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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Awesome Bomb View Post
I've watched that game jam video a few times and now I can't stop thinking how (with a few months of extra programming) better Skyrim could've been. Don't get me wrong. My initial thought is that this game is pretty epic, but now I think its just missing those few layers of depth to really make it....legendary.

Take combat, as an example. Sure they added duel wielding and kill cam sequences, but other than that combat hasn't evolved passed what we had with Oblivion. I've come up with a few ideas on how they couldve added a layer of strategy to the otherwise hohum combat system. Feel free to critique, add-on, or hate.

1) Armor- instead of it just being this armor has a better defense rating than that armor, each class should have different positives/negatives. For example, a certain class of armor is impervious to a class of weapon, but vulnerable to another class (not just the class above it). Same concept could be used for magic depending on the metals conductive, or insulating in fur and leathers case, properties. Furthermore, I think armor should be broken down, like in Oblivion, but not to the point where it becomes useless but only degrading it from legend to epic to flawless etc. This adds a purpose to smithing once the player has reached 100. The same concept goes for weapons as well.

2) Melee weapons- weapons should have two damage ratings. The blunt rating ( stamina damage known from start) and the armor rating (the weapons ability to break through an armors defense and cause health damage which is figured out through trial and error much like mixing ingredients in alchemy). For example, a iron sword will do well against fur and leather but is ineffective against steel but still causes "blunt" damage. I could go into more detail, but I'm using my phone for this post and its pissing me off and I have one more idea I want to get through.

3) arrows- much like armor and weapons, one class of arrow is better than the other and so on. So once you get a good amount of ebony arrows there's no point to going back to steel unless you wanna kill some bunnies and don't feel like wasting a good arrow. On top of arrows having an "armor" rating, I think each class of arrow should have its own qualities; like speed, accuracy, distsance, durability, and blunt damage. An example would be an elven arrow travel further and faster then an orcish arrow but carries less blunt force damage. As well, arrows should receive certain quality increases for using the bow that it's synonymous with and vice versa for using a different bow.

Just a few thoughts I came up with to pass the time at work.
I agree 100%, as I've had the exact same thing on my mind. It's a shame how little materials differ aside from damage, weight and value. TES VI needs to be a complete overhaul of the series. Unless of course, now that they've hit the jackpot, Bethesda decides to go with the COD route.

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