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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

As promised here is my review for Backlash.

MBLedgends Ledgend Factor

I actually didn't mind you starting the show with Benjamin vs. Masters. It wasn't the greatest of openers but any match with Shelton in it is always top class. Perfect move with Benjamin retaining and I have to wonder who will take the belt off him?

The Big Show promo wasn't the most entertaining thing to read but Big Show was in character and not every part of a show is perfect.

The Tag Team title match was pretty decent, The finish was a vintage La Resistance screw job. Good to see The Dudleys title attempt a failure because they are getting really dull and I agree, you need some new tag teams on Raw. Try to add a couple of unique teams to spice the division up a little.

Good segment between Christian and Bischoff. I am a huge fan of Christian and you played him very well in this confrontation. Shelton vs. Christian for Raw is great even though I don't see Christian winning the belt.

Texas Death match? I agree with most people, what inspired you to chose that stipulation is beyond me. Still a very good choice and Big Show interfering and costing Kane the match is gold. Big Show vs. Kane fued coming, I have been planning something like that with my show......oops given too much away. Anyway can't wait to see where you go with this. Matt Hardy winning was nice to see even though it was from interference.

JBL and Edge promo was the best one on the show and you wrote JBL's lines fantastic once again.

Michaels vs. Hassan has been my favourite fued over it's duration and the final match really delivered although I would have loved to read it in full! Rockers Reunion, I didn't see that coming. I think you should reunite them as the Tag Team division needs a huge boost. Damn Michaels won, I was really hoping for a Hassan win to further push him as one of Raw's top heels.

Edge vs. Jericho was most exciting match of the night in my view. The cage match stipulation really helped and the ending was great, I always like to see a good swipe of the brass knuckles. Edge now has the title opportunity! Wow that was a shocker and as much as I would have loved to see Jericho keep it I'm sure you will do something even better with Edge.

Randy Orton wins! I know there are alot of people that don't like Orton in or out of the ring but I really do. Great to see you continue his legacy as the ledgend killer and Chris Benoit under his belt is great. The ending has been over used so many times and I would have loved to see a clean win for Orton but I guess that would have made Benoit look weak.

Batista/Orton promo, wait a minute I take back what I said earlier. This was the promo of the night!

Batista vs. JBL has been an entertaining fued and good to see Batista retain his title. Matt Morgan with JBL is useful and it looks as if we are about to see Batista/Orton or maybe even Batista/Orton/JBL for the title. Good main event.

Backlash gets an 8/10 from me, if you wrote out the matches in full it would have been a perfect 10
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