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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ranking Taker's last few WM Matches:

1. Taker/HBK WM25- *****
2. Taker/HBK WM26- ****1/2
3. Taker/Batista WM23- ****1/2
4. Taker/Edge WM24- ****1/4
5. Taker/HHH WM27- ***1/2

WM25 has everything I could want in a match. It was a perfect match all around, and even the part that could've destroyed the match (Taker's mis-dive) actually ended up adding more drama and excitement to the match.

WM26's in ring action, while still excellent wasn't quite as appealing to me. However the psychology by Michaels, selling by Taker, and storytelling were all up from the year prior. That being said the match as a whole just felt like it was missing something to keep it exciting, as I actually do occasionally fall asleep during it. It also didn't feel as smooth as WM25's match did. But yeah, still Taker's second best WM match ever.

Taker/Batista WM23 is my MOTY for that year, and what a match. Nobody expected what came from those two, but they went to war and it really felt like a clash of the titans. The pace was awesome, the work was awesome, and I really thought after the Batista bomb the match would be over. Just a hard-hitting match, and I loved it.

WM24's main event, Taker/Edge was another classic. I love how they had a slower pace to start to make up for the fact Edge can't believably take down Taker at every turn, to building up to the much better pace where Edge starts countering all of Taker's big moves and turning the tables on him. The first half of the match can be a bit dull but the last half imho had the makings of a ***** match. Still all the in-ring work was amazing, and the two delivered one of the best WM Main Events of all time. Only ones I can think of that would go above it are Taker/HBK WM26, Rock/Austin WM17, and Benoit/HBK/HHH WM20 off the top of my head.

WM27... simply put was a great match in terms of storytelling. But the gaps in between the action, the not-so-great wrestling, and the fact they sacrificed so much to put the emphasis on the story really makes this match a bore to watch. The best part of the match is the tombstone by HHH followed by Taker kicking out. This match doesn't come close to a classic in my book and it's not anywhere near MOTY territory. I'm giving this match what I gave it based on the storytelling/drama, the crowd, and the fact I'm a Taker mark and probably enjoy it a slight bit more because of that than I would have without him.

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