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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

World Ablaze Feedback

Sorry this has taken so long to get to. After finishing Wrestlemania, I wanted to step away from the section for a few weeks to concentrate on my education. But I can certainly make some time to drop some feedback on your first PPV.

Opening video certainly painted a rather vivid picture, you described the burning images of the pages well. Perhaps we didn't need the use of words/infamous phrases from other companies, but other than that you conveyed the message well.

I predicted you'd go with this one first, it certainly had the build to be the companies first ever PPV match. At times the psychology of the match was perhaps a bit off, as I felt we didn't see nearly enough of the champs early on, and we didn't see much of Haas at all before the hot tag. But then again, the focus of the shoulder made sense given the submission moves we saw later on. I'm intrigued by the finish as given the relativly surprise nature of the pinfall, that suggests there is more to come from these two teams. Anyway, overall, a solid effort to start with. I didn't feel like we saw enough of Haas though, Shelton seemed to take the majority of the heels attack and also had the majority of the champs reply. But the action was fast paced and hard hitting, and you certainly has The Mercenaries booked well throughout, so all in all, a good start to things.

Strong statement to see Christian escorted into the building by the cops. Must be something big going down in his match later.

God, between JBL's comment about hay and Noble's about pigs, I feel like the most awkward man at a square dance right now. But yeah, not a whole lot from Jamie, but I laughed for the good ol' country boy nature of it.

Pretty crazy start to things, although I was surprised with how quickly Noble rallied with the drive into the ring post. I'd have rather seen a more sustained early bout of pressure from Aero, as the fact Noble hit back so fast kinda rendered the quick attack pointless. I'm sure I said during a previous Aero match that I was impressed with the range of moves he had, and you once again used them well. Noble hanging tough then getting the win was quite the surprise tbh, I thought for sure given the build Aero received prior to his debut that you'd want to give him a strong win on his PPV debut. But yeah, an exciting match up, Aero really has quite the arsenal of moves and you continue to use them well, while Noble came out the match looking strong with a big victory.

Ah ok, post match shenanigans is where Aero gets some momentum back. Fair enough, I'm never usually a fan of these type of things, I usually feel they make the outcome of the match meaningless, but this kinda worked with me for some strange reason. Perhaps it was the craziness of the move through the table, but I liked this more than the Noble victory. Bit of redemption booking wise here, much appreciated.

Erm... strange segment here. Certainly no issues with Burchill explaining the reasons for the handshake, or Hassan making sure his hired help is on board. Didn't really get the line about not leaving the cash lying about though. Are you saying Punk's gonna have that money on him when he hits the ring? Really didn't get that part at all. But the overall message was fine.

This was one match where for me the result was never really in doubt. As I said in my prediction, Hassan has been such a strong character for you that I never thought for a second you'd take the title off him here. And the match for the most part seemed to follow that as Hassan was presented very strongly, really taking a grip of the match. I liked the little bit of false hope you gave with the sharpshooter attempt being countered into the small package, usually it's a face thing to counter from submission moves into quick pins but this certainly tied in with the story of the match. Punk's interference was nicely done, and the ending was pretty brutal with the three STO's. I thought you'd go back to the Storm/Punk and Mercs scenario, and it certainly seems so after this. God stuff here, the story of the match came across clearly and you executed the ending well, and of course the right man won in the end.

Hmmm... another twist in the tale between Lashley and Christian. Really looking forward to that one, and using the champ to add that touch of hype really adds to the build for that one.

Omigosh~! Michaels/Danielson. Make it so plz, would be a great feud to read if you ever go down a teacher/pupil type of scenario.

I'll give you one thing, you've certainly worked hard to add a real sense of difference to the match openings, with another twist on this one. While the opening of the match was certainly hard hitting, I thought you would go down the more technical side of things, with plenty of chain wrestling as each man tried to prove their skills. But anyway, once again you used a wrestlers arsenal well, as Danielson certainly had the much more impressive outing offensivly. Helms showed a ton fo guts to hang in there for so long, especially to survive the numerous submission attempts that Danielson had. The ending was pretty creative, especially the nods to Mysterio from both men, and I dunno why but I lol'ed big time for the thought of Danielson doing a 619. Overall, a very enjoyable match, certainly had plenty of action and you squeezed a lot of offense in from Danielson, who was a worthy winner, although Helms certainly didn't come off any worse by the defeat.

Not exactly much hope for the Masters/Dykstra combo after this interview. Tbh, neither guy has much to brag about thus far in their AOW careers, but I guess at least Kenny showed some enthusiasm here. And that little sneer at the end suggests they won't be a team for much longer. A feud between the two wouldn't exactly be the most interesting right now given their build thus far, but if it leads to a push for Dykstra then I could see it working.

Always liking your use of CC, he's really been a highlight of this thread for me. The real sense of bitterness and betrayal he's feeling right now really shone through, and it's such a stark contrast between his words and the tenderness of Torrie, really impressed with how you utilise him. Something big is gonna go down between him and Lashley, you've paid so much attention to this feud that a big pay off is needed tonight.

Oh hey, baseball players. Yoooooooookk!

Arghh... I'm so torn over the way Christian and Lashley played out. On one hand, the story throughout was really well told, through the exchanges between the two when the mic was thrust into their faces, and the action was pretty brutal. I'm even thinking that Christian isn't just some insane conspiracy theorist, that there really is something going on, that Lashley is acting on behalf of some kind of higher power or something. And then of course we had the double-turn (kinda) with both men showing very different sides of their characters based on recent appearances. But then, after all that... that ending. The booking side of me recognises it for it was, it was a real sympathy getter for Christian, giving up his job for his girl, while of course it garners some real strong heat for Lashley. But as a fan watching (reading?) I'd have been kinda pissed off that you chose to end such a match in that fashion. I just... I dunno. Is there a swerve coming where Torrie is in on this too, alinging herself with Lashley? That would make this work on a much better level for me. I think there's just so many questions left unanswered right now and that's where the frustration lies, perhaps that was your plan all along? Keep us guessing. But judging this for what it was on this night... the ending wasn't really befitting of the brutality of the match to that point imo. I'd have honestly gone the other way and have Christian beaten so bad that Torrie begs for mercy, pleading with Christian, something like if he really loved her he'd say “I Quit” for her. That would have then set you up perfectly for the swerve I talked about. Bah, maybe I'm thinking too much like a booker here. But yeah, action great, brutality great, storytelling great, ending... frustrating. But again... maybe that's what you wanted?

what on earth is Michaels playing at? Jericho still to retain imo, he'll have something up his sleeve.

Not a whole to say on the opening bout of the turmoil match, although I liked that little touch of having Low Ki wait for Masters to turn for the fair fight only for Jack to sneak in for the pin. That's an interesting dynamic for a tag team to have imo. Kenny at least made a statement here, and straight away you've elevated him to something meaningful. Could be a solid midcard feud between he and Masters, although Kenny surely has to be the one to come out on top. The action certainly picked up once London and Kendrick got involved, and I loved that double moonsault from Evans. Big time win for Low Jack given how heavily involved London and Kendrick where in the tag division since the company's opening, although where do you go with The Hooligans from here on out? That's worth keeping an eye on to see how you utilise them going forward. Oh dear... not liking the direction of the match at all after this point. I appreciate the whole warriors code things, and the action between the Sons and Low Jack was entertaining, but a countout? Really doesn't help anybody. That was disappointing tbh. And again, the Fight Club looked like absolute beasts for the way they ran through both teams in the ring. But to then just walk away... I don't get it. Is there a reason they don't want the shot at the titles anymore? And of course, thirty seconds later we have our number one contenders. Now, the outcome of the match I have no problem with, American Made and Haas/Benjamin has potential to be a strong series of matches. But after such a promising start with the way Low Jack asserted themselves, the way things worked out... it didn't do it for me.

Ha, Lance, you shifty so-and-so. Is that Storm's last appearance in the thread? Do we now get a Punk/Sydal team? And what the hell is Punk gonna do with that money? Tune in next time to find out I guess... although tbh Punk should really spend it on booze, drugs and hookers

Cool pep talk from Joe to RVD, although I can't really see a title shot for Joe anytime soon. A few more worthy men on the roster deserve next shot ahead of him imo.

And main event time. Once again, a very different way to kick things off, that's something that I've appreciated throughout the broadcast. Michaels was always gonna be such an interesting dynamic in this match, and I liked the way he responded to both men's actions with the way he chased Jericho down and then gave Van Dam that slow count after the big early spot. The line about not wanting to stop the match 'cause he was having too much fun was pretty good too. Again, some really nice spots here, especially that lionsault onto the table. Styles fainted? JBL fans him with his hat? What on earth was that all about!? Crazy. Holy shit what an ending. First The Great~! makes the save, then Lashley!? Christian was right! It's a C-O-N-spiracy! God... that was nuts. What a way to end things.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. I had some serious issues with the match finishes for Christian/Lashley and the Turmoil match, but some of the drama and storytelling was spot on here. So many questions I need answers to, and that ending is perhaps the biggest WTF of the night. Really good stuff here, a first pay per view to be proud of. I'm not gonna lie, I've got nine weeks left of my degree and about 5000 words of my final project left to write, so I'm not gonna be reviewing every show for a while. But I'll defo be reading and following, and I can't wait to see how this progresses. Good stuff man, keep it going, the thread's got some real momentum right now.
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