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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

1. Taker/Michaels WM25
2. Taker/Batista WM23
3. Taker/Edge WM24
4. Taker/Michaels WM26

Haven't seen the match with HHH, and i'm not nearly as high on the WM26 rematch as everyone else, 25 was leaps and bounds better imo. I'm honestly not even a big fan of the Edge match from 24 either so it ranking 3 doesn't mean too much, it's prob on par, or slightly better than WM26 in my eyes, but not by much. Both were disappointing to me. The WM25 match was jut fantastic though, I'd go **** 1/2+ on it easily. The WM23 match with Batista was great too, one of my favorite main event title matches at WM from the last 10 yrs (along with HHH/Cena, and the Triple Threat from WM20).

WM26 as a whole was just a lackluster show to me, it was good, but for a Wrestlemania, and the card it had, it not only Could've been better, it Should've been better. The time limit for the matches were just criminal.

This year WM has so much potential, but I'm highly skeptical that the time will be spread like it should, that always seems to be the "achilles heel" for these shows, along with the odd match placement, I don't quite understand having World Championship matches going on first. Oh well though, what do I know?
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