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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Okada Kazuchika -vs- Tanahashi Hiroshi (NJPW; 2012-02-12)

WTF have I just watched? I went in expecting something good but not spectacular and what I got was something phenomenal. Holy **** did I ever get into this match and even added to that I realised myself to be chanting Okada on out loud towards the end which I didn't see happening at all.

I was thoroughly against Okada up until about 2/3 of the way through. He went through the motions well but he didn't add a dimension of character and emotion to them until this point. I expected cockiness to flow through his body language and, most importantly, his face but all I got was a limp corpse and a range of facial expressions that made Clive Owen seem animated. Towards the end, though, his cockiness finally came through when he saw his prize within reach and it almost made up for the lacking beforehand. Nice selling of the left knee throughout, too.

As for Tanahashi there aren't any words that can accurately describe the work he put into this match. I'm sure he (and most of NJPW staff) knew many wouldn't believe Okada to be anywhere near credible (I mean, he was Samoa Joe's perverted little camera man less than a year ago, ffs!) and because of it stepped into an extra gear in ensuring Okada's legitimacy and oh, boy, did it work. Him losing his tooth (as unfortunate as it was) just added that little cherry to the already sweet cake.

Like I said, I certainly didn't expect this but this match blew me away. After watching Blue Panther Vs Negro Casas, today, I was sure it would be my current MOTY but now - thanks to this match - that thought is null and void. Very, very highly recommended and even if you're not as much of a fan as I am the pseudo-finishers and final pin by Okada will more than make up for it.


Will give it a bit more thought but the Omega/Hayashi match from AJPW 03/02/2012 wasn't too bad, either.

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