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Re: Fifa 12 Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
thnx, i guess

Who are your 3 biggest targets for me to kill rus? Atm im leaning towards maybe STUFF, or someone inactive like lieyf or emarosa

Also ALEXHUMPHS BEAST PR baffles me, since the only person i know who constantly says that isn't even a fifa player, plus im sure he hasn't used it once or twice
Stuff, Alco, Boss.

Stuff, idk i can never get a read on him. Part of me wants to say he's always scum so take the shot, but idk, its odd.

Alco implied he had role info on lawls and we saw how that turned out.

Boss to me seems as though he's getting told what to say a bit, maybe he's just learning how to play but he seems a bit different from his first 2 games (that i saw, he was town and mafia in those 2 games so it probably means nothing)

Emarosa, Lieyf, sonicsky, Humph are all pretty quiet, can't say much about their play but at the very least 1 of them is probably scum.

Naffan's play has been weird but i havent seen him play inawhile so i can't say if its him being scummy or just rusty. Seb i'd say the same about but he claimed hated townie which i buy.
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