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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown ‘Live!’
Friday 21st November 2008
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Brisbane, Australia

A recap from last week’s show was shown, featuring Tazz’s announcement that there would be a 24-man tournament to determine the number one contender for CM Punk’s world title at Night of Champions. We also saw John Cena’s victory over Chris Jericho along with Jericho’s subsequent bombshell announcement that he was leaving Smackdown until Cena was gone.

The video package ended with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley calling out CM Punk and demanding the apology she asked of him at Survivor Series, resulting in the World Champion saying sorry before instantly lifting her up for the Go To Sleep only to put her back down and heading back up the ramp, turning back and smirking at the shocked & angry Stephanie with Tazz joining her in the ring and also staring up at the remorseless Punk.

Michael Cole & Matt Striker hyped up the show, live down under in Brisbane, Australia and spoke of how there would be four more matches in the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. They also hyped up the Diva’s Championship match between Beth Phoenix & Michelle McCool as well as mentioning that the new Cruiserweight Champion, J-Red would also be in action.

“This Fire Burns” hit and the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk strolled out to the stage in jeans and a T-shirt with a big smile on his face, showing no remorse for what he did last week. He headed down to the ring to a mixed reception and collected a microphone up off the apron to address the Australian fans, still looking very pleased with himself. He spoke about how the long flight they had gave him the chance to think about what’s been going on lately, what happened with Stephanie last week and whether he was wrong to put his hands on her. He said that after much thought, he was there to issue an apology, not to Stephanie but to Tazz. He spoke about how he’d given Tazz such a hard time recently for bringing John Cena over from Raw but praised his decision from last week to give 24 guys in the locker room a chance to face him for the world title at Night of Champions.

He did say that it was about time Tazz made a good decision but also said that it was good to see him listening to the locker room for a change, making Smackdown a land of opportunity again instead of the John Cena show. He also said that he realised Cena may still end up being the one to challenge him at Night of Champions but at least if he did, this way he would’ve earned it. That brought out ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge to the surprise of Punk, and also in his casual gear, Edge entered the ring and collected a microphone before asking Punk if he realised that if Cena does go on to win the tournament, their win at Survivor Series becomes worthless. He said all they did to overcome Cena would amount to nothing, but he quickly switched gears to say that luckily they won’t have to worry about that because Cena won’t be going to Night of Champions, he will.

He told Punk he was going to make sure Cena doesn’t get anywhere near the world title like he did at Survivor Series, that it was going to be him who faces Punk while Christian sits at home to make it even better. “My Time is Now” then hit and John Cena flew out to the stage to a huge pop with some boos mixed in. He had a microphone in hand and headed down the ramp and into the ring, not getting a good reaction from Punk & Edge. He congratulated them on their success at Survivor Series, giving them credit for all their effort paying off. He then told Edge that he strangely agreed with him for once, that he’s still got a shot at going to Night of Champions and how he’s going to do what they wanted him to since he returned to Smackdown; he’s going to earn it and that they might’ve stopped him the first time but not this time, stating his intent to go to Night of Champions and beat Punk for the world title.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley surprised everyone by making her way out to the ring, and when she got down there she wished Edge & Cena luck in the tournament before asking them to leave her & Punk to it so she could have a world with the World Champion. They did as they were told and she asked the intrigued Punk if he was his enjoying his trip to Australia, then talked about how the company takes its superstars all over the world and that the fans get to see their favourite superstars, then pointed out that there were a whole lot of fans with Cena shirts & signs. Punk wasn’t in the mood for small talk and asked her to get to the point before he threw up on her. She obliged, showing no signs of being intimidated by him, going on to remind him of what he did to her last week.

She said that no one has ever shown her that much disrespect and put her hands on like he did, but Punk saw the funny side and said that were a few guys in the back who would disagree with that. It didn’t go down well with Stephanie and she told Punk that she was well within her rights to suspend him or even fire him for what he did, even saying it crossed her mind on her way from the arena last week. Punk taunted her in to doing it, saying he knew full well she wouldn’t. She replied by saying she could and how there & then nothing would give her more satisfaction but how since he’s the World Champion it’d be bad for business. Punk was loving it, smirking back at Stephanie who told him not to get carried away because if he so much as touches her again, he’ll be gone like that, clicking her fingers to a pop from the crowd.

She then said that Punk needs to realise who calls the shots and that he was going to be in the main event later on, teaming up with Edge to take on two of the company’s biggest stars, John Cena & Shawn Michaels. That drew a massive cheer from the Australian fans, but Punk didn’t seem bothered at all and asked if that was it, but she let him know that she and the board of directors are watching him closely, as is Tazz, and if he wants to keep his job, he’ll keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself. “I’m All Grown Up Now” played again and Stephanie left, walking back up the ramp having made herself perfectly clear, but Punk didn’t seem too worried as he watched her step back through the curtain.

A split screen was shown with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul Burchill & TJ Wilson and Natalya Neidhart on one side and The Empire on the other, both heading through the back with Burchill & William Regal in action after the break, the first of four matches in the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions!

{Commercial Break}

We got a recap from last week’s show where The Empire called for Tazz to strip The UK Pack of the WWE Tag Team titles after Harry Smith was declared unable to compete indefinitely due to a broken ankle as a result of their attack on him the week before. Paul Burchill, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart hit the scene and Burchill called them cowards for taking Harry out as they knew they couldn’t win the title fair & square. Tazz made his way out and did strip Harry of his half of the titles before stating that Wilson would take his place until he was fit for action again, not going down well with The Empire.

*The Opening Match*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
Paul Burchill w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart
vs. William Regal w/Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre & Katie Lee

Burchill & Regal were both fired up for this one, Burchill especially. With their respective partners watching on very closely, they entered the closing stages with Burchill closing in on victory. He fought his way free of an exploder suplex attempt with a series of elbows and followed up with a swinging neck-breaker to take Regal down, only for his fellow Englishman to get his shoulder up at two. Burchill was feeling it and urged Regal to get up, getting ready for the C4 when it all kicked off on the outside. Barrett jumped up to the apron to cause a distraction, pissing Burchill off no end.

Wilson & Natalya were furious too and walked round the ring, getting in to it with McIntyre & Katie. They all went at it as the ref & Burchill tried to get Barrett down off the apron, but he wouldn’t budge, arguing with them both. Regal took full advantage of the distraction, sitting up and reaching in to his tights to pull out some brass knucks. The fans continued to boo as he slid them on to his hand, and as Burchill turned round, leaving the ref to deal with Barrett. He walked towards Regal who jumped up to his feet and nailed him in the face with the knucks to a ton of heat.

Burchill fell in a heap and wasn’t moving as Regal put the knucks right back where they came from before making the cover with Barrett stepping down, allowing the ref to make the count which Burchill couldn’t break. Regal stood up with a big smile on his face and was joined in the ring by his fellow Empire team mates as Wilson & Natalya sat up on the floor looking on at their smug rivals.

Winner: William Regal by pinfall.

We were taken backstage where Johnny Jeter was getting ready for action, lacing up his boots and not looking at all happy when an also angry looking Chavo Guerrero, also dressed to compete walked in. The Mexican told Jeter he wasn’t going to patronise him, telling him he knew he was going to be angry after losing the Cruiserweight Championship last week but said that they both have one thing in common; they hate the fact Red is the champion. Jeter stood up and said that he was more than angry, that Chavo didn’t have a clue how angry he was, but Chavo said that it was good as they both had the chance take their frustration out on him later on.

He told Jeter that they had the chance to really hurt him and make him suffer, knowing Jeter wanted that as much as he did. The now former Cruiserweight Champion agreed and said he’d thought of nothing else the last week and all the way over from the States to Australia. Chavo told him he felt the same way and that the only way he wants Red leaving the arena later was on a stretcher and that together they can make that happen.

Jeter nodded and told Chavo that as much as they both hate Red’s guts and want to do a number on him later, he wanted to make it clear that as far as the cruiserweight title is concerned, he’s the one with the rematch and to get in line. Chavo though reassured him that this wasn’t about the title for him, it was about putting Red in his place and nothing else. Jeter said he was glad to hear it and told Chavo they should go get the job done, and off they went with real purpose.

We then saw a shot of the new Cruiserweight Champion, J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu, both pumped up making their way through the back as they prepared to take on their former mentors!

{Commercial Break}

Footage from last week’s Cruiserweight Championship match between J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu was shown where Red connected with the Red Alert to become the new Cruiserweight Champion, only to be attacked immediately after the bell by his former mentor, Chavo Guerrero, being laid out by a Brainbuster.

*Match 2*
J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu
vs. Chavo Guerrero & Johnny Jeter

The new Cruiserweight Champion got a big pop from the Australian crowd as he made his entrance, but he was met with a very angry reaction from his opponents. Chavo & Jeter both glared at him with absolute fury as he made his way down to the ring, and they didn’t hold back when they got their hands on him. Fortunately for the Brisbane crowd, Red was up for the fight, as was Yoshi Tatsu. It made for a competitive contest and Yoshi turned the match in their favour when he lifted his knees up in to Chavo’s gut as he leapt off the top looking to hit his trademark frog splash.

Both men then crawled to their respective corners and tagged their partners, bringing in the new & former champion. They went back & forth, and just as Jeter gained the momentum and went looking for the Genesis Kick, Red ducked it and ran the ropes before coming back to counter with a Satellite DDT, a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors into a DDT. Jeter was down & out it seemed but he managed to get his shoulder up at the count of two. Red didn’t let that bother him and went straight over to the apron, but before he could step through the ropes, Chavo ran at him across the apron going for a clothesline.

Red ducked it and ran in to the corner to hit a springboard dropkick. Chavo fell to the floor as the groggy Jeter picked himself back up not having a clue where he was with Red steadying himself on the apron before hitting the Red Alert, a springboard diving reverse STO. Jeter couldn’t kick out this time and Red celebrated a second win in successive weeks over him, raising his title up in the air and flaunting it in Chavo’s furious face as he sat up on the outside with the fans cheering Red & Yoshi.

Winners: J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu by pinfall.

Footage of a focused Dolph Ziggler, dressed for action and then an also serious looking M.V.P. was shown as they made their respectively through the back with their match moments away!

{Commercial Break}

Josh Matthews
interviewed the Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix ahead of her title defence later against Michelle McCool, and The Glamazon told Josh that she’s been waiting a long time to get her hands on McCool. She told him how disappointed she was two weeks ago when McCool weaselled her way out of the challenge she made but said that now she had the chance, she couldn’t wait to get in the ring with her. She also said that it was made even better that she had the chance to do it on a special night, down under in a great country like Australia, going on to say that’ll make it even more special when unlike what McCool thinks, she beats her and retains the diva’s title.

*Match 3*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
M.V.P. vs. Dolph Ziggler

Both M.V.P. & Ziggler were up for this one, both determined to book their place in the next round of the tournament, and after a few close calls each, it was M.V.P. who found himself in the driving seat. Ziggler missed with a leg drop bulldog and M.V.P. took full advantage, helping him up from his knees to whip him in to the corner before nailing him with the Playa’s Boot. Ziggler slid down the pads and M.V.P. dragged him away from the corner by his feet to hook his near leg, but Dolph got his foot on the rope before the ref could count to three.

It gave M.V.P. the chance to wrap the match up with Ziggler in a real bad way, and Smackdown’s team captain at Survivor Series stood up and urged his opponent to do the same, getting ready for the Drive By. Ziggler was slowly clawing his way up to his knees, and as he did just that, M.V.P. charged at him and threw himself foot first at him. Ziggler though threw himself forward and M.V.P. hit the deck, and as both men then desperately pulled themselves back up, Ziggler ducked a wild clothesline and planted him with the Zig Zag.

He covered him in a flash and secured arguably his biggest win to date, securing his place in the last 12 of the tournament for a shot at the world title at Night of Champions. He sure enjoyed the victory, looking very smug as he got his arm raised before walking over to the apron and demanding a microphone. As M.V.P. then rolled under the bottom rope and left the ring for the victor, Ziggler directed a message to everyone in the back.

He said he hoped they were all watching his victory as he was putting anyone left in the tournament to crown a new number one contender on notice that there’s only one person who can face CM Punk for the world title at Night of Champions. He said that it wasn’t going to be Edge, Shawn Michaels or John Cena, emphatically saying it was going to be Dolph Ziggler. He dropped the microphone and stared in to the stands as his music hit again with a smug smile on his face despite the Australian fans booing him.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

Michelle McCool was shown heading through the back purposefully with her title clash with Beth Phoenix up after the break.

{Commercial Break}

*Match 4*
WWE Diva’s Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Michelle McCool

The two divas battled it out in the early going, neither holding back with the diva’s title at stake. McCool showed an intensity she’s rarely shown and surprised The Glamazon at times, ducking a double axe handle shot to the chest before nailing her with a big boot. It sent Beth down to the mat and she crawled to the ropes which she then used to help her make her way back up. The challenger didn’t take her eyes off her and ran right at her as she made it back up, clotheslining her over the top and down to the floor.

She wasn’t done there though and didn’t look too happy to see Phoenix sitting back up straight away. As Beth then crawled back towards the apron, McCool turned back to hit the ropes and went charging across the mat, going for a baseball slide. The Glamazon saw it coming and sidestepped it to McCool’s surprise. Beth hammered with a european uppercut before shoving the challenger in to the security wall in front of the rowdy crowd.

Beth had turned the screw and put the boots to McCool, but as she then tried to pull her up, her opponent shoved her away. It didn’t make Beth happy and she helped her up from her knees before trying to send her face first in to the ring post. To the surprise of the fans in the first few rows, they saw McCool reverse it and send The Glamazon into the steel post, putting the champion down on the floor.

McCool heard the ref’s count getting rapidly close to ten and dived back inside before they were both counted out, but Beth couldn’t do the same. McCool was then announced as the winner but didn’t look happy when Beth was declared still the Diva’s Champion. She argued with the referee who stood his ground, getting her even angrier before he collected the title and walked round the outside to hand it over to the groggy Beth as she sat up with McCool glaring furiously at her from the ring, still shouting at the ref.

Winner: Michelle McCool by count out, but still WWE Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix.

Josh Matthews was again standing by backstage, this time interviewing ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. Josh asked him first about how he felt about the chance to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship come Night of Champions, mentioning that The Showstopper would be in action next week for a place in the next round. Looking very relaxed, Michaels talked about how he thought his run as World Champion earlier in the year would probably be his last but how he’s never given up hope and how now he’s got another chance, he’ll do all he can to be there at Night of Champions and climb to the top of the mountain one more time.

The Heartbreak Kid went on to say that when it gets to this time of the year, WrestleMania is in sight and how much he’d love the chance to headline once again, walking in & out World Champion like he did this year. He then reminded Josh that it was this time last year that he beat Batista to win the world title and how Night of Champion is a great way to see out the year and how his fans can count on him doing everything in his power to make sure he gets there to step inside the ring with CM Punk again. Josh then asked him what he thought about teaming up with John Cena later on to take on Punk & Edge as well as what he thought of Punk’s comments about Cena.

The Showstopper said that there’s no doubting the controversy that follows Cena and he can see both sides, but at the end of the day he’s danced the dance with Cena on the biggest stage of them all and lost. He told Josh that no one’s given him a fight at WrestleMania like Cena did and he respects the hell out him, stating that Cena’s got the heart, the guts and he backs it up night in night out in the ring. He said that Cena works harder than anyone he’s ever seen and that’s why most of the fans love him, saying that no one will ever be liked by everyone, but at that point, Michaels was jumped by CM Punk & Edge. Josh was shocked as Punk & Edge put the boots to the defenceless H.B.K.

He told them to stop but they ignored him and Punk pulled Shawn up and threw him against the wall when officials raced in to save The Heartbreak Kid. Edge & Punk backed away admiring their work without a shred of regret as officials called for someone to get help for Michaels. Then John Cena walked in to the shot and asked what was going on, then realising Michaels was in trouble, and he then saw Punk & Edge standing there. He was pissed and stood up in a flash, telling them to back up and if they want to play dirty, that’s how it’s going to be. Punk & Edge weren’t fazed and left the scene as Cena checked over his partner for later on with EMT’s arriving to attend to Michaels who was barely moving on the floor, not having a clue as to where he was.

{Commercial Break}

*Match 5*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
TJ Wilson vs. Wade Barrett

Before match, Tazz hit the stage and told everyone outside the ring, Paul Burchill, Natalya Neidhart, Drew McIntyre, William Regal & Katie Lee to leave ringside and make their way to the back after what happened earlier in Regal’s win over Burchill. No one was particularly happy about it as you would expect, but it allowed for a fairer match with Wilson’s resiliency rapidly getting under Barrett’s skin. After ducking a big boot, TJ stomped Barrett in the gut and drilled him with a tornado DDT to a big pop from the Australian crowd, but he only got a two count with Barrett showing some resiliency of his own.

Wilson then really got the crowd going when he applied the Sharpshooter, putting Barrett through the mill, but again the Englishman denied him, this time by getting to the ropes. The Canadian could smell victory, and as Barrett pulled himself using the ropes, he jumped right on him, nailing him with a forearm shot. As he then tried for an irish whip, Barrett reversed it but ducked his head. It was a mistake TJ took full advantage of by running back and kicking him square in the face. Barrett’s head snapped back up and Wilson jumped in to the air for a hurricanrana.

He got all of it, and as they both made their way back up, TJ ran to the corner and went up to the dizzy heights of the top rope. With Barrett all over the place, the Canadian leapt off the top for a diving cross body, but Barrett caught him and held on, then tried to lift him up onto his shoulders for The Wasteland. Wilson slipped down his back though and rolled him up to a pop with the ref quickly dropping to his knees to make the count. Barrett kicked out at two again to deny TJ, and as they clawed their way back up as quickly as they could, TJ ran in to the ropes at speed, but as he came racing back, the Englishman levelled him with a devastating falling clothesline.

It looked like TJ was hurting, dragging himself to the ropes where he held his neck, causing some concern for the referee who went over to check on him. Barrett though was amused and watched on with a smile on his face when a big pop broke out with the camera then switching to a shot of Harry Smith hobbling down the ramp on crutches. He had his eyes locked firmly on Barrett who turned round looking shocked to see the man he put on the shelf heading down to the ring. The fans were cheering while the ref stayed with Wilson who sat up by the ropes, but Barrett tried to get rid of Smith, sticking his head through the ropes and telling him to get lost.

Smith glared at him with total contempt, standing firm to anger Barrett more, and as Barrett then yelled at him some more, Smith nailed him with one of his crutches to a massive pop. Barrett fell back and hit the deck with the fans still cheering, getting the ref’s attention who turned round surprised to see Smith there. He went over and asked questions of him, why he was there with Smith playing innocent.

Wilson looked over smiling and stood back up, stepping through the ropes on to the apron as the groggy Barrett picked himself back up in a spin. Wilson then hit a springboard and connected with a front flip neck-breaker to pick up the win to the delight of the Australian fans. TJ wasted no time in joining Smith on the outside, hugging his long time friend before the ref followed him out with his tag title belt to raise his hand as a furious Barrett sat up on the inside staring at them shaking his head furiously, only amusing Smith & Wilson who took great pleasure in laughing back at him.

Winner: TJ Wilson by pinfall.

A split screen of the United States Champion, Matt Sydal along with his girlfriend, Mickie James on one side and Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez on the other was shown, minutes away from their non-title match with a shot in the next round of the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the world title.

{Commercial Break}

The Empire (Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, William Regal & Katie Lee) furiously barged their way in to Tazz’s office with Tazz not at all appreciating the interruption, asking them what the hell they were doing. Wade Barrett was seething and angrily asked Tazz what was he doing letting Harry Smith get involved in his match and demanded he reverse the decision, reminding him that he removed everyone from ringside. Tazz said it was true but he didn’t know Smith was there. That didn’t set well with Barrett and he said that was no excuse and Tazz half agreed before saying that he could reverse the decision but he’s not going to as he believes they got what they deserved for taking Smith out in the first place and how William Regal won his match earlier on.

He firmly told them what goes round really does come around and they’ve got no right to complain about anything. Barrett then turned to his Empire stable mates and told them they were right and they should’ve gone to Stephanie since she so obviously calls the shots. Tazz sn-iggered and told them they could go to Stephanie if they wanted but they might want to hear him out first. They were intrigued and heard him out as he told them that after what he’d seen between them as of late he was left with no choice but to make match between themselves and the makeshift tag team champions, Paul Burchill & TJ Wilson at Night of Champions for the titles. That calmed Barrett down and he told Tazz it was about time he made a good decision and for his sake he was glad he did.

They then turned round much calmer and left the ring, but as the door slammed shut, in walked a pissed John Cena. He asked Tazz if it was true what he heard about Shawn Michaels, that he couldn’t compete later on in the main event, to which Tazz regrettably told him it wasn’t looking good and that he might have to cancel the match. Cena though told him not to do that and he’d take on CM Punk & Edge by himself if he had to, but Tazz didn’t seem as keen and asked Cena if he was serious, and if he was he thought he was crazy. Cena replied by telling Tazz maybe he was but it’s what he wanted, and Tazz told him if he was sure then the match would go ahead. Cena nodded defiantly, well & truly fired up before leaving the office with Tazz looking very concerned.

*Match 6*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round (Non-Title) Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Sydal & Del Rio-Ramirez put on quite the show with the fans firmly behind the United States Champion. His speed was too much for the Mexican in the early going who clearly underestimated his opponent. As the match went on though, Del Rio-Ramirez more than fought his way in to it and looked on the verge of victory until Sydal countered an attempt at locking in the rolling cross arm-bar. Both men raced back up to their feet and the King of the Ring caught him with a feint enzuigiri into a head-scissors takedown.

Del Rio-Ramirez made his way back up to his credit and found himself on the wrong end of a spin kick and then a springboard tornado DDT. With the fans cheering, Sydal scurried across to make the cover, but Del Rio-Ramirez got his shoulder up at two. The Mexican was barely moving and the United States Champion made his way back up and hit the top rope, all set for the Shooting Star Press. The fans were going nuts but Del Rio looked up and rolled closer to the corner.

Sydal anticipated it though and landed on his feet as Del Rio used the ropes to pick himself back up. Sydal ran right at him, and the Mexican quickly stepped out and behind him before rolling him up, holding on to Sydal’s tights as well as using the ropes for leverage like at Survivor Series to again pick up a pinfall victory over the United States Champion. Del Rio-Ramirez celebrated like he’d won the United States title as he got his arm raised with Sydal sitting up unhappily.

He walked right over to the referee and tried to plead his case, pointing to the ropes and pulling his tights. The ref told him he didn’t see it and went to get his United States title while Del Rio-Ramirez hit the ropes, celebrating again with a smug look on his face. Sydal was passed his title, and as the Mexican stepped down off the ropes and turned round, he laughed at Sydal before walking over to him and poking fun at him.

Sydal got in his face, getting no sympathy at all from Del Rio-Ramirez who just laughed at him, resulting in a firm shove from Sydal. That wiped the smile off Del Rio-Ramirez’s face and he went face to face with Sydal, talking smack and getting a hard right hand from the United States Champion who then left the ring with Mickie on the outside and the fans cheering to the bitter annoyance of Del Rio-Ramirez.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez by pinfall.

The all smiling combination of the World Champion, CM Punk & Edge were shown walking through the back with the main event just moments away!

{Commercial Break}

>Coming Soon!<

*The Main Event*
John Cena & Shawn Michaels
vs. CM Punk & Edge

Punk & Edge were looking incredibly proud of themselves as they waited for their opponents, or opponent as it turned out as only Cena walked down to the ring to face them. However several minutes later, H.B.K. surprised everyone by slowly walking down the ramp and onto the apron, showing obvious signs of the mugging from earlier on. Punk & Edge weren’t amused one bit, and it affected them in a big way. Cena got a lift from it too and he & Punk were going at it in the closing minutes with Cena firmly in the ascendancy.

He countered Punk’s attempt at a running bulldog out of the corner by tossing him forward and down to the mat. He followed that up with the throwback, then a flying shoulder block and a spin-out power-bomb. The crowd were going nuts as he came off the ropes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and after hitting it, he was getting ready for the F-U, causing Edge to panic big time. The Rated-R Superstar hit the ring and ran at Cena, but Cena back tracked to the ropes and sent Edge flying over the top and down to the floor.

As Cena then went back to Punk to lift him up on to his shoulders for the F-U, the World Champion slipped down and then lifted Cena up for the GTS. Punk dropped him towards his knee but Cena countered, grabbing Punk’s knee to take him down for the STFU to a huge pop along with some boos. Punk was in trouble and he knew it as he reached out for the bottom rope, but Edge climbed back on the apron in front of Cena. Michaels jumped down to the floor and pulled Edge down to slug it out with him on the outside as Punk fought his way to the ropes.

Cena wasn’t happy and had no choice to let the hold go, and just as he had, Edge reversed a whip to the steps from Michaels to send The Heartbreak Kid into the steel. The Rated-R Superstar slipped back in the ring as Cena stood back up to run at him for a spear, but Cena dodged it and caught him with the F-U before kicking him under the ropes and out of the ring, then staring down at him while Punk pulled his way back up by the ropes.

He then sneaked up behind the intense Cena, who turned round into a roundhouse kick, followed up with the Go To Sleep to pick up the win for him & Edge, much to the disgust of the majority of the Australian crowd. Punk got his arm raised looking very pleased with himself while looking down at Cena before leaving the ring to get a microphone. He told the guys in the truck to cut his music as Edge, Cena & H.B.K. all began to sit up.

The World Champion then said that he had a message for Cena, his fans, his critics & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, saying that he doesn’t care what they think of him and if they’re watching him, they can all kiss his ass because no one is taking the world title away from him and how it was his time, calling it a defining era in the future of the business which is only just beginning. His music hit again as he lifted his title high up in the air again with Cena, Edge & Michaels looking towards the extremely confident World Champion as the show came to a close.

Winners: CM Punk & Edge by pinfall.

{End of Show}

Quick Results

William Regal df. Paul Burchill
J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu
df. Chavo Guerrero & Johnny Jeter
Dolph Ziggler
df. M.V.P.
Michelle McCool
df. Beth Phoenix
TJ Wilson
df. Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez
df. Matt Sydal
CM Punk & Edge
df. John Cena & Shawn Michaels

Superstars Tapings
Bryan Danielson df.Chris Masters


>Confirmed for Night of Champions<

Sunday December 21st 2008 (30 Days)
Location: Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, Ohio)

WWE Championship
Batista vs. Triple H (c)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul Burchill & TJ Wilson (c) vs. The Empire

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