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Re: Fifa 12 Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by BOSS View Post
impulse got a PR where he has to tl;dr?

no. i'm trying to make due with what little time i have. it's about maximum productivity in a limited capacity. i'll try to shorten my thoughts but i have to get them out while i can.

i know alcoholic suggested he had role info on steven. i didn't catch that. i only know of i through passing.

i know people are wondering about emarosa he went from useless to playing to back to useless. we can keep track when he pops back up.

sonicksy has a working theory on trying to find the vote person. which can only work if we force them to isolate their votes onto separate wagons. the willingness of the common denominators to go along with my plan could lean alignment placement.

STUFF follows alcoholic which is hilarious since their grouped into this always scum theme.

multiple people are sus of CP. i don't and wouldn't know why. i haven't paid much attention to him.

rising will keep on with the rush vote until it picks up steam. when he sets his sight on someone there's no letting up to he gets to the end of the tunnel then he'll revert to his recap play style.

evolution doesn't have an informative roles which is easy to pick up from his pleas for information.

we need an extended day to allow and informative role to speak up.

i figure naffan, and stuff will be pursued as the lynch people. the former was a hammer and was initially linked with the lynch role. the latter will be targeted just because or at least be mentioned. rush will also likely be wagon formed by rising and shep. wagon based off my vote. that will keep two of our four common denominators off a wagon.

titania post before night could be a hint about the lynching role. but that's open to interpreation which makes it useless if we don't agree on something.
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