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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown!

August 26, 2011
The Jefferson Convention Centre - Birmingham, Alabama

Tonight’s Smackdown starts with an action replay of the events during last week’s show, with Christian receiving an RKO onto the roof of a car from Randy Orton, and then at the conclusion of the main event, Sheamus being driven through the announce table by Mark Henry. This is then as usual followed by the opening credits. We then cut to the arena.


Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! We are coming to you tonight from the sold-out Jefferson Convention Centre, right here in Birmingham, Alabama! I am Michael Cole, and I am being joined tonight by my broadcast partners, Josh Matthews and Booker T.

Josh Matthews: Thank you, Michael, it is great to be right here in Birmingham, in front of nine-teen thousand members of the WWE Universe! We have a blockbuster show for you tonight as usual!

Booker T: Man, I can’t wait for t’night’s main event. We have Randy Orton defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Christian in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Michael Cole: That match being a direct result of the events that occurred last week, which saw Randy Orton with an RKO to Christian onto the roof of a car!

Josh Matthews: Not only that, but we will be hearing from Sheamus, who at the conclusion of last week’s broadcast, was laying in a heap after being ploughed through the announce desk by “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.


There is a decent pop in the arena for the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long. Long comes out onto the stage and gives us a little shuffle, before smiling as he strides down the ramp.

Booker T: Boy, and we are startin’ this show off in style!

Michael Cole: Our General Manager, Theodore Long has been extremely busy this past week, as he has made our main event tonight between Randy Orton and Christian, but we believe he is out here now to make an announcement regarding the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Josh Matthews: We obviously still do not know who will be heading into Buffalo with the title, that being decided later tonight.

Long is now in the ring, and he has a microphone in his hand, ready to speak.

Theodore Long: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, from right here in Birmingham, Alabama!

Cheap pop as is expected from the pumped crowd.

Theodore Long: Now, as you all probably know by now, tonight, Randy Orton will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian-

Long is cut off by a pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: That ain’t even the good part yet, playas. That match will be a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!

HUGE pop from the fans, for the main event.

Theodore Long: But that ain’t why I’m out here. I have an announcement to make regarding what is going to happen to the World Heavyweight Champion after tonight, and at Night of Champions, which is under one month away!

There is a significant buzz in the arena.

Theodore Long: I took inspiration from what Triple H announced the WWE Championship Match would be at Night of Champions, so I have decided...

A few cheers, as some have picked up where Teddy is going with this.

Theodore Long: I have decided that the World Heavyweight Championship will ALSO be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions!!

Another loud pop from the fans for the announcement.

Theodore Long: And we are going to have two qualifying matches tonight, we’ll see-


There is a loud pop in the arena, as the COO of the WWE, Triple H marches out from the back, all suited and booted. Long looks slightly confused and annoyed, but shakes The Game’s hand nonetheless, and then offers him his microphone.

Triple H: Teddy, I’m glad you offered me your microphone because I need you to listen to me without any interruptions.

Long’s face drops a little bit, and the WWE Universe realise that this must be serious.

Triple H: I’ll give you credit for making the main event tonight, and for Smackdown's Main Event at Night of Champions, but after last week’s Smackdown, you’re lucky to still have a job.

There is a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe, as Long’s happy demeanour from before has now totally evaporated.

Triple H: Hey, don’t boo me! I’m the reason Teddy still has a job. After what happened to Christian and Sheamus last week, the Board of Directors wanted you gone, because they don’t feel that the Smackdown Superstars are safe.

Long then says “What about The Awesome Truth on Raw?”.

Triple H: On Monday night, I’m going to deal with The Awesome Truth, but right now this is about you.

Teddy is verging on tears at this point.

Triple H: We, as a Board, have decided that your performance is from this moment onwards... under review.

Long then lifts his head up, wiping his eyes, realising that he will not be fired tonight.

Triple H: We will be monitoring your performance very closely, so if there is anything like the carnage we saw on last week’s show, I’m afraid you will be released of your duties as Smackdown General Manager.

LOUD boos from the crowd.

Triple H: I’ll be watching the show from the back tonight, and I hope to see immediate improvement. Enjoy the show, folks.


The COO then drops his microphone, and exits the ring, leaving a dejected Theodore Long standing alone in the centre of it.

Michael Cole: Well, that’s one way to kill the mood of the show.

Josh Matthews: A lot to take in there from the opening of the show. We learnt that the World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions, but also that Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long’s performance is now... under review.

Booker T: I hope Teddy pulls through this, dawg. He has been in charge of Smackdown fo’ a very long time an’ I’d hate to see ‘im go.

Josh Matthews: Please be sure to join us after the break, where we’ve been informed that we’ll see the first of two qualifying matches for the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions!

The last thing we see before commercial is Triple H looking back from the top of the ramp back down at Long, who is clearly devastated.


We return from commercial, and Tony Chimel is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions!

A decent pop follows this, as everyone looks to the stage to see who we are seeing first.


A large amount of heat welcomes Mark Henry, who slowly walks out the back, and then starts walking down the ramp, grunting at a few fans in the front row.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 412 pounds, he is the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry!!

Michael Cole: Last week, this man drove “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus through the announce table, leaving Sheamus unable to compete tonight.

Josh Matthews: Now the “World’s Strongest Man” has the chance to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Night of Champions.

Booker T: Mark Henry has been wrestling for over fif-teen years! Never has he been Champion. Night o’ Champions could well be his last shot, dawg.

Henry is now in the ring, waiting for his opponent, which no one knows yet.


There is a loud pop in the arena, as the lights dim down to blue, and Sin Cara then emerges from behind the curtain, wearing his robe and pointing at Henry in the ring.

Tony Chimel: And the opponent, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 180 pounds... SIN CARAAA!!

Cara then sprints down the ring and flips over the top rope, wowing the fans and commentators, but Henry looks extremely unimpressed at the spot, ready for business as usual.

Booker T: Aww man! Sin Cara! Dis guy last week got the biggest win o’ his career against Christian, and tonight is his chance to get his first shot at some gold here in the WWE.

Michael Cole: But look at the obstacle in front of him.

Josh Matthews: No doubt Sin Cara riding a huge wave of momentum following that victory over Christian last week, but there is over two-hundred pounds of weight difference between Sin Cara and Mark Henry, will that be a factor in this match?

Michael Cole: Size means nothing, Josh. You should know that as well as anyone.

Silence from Matthews, as Booker simply chuckles to himself after Michael Troll strikes again. The referee checks that both men are ready for the match to begin and then rings the bell.

Match 1:
Six-Pack Challenge Qualifying Match:
Mark Henry vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara starts off by circling the ring, and Henry goes along with it at first, but when the big Texan goes in for a lock up, Sin Cara backs up quickly, trying to unnerve his larger opponent. Henry nods along, knowing Sin Cara’s game. The Mexican then tries to go for the lock up this time however, and manages to transition into a waistlock from behind, but he finds that his arms can only just get around Henry’s waist, and is then the recipient of an elbow to the side of the head from The World’s Strongest Man! The impact sends Cara rolling backwards, but he is then straight back in there for some more, as he runs in and ducks a clothesline, but as he rebounds off of the ropes, Henry levels him with a shoulder tackle down to the mat! Henry then goes down for an elbow drop to Cara’s chest, but Sin Cara gets out of the way! Henry is down on the mat now, and Cara springs back to his feet, and then manages to lay a couple of stomps down onto the big man, but they only seem to slightly delay him from getting back up to one knee. Cara quickly then runs against the ropes and goes for a running splash, but Henry swats him out of the air! Cara falls to the mat and Henry gets back to his feet, smiling to himself. Cara is now using the ropes as a means to get back to his feet, and Henry then runs up, and creams Cara in the ribs with a kick! The impact sends Sin Cara flying through the ropes and then down to the floor below, landing right down onto the ribs that Henry just smacked!

Henry then follows Sin Cara out, and the 10 count from the referee begins. Sin Cara tries to crawl away from Henry, but Henry then grabs him by the back of the neck and brings him up to his feet, before shoving him back first into the ring barrier! The crowd gasps as Henry then notices the referee is now on a count of 5, so he rolls into the ring, only to roll straight back out again! Henry then lifts Sin Cara back up to his feet, and then picks him up for a Military Press!! The fans gasp, and Matthews on the announce desk pleads Henry not to launch Sin Cara into the crowd. Sin Cara starts to shake himself though, and manages to wriggle free of the lift, and then lands feet first onto the ring apron! Henry then turns around, right into a kick to the side of the head from Sin Cara! The blow stirs Henry slightly, and Cara then turns around, and springboards off of the ropes... with a perfect Moonsault onto Mark Henry!!! Both men fall in a heap, and the fans pop to show their appreciation for the move. The referee then starts counting both men once again



Henry starts shaking out the cobwebs, but Sin Cara still sells the damage done thus far to his ribs.


Henry gets up to one knee.



Henry is back up to his feet, and then slides back into the ring.


Sin Cara now only shows some sign of awareness, getting up to one knee.


Henry starts to urge the ref to count faster, but this only buys Sin Cara more time.


Sin Cara is now up to his feet, and he darts towards the ring!



The pop from the fans soon descends into jeering as Henry is straight onto Cara as he enters the ring and “The World’s Strongest Man” immediately clubs Cara’s lower back upon him entering the ring. Henry then drops a knee down onto the lower back, making sure to catch the ribs also. Henry then shouts as his opponent “TRY AND RUN AWAY NOW, BOY!” which gets him a lot of heat from the Birmingham crowd. Henry obviously isn’t the one to care, and then places his foot onto Sin Cara’s ribs, and then uses the ropes for extra leverage! The referee has to get involved an applies to five count, Henry seizing up at four, knowing getting disqualified will not result in him advancing to Night of Champions. Henry smiles as he brings Cara back up to his feet, before whipping him off of the ropes, and then going for a clothesline, but Sin Cara then ducks it, building up momentum, before then jumping onto the opposing second rope, and then springboarding back to Henry and connecting with an elbow square to the face!!! The impact affects both men, Cara landing flat on his back, but the impact does not cause Henry to fall to the mat, but instead causing the big man to stagger back into the corner. Sin Cara gets up and then runs into the corner, then runs up Henry and back flips back into the centre of the ring!! This unique move pleases the fans as well as drawing Henry out of the corner and towards the centre of the ring. Sin Cara then delivers a stinging kick to the back of Henry’s knee, followed by another one, which causes Henry to drop down to a knee! Sin Cara then runs across the ring and gains speed from bouncing off of the ropes, and then connects with a running dropkick right to the face of Mark Henry!!! Henry drops down onto his back, and the commentators urge Cara to go for the cover, which he does, by diving on top of Henry’s chest, not enough energy to hook the leg, and the ref counts!
Henry tosses Cara over his head, stopping the count!

Sin Cara rolls back, shocked, but he sees that Henry is not as quick getting to his feet, so he then runs to the corner nearest Henry, and scales it quickly perching himself onto the top rope. Henry gets back to his feet, and as he turns around, Sin Cara jumps, looking for a Cross Body.... BUT HENRY CAUGHT HIM!!! The fans can see where Sin Cara has found himself, and Henry then turns to the cameras, before planting Sin Cara down with the World’s Strongest Slam!!!! There is a few boos in the arena, as Henry then goes down and makes the cover

Mark Henry is going to Night of Champions!

Winner: Mark Henry (7.16)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark HEN-RAAAY!!

Henry merely look down at his defeated opponent, as the lighting returns to usual, as the referee then comes over and raises Henry’s gigantic arm in victory.

Josh Matthews: A valiant effort from Sin Cara, but it was not enough to see of “The World’s Strongest Man”.

Booker T: It’d have to take a machine t’ stop Mark Henry at th’ moment, an’ I’d still bet against th’ machine.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry then becomes the first man to qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Although we do not even know who the champion going into that match is going to be, as tonight, for the World Heavyweight Championship, we are going to see Randy Orton defend the title against Christian in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

We fade to the back, and Matt Striker is standing by in the interview area, with a microphone in hand.

Matt Striker: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus.

To a loud pop, Sheamus walks into the shot, and stands beside Striker. Noticeably, The Great White has bandaged ribs, due to the actions of Mark Henry last week.

Matt Striker: Sheamus, last week, you were given the World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table by Mark Henry, leaving you unable to compete tonight. My question is, how does that make you feel?

Sheamus: Well Matt, last week, I was talkin’ here wit’ you, an’ sayin’ how I was going to beat Mark Henry in th’ main event.

Sheamus then motions to his ribs.

Sheamus: Mark, my ribs are bruised, but if ya were try’na break ‘em, you’re gonna need t’ be a lot stronger than “Th’ World’s Strongest Man.”

Decent pop from the arena.

Sheamus: But ya did th’ job well enough ta keep me out fa this week, I’ll give ya t’at. Whilst I was back here nursin’ me wounds, Mark was out t’ere beatin’ Sin Cara, and qaulifyin’ fa t’e Six-Pack Challenge.

Heat for Henry’s win a moment ago.

Sheamus: Ya see t’ough Matt, next week, I’ll be back in t’at ring, for my qualifyin’ match. An’ I’m gonna destroy whoever is keepin’ me away from t’e World Heavyweight Championship.

LOUD pop, as Sheamus then runs his hand through his beard.

Sheamus: If anyone can remember back ta last year’s Night of Champions, I walked inta t’at Pay-Per-View as WWE Champion, but I didn’t come out wit’ it.

Sheamus sighs slightly.

Sheamus: But t’is year! The opposite’s gonna happen, I’ll be walkin’ in wit’ not’in’, but walkin’ out t’e World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans don’t seem to have a problem with Sheamus’ prediction, as displayed by their loud cheers.

Sheamus: So Mark Henry; good win t’night fella, but I’ll see you at Night of Champions.

“The Celtic Warrior” then pats Striker on the back before walking out of shot.



There is a loud pop, as The Diva’s Champion, Kelly Kelly jumps out onto the stage, all ready to compete tonight. She then looks into the ring, and sees her opponent for the night, Natalya, who doesn’t seem at all impressed with the champion. Kelly then starts walking down the ramp, with her title on her shoulder.

Michael Cole: Oh here we go again.

Josh Matthews: Lighten up Michael! We know that Booker loves Kelly Kelly, don’t ya, Book? Go on, say it!


Kelly’s music suddenly stops, as she had been attacked from behind by Beth Phoenix!!! The fans boo the hell out of “The Glamazon”, as she throws Kelly into the ring barrier, before taking her by the hair, and dragging her towards the ring, where her Divas of Doom partner is ready and waiting!

Michael Cole: Now this is what I am talking about! This is entertainment in the Divas division!

Josh Matthews: No! This was all a set up to attack Kelly Kelly from behind!

Beth now rolls Kelly into the ring, where Natalya then approaches and pulls Kelly into the centre. Beth then slides into the ring herself, and the two Divas of Doom then stand over Kelly, but just as Beth reaches down to pick her up again to cause some more damage.

???: Now I wouldn’t do that if I were you, playa!

There is a decent pop for the familiar voice of the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long, who has a microphone and is striding down the ramp.

Theodore Long: I don’t know if you two planned this assault on our Divas Champion, but I’m not going to let it continue.

Long climbs up the steps and then into the ring.

Theodore Long: As you probably saw earlier, my job is on the line, and the reason it is on the line is underhanded attacks like this one!

Nice pop for long, who is showing his more assertive side now.

Theodore Long: So I am putting my foot down, and here is what is going to happen. Natalya, you were scheduled to be in a match with Kelly Kelly now, but because Kelly is now not in a correct state to compete at the moment; that match will now be later on t’night!

Good pop, as both Divas of Doom shrug their shoulders.

Theodore Long: This is where it gets good, playas. Beth, I know how much you want to have another match for the Divas Championship, and that Night of Champions is in your home town of Buffalo...

Beth says of mic “Yeah, so what?”

Theodore Long: So if you even show your face before, during or after the match later on, you will be banned from Night of Champions, and I’ll personally make sure that you never have another match for the Divas Championship in the WWE ever AGAIN!

HUGE pop from the fans, as Beth is outraged, her and Natalya screaming at Long.

Theodore Long: Holla Holla!


Long then exits the ring, with Phoenix and Natalya following straight after, pleading their case. Kelly is now sat up in the centre of the ring, smiling to herself whilst at the same time holding the back of her head.

Michael Cole: That is not fair! What did Phoenix do?!

Josh Matthews: You have to be kidding, right?

Booker T: Well, I think I like dis new Teddy Long, Triple H really got through to 'im earlier, an’ we’re really seein’ it come through, with decisions like dat right dere!

We then cut backstage to the General Manager’s office, which Triple H has taken to his own tonight. He is sitting watching a monitor which just showed the incident in the ring.

Triple H: (To himself) He dealt with that well, let’s see-

???: You’re joking, right?

Triple H then turns around and sees that Christian has just walked into the room.

Christian: He dealt with that well? Trust me, next week when you’re not here, I’ll be getting RKOs onto just about anything and Mark Henry will injure half the roster.

Triple H now gets up off of the sofa to face Christian directly.

Triple H: Now as you should know, I’m a very busy man. Is there anything you specifically wanted to see me about?

Christian: As a matter of fact, yes. I am here to make a complaint about Teddy Long.

BIG heat in the arena, as Triple H then looks at Christian like he is an idiot.

Triple H: If you watched the start of the show, you would know that The Board and I have highlighted Mr Long’s performance as an area for improvement.

The Game motions to the TV set in the corner.

Triple H: What I just saw was improvement.

Christian: You call... You call that... improvement? All he did was tell a Diva what to do. He made the mistake of putting me in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with Randy Orton tonight, di-

Christian is cut off by a huge pop in the arena, Triple H looks up and smiles when he hears it.

Christian: After what Orton did to me at Summerslam, and last week, and then Long puts us in another match which favours him? I don’t think that is fair.

Triple H: Look, Christian, Teddy Long made the match, the fans want to see the match, so the match is still on. And just to end all of this whining and complaining, I am making a little addition to tonight’s match... If you lose, you’re done. You will not get another World Heavyweight Championship Match whilst Randy Orton is the champion.

The crowd goes apeshit for that call, and just as Christian is about to reply, Theodore Long walks into the room.

Theodore Long: Mr Helmsley, I hope you are enjoying my office... (noticing Christian) Is everything okay in here?

Triple H: (Looking at Christian) Everything is just fine, Christian was just leaving.

Christian gives the COO a cold stare, before walking out of the office, leaving Triple H slightly riled up still, and Long a bit concerned looking.

We got back to the arena, and Heath Slater has just entered the ring. Much like last week on Superstars, Slater carries a ‘Guitar Hero’ guitar along to the ring with him.

Josh Matthews: I don’t get this guy’s deal.

Michael Cole: He’s a rockstar! Heath Slater, the “One Man-Rock Band”! I love this guy!

Luckily for all of us, Slater has a microphone.

Heath Slater: Now if y’all shut up, I can say what I need to say.

Unadulterated levels of heat for this idiot.

Heath Slater: For those of y’ that don’t know b’ now, my name is Heath Slater. I am the One Man Rock-AAA BAND!

The Birmingham crowd isn’t too bothered, and continue booing Slater, a "YOU SUCK" chant even starts to rear it's head.

Heath Slater: Tonight, my opponent is Justin Gabriel. He-

Slater is cut off by a nice pop for the South African.

Heath Slater: Don’t cheer for him, cheer for me! When we were tag team champions, ev’ryone knew that I was the dominant half of our tag team. When we were in Nexus, The Corre, HELL even NXT Season One, I was always better than Justin Gabriel!

Not many members of the WWE Universe seem to agree with him.

Heath Slater: So tonight, I’m going to beat him silly! And then-



There is a large pop, as Justin Gabriel then walks out from behind the curtain, and then walks down the aisle, slapping hands with fans but also keeping an eye out for Slater.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 213 pounds, Justin GABRIEL. In the ring, from Pineville, West Virginia, weighing 216 pounds Heath Slaterrr!

Booker T: I don’t know what I just saw there from Heath Slater. What, is the guy a rockstar? He angry ‘bout suttin? Let me just watch the match, so I can understand what exactly is going on here.

Slater gives Gabriel a cold stare for interrupting him, but the South African instead climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and holds his arm up for the fans. Gabriel jumps down as Slater then removes his waist-jacket and shades, as well as handing his guitar down to a hand at ringside.

Match 2:
Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel

The bell rings and the two former tag team partners circle the ring, and then go to lock up. Both men are fairly evenly matched in terms of weight so the advantage comes when Slater breaks the grapple and then kicks Gabriel in the gut, doubling him over. Slater responds with a clubbing forearm to the back and then a right hand to the face of his former friend. Slater whips Gabriel across the ring, and then goes for a big boot to the face, but the highflyer ducks it and then sweeps Slater’s standing leg, causing him to fall back first onto the mat. Gabriel then tries an elbow drop, but Slater rolls out of the way, and Gabriel crashes on the mat but pops right back up. Slater charges, but Gabriel then catches him with an arm drag. Slater gets back to his feet, and is met with a dropkick to the face from Gabriel! The impact sends Slater careening back first into the turnbuckle. Gabriel charges in and then hits a flying forearm to the stomach, and then jumps through the ropes and onto the apron! Slater staggers forward into the centre of the ring and then Gabriel springboards off of the ropes and then plants Slater with a Springboard Bulldog! Slater sells the move beautifully, by then bouncing onto his back, making it easy Gabriel to go down and hook the leg
Slater kicks out!!

Gabriel holds his head in his hands, after executing that big move; it was still too early to put away the man that he has spent the majority of his WWE career thus far with. Gabriel then grabs Slater by the back of the neck and brings him up to his feet, and then gives him a knife-edge chop, followed by a straight kick to the stomach, pushing Slater back into a corner. Gabriel then walks over, and comes in with a forearm to the side of the head, and then a couple of right hands. The referee then gets in between the rivals and separates them... but Slater thumps Gabriel in the eye!!! The referee couldn’t see over his back, as Gabriel sprawls into the centre of the ring, making it easy for Slater to power out of the corner and drop him with a big clothesline! Slater basks in the heat, as his underhanded tactic is now paying off, and he then drops an elbow down onto Gabriel, and then makes a quick cover, but Gabriel kicks out just after one. Slater then ushers Gabriel back to his feet and then hooks his arm over his head and takes him over with a snap suplex! Gabriel’s back arches and Slater then goes through the ropes and onto the apron, before launching himself over the top rope and connecting with a corkscrew splash!! The fans give a small pop for the aesthetic quality of the splash, as Slater then goes down to hook the leg

Gabriel had powered his left shoulder up at the very last moment, and Slater then gets to his feet, as Gabriel uses the ropes to support him as he gets back to his feet. When Justin then is back to a vertical base, Slater runs in from behind... SWEETNESS!! NO!!! Gabriel had hung onto the ropes, so Slater then is forced to roll backwards, and Slater then runs back in-BAM! SUPERKICK!! Slater drops straight onto his back, as the fans get to their feet, as Gabriel sees this as an appropriate time to then scale the turnbuckle! Gabriel gets up onto the top rope and then takes a breath before leaping off from the top and hitting the 450 SPLASH!!! Gabriel recoils, holding his stomach, but then crawls in for the pin on his former tag team partner!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (4.14)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... Justiiinnn GABRIEL!!

Gabriel climbs up on the top rope, and then holds his arm in the air for the fans, with his other arm across his stomach, clutching his ribs. We then see an image of the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes walking down a corridor, flanked by Ted DiBiase.

Michael Cole: A great win for Justin Gabriel here tonight in Birmingham. Gabriel might soon fancy a shot at this man! The Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes makes another open challenge... next!



The WWE Universe starts booing the imminent arrival of the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes is accompanied by Ted DiBiase, who bounces down the aisle, whilst Rhodes hangs back and slowly walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Cody Rhodes is going to be one of the greatest competitors in the history of this company, and I see him holding onto that Intercontinental Championship for a long while yet.

Booker T: I’m not so sure I can agree wit’ you on dat one, Michael. The way he going about bus’ness ain’t how he should; Callin’ out all these non-American athletes.

The former Legacy pairing are now in the ring, DiBiase having a microphone in his hand, waiting for the music to die down.

Ted DiBiase: Last week you saw the very first Cody Rhodes’ “Intercontinental Championship Challenges”, where if you are able to defeat our great, Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, in a match, you then get the chance to face him for the Intercontinental Championship.

DiBiase then laughs to himself.

Ted DiBiase: Of course we don’t actually expect anyone to actually beat Cody in a match.

Ted goes to laugh with Cody, but Rhodes simply smiles and nods along; the pair being booed by the fans.

Ted DiBiase: As was displayed last week when poor little Yoshi Tatsu thought that he was man enough to take on Cody, but as we all knew, he was no match for the Intercontinental Champion.

DiBiase then holds two fingers up to the crowd.

Ted DiBiase: So tonight’s challenger has to be both of two things. One, they can’t be American, and two, they can’t waste our time like the Sayonara Kid last week.

Ted then nonchalantly throws the microphone over the back of his head, out of the ring. Rhodes takes his hooded jacket off, and hands that and his championship belt to DiBiase who then exits the ring, as all wait upon Cody’s opponent.


A large pop from the WWE Universe, greets the English, William Regal. Regal snarls as he walks down the ramp, despite being a face.

Michael Cole: WOAHH! William Regal!

Josh Matthews: Now here is a man that will take Rhodes to the limit!

Regal wipes his boots on the apron, and then enters through the ropes. Cody looks unfazed in the corner, as Regal disrobes and then tells the referee he is ready.

Match 3:
Non- Title Match:
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase vs William Regal

The opening exchanges main comprise of Cody trying to stay out of Regal’s grasps and avoiding the grappling moves of his much more experienced opponent. Regal finally gets a hold of Rhodes and then starts going to work on Cody’s left shoulder, locking in a stiff hammerlock. The hold is broken when Cody manages to scramble himself towards the ropes. Regal then goes in for some more offence, but Rhodes cuts him off with a kick to the gut, before teeing off with a few right hands to the head and then a dropkick from the Intercontinental Champion. Rhodes then tries for a clothesline, but Regal turns it into a back body drop, sending Rhodes crashing down to the mat flat on his back. Opting against the cover at this point, Regal instead gets Rhodes up to his feet and then tosses him around with a couple of half-nelson suplexes, impressing the Birmingham fans. Regal then makes the first cover of the match, but Rhodes is able to kick out at 2.

Regal then gets Cody up again and places him in the corner. After connecting with a couple of shoulders to the midsection, Regal’s momentum is stopped dead after Rhodes gives him a headbutt; his protective mask crashing against Regal’s face. DiBiase applauds his friend’s efforts, but the WWE Universe has a slightly different opinion, booing Rhodes for his actions. Rhodes then gives Regal a running Mask-butt, before making a cover of his own, but it is not enough to put away the veteran Englishman. Rhodes doesn’t seem to sure where to go now, so he starts stomping away on Regal whilst he thinks of what to do. Rhodes then rebounds off of the ropes and drops a knee down over Regal’s face! Regal then sits up and holds his nose, and Cody then rebounds off the adjacent side of the ring and connects with a running boot to the face!! Regal lays flat on his back now, and Rhodes then climbs onto the second rope and connects with a knee drop from there! Cody makes another cover, but once again it is not enough.

Cody now pulls his opponent to his feet, and goes for a right hand, but Regal ducks it, and then lights Cody up with a knife-edge chop! Regal then connects a European Uppercut, but Cody then falls to his knees, and asks the referee to come and adjust his mask, as the Uppercut seemingly knocked it out of place. Regal, a little frustrated, understands the situation- BUT DIBIASE COMES IN AND CLUBS HIM FROM BEHIND!!! The crowd shits all over the tactics, as Rhodes is ready again and sees Regal coming up to one knee, so he walks over to the ropes and waits, before Springboarding off with a Beautiful Disaster Kick!! Regal drops like a sack of potatoes, and Rhodes then looks as focused as he can be, before lifting Regal up from behind, and PLANTING HIM WITH CROSS RHODES!! Cody then makes the cover... One, Two, Three!

Winner: Cody Rhodes (6.15)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, the Intercontinental Champion... CODY- RHODESS!!!!

DiBiase brings the Intercontinental Championship into the ring and hands it to Cody, who has a big smirk on his face, as he knows that he got lucky.

Michael Cole: Chalk up another in the win column for Cody Rhodes! Seeyabye, Regal!! Haha!

Booker T: Ah can’t help bu’ think dat Regal woulda won ‘dis match right ‘dere if DiBiase didn’t get involved.

Josh Matthews: Well, either way, Cody Rhodes has gone two-and-oh in his Intercontinental Championship Challenges, bring on next week!

Rhodes and DiBiase are now walking back up the ramp and DiBiase is playing to the cameras, as DiBiase holds up two fingers at the cameras, saying “Two down, boys!”

We then cut to the interview area, and one Matt Striker is standing by ready.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Wade Barrett.

Barrett then strolls into the frame, looking extremely focused.

Matt Striker: Wade, thank you for joining me. We understand that your match up next is going to be for a spot in the Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions; how are you feeling going into a match where you do not know who your opponent is going to be?

Wade Barrett: Well Matt, when you are a competitor with the calibre that someone such as myself has; you don’t really need to know who you’re opponent is... the only thing that you need to know is that you’re going to beat them.

Some boos in the arena.

Wade Barrett: Take my match last week for example; I did not know who that man was that I had a match against, and I still wiped the floor with him.

Barrett laughs to himself, before turning serious again.

Wade Barrett: And the same thing will happen tonight. Then I will go to Night of Champions and do the exact...same...thing. I will wipe the floor with those five other men, because nothing is going to stop me from becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Mark my words, the other five men in that match will not have a chance of stopping me achieve my goal.

Barrett then looks down at Matt Striker.

Wade Barrett: Last week, Daniel Bryan said that he is guaranteed to become World Heavyweight Champion, because of the Money in the Bank Briefcase. If anything that just shows what kind of man that Daniel Bryan is; he has to take the cheap win rather than earning his place at the top.

A smattering of boos in the arena for Barrett.

Wade Barrett: But I am going to earn everything that I get here in the WWE, so when I am on top, because believe me it will happen, I can have no excuses. When I am The King of the WWE, I am going to look down on all of my peasants; people like Daniel Bryan. Bring on Night of Champions.

Barrett then leaves the set, leaving Striker standing there.


Returning from the commercial, Tony Chimel is standing in the centre of the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions!


Wade Barrett then slowly marches out from behind the curtain, with his jacket hanging off of his shoulders.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Manchester, England, weight 246 pounds... WADE BARRETT!!

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett will definitely be a threat in the Six-Pack Challenge should he qualify tonight, but going as far as saying he will be the “King of the WWE” is a... little too far in my book.

Michael Cole: He’d be a better king than Jerry Lawler...

Barrett is now in the ring, and he drops his jacket over the ropes, not wasting any time. He then stands adjusting his elbow pads, looking at the stage, waiting for his opponent, whoever it is...


DANIEL BRYAN!! Barrett looks disgusted, as Bryan smirks at him from the top of the ramp, holding the Money in the Bank Briefcase, and he looks towards it and then starts charging down the ramp, and slides into the ring, and then goes straight for Barrett!! This one is underway quickly!

Match 4:
Six-Pack Challenge Qualifying Match:
Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan

Bryan takes Barrett down with a double-leg takeover, and starts punching him repeatedly in the face, until the referee forces him back. As Barrett gets up, Bryan then rushes at him and dropkicks him into the corner. Bryan then goes in and starts delivering his trademark kicks into Barrett’s chest and mid section. The ref pulls Bryan away, but he is straight back in afterwards, rolling Barrett into the ring with a snapmare, and then dropkicks him in the back of the head. Bryan goes for the first cover of the match, but Barrett kicks out quickly. Barrett then rolls out of the ring to avoid any more contact for now with the fired up Bryan, but as Barrett turns back towards the ropes, Bryan charges through at him with a Suicide Dive!! The fans get on their feet, as Bryan rolls Barrett in again and makes another cover, Barrett kicking out at two this time.
Bryan gets Barrett back up after his hot start, but Barrett then gains an advantage for the first time in the match with a knee to the mid section. Barrett then takes Bryan down with a DDT, but Bryan kicks out of the following pin fall. Barrett then starts to work over the arm of Bryan, applying a hammerlock and then back dropping Bryan down onto it, and throwing him into the turnbuckle arm first, before locking in an armbar, and using the ropes as leverage whenever the referee was distracted. Bryan fights out of the armbar, but Barrett retains control after connecting with a big boot to Bryan’s face after the signs of a comeback were apparent. Barrett continued on the arm, wringing it out and then punching it repeatedly. Barrett planted Bryan down with a Powerslam, and then descended up onto the top turnbuckle. He came off of it looking for the elbow drop, but Bryan had managed to get out of the way in time, and he then took that opportunity to pepper Barrett’s chest with well aimed kicks, before finishing it off by almost decapitating Barrett with a kick to the side of the head!!

Bryan then waits for Barrett to get back to his feet, and then tries to lock in the LeBell Lock!! Barrett squirms towards the ropes desperately, not allowing Bryan to properly execute the hold. Bryan then kicks Barrett as he starts climbing back to his feet, and Barrett is knocked into the corner. Bryan takes a few steps back, and then runs in at Barrett, going for another dropkick... BUT BARRETT DODGES!! Bryan crashes into the turnbuckle, and then lands in a heap on the mat. Barrett drags Bryan further towards the centre of the ring. Barrett climbs the turnbuckle once again, and crashes down onto Bryan with the ELBOW DROP THIS TIME!! Wade goes in for the cover, but Bryan keeps his chances alive by powering out... but he grabs his shoulder straight away! Barrett notices this and reapplies the hammerlock once again, this time, he keeps Bryan grounded, and then gains some upper ground, increasing the leverage on the hold. Bryan refuses to submit, even as Barrett cranks the pressure up. Bryan is able to hit back with a couple of elbows to Barrett’s head, causing The Englishman to break the hold. Bryan then runs against the ropes, and ducks Barrett’s right hand, before rebounding off again, going for a clothesline... BUT BARRETT CATCHES HIM... WINDS OF CHANGE!!! Bryan is spun around and slammed onto his back and then Barrett goes down and hooks the leg...One...Two...BRYAN KICKS OUT!!

Barrett looks shocked and he then gets back to his feet and pulls Bryan up, and then lifts him up onto his shoulders, and the crowd know what Barrett is thinking... WASTELAND-NO! Bryan dropped down but kept hold of Barrett’s arm... LEBELL LOCK!! BRYAN HAS IT IN!! Barrett screams in pain, as Bryan screams for him to tap out, but Barrett slowly tries to edge himself towards the ropes, turning his body around... trying to reach the ropes with his foot, but Bryan tries to hold him back... BARRETT GETS THE ROPES!! Bryan can’t believe it, as Barrett holds his neck in agony, and Bryan looks frustrated now.

Bryan then ushers Barrett up to his feet, and then delivers another kick to his ribs, and then whips Barrett into the corner, but Barrett turns it around and follows in... Bryan lifts himself up, but Barrett stops himself underneath Bryan and scoops him up onto his shoulders. Barrett walks to centre ring and then screams out loud....WASTELAND!!! The fans are hushed, and Barrett then goes down quickly and hooks the far leg... One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Wade Barrett (10.20)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, WADE BARRETT!!!

Barrett then stands up, holding his neck, as the referee raises his hand in victory. He is showing some signs of fatigue, but then looks down to the flat out Daniel Bryan on the mat, and then a smirk comes across his face.

Michael Cole: HA! Take that you nerd!!

Josh Matthews: Well, Wade Barrett is advancing to Night of Champions to be part of the Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship; but I don’t think anyone can take anything away from Daniel Bryan’s performance here tonight.

Michael Cole: What do you mean, Josh? He lost!! His performance means nothing... he failed!

Booker T: Cole, I think you need to calm da hayell down, man. D.Bryan put up one hell of a fight, an’ you know it.

Barrett is now exiting up the ramp, still holding his neck, but he motions that he wants the title, as Smackdown goes to another commercial.


Back from the commercial, and Jinder Mahal is standing in a locker room, where he is with his brother-in-law The Great Khali, and he looks like he has something to say. Khali looms over Mahal as he looks to address the WWE Universe.

Jinder Mahal: Last week, I was embarrassed in the middle of that ring, by two fools, two poor excuses for competitors.

A small pop for last week when Mahal suffered his first pin fall loss in the WWE.

Jinder Mahal: But already the tides have turned for Jinder Mahal.

There is an aura of intrigue in the arena, as Mahal continues.

Jinder Mahal: Because next week you will all see the true destructive power of Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali, as I have been selected to participate in a Six-Pack Challenge Qualifying Match.

A little bit of heat.

Jinder Mahal: My opponent, well, “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus-

A HUGE pop in the arena, as Mahal grits his teeth and Khali thrusts his fist into his equally large hand.

Jinder Mahal: I am going to destroy Sheamus and then I am going to destroy the other five maggots at Night of Champions, and then realise my grand potential and become the World...Heavyweight...Champion.

The crowd gives strong heat, as Mahal grins at the camera, as we fade away.

Josh Matthews: Well a lucky break for Jinder Mahal tonight, and he has a chance to earn a chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Booker T: (Laughing) But I don’ like his chances, dawg!


Out comes Natalya for the second time tonight (She is now using Beth Phoenix’s theme, even when in singles competition), this time without her partner, Beth Phoenix. She has a slight chip on her shoulder, as she walks down the ramp, not happy with being the first one to suffer from Theodore Long’s tighter control of Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Well, let’s see if this match can get started this time!

Josh Matthews: Michael of course referring to what happened earlier tonight where Natalya and Beth Phoenix ambushed the Divas Champion, Natalya’s opponent tonight, Kelly Kelly.


A louder pop than earlier greets the Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, as she holds her title in the her arm, as she bounds down the ramp, showing no effect of the beat down earlier tonight! Natalya’s face drops as she realises the plans from earlier tonight may have gone up in smoke, and may have just lit a fire under K2.

Booker T: Oh snap! Kelly Kelly looks fiiiiine!!! She ain’t showin’ no sign of hurtin’!

Josh Matthews: But how will this come into play? The Divas of Doom are set on Beth Phoenix becoming the Divas Champion, but what if Natalya gets the win here tonight, it might put her into contention-

Michael Cole: Look, I don’t care who out of Beth Phoenix or Natalya become the Divas Champion, as long as I don’t have to endure another second of Kelly Kelly being Divas Champion. This makes me feel sick!

Kelly then slides into the ring, and stares Natalya down, before climbing up the top turnbuckle and then holding her championship above her head- NATALYA COMES IN FROM BEHIND!!!! “The Anvilette” just couldn’t wait for the bell, jump-starting this match, and the referee has no choice but to ring the bell.

Match 5:
Non-Title Match:
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly vs Natalya;
Beth Phoenix is banned from ringside

Kelly had landed awkwardly off of the top turnbuckle and she immediately went to holding her left ankle as soon as she landed on the mat, so naturally, that is exactly where Natalya goes for as soon as the bell rings. Nattie starts aggressively stomping the shit out of Kelly’s ankle, so much so that the referee is forced to come and back her away from the corner, as Kelly has wrapped herself around the bottom rope, pleading with Natalya to stop it. After the referee has gotten out of the way, Neidhart is straight back in, this time dropping her knee down onto the ankle, before grabbing it and dragging Kelly into the centre of the ring, making the first cover of the match, Kelly kicking out just after one, but then grabbing her ankle straight away afterwards.
Natalya then grabs the champion by her hair, and then tries to bring her up to her feet, but Kelly is evidently struggling on her left ankle. Natalya then runs off of the ropes and tries to comes from behind Kelly, going for a chop block, but Kelly manages to jump up, causing Natalya to fire herself across the ring, but she gets straight back up, but Kelly seems to have aggravated her ankle by then landing back on it, leaving her easy pickings for a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE FROM NATALYA!!! Kelly was almost decapitated from the impact, as Natalya kneels next to the downed body of her opponent, and actually opts against a cover, instead telling Kelly that “It is time to wrestle, Barbie.” Michael Cole screams encouragement towards Natalya, as she then grabs Kelly by the hair once again, and then forces her back first into the a corner, before just pushing her up the turnbuckle, causing the ref to get involved once again, counting to five, but the break comes at 4. Kelly then seems to be about to fall flat down onto her face, still rocked from the clothesline moments ago, but she is caught by Natalya, who props her back up in against the turnbuckle. Nattie then lights Kelly’s chest up with a knife edge chop!!! A few “WOOS” emerge from the WWE Universe, as Natalya then gives Kelly another chop!! Natalya then takes a few steps back, before running back in, but she is met with a boot to the face from Kelly Kelly!! Kelly winces as her ankle almost buckles from the impact, but the Divas Champion quickly then runs to Natalya and takes her down with a jumping clothesline!!

A loud pop greets Kelly’s revival of sorts, but both Divas take a similar amount of time to get back to their feet following the impact. Natalya then swings and misses, allowing Kelly to hook her up for a Bulldog! Kelly looks to take off to perform the move, but Natalya grabs a handful of hair and drops Kelly down onto the back of her head!!! Natalya wastes no time in getting Kelly back to her feet, and then hooks her up and delivers a beautiful snap suplex! Kelly’s back arches, as Natalya goes in for another cover, but Kelly stays resilient and kicks out at two this time. Rolling Kelly onto her stomach now, Natalya then stands over her opponent, and then signals that she wants to break Kelly. Kelly screams in pain, as Natalya weaves her foot into Kelly’s left leg, and then Natalya hooks up the other leg. The fans know what she is going for, as Kelly shouts “NO!” but her injured ankle leaves her powerless, as Natalya then reaches for her arms, and grabs them! Kelly vigorously shakes her head, as Natalya rolls onto her back and the SURFBOARD IS LOCKED IN!!! The referee repeatedly asks Kelly if she will give up, but the champion flat out refuses to give in, instead trying to find a way out of the move. Kelly wriggles, but Natalya has complete control of the hold. Nattie then rocks forward and drives her foot into Kelly’s back, releasing the hold but Kelly then faceplants right onto the mat! Natalya gets to her feet, and waits as Kelly starts getting back up, and Natalya then goes behind the champion, sizing her up... before hooking her up for the GLAM SLAM?!! The crowd gives a confused reaction as Natalya is ready to hit her partner’s finishing move. Natalya brings her up... KELLY ROLLS THROUGH!!!

Kelly almost stole it there, as both ladies then spring back up to their feet. They both have a brief stare down, then Natalya charges in, Kelly ducks- BAM DROPKICK!!! Natalya falls clutching her face, as Kelly holds her ankle after the move. Both are then quickly back to their feet as Kelly charges in this time, and then climbs Natalya, and revolves around, once, twice, three, four, five, SIX TIMES before flicking Natalya away with a Hurricanrana!!! Natalya then lands hard on her back, as Kelly holds her arm up to the fans, gesturing that she will end this match now, as Natalya gets back to her feet, doubled over, as Kelly comes in... K2 Leg Drop- NO!! Natalya grabbed the injured ankle, and yanked it forward, making Kelly land flat on her back! Despite Natalya being a heel, the fans give out a large pop, as Nattie then grabs Kelly’s other leg and stands over her opponent, placing her leg in between Kelly’s, before trying to turn her over, but Kelly quickly spins around and kicks Natalya in the back, knocking her forward, as Kelly springs back up to her feet, and then runs towards Natalya, then jumps on her in a wheelbarrow position before rolling through!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly (6.23)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, the Divas Champion KELLY KELLAYYY!!!

Kelly then stands up and has her hand raised by the referee, and her championship is handed to her, and she holds it up in the air. Natalya merely sits down in the corner, looking disgusted with the match result.

Michael Cole: Oh my God! Did that just happen? Kelly Kelly beat Natalya?

Booker T: She just gone did, Michael. Where you at now?

Kelly then stands up and has her hand raised by the referee, and her championship is handed to her, and she holds it up in the air. Natalya merely sits down in the corner, looking disgusted with the match result.

Josh Matthews: A great win for Kelly Kelly, as she is set to defend the Divas Championsh- Oh again?!

Josh is interrupted by Natalya taking out Kelly from behind!! For the second time tonight, Kelly is jumped by Natalya! Natalya rams Kelly’s head into the mat, and then turns her over... AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!! The bell starts to ring, and then instead of the usual motley crew of officials and referees, we see Beth Phoenix charging down the ramp!! Beth slides into the ring, and then starts stomping away on Kelly whilst she is locked in the Sharpshooter!! Beth then lays off, as the Divas Championship then catches her eye, and she then goes and picks up the butterfly belt, and then holds it in the air, to a mixed reaction, a few cheers spliced in with the boos. Natalya releases the hold on a now almost unconscious Kelly Kelly, and NOW the referees and road agents start making their way down to the ring to diffuse the situation.


Michael Cole: AGAIN Theodore Long messes up and this time our Divas Champion is the one to suffer at the hands of this fool, Teddy Long.

Josh Matthews: I thought you were in support of the actions of Beth Phoenix and Natalya, Michael?

Michael Cole: Oh don’t get me wrong; I LOVED watching The Divas of Doom pick apart that white trash of a champion.

Booker T: Michael, you are just unreal, you know that, sucka?

The Divas of Doom now back up the entrance ramp, happy with their night’s work, as a doctor tends to Kelly Kelly in the ring as we fade to commercial.

We return from commercial, and we see Triple H walking down a corridor, adjusting his jacket, as he then enters the parking lot and sees his limo waiting.

Triple H: Off to the airport, I need to get back to Greenwich.

The driver nods and then holds the door open for “The Game”.

???: Mr Helmsley!

Triple H turns around and Theodore Long runs into the frame.

Theodore Long: Are you not staying for the main event? It’s going to be a good one, playa!

Triple H: I know, and I’ll be kept up to date with what happens, I’ve just gotta go and deal with business at the head office. I’ll be seeing you very soon, Teddy.

Triple H then gets into his limo, and the door closes behind him. Long looks desperate, as he then knocks on the window, it then slowly winds down to see Triple H’s face right behind the window.

Triple H: Teddy, look, I don’t have time. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great match, and I praise you for making it, but I can’t-

Theodore Long: No, what I need to know is...

Triple H: Spit it out.

Theodore Long: Is ... is my job safe?

Triple H: Oh far from it! Tonight was just the first step of a long road to recovery for
Smackdown. You’re job is far from safe just yet. I’ll see you soon... Driver!

The window then rolls back up, and the limo pulls away, leaving Teddy alone in the middle of the parking lot, and he then takes a deep breath and walks back towards the corridors, clasping his hands together with a weary look on his face.

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

Back to the arena, and it is main event time!



There is a solid amount of heat, as Christian emerges from behind the curtain, readying himself for his last chance at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe this is actually going to happen! Christian has been forced into another match with that psycho Randy Orton, Christian’s life is in danger tonight!!

Josh Matthews: Michael, I think you-

Michael Cole: Shut up, Josh! You’re not helping with anything! I don’t think I can take this.

Booker T: Michael, cry if you wanna, dawg. We ain’t gon’ judge you.

Christian is now in the ring, and he does a few last minute stretches, not in the mood to taunt on the turnbuckle, or communicate with the Peeps.


The roof blows off of the JCC, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton makes his first appearance of the night. Orton is wearing the “Security” T-shirt from last week, and the camera catches Christian smirking at the gesture.

Booker T: Haha! Orton’s havin’ some fun right dere!

Josh Matthews: Last week we saw Randy Orton show his funny side, but tonight it is all about the World Heavyweight Championship, it is all serious business.

Orton gets into the ring and then gets up onto the second rope, and strikes the “Destiny” pose, and then peers over his shoulder to see Christian chomping at the bit, ready to go. Orton then steps down and hands his championship to the referee, who proceeds to hold it above his head in the centre of the ring, and he checks with both men and we’re ready to go!

Main Event:
World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Falls Count Anywhere:
Randy Orton © vs Christian

The bell rings and the two men start to circle the ring. Orton looks like that he is looking forward to this match and Christian looks determined to win back his World Heavyweight Championship here in Birmingham. Orton makes the first move with a kick to the midsection, followed by a forearm to the back of Christian. Orton then grabs Christian by the hair and fires him down to the mat with a strong right hand. Christian springs back up, only to be knocked back down by the champion. The Viper then waits for Christian to get back up, before bull rushing him into the corner. Orton thrusts his shoulder into Christian’s abdomen, before then suplexing him out of the corner. Christian’s back arches in pain, as Orton now homes in and drops a knee down across Christian’s face!! Orton rolls through and then rebounds off of the ropes and drops the knee across Christian’s face again! Orton then goes down to make the first cover of the match, but Christian kicks out of it just after one. Not deterred, Orton then ushers Christian back to his feet, and then Irish Whips him into the corner. Orton then runs in after, but is met by two boots to the face from Christian, knocking him back. Christian then backs up onto the second rope, and comes off with a Corkscrew Elbow to Orton’s face!!! Christian pulls one of his big moves out early, and then dives onto Orton for the cover, but the World Heavyweight Champion powers the shoulder up just after 2.

Christian isn’t too happy, but he then mounts Orton and starts hammering him with right hands to the forehead. The referee tries to encourage Christian to stop, but there are No Disqualifications, so he is powerless. Christian does eventually relent, and then gets up to his feet, but then he drops an elbow down across Orton’s sternum, and then goes back to the punches to the forehead. Christian brings Orton up to his feet and then bounces his head off of the top turnbuckle! Orton then stumbles into the middle of the ring, and Christian turns him around, and slaps Orton’s mouth off!! The fans give Christian heat for the disrespectful tactic. Orton then strokes his cheek, assessing the damage, before DRILLING CHRISTIAN WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Christian drops, and then rolls out of the ring to safety, and then leans on the announce table for some rest. Orton then follows him out, and gives Christian another right hand to the face, leaving him sprawled over the announce table. Michael Cole complains and tells Orton to go away, but Randy doesn’t listen, and then lays Christian down onto the surface of the table, and carries on hammering away with right hands. Christian tries to regain some composure, and then reaches onto the table, grabs Booker T’s glass, and throws the contents into Orton’s face!!
Christian shakes out a few cobwebs, as Orton tries to wipe his eyes of the Coke (or Pepsi) that was just thrown at him. On commentary, Booker dismays about his drink being spilt as Cole mocks him. Christian comes up behind Orton, grabs him by the neck and then bounces his head off of the ring apron! Orton slumps down, and Christian then grabs him by the neck and walks him around the ring, and then walks over to the ring barrier, before throwing Orton right into it!! Christian then starts putting the boots to Orton’s mid section, and driving his knee down across Orton’s chest, trying to wind the champion. Christian gets Orton up to his feet, and then rolls him back into the ring, but not joining him inside of it just yet. Christian lifts up the ring apron and then looks underneath, and pulls out a trash can! The crowd gives a small pop as Christian throws the can over the top rope and into the ring. Christian then slides into the ring, but Orton is back up to his feet before him, and Orton then hits Christian with a European Uppercut, which knocks Captain Charisma into the ropes, and as Christian comes back from the rebound, Orton then clotheslines him down to the mat! Orton then gets the trash can and lays it down in the centre of the ring, and then goes to get Christian up. Orton hooks Christian’s arm up, and it looks like he wants to Suplex Christian onto the trash can!! NO- Christian fights out and then runs back off of the ropes... POWERSLAM ONTO THE TRASH CAN!!! The crowd gives a loud pop, as Christian lies on top of the crumpled can, and Orton then leans onto him and hooks the leg.
Christian shoots the shoulder up!
Orton then slides out of the ring, and routes underneath the apron. A smile then emerges on his face, as he pulls out a SINGAPORE CANE! The fans pop, as Orton brandishes his new favourite toy, and Christian in the ring, notices this, and then backs out of the ring on the opposite side! Christian gets heat for the chickenshit heel move, and he then starts walking around to the announce desk, but Orton goes to cut him off at the pass. Christian freezes, seeing Orton with the cane, and Christian then quickly turns around and tries to run over the ring barrier into the WWE Universe! Christian tries to escape but Orton is straight on him, and then cracks the cane over Christian’s back as he goes over the barricade!! Christian falls to the ground on the other side of the barricade, and Orton then climbs over the guard rail also. Christian stumbles away through some fans, and Orton then catches up with him, and hits Christian in the back once again with the cane! The fans love it, and Orton then walks around the other side to Christian’s front, and then the cane connects with Christian’s midsection!! Christian is doubled over, and Orton then holds the cane like a baseball bat, and waits for Christian to return to a standing position... before CANING HIM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! The fans pop huge as Christian drops to the ground, flat on his back. Orton holds the cane up in the air, displaying where all the wood has now been splintered! Orton then drops the cane, and then goes down and makes the cover on Captain Charisma

Orton then sits next to the flat out body of Christian, with a smile on his face in causing that kind of punishment to the challenger.

Michael Cole: We’re going to go to our final commercial break of the evening, will Randy Orton retain the World Heavyweight Championship, or will Christian turn this around and take back the gold? Tune in after the commercial to find out!


We return, and the two men are now backstage!! Christian is now in control now, as the replay fro during the commercial is shown. Orton was trying to push a crate into a prone Christian, but Christian moved at the last second, and then kicked Orton in the face, and threw him into the crate. Christian has Orton by the back of the neck, and is walking him down a corridor, passing random backstage workers. Christian tells them to move out of the way, and the various men scramble out of the way, apart from one man that was on his phone, with his back to the action. Orton though takes advantage of Christian being distracted and then punches him in the gut, and throws Christian into the man on his phone!!! The crowd gives a loud pop, as both men clatter into a pile of boxes that was behind them. Orton then picks up the phone that was dropped on the ground and tells the person on the other end to “Call later” before closing the phone and throwing it at Christian. Christian then starts to stir, but Orton is right onto him and hammers into Captain Charisma with some right hands across the forehead. The referee tells Orton to move it along, so The Viper then walks down the corridor a little bit, and then picks up a ladder that was leaning against a wall. Orton picks up the large object, and starts walking back over to Christian, who is now on his knees, trying to recover from the offence he has taken in this match thus far. Orton then picks up the pace and charges at Christian with the ladder, but Christian sees him coming... DROP TOE HOLD... ORTON FALLS ONTO THE LADDER!!! Christian waves his hand through his hair after the high impact counter, and he grabs Orton, who is favouring his right shoulder after the fall. Christian places Orton to the side of the flat ladder, and then opens up the construction, and places Orton’s arm inside the ladder... BEFORE SLAMMING IT BACK DOWN ON ORTON’S SHOULDER!! Orton screams in pain, as Christian then goes down and makes the pin attempt.

The strain on Orton’s shoulder to have had to have kicked out of that pin is evident, as he grabs the shoulder as soon as Christian gets off of him. Christian is now on his feet, looking for what he can do next, and further the pain that Orton is currently in. Christian’s eyes widen, as he then grabs Orton by his weaker arm, and then drags him along the floor, down the corridor. We see a door, where above it a small sign says “Locker Room”, and Christian then picks Orton up, and then opens the door, placing Orton’s shoulder in between the gap!! The fans make a loud gasp from the arena, as it becomes clear that Christian is going to slam this door into Orton’s shoulder. Christian is just about to do it, but Orton kicks him in the midsection!! Christian is knocked back a few steps, out of camera view, as Orton closes the door and then leans on it, and holds his shoulder, looking for a brief moment of respite, but it is short lived because HERE COMES CHRISTIAN... SPEAR THROUGH THE DOOR!!!!!!! The arena goes wild, as both champion and challenger lay flat on the ground after the hard-hitting blow, surrounded by splintered wood. Christian lays and breathes heavily, whilst Orton is not moving at all, and the referee is in there to check on both men, and Christian then starts to come to his senses a little bit, and then slowly crawls over to Orton, and then covers with a lateral press

A huge pop comes from the WWE Universe in the arena, as Christian is shocked, and he looks at the referee for some hope, but the official declares that it was only a two-count. Christian runs his hand through his hair again, and then grabs Orton, and then manages to drag some of the deadweight out of the collapsed doorway, and across the hall to a door. Christian drops Orton and then opens the door, and the camera cuts to a wide shot inside of the arena, and Christian suddenly appears in the middle of the crowd!! A big pop from the fans, as Captain Charisma weakly salutes any Peeps in the arena, to a mixed reaction, the Peeps providing some cheers. Christian now goes back to Orton and drags him through the door into the gap in the crowd where the WWE Universe are mere centimetres away from the action. Christian then applies a standing headlock on the champion are then starts walking him down the stairs, using his free hand to keep himself steady on the railings, but suddenly Orton gets a surge of energy, and lifts Christian up, and CROTCHES HIM ON THE RAIL!! There is a loud cheer, as Orton then slouches down against the railing and favours his shoulder, as Christian falls sideways off of the rail and onto the stairs, rolling down a few in the process. Orton now uses the rail to get back to his feet, and starts walking down the stairs, and then takes Christian with him. After some walking, the two reach the guard rail, where Orton manages to throw Christian over the top of it, Captain Charisma landing hard on the floor below. Orton then struggles to het himself over the barricade, but he eventually does, with Christian back on his feet now ready for him. Christian unloads with a slap and then a couple of right hands, before he sends Orton shoulder first into the steel steps!!! The steps come into play as Christian goes down for yet another cover

Christian, his patience clearly wearing thin, desperately looks around the ringside area for some form of inspiration, but his breakthrough comes when he then looks over to the timekeeper’s area. He gets to his feet and then walks around the ring to the timekeeper’s area, and shoves Tony Chimel right off of his chair!! The fans give Christian heat for his actions, but Captain Charisma doesn’t care, and then takes the chair that Chimel was sat on. Christian hurriedly paces back around the ring, where Orton is only up to one knee, still feeling the effects of this match. Christian then walks over to Orton and waffles him in the shoulder with the chair!!! Orton cries in agony, and then falls back to the floor, and CHRISTIAN HITS HIM AGAIN WITH THE CHAIR!!
Christian drops the chair, as Orton groans in pain on the floor. Christian then walks over to the side of the ring facing the ramp, and then analyses the floor, and then starts to rip off the protective matting, EXPOSING THE CONCRETE!!! The fans and commentators alike start speculating all the possible things that can happen here, as Christian then tears off another piece of the padding, the referee begging him not to. Christian then walks back over to Orton, and talks to him as he drags him over to the exposed concrete, telling Randy “This is where it ends, Randy... this is the end”. Christian then gets Randy to his feet, who seems almost completely out of it, and then kicks him in the gut, and then goes behind Orton and then starts to hook him up for the Killswitch!!! Christian gets Orton around, and then says “Bye-bye” to a fan in the front row... RKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The arena EXPLODES, as the fans are then in shock, after the brutal thud and slap of Orton and Christian landing on the concrete!!! Both men have not moved an inch, as Christian is face down, and Orton lays flat on his back. The referee takes time to check on both champion and challenger, but there is no sign of motion from either man. Suddenly, Orton starts to raise his head, and he then has a realisation of where he is, and he then starts to edge himself towards Christian, and then find the strength to roll him over! Orton backs up just a little more and then sprawls his back over Christian’s chest, as the referee counts...


Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton (19.34)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, and STILL World Heavy-weight Champion... RANDAAYYY OR-TONNN!!!

The fans are electric, as Orton is almost as motionless as Christian, looking extremely exhausted, as the referee tries to usher him up to his feet, but Orton struggles to keep himself on his feet, but then manages to stay upright, as the referee raises his arm in the air, and a stagehand then hands him his title belt back, and Orton holds it close to his chest.

Booker T: WHAT DA HAYELL! That match was off da chain, boys!

Josh Matthews: I don’t know how these two men are even conscious! They just literally dragged each other through the entire arena and I don’t think either man will be the same again! Michael, are you okay?

Cole remains speechless as, a stretcher is then brought down to the ring for Christian. The medics have already fitted him with a neckbrace, and they then start loading him up onto the stretcher. A slight smile is on Orton’s face at his handiwork, but he seems more content with keeping his title. A lone sigh can be heard on commentary from Michael Cole.

Josh Matthews: Michael, is everything okay?

Michael Cole: NO JOSH IT’S NOT OKAY! How can Theodore Long allow this?! Christian is the biggest star on Smackdown, and Theodore Long is allowing this savage Randy Orton to run roughshod over the whole roster, I’m tired of this! Goodnight, folks.

There is silence from Matthews and Booker T on commentary, as Cole removes his headset and then sits cross armed in his chair, as the final image of the show is Christian being carted to the back and Randy Orton standing in the ring holding the World Heavyweight Championship.

End Show

Quick Results

Mark Henry def. Sin Cara
Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater
Cody Rhodes def. William Regal
Wade Barrett def. Daniel Bryan
Kelly Kelly def. Natalya
Randy Orton def. Christian


SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov


Right, now just a couple of few little things from me....

ONE - I apologize to anyone that has had some form of interest in this thread in huge bunches for this show taking so long to get up. I was very busy with other stuff, and when I put the preview up, I only had two more matches to write. So, I'm sorry.

TWO - Would once again like to thank Starbuck for the show banners. I love them.

THREE - Any comments/reviews/criticisms/whatever would be deeply appreciated as per usual.

FOUR (Last one I promise) - I decided to only write recaps of the Rhodes/Regal and Barrett/Bryan matches due to time constraints, and I think that is how I'm going to do all of the TV matches until I get a lot more spare time on my hands. Night of Champions has been started, but that will be in full! Enjoy!
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