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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

I didn’t read your previous Smackdown so apologies if I don’t quite get the odd thing here and there.

Anyways, Teddy was pretty on point here character wise. Not too sure on having two six pack challenges though on one show, woulda thought the GM would wanna do something different or unique to his Raw counterpart. Nice ultimatum thrown Teddy’s way here, shape up or get out, a little bit short for an opening segment but we got the main talking point and it’s a good storyline to have.

Decent contest here with two contrasting styles but the right decision in having Henry come out on top. Man’s a beast and Cara beating him at this point wouldn’t have been the wisest choice.

Really enjoyed this with Sheamus, his accent was captured well and the overall message was clear as day.

Bit of a pointless segment here, just added a bit more to the T-Long story but still a bit of a waste if we’re just gonna see the girls again later.

Decent exchange here with Trips and Christian, big time stipulation added there now.

Quite liked Heat Slater here which I never thought I’d say. You got his cocky little shit attitude right and the accent was easy to read. Good win for Gabriel though as one would hope, lets hope a nice push comes his way.

DiBiase was ok here, bit bland but hey that’s Ted for ya! I like the idea of this Intercontinental title challenge for Cody, gonna make him look legit taking on and beating his rivals whilst it’ll give a nice rub to whoever does beat him. Regal wouldn’t have been a bad choice to do so but I guess you wanna keep this going a little while longer.

Barrett’s character was pretty good throughout here but I had a gripe with you saying he doesn’t know or need to know his opponents, then bringing up Daniel Bryan like that, then indeed facing him. Was all a little too obvious. Was a good match though and a big win for Barrett, he’s certainly one you can use in a big way going forward.

Jinder Mahal, garbage, simple as but fair enough on using him.

Big win for Kelly here. Would’ve preferred Natalya but I guess it’s heading somewhere with Beth. Wonder what this does for Teddy now with Beth coming down afterwards.

Why Trips would leave before the end is a bit bizarre but I’ll see where it goes, glad that Long’s not off the hook yet, would’ve been wasted just leaving it after one show.

Very enjoyable main event and both men coming out looking strong, no doubt about it. Only disappointment is that Christian’s title hopes go down the drain now. Be interesting where he goes from here, I would guess he and T-Long do battle for a while as he tries to get him out.

On the whole, a decent show again here. Main event was very good and the Teddy Long storyline is a good one to go with, hopefully you get him out. The rest was all ok and I’m sure as the weeks go by you’ll build more and more as obviously the Smackdown roster isn’t the greatest right now so it’ll take time to build quite a few up. Lot of potential though so keep going, well done.
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