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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

This might be the first RAW of yours that I feedback entirely. Oh well. Here you go, your highness.

619s Feedback for Melvis' Monday Night RAW

A lot of thoughts on this opening segment. First off, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the show kicked off in a non-traditional manner and I’m all for that, but even moreso that it was Miz. I’m not the biggest fan of his current-day character, but you did introduce a new level of depth to his character that was well delivered. Miz needed this final declaration about himself going into the PPV (where he needs to go over at, btw) and try and separate himself from being overshadowed by Trips and/or Cena. One thing about the presentation, though, was his reference to clichés and breaking the mold. ‘In the movies’, or by cliché, he mentioned that Trips or Cena would walk away with the title. But personally, when I think of the movies, its people in his position that get the gold in the end – the underdogs who do keep breaking boundaries against all odds (and in this case, not one but two behemoths to topple). Does that make sense? One can easily understand what you were aiming for, but can you see where that could also leave a hole? Or maybe I’m just being difficult. Anyway, also loved the reference to Miz feeling empty after his ‘mania win seeing as how, well, it really did seem empty for all in attendance, didn’t it (and I was in attendance…and yes it was.). Set the tone great for the show.

Your decision to throw Ziggles/Smith up first is in the right place, I feel. After the cold and inauspicious open from Miz, there wasn’t really a need for the traditional opening promo. No surprise that Ziggles gets the win, Smith in a not-too-shabby performance either. It’s the aftermath that’s really the focal, of course. Wonderful spotlight here on the upper-midcard feud going into the big event. Thought it dragged on quite a bit, however. There were a lot of things said and great points made, a few things that fell flat (ex. reference to Ziggles’ hair), but a really nice segment for both guys. But yeah, it seemed to drag on a bit, but again, still a great seg for those involved and did its job in getting a great deal of interest and attention in an undercard feud.

Big lipped moment here. I thought Black dropped the ‘secret agent’ bit…? Are we undoing that? Or did I miss something…?

Shit, I forget how annoying your Cole is. Again, to a tee on his 2010/early 2011 level of annoyance, but damnit if I don’t want to backspace every bit of dialogue he has. Really good description on the match here, even if it was pretty formulaic, was enthralling. Your style is very engaging. Glad to see Truth and Curtis get the win, and even moreso keep their relationship. Don’t know if I mentioned this on my first bit of random thoughts on your thread, but simply keeping the promised NXT title shot has done great things for both men, as you do seem to be on the track of rebuilding the tag team division. P.S. Fucking turnbuckle powerbomb made me mark.

Oooooh…that awkward moment when your ex might be texting the intimidating black guy in the room. These Michael Tarver running gags are much appreciated, btw. Even if it leads to nothing, but I kind of hope it does.

The small Melina spotlight was nice for the Women’s division and all. I may start taking a note out of you and Legend’s book and fast forward matches a little bit to an action point. It has the same effect storytelling wise and your writing is still captivating, even in abridged form. Nonetheless, a much needed win for Morrison, although a part of me really wanted Regal to get the natch here. I can only Morrison’s delivery on trying to sound passion filled, but the Sheamus bit was a tad difficult to get through. You may have overdone the accent a bit, but it was a very nice touch to the promo . Never dug Sheamus’ ‘true Irish stories’ bit, thought good use of it here where at least the tangent wasn’t that hard to draw and seemed relevant. Nice to see you build that relationship between all four individuals and this decision, although yeah, it did get a bit crowded on the scene, thought glad you acknowledged that. Great last minute addition to the card, although I almost would’ve preferred Morrison/Melina v. Torres/Sheamus, not just so that both champs are on one team, but because of the interesting chemistry that would’ve presented, especially with the exes on one team. Nontheless, what you did makes more sense in this scenario.

Another big lipped moment here from Cena, although I can clearly picture him doing something goofy like this. Not sure how to feel about it at all. On one hand, it completely contrasts Miz’s opening sentiments being all serious and shit, but to Cena it just seems like…fun. Of course, that’s just the Cena character’s way of getting pumped up as it were, but it came across a bit more goofy than anything.

at Cole’s ‘oh crap’ moment before the match.

Not like there was really competition here, but y’know. Orton seemed ridiculously vicious, especially your ending portrayal. I was really glad you didn’t slip into the formula you’ve gone on for tonight – match, in ring promo, match, in-ring promo – at least in regards to PPV relevant matches, mostly because you had Punk and Orton exhibit their promo last week and this was just one final slash of the tire. Basics here.

I’m throwing you a challenge, my fair King – top my World Ablaze with your Extreme Rules. Not saying World Ablaze was ZOMG AWSUMS~! but I’m openly throwing the gauntlet that would have otherwise been unspoken. But yeah, the section is really looking forward to your Extreme Rules. And I’m looking forward to see how far you can really push WWE 2011 with your first PPV. Humble me, fair King.

‘Shit eating grin’? Haven’t heard that ‘round these parts since the days of DDMac. Nice little jobbers match for Kidd to get him some kind of momentum of some sort, and given how high you are on him (just not his hair) I expect him to get some sort of build in the coming months.

Nice Trips promo here, though I’m never one who can say much about the Triple H character. I’ve never been able to capture the guy really well, but you did well here on that, essentially going right back to the Miz/Cena chemistry – Cena seems exaggeratingly serious, Miz is deathly serious, while Trips is directly in the middle and just being…well…serious. A great bit of contrast going on before the big show.

Another well-constructed match, even in its brevity, told a story in itself, even in the grand scheme of the Extreme Rules main event. The submissions exchange was beautiful in my eyes anyway, but the conclusion was never really going to be clean cut with Miz being out there and all that. A great way to leave a cliffhanger going into the PPV, introducing the feel and notion of weapons and reminding us that that equalizer is always there for Triple H and that Miz is more than comfortable utilizing weapons. A very solid end to the take-home show, although I was kind of hoping Riley would’ve gotten the snot beat out of him so he’d be a non-factor at the PPV. Just personal preference though.

Overall, a very, very enjoyable take home show that did everything it was supposed to do on the RAW side of things. Didn’t even realize the card was symmetrical – four matches from RAW and four from Smackdown. Executed very nicely, my league. I won’t say this was a promo heavy show, but you did have heavy use of promos, most notably the Miz opener, the Bryan/Ziggler exchange, and the Sheamus et al. situation. Not that these are bad things, seeing as how they certainly did very well in advancing everything they focused on. If there’s anything else I griped about, it’s probably in the ramblings above, but again, a very nice take home that left several things wide open come Sunday. Don’t take a month and a half to post Smackdown, plz. And remember your loyal servant’s challenge, my King


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