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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Forgot to add I'd probably rank the last 5 Taker matches:


The HHH match is really strange for me, in terms of going out to tell a story about Taker being unstoppable and a force that cannot be dealt with when it comes to Mania I thought it was epic, and the finish with HHH more or less fighting with everything he had to not accept he couldn't win was really well done....but then in between some of the stalling after kickouts didn't feel as organic as we've seen in previous years, especially the reaction to the Tombstone. I had no problem with the initial reaction even if going halfway back across the ring seemed a bit OTT...but then it seemed to go on forever and I couldn't look past the absurdity of HHH essentially letting Taker back into the match when he's on his last legs. I haven't rewatched it since I saw it live and then the day after but I'm content with calling it a great match to watch live given both men's starpower and the well layed out story of proving Taker was this unstoppable bastard who won't die at Wrestlemania...but it isn't a match I can see standing the test of time on future watches compared to other Taker classics. I get the impression with every watch some of the attempts at drama would lessen in impact over time and slowly but surely the overriding match story wouldn't be enough to keep the match in the 'great' category.

I really can't rate it but if I had to, ***1/2 seems about where I'd land on a scale. Plenty of good things to enjoy in the match, just execution and the bits in between some of the spots that needed more careful attention to increase the match quality.
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