commentary on the nature of the Streak. You wouldn't expect Hunter to use headlock takedowns. That's something that didn't work for Shawn at WrestleMania 25. Hunter was there to destroy Undertaker using his power moves and Undertaker was forced to wrestle that style because of Hunter's tenacity. You could see at the end--the Undertaker couldn't even walk and that never happened before. When those two were wrestling the match with such power and pressure, you can't expect them to get up as quickly as you would have preferred. This is not Hollywood, sorry.

The remaining matches--25, 24, and 23--aren't at the same level of those two, but are superb matches in their own way. I have Undertaker/Michaels I at **** 1/2. The match between Edge and Undertaker grew on me upon my last viewing. I came to appreciate the match much more as I was looking at Edge's stuff over the years. It's clear to call it the best straight up, wrestling match of Edge's career. The match at WrestleMania 23 is a very fun match to watch. It is perfect in a way because it is how two super-heavyweights should be wrestling and they built on that dynamic and produced a marvelous match.

On the Triple H topic, my favorite Triple H match is the Iron Man match against the Rock at Judgment Day 2000. Those are the best 60 minutes of my wrestling fandom.

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