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Re: Official Mafia Role Thread

Roleblocker is the most useful. If you have a claimed cop it's hard to kill them for risk of a Bodyguard so block them instead. Re-director works pretty well (strong town role too) where you can choose a player and direct their night action onto a player of your choosing but that's rare.

The problem with giving scum the most 'useful' scum roles all the time is that everyone knows they're the most useful scum roles, so while a mafia rolecop is in theory more useful to the scum team a mafia watcher probably works better in practise as it allows them to identify power roles via night actions AND it allows them to claim it and seem like it's a possible town power role.

Godfather is always immune to investigations but I mean you don't need a Godfather in a game if you don't want to - you can just have the mafia decide on a kill collectively, the Godfather is only there if there are disputes to settle but most teams can work out actions.

Best roles I've seen? Yeah okay, let me think.

I saw a scum role that could make hypothetical night actions (the game had a timeline split) so that when it died those actions would take effect instead of the actual mafia kills - it could have resulted in dead mafia coming back to life, alive players dying and stuff like that. It was really cool.

At night you can write something in your journal, up to 60 words. When you die, your notes will be posted in your death scene. When you die, you will also be asked to give a final vote that will last the the entirety of the next day(current day if daykilled). You do not have to use this vote.
On Death Abilities:
Night Actions:

Something like that^ when combined with a tracker would be a cool role combination (reveal your results after death) but would be pretty damn powerful.
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