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Learning to break kayfabe
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Monday January 10th, 2011 | Fedex Forum, Memphis, Tennessee

A recap video of last week’s RAW is played that reminds us of Randy Orton being banned from the 2011 Royal Rumble event for his interference in John Cena’s match on SMACKDOWNas well as the main event where Kurt Angle and the Number 1 contender, Triple H, met. With Angle needing to win to earn a place in a WWE Championship Triple Threat match at the Rumble, he appeared to have the match won with the Ankle Lock when former Nexus member Michael Tarver appeared in the arena. With the referee distracted, Wade Barrett was able to sneak in unnoticed – despite Nexus being banned from the match – and smash the WWE Championship over Angle to allow Triple H to pick up the win. The video ends with a confused looking Triple H stood with his arm raised and a furious Kurt Angle down and out on the mat seething with rage ...


*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome everybody to RAW and hype up the fact that we are less than two weeks away from the 24th Royal Rumble where WWE Champion Wade Barrett will be facing Triple H. King also reminds everybody watching that, last week, the WWE owner, Chip Butty, punished Randy Orton for interfering in SMACKDOWN by banning him from competing in the Royal Rumble event – a decision which has attracted major levels of anger from the WWE Universe. JR announces that Chip Butty is scheduled to address the situation tonight here on RAW later ...

*** WE ARE ONE ***


Major heat for the Nexus group who saunter out led by their leader, the WWE Champion Wade Barrett who has a huge grin on his face. He signals to the other four men, Ezekiel Jackson, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater and David Otunga, to follow him to the ring and they willingly comply with his instruction. JR identifies to King that there is no sign of the man who ‘assisted’ Wade Barrett last week – Michael Tarver – and speculates as to whether or not he is to return to Nexus. As Nexus enter the ring, Barrett takes a microphone and stands facing the cameras whilst his four disciples stand behind him respectfully waiting to hear his words ...

Now I don’t expect that any of you Memphis failures will understand how I’m feeling right now ...

Huge heat for the WWE Champion who insults Memphis within five minutes of the show starting ...

... but let me guarantee you of something. I am feeling as good as you can possibly feel. I am the WWE Champion, I am just twelve weeks away from headlining WrestleMania 27 and securing my place in the annals of time.

Behind Barrett, David Otunga nods his head in agreement whilst Barrett looks round at the fans and smirks ...

Last week, Kurt Angle failed in his attempt to earn a place in the WWE Championship match in two weeks at the Royal Rumble. He was unable to defeat Triple H ...

More boos again as Barrett appears to have forgotten how Kurt Angle was defeated last week ...

On the other hand, whilst my Royal Rumble opponent, Triple H, was busy in a hard-fought match last Monday night, I was resting after RAW General Manager, Shawn Michaels, gave Nexus and myself the night off. With two weeks left until the Royal Rumble, I could put my feet up and watch RAW from the comfort of my own living room ...

Huge jeers for Barrett’s lies ...

What I saw was Kurt Angle fail yet again, another shot at a WWE Championship opportunity and another failure. Like I told you all in the weeks before Vengeance, Kurt Angle is a washed up has-been. He has no right to challenge for my WWE Championship. Since he returned, General Manager Michaels has given him favourable opportunity after favourable opportunity and he still fails to get the job done.

A loud ‘USA!’ chant begins in support of Kurt ...

It’s funny you should mention that ... The United States of America, the ‘Land of the Free’ and the ‘Land of Opportunity’ ... How many opportunities does Kurt Angle need? Just because he runs around in red, white and blue, you American morons think that he deserves another shot?

Barrett looks out questionably to the WWE Universe ...

Behind me are three guys from the USA who have never had an opportunity, why does Kurt Angle deserve it more than them?

Another chant begins to build as the Memphis crowd chant ‘You Suck!’ at Barrett and his team-mates ...

Why does Kurt Angle deserve an opportunity more than the Guyanan powerhouse, Ezekiel Jackson?

The ‘You Suck!’ chant continues to gain pace ... Barrett shakes his head in apparent embarrassment at the WWE Universe ...

Kurt Angle has wasted every opportunity that Shawn Michaels has handed him and it is time to say that enough is enough. Michaels, it is time to fire the so-called ‘American Hero’ and focus on the real ‘WWE heroes’ that you have here in the Nexus.

The Nexus applaud the comments of their leader as Barrett continues on ...

The Nexus told you months ago that the ‘winds of change’ were blowing and we meant it. In two weeks time, at the Royal Rumble, I will show the world that another one of your legends has no right to be in the ring with me – Triple H. Because, at the end of the day, you’re either Nexus ...

Barrett looks around at his Nexus team-mates who nod their heads ...

... Or you’re against us.

Barrett turns to his Nexus team and they slap hands as Barrett has finished. However ...



The crowd go wild as the Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship heads out into the arena with the green lights bathing the stage. Hunter is dressed in a smart shirt and trousers and he decides, wisely, to remain on the stage rather than head down to the ring where there are five members of Nexus waiting for him. Triple H has a microphone and he signals for his music to be quietened ...

Have you finished, Wade?

Cheers for Triple H as Barrett looks up towards him disgusted ...

I’ll make this short for you. Kurt Angle is a guy who I respect. You like to talk about the impact that the Nexus and Wade Barrett have made in the WWE, what about the impact that Kurt Angle has had on wrestling? Not just the WWE, on wrestling. In 1996, Kurt Angle won the Olympic Gold Medal. In his first year in the WWE, he won every major championship. I’ve had my problems with Kurt over the years but he deserves respect.

Applause from the WWE Universe as Barrett continues to look on disgusted by the comments ...

Last week, I defeated Kurt Angle and as a result he will not compete in the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble. That was my intention, I want a one on one contest at Royal Rumble so that I can take that WWE Championship away from you.

Barrett shakes his head at this idea ...

Oh, I will win it, Wadey boy. However, the fact remains that Kurt Angle was screwed. I didn’t know it at the time but I was helped to victory wasn’t I, Wade?

Triple H signals to the titantron and a replay of the ending of the main event last week is played showing Michael Tarver and Wade Barrett’s interference ...

Oh, wait, wait ... You were at home with your feet up, weren’t you?

Laughs from the WWE Universe as Triple H mocks Barrett for his lies ...

So, I got here tonight, Wade, and the first person I visited was Shawn Michaels. I told him that he needed to do the right thing and make tonight’s main event a rematch ... Kurt Angle vs. Triple H, if Kurt wins, he will be in the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble. I do not want him in the match but I want to beat him fair and square without no help from morons like you.

Barrett and Nexus look annoyed with Triple H’s comments and Barrett has to hold back Jackson and Sheffield who make to go after Triple H ...

And let me guess? Shawn Michaels agreed with you?

Triple H nods his head and the main event for tonight is clear ... Triple H vs. Kurt Angle!

What a surprise! The ‘old pals’ act strikes again. You’re all the same, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels. You’ve all seen your careers dwindle away but you all want one last shot at fame and fortune. You use your influence around here to make sure that you get it whilst holding down the new generation. Quite frankly, Hunter, it’s pathetic.

More agreement from the Nexus who nods their heads and applaud Barrett’s comments ...

Wade, I will show you at the Royal Rumble that my career is not dwindling away. I am a legitimate contender for your WWE Championship, I intend to win the title and go to WrestleMania in twelve weeks time as the WWE Champion.

Loud cheers for this idea from the WWE Universe ...

But tonight, Kurt Angle deserves a fair chance to earn himself the same opportunity. He deserves chance to prove his claims to the WWE Championship are legitimate as well. So tonight, it will be Triple H vs. Kurt Angle and if, and it is a big if, if Kurt wins, he will join us at the Rumble.

Triple H smirks ...

And though the match was my idea, Shawn had an idea of his own. In order to stop any interference from Nexus or anybody else, tonight’s match will be ... a Lumberjack match!

Nexus look unhappy with this announcement and Barrett stares out towards Hunter who smiles towards him. ‘Time to play the Game’ blasts out around the arena and Triple H points to Barrett and signals that he will soon be WWE Champion once again as Barrett seethes over the announcement he just heard ...




RAW returns with Alex Riley in the ring and ready for action as JR and King recap over what just happened before the break and confirm the main event – Triple H vs. Kurt Angle in a Lumberjack Match, if Angle wins, he will be in the WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble ... King turns attention towards the following match and suggests that Alex Riley could be in trouble here as he goes up against three of the biggest stars of RAW as the road to the Royal Rumble winds through Memphis ...


Washington DC | 236 pounds

Riley’s music fades out and he awaits his opponents ...


Dublin, Ireland | 272 pounds | With Hornswoggle

With Hornswoggle following behind him, the Celtic Warrior heads for the ring with a look of determination on his face. As he heads for the ring, King and JR proclaim Sheamus as one of the favourites to win the Royal Rumble and JR identifies that Sheamus has no mercy for his opponents. He highlights his recent trio of hellacious PPV matches with Triple H where Sheamus pulled out all the stops and defeated the Number 1 contender twice before losing at Vengeance. King suggests that Sheamus, even though he doesn’t like him, just needs a good draw and he would be the odds on favourite for the Royal Rumble ...


Aberdeen, Washington | 192 pounds

The former United States Champion heads for the ring and looks determined to get back on track tonight as he heads towards the Royal Rumble event. JR and King are in agreement that Daniel Bryan has a lot of potential and that he could be a real darkhorse in the Rumble. As he slides under the ropes and into the ring, Bryan is confronted by Sheamus and there is a tense staredown between the two as Sheamus looks to intimidate Bryan who refuses to allow this. Their attention turns towards the titantron as the fourth man in the contest is announced ...


Los Angeles, California | 224 pounds

The slo-mo entrance of John Morrison begins and he heads for the ring looking hius usual million dollars as JR and King big him up for the recent run he has been on. Despite his defeat to Miz, they point out that Morrison has made the step up into the upper levels of Monday Night RAW and now just needs one big win to elevate him into the WWE Championship picture – King believes that there is a chance that Morrison could do just that in two weeks time at the Royal Rumble. Morrison hands over his shades to a fan at ringside and then heads into the ring where Riley, Sheamus and Bryan await him as the first match of the night is set to begin.


A fast paced and action packed opening match of the night as four of Monday Night RAW’s brightest prospects go at it looking to gain a major momentum boost ahead of the Royal Rumble event that will follow in 13 days time. Unfortunately for Riley, he appears to be the guy with a target on his back when he is hit with all three of the other competitors’ finish moves in quick succession in a crazy minute – first, with Sheamus and Bryan fighting on the outside, Morrison manages to take Riley down in the corner and hits STARSHIP PAIN to the former running buddy of Miz. As Morrison makes the cover though, Sheamus manages to shove Bryan into the steel ring steps outside and he charges over and pulls Morrison out of the ring to break the count. Morrison is sent back first into the barricades by the Celtic Warrior and then he slides into the ring and waits for Riley to get to his feet ... BROGUE KICK! SHEAMUS HITS THE BROGUE KICK! Sheamus hooks the leg of Riley and the referee makes the count as Daniel Bryan climbs to the top rope in the corner. Bryan sails off the top rope and just as the referee is set to count three, he connects to Sheamus’ back with a diving headbutt that breaks that count as well. Sheamus rolls away and Bryan grabs the prone Alex Riley ... LE BELL LOCK! BRYAN HAS THE LE BELL LOCK ON RILEY! Alex Riley squirms in pain for a moment and it appears he is about to tap out when Hornswoggle appears in the ring. Sheamus’ sidekick rushes towards Riley and Bryan and the referee jumps to his feet to stop Hornswoggle interfering. With the referee’s back turned, he misses Riley tapping out to the Le Bell Lock and this allows Sheamus time to connect with Daniel Bryan’s head with another stiff kick. Hornswoggle now decides to obey the instruction of the official and he returns to the outside of the ring as Sheamus stands over Riley ready to finish the match. However, the return to the ring of John Morrison prevents this and the match continues with the pair of them brawling.

As the match continues, Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley manage to get back into the contest and almost gets the win when he breaks up Bryan’s Le Bell Lock on Morrison. He clotheslines Bryan over the top rope and then pounces on Morrison who is pretty jaded after being held in Bryan’s submission hold. Riley hooks the leg of the Monday Night Delight and the referee makes the count ...

1 ... 2 ... Morrison kicks out!

Riley holds his head in shock and this allows Sheamus to re-enter the ring and start hitting him with clubbing forearm thumps across the chest through the ropes. Riley staggers around in the ring and Sheamus then takes him down with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. In pain, Riley writhes around and out of the ring under the bottom rope. Sheamus’ attention returns to Morrison but Bryan re-enters the ring and comes charging at the Irishman with a forearm of his own. Bryan beats down on Sheamus in the corner but the monstrous Celtic Warrior manages to shove Bryan away and then hits a huge BROGUE KICK that flattens the former United States Champion. With Bryan down and seemingly out, Sheamus picks him up and signals that it is over for him as he sets him up ... CELTIC CROSS! SHEAMUS HITS THE CELTIC CROSS – IT’S OVER! Sheamus makes the cover on Daniel Bryan ...

1 ... 2 ... Morrison rescues Bryan with a dropkick to Sheamus!

Sheamus is dazed as he turns around shocked as he lays on the mat ... RUNNING KNEE STRIKE FROM MORRISON TO SHEAMUS! The crowd go wild as Morrison takes Sheamus down. Morrison hits another low drop kick to Bryan as he tries to pull himself up at the ropes and sends him crashing through the ropes to the outside before turning back to Sheamus who is laid out in the corner of the ring. The crowd go mad as they realise what is coming next ... STARSHIP PAIN! MORRISON HITS STARSHIP PAIN TO SHEAMUS! Cover from John Morrison ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Morrison rolls out of the ring quickly as Sheamus gets to his feet enraged and looking ready to explode over the surprise win. The referee raises Morrison’s hand as he backs away up the ramp with a huge smile on his face as he shouts down at Sheamus that he is the man who will win the Royal Rumble, not the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus kicks out at the ropes as he shows his annoyance and Morrison exits the arena. Alex Riley tries to roll under the bottom rope and out but the angry Irish man notices thanks to Hornswoggle. Sheamus grabs Riley and drags him to the centre of the ring before hitting another Irish Curse backbreaker that leaves Riley squirming in pain. The WWE Universe jeer Sheamus’ actions – although they have little love for Riley either – but he continues by dragging him up and setting him up for the Celtic Cross ... SHEAMUS SMASHES RILEY DOWN HARD INTO THE MAT. Sheamus thumps his chest in defiance despite the defeat and he signals that he will win the Rumble in Cleveland in two weeks time, JR suggests that an angry Sheamus might be bad news for the other men in the Royal Rumble!

The camera switches backstage where we see the Rated R Superstar Edge walking down a corridor looking for somebody. He spots the door marked RAW GENERAL MANAGER and he heads that way. Without knocking, Edge walks into the office where Shawn Michaels is sat with a concerned Chip Butty deep in discussion. Both the RAW General Manager and the WWE owner look up annoyed at the interruption before raising from their chairs and moving towards the door ...

Whatever decision you make, Chip, I’ll support it. I understand your dilemma. Let me know as soon as you’ve made your mind up.

I think I’ve made my mind up, Shawn. Will let you know later.

Chip Butty shakes hands with the RAW General Manager and he turns to Edge, quick glance and a nod of the head before heading out of the door. HBK closes the door behind the owner and then turns around to face Edge with a look of annoyance still in his eyes.

Don’t you know how to knock, Edge? You just interrupted an important conversation, this better be worth it.

Edge smiles and sits down on the couch with a look of satisfaction on his face ...

Oh, Shawn, it is important. You see, I have a huge proposition for you.

HBK looks intrigued and he heads over to sit opposite Edge ...

OK, let’s hear it. What is this huge proposition?

Edge leans forward as he looks to pitch his idea to the RAW General Manager ...

Shawn, for the past few months, it is no secret that you and I have not been getting along too well. When you were sitting behind a laptop, firing out orders via email, you put me in some unfair situations. I took revenge on you by costing RAW a victory at the Survivor Series – and costing you John Cena in the process. You and me are like chalk and cheese, we’re just different, a clash of personalities.

HBK nods his head in apparent agreement ...

Go on ...

Shawn, we have had major problems over the past few weeks and months. Things are not getting any better. Last week, you gave Sheamus a match to earn himself a place in the Royal Rumble and you completely ignored my claims to have my own Royal Rumble qualifier. It is clear to me that you will never ever treat me in a fair and impartial way, Shawn. It’s time for this to end.

HBK looks quizzically towards Edge and shifts in his seat ...

How do you intend we do that?

Edge takes a deep breath before continuing ...

I propose that at the Royal Rumble, Shawn, you come out of retirement for one night only. Come out of retirement for one night and face me, the Rated R Superstar, one on one. Let’s finish this, Shawn. What do you say?

HBK smiles at the thought of facing Edge and laughs to himself as he considers it for a moment. However, as the WWE Universe outside in the arena chant ‘One more match!’ and try to persuade Shawn to accept Edge’s challenge, HBK shakes his head at Edge.

Edge, when I lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania 26, I retired. Right now, I am the General Manager of RAW and I have no intention of facing you at the Royal Rumble. I am going to concentrate all my energies on running RAW to the best of my ability, I’m not interested in facing you at the Rumble.

Edge looks disappointed and he shakes his head in annoyance ...

Surely the great Shawn Michaels, the Heart Break Kid himself, the Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania ... surely HBK is not turning down the chance to prove himself to be the better man one more time?

HBK laughs again ...

Stop there, Edge, I know what you’re trying to do. There is no way that I am going to face you at the Rumble. End of story, man. But I am going to be fair tonight. Last week, I didn’t give you chance to earn your spot in the Rumble match – but I will do tonight. Tonight, it will be the Rated R Superstar Edge ... against Rob Van Dam!

Edge looks taken aback but accepts the challenge with good grace ...

Thanks for that, Shawn. Tonight, I will defeat RVD and earn my Royal Rumble spot.

An uneasy handshake follows and Edge gets up to leave when HBK stops him. Edge turns to HBK and looks confused ...

By the way, Edge. Don’t blow it.

Edge looks annoyed by this comment and he turns and leaves the General Manager office to head out to the locker room to prepare for the match later tonight. JR and King remind the world that Edge won the 2010 Royal Rumble and that, if he can win tonight, he would be a huge threat to the other 29 men in the match and a real favourite to win. The cameras switch to Sheamus who is storming around the backstage area kicking things over and shouting at Hornswoggle in temper ...

Sheamus, Sheamus, can I have a word?

Sheamus turns to face the interviewer with a look of fury in his eyes ... Mathews seems to regret asking but continues on to ask the question he wants answered ...

Sheamus, we just saw you defeated by John Morrison out there. Do you think that Morrison could be a danger to you in the 2011 Royal Rumble in two weeks time?

Sheamus’ eyes bulge out of their sockets as his temper boils again. He gets close to the face of Mathews and intimidates the interviewer before answering in a chilling, dark voice ...

John Morrison will not be a danger to moy’ Royal Rumble match, fella. Truth be that he just made the biggest mistake of his loyf. You shouldn’t worry yourself about whether he can win the Royal Rumble, fella, you should worry about whether or not he will make the Royal Rumble. John Morrison will pay for his actions tonight ...

Sheamus beckons to Hornswoggle to follow him and he storms away from Josh Mathews still looking furious as RAW heads into a commercial break ...



Vladimir Kozlov and Great Khali will battle it out to earn the Number 1 ranking on NXT! Who will win?

RAW returns from the break and it is time for a non-title match ...


West Palm Beach, Florida | 235 pounds

The cocky son of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase heads out for the ring with a look of confidence in his eyes. JR and King remind us that his opponent tonight, Justin Gabriel, defeated DiBiase and Bryan at Vengeance to win the United States Championship but DiBiase – as special referee last week in the rematch – ensured that Gabriel retained the title. They speculate as to the reasons behind this and JR suggests that a win for DiBiase tonight would propel him into contention for the US Championship as we head towards the Royal Rumble ...


Cape Town, South Africa | 223 pounds | US Champion

The US Champion heads out also looking confident that he can win tonight and continue the momentum that he has built up over recent weeks and months ... He leaps over the top rope and he climbs the ropes to hold the United States Championship belt up high for the WWE Universe in Memphis to see ...


Gabriel and DiBiase, as they have been for the past few weeks, are evenly matched as they look to build their momentum. Gabriel wants to get the win that sees of DiBiase once and for all, DiBiase wants a win to invigorate his own US Championship aspirations. The pair of them go at it in a back and forth contest but it begins to settle down once DiBiase gets control with a thumb to the eye that throws Gabriel off and allows the Fortunate Son to toss him through the ropes to the outside. DiBiase waits for Gabriel to get back into the ring and then stomps on the back of the US Champion and takes charge of the contest. DiBiase dominates for a while and looks to be getting close to hitting DreamStreet and securing the victory when Gabriel suddenly ducks a clothesline and hits a standing drop kick to buy him some time. The South African is first up and he hits a series of kicks to the side of DiBiase and then follows up with an inverted DDT where he drops the elbow across his opponent’s chest as well – the Gabriel Special. Gabriel steps back and allows DiBiase back to his feet after getting a 2-count ... Springboarding off the ropes, Gabriel uses a sunset flip to take DiBiase down again ... 2! Gabriel is getting the cheers now and he is quick to his feet where he looks for a discus elbow smash but DiBiase ducks underneath ... kick to the gut from DiBiase, DDT to Gabriel!

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from the US Champion!

DiBiase looks annoyed with Gabriel now and he drags him up and whips him into the turnbuckles in the corner. As Gabriel staggers back out of the corner, standing drop kick from DiBiase that sends Gabriel crashing back down again for another cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Gabriel!

DiBiase whips Gabriel into the ropes now and as he comes back, he lifts him up looking for a sit out spinebuster ... However, Gabriel manages to reverse this and turns it into a Hurricanrana! The crowd go wild as Gabriel hooks the legs for the win ...

1 ... 2 ... DiBiase kicks out!

Gabriel is frustrated but he continues on and hits an Enzuguri to DiBiase to take him down again and this time he is positioned close enough to the corner for Gabriel’s liking! The crowd realise what is on the US Champion’s mind as he looks to the buckles and smiles and they cheer him loudly. Gabriel climbs up the ropes on the outside and positions himself on the top rope ready to somersault and hit his big finishing move. GABRIEL GOES FOR THE 450 SPLASH ... BUT MISSES! DiBiase moved out of the way at the last second! Gabriel crashes down hard into the mat and writhes around in pain for a second before getting to his feet ... DREAM STREET! DIBIASE HITS DREAM STREET! Hooks the leg ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


JR and King discuss the impressive victory that Ted DiBiase just pulled out and they suggest that this should now lead to a United States Championship match in the near future ... As they discuss this, DiBiase grabs the US Championship from the referee as he looks to return it to Gabriel. He stands in front of Gabriel and he places the title belt on his shoulder to jeers from the WWE Universe. Gabriel slowly gets to his feet and he steps forward and demands that DiBiase hands back his title. DiBiase does just that and hands it to the South African ... and then catches him by surprise with a punch to the face of Gabriel. Stunned, Gabriel drops the belt and spins round ... DREAM STREET! DIBIASE HITS DREAM STREET TO GABRIEL AGAIN! The crowd rain down abuse on DiBiase as he picks up the title belt again and places it back on his shoulder. He taunts the crowd a little by posing with the title before removing it and setting himself to rush at Gabriel and hit him with the belt. The referee pleads with DiBiase to leave it but he is shoved through the ropes by DiBiase instead. DiBiase is ready and waiting for Gabriel to get to his feet when suddenly a rescuer is making himself known ...



Bryan slides into the ring and gets there just in time to crash into DiBiase and prevent him from smashing the title belt into Gabriel. He then grabs DiBiase and he sets him up for a suplex crashing him down onto his back hard. Bryan then locks in the Le Bell Lock and he wrenches back on the lower back of DiBiase who taps out. Holding the move for a few seconds, Bryan eventually releases the hold and then encourages the champion to go up top and hit the 450 Splash as well. Positioning DiBiase near the corner, Bryan points to Gabriel to go up top ... but Gabriel refuses, picks up his title and heads out of the ring. As he walks out of the arena, Gabriel looks down at both men in the ring and then lifts his title belt high for all to see ...





Owner of the WWE

As RAW returns, the owner of the WWE begins to make his way down to the ring with a serious look on his face. King speculates that he is out here to address the issue that he was speaking with HBK about earlier tonight and says that it must be important if Butty is willing to interrupt a RAW broadcast to announce it. Butty steps between the ropes and asks for a microphone before standing centre of the ring ready to speak ...

Two weeks ago on Friday Night SMACKDOWN, John Cena and Christian met in a Number 1 contender match to determine the challenger to World Champion CM Punk at Royal Rumble. Despite several warnings to the contrary, Randy Orton decided to appear on SMACKDOWN and he attacked Cena and cost him the match. Although the decision was taken by Michael Cole that Christian would remain the Number 1 contender, John Cena demanded that punishment for Randy Orton was enforced and last week I came to RAW and announced that Mr. Orton would not be allowed to appear at the Rumble in any way, shape or form.

Boos from the WWE Universe who are upset that Orton will not be on the PPV ...

However, since making that announcement, the WWE Board of Directors have been inundated with complaints and demands for Orton to be allowed to compete. Many people have gotten together petitions stating that they will not be ordering the Royal Rumble pay-per-view unless Mr. Orton be allowed to compete. A major sponsor also contacted us and informed us that unless Mr. Orton was reinstated to the pay-per-view, they would withdraw their sponsorship of the event and would consider whether they wished to be involved with the WWE in the future.

Butty pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath. He looks reluctant but carries on ...

Nothing is more important to me than the balance sheets ...

Loud boos for this statement ...

... so I have been reluctantly forced to consider whether or not my suspension of Orton from the Royal Rumble event was the right decision. In order to maximise the profits of the show, I have made the decision that Randy Orton will be allowed to compete ...

The crowd cheer the decision even though the motives are somewhat questionable ...

However, there is further news for Orton. He will only be allowed to compete in the Royal Rumble match, he will not be going one on one with John Cena. He is banned from making any contact with Mr. Cena unless it is during the Royal Rumble match at a time when both men are active participants. If Randy Orton interferes with John Cena at any other point during the pay-per-view, I will personally terminate his contract with the WWE.

Boos for this announcement ...

I hope that this is a satisfactory conclusion to the whole business and that the people who complained and threatened to boycott the pay-per-view have been appeased as a result. Thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of the show.

’Poppiholla’ plays again as Butty hands his microphone back to the timekeeper before exiting the ring and heading out of the arena back to the backstage area. JR and King discuss the announcement and King says that he is delighted that Randy Orton will be in the Royal Rumble as that increases RAW’s chances of victory. JR turns his attention towards the upcoming match where another RAW wrestler will guarantee their spot in the Rumble but will it be Edge or will it be RVD?


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | 241 pounds

The Rated R Superstar looks happy for a change as he heads out towards the ring determined to secure his 2011 Royal Rumble place. Replays of Edge’s 2010 Royal Rumble winning moment are shown to hype up the potential victory of Edge if he were to enter the Rumble for RAW and King excitedly suggests that RAW should just hand the Ultimate Opportunist a place in the Rumble anyway ...

*** ONE OF A KIND ***

Battle Creek, Michigan | 237 pounds

However, the popular RVD heads out and he is also determined to be in the Royal Rumble as well for RAW. RVD conducts the crowd as he heads for the ring and JR reminds us that last week, Edge and RVD met on RAW with Edge able to secure the win. King says he thinks that Edge will be able to win again tonight and secure his spot in the Rumble ...


An entertaining match as RVD and Edge throw everything at each other to try and secure their Royal Rumble places and therefore the WWE Universe are entertained fully. Edge spends most of the early stages in control after he hangs RVD up on the top rope with a flapjack that grounds the unorthodox high flier. However, Edge gets over-confident and he ends up missing an attempt at a Spear and runs shoulder first into the turnbuckles and through to the steel post. A bone-crunching crack is heard as Edge hits the post and this gives RVD time to recover. Edge manages to peel himself away from the turnbuckles and he looks to get back in control of RVD but Van Dam manages to hit a low spin kick that trips Edge over and grounds him on his back. RVD leaps onto the top turnbuckle and then hits a diving kick to the chest of Edge and makes the cover as he looks to secure his Rumble place ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Edge!

RVD quickly runs to the ropes and then rolls back across the ring and somersaulting onto the chest of the Rated R Superstar with Rolling Thunder ... RVD makes another cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Edge kicks out again!

RVD is throwing all his best offence at Edge now and he comes off the ropes to hitting a spinning wheel kick that sends Edge down once more. A scoop slam follows and RVD has Edge laid on the mat in position for a springboard moonsault ... unfortunately for RVD, Edge manages to get his knees tucked up and RVD lands hard on these to the dismay of the fans. Edge tries to take advantage and he hooks the leg of RVD as he squirms on the mat for a cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from RVD!

As both men get to their feet, it is Edge who appears the fresher and he manages to kick Rob in the stomach before going for the Edgecution DDT ... RVD counters though and twists out of the move before attempting a Northern Lights Suplex ... Edge counters this as well and shakes off RVD before finally connecting with the DDT from before and making a cover. Unfortunately for Edge, RVD grabs hold of the bottom rope and the referee never makes a pinfall count as a result. Edge looks annoyed and drags RVD into the centre of the ring instead to make the cover ...

1 ... 2 ... RVD kicks out easily!

Edge climbs out of the ring and up the buckles in the corner and sets himself as RVD struggles to his feet in the ring. Edge balances and then sets himself before sailing off the top ropes towards RVD and hitting a perfect diving drop kick that connects hard with RVD’s chest and sends him spinning through the ropes to the outside. Edge stalks after RVD and slams him hard into the barricades before rolling his opponent back into the ring. It appears that Edge has control and is on his way to victory as he slides into the ring on the opposite side and begins to bounce on his toes in the corner whilst daring RVD to get to his feet. As RVD slowly does get up, the crowd chant ‘Spear! Spear!’ ready for Edge’s finishing move ... However, the crowd possibly give the move away to RVD as he appears to be ready for it. As Edge rushes over at RVD as he turns round, RVD uses a drop toe hold to take him down and then he rolls him up for a quick surprise pinfall ...

1 ... 2 ... A shocked Edge kicks out just in time!

RVD and Edge both jump to their feet quickly and it is Edge who swings a clothesline at RVD. Van Dam ducks below his arm and uses another Spin Kick to take Edge down. RVD cartwheels off the ropes into a Handstand Splash that squashes Edge down on the mat once again. Sensing victory, RVD looks over to the top ropes and the crowd cheer as he leaps up onto the top rope ready. The crowd rise to their feet, here goes RVD ... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! NOOOOO, EDGE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! A staggering Edge gets to his feet as RVD does, clutching his stomach, and the pair of them both swing clotheslines – this time, they both connect and both men are down and out as the referee begins a count. As he reaches 7, Edge and RVD both start to get to their knees and use each other to help themselves up. The referee ends his count with both men getting up and Edge takes advantage of the referee being slightly out of position ... LOW BLOW FROM EDGE! RVD falls down to the mat in intense pain that only men know as Edge makes a cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Weak kick out from RVD!

Edge retreats back to the corner and starts calling out to RVD to get back to his feet ... Up gets RVD, slowly and wincing in pain from the low blow, spins round ... SPEAR! EDGE HITS THE SPEAR! Edge hooks the leg of RVD ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

EDGE (7:36)

Edge celebrates wildly and leaps up onto the middle rope to demand that the WWE Universe at ringside believe in him and his ability to win the Royal Rumble. However, Edge receives a bucket full of jeers after resorting to the low blow to defeat RVD although he seems to care in no way. However, there could be a problem for Edge ...

*** SEXY BOY ***

RAW General Manager

Out comes the RAW General Manager, Shawn Michaels, and he quickly runs down to the ring and grabs a microphone. He signals for his music to be stopped and turns to Edge who has jumped down from the ropes in the corner. HBK quickly checks on RVD who is just getting to his feet before beginning his announcement ...

Can I see a replay of the end of that match please?

Edge looks a little worried as HBK demands a replay to be shown on the titantron. The replay begins and it shows Edge clearly using the low blow to throw RVD off course and then he hits him with the spear for the 1, 2, 3. Edge looks guilty as HBK looks towards him disappointed ...

Edge, Edge, Edge, you disappoint me. Despite the problems we have had over recent months, I gave you an opportunity tonight to earn your spot in the Royal Rumble match. All you had to do was to come out here and beat RVD and your spot in the Rumble was guaranteed.

HBK shakes his head as if pained by Edge’s actions ...

You are a nine time champion here in the WWE, last year you won the Royal Rumble, you have numerous Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships to your name, there is no doubt, Edge, that you are one of the greatest that the WWE has ever seen. But tonight, you won with a low blow, Edge, I will not stand by and allow that to happen. Therefore, I am reversing the referee’s decision ...

Edge’s eyes bulge out of his head and he grabs his hair as he realises what is coming ...

The winner of the match, via a disqualification, and now guaranteed a spot in the 2011 Royal Rumble ... ROB VAN DAM!

HBK raises RVD’s hand and the crowd cheer this decision but Edge looks furious ...

If you think that just because of your reputation in this company that you are going to be allowed to do what you want, if you think you are going to be given whatever you demand, I’m sorry, Edge, not on this sheriff’s watch! If you want something here on RAW, you damn well better earn it because I am the RAW General Manager, I am Shawn Michaels and I damn sure ain’t Michael Cole. Next week, I will give you one last chance, Edge. If you win your match, you will be in the Rumble. But you’d better earn it, Edge, you won’t cheat your way in.

HBK tosses the microphone away and raises RVD’s hand again and ‘One of a Kind’ plays as RVD is left to celebrate his win and his place in the 2011 Royal Rumble. However, the man who won the 2010 Rumble looks none too impressed as he furiously tries to protest to HBK over his reversal of the decision. The RAW General Manager ignores the protestations of the Rated R Superstar and heads off up the ramp towards the stage to leave Edge frothing at the mouth with rage. JR and King speculate that whoever Edge faces next week could be in serious trouble ...



Who will win the Royal Rumble and advance to WrestleMania 27?

RAW returns with the grinning face of Josh Mathews on camera as he prepares to introduce his guest for the next interview on RAW ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier this evening we heard from the WWE owner, Chip Butty, as he declared that Randy Orton would be allowed to compete in the Royal Rumble match in two weeks time after a number of financial threats and protests from the WWE Universe. With that being said, please welcome my guest at this time ... THE VIPER ... RANDY ORTON!

Big cheers for Orton as he comes into view on the camera ...

Randy, you have been given a fresh chance to compete in the Royal Rumble in two weeks time. However, Chip Butty has made it clear that you should only come in contact with John Cena if it is during the Rumble match itself. With the threat of being fired from the WWE if you break this rule, what will be your focus in two weeks time in Cleveland, Ohio?

Orton considers his response for a moment before answering ...

Josh, it is well known fact that I have had a few, let’s say, anger management problems down the years here in the WWE. And in the past few weeks, the anger I have built up inside me towards John Cena has reached previously unheard of levels. If I had my way, I would grab hold of Cena the next time I saw him, hit him over and over and over again with RKO’s ... and then punt him so hard in the head that he would forget every title reign he has ever had here in the WWE.

Loud cheers from the WWE Universe as they show their support for Orton getting his own back on Cena ...

However, I have to face facts. Two weeks ago, on SMACKDOWN, I interfered in Cena’s Number 1 contender match and I cost him the World Championship opportunity he believes he deserved. It felt good, Josh ... but I had been warned to stay away from SMACKDOWN. I put my career in jeopardy because I could not control my anger. I was lucky to retain my job and I’ve been lucky to be given a place in the Royal Rumble. I have to get control over this anger and focus on what I can achieve over the coming weeks. I could continue to stalk John Cena and get fired from the WWE ... or I could focus on winning the 2011 Royal Rumble, going to WrestleMania and regaining my WWE Championship on the grandest stage of them all.

More cheers for Orton’s comments and an RKO chant goes up in the arena ...

So, you ask, Josh, what will be my focus? Winning the Royal Rumble.

More cheers and Orton nods his head at the thought ...

But I know what you’re going to ask next, Josh. How will I feel? How will I feel if I pass Cena in the backstage in Cleveland? How will I feel if I enter the Rumble just as Cena has been eliminated? The fact is that I could meet Cena in Cleveland and have to ignore the urge to beat him to a bloody pulp. I have to control my anger ...

Mathews continues to listen intently as Orton tries to justify his thoughts heading towards the Rumble ...

But there is another possibility for the Royal Rumble. I could end up in the same ring, the same match, at the same time as John Cena.

Huge cheers at the prospect of this ...

If that happens, Josh, Cena will be in big trouble. Simply throwing Cena over the top rope will not be enough for me, I want to destroy him and end his career whilst winning the Royal Rumble. After I have punted Cena in the head, I will throw him out over the top rope and go on to win the Rumble. So if I see Cena before then, that is what I will envisage in my mind. That is a vision that intrigues me, that is a vision that would satisfy the anger inside of me right now. John Cena better hope and pray that he is eliminated from the Rumble before me – because I will win the Rumble ... and if I come up against Cena, he will be in grave danger.

Huge cheers for Orton but his look of focused rage disappears as something catches his eye. Orton turns around and faces up to the man who holds the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase, The Miz. Miz looks confused at Orton’s comments ...

Really? Really? Really? Orton, I don’t know what delusional thoughts there are in that psychotic mind of yours but let me tell you something! I will be the one who wins the 2011 Royal Rumble in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. I am the man who will head onwards to WrestleMania 27 to win the WWE Championship. And if – and it is a big if – if I fail, I will simply use my insurance policy here ...

Miz holds his briefcase up for Orton to see ...

You see, Orton, you seem to think the world cares about your stupid, little feud with John Cena. Cena, the man who ran away to the ‘B’ show, and you, a man who cannot control his temper. Look at you, you can’t control it. You want to swing for me right now, don’t you? You want to RKO me right now, don’t you?

Miz goads Orton who looks conflicted between the desire to not get into more trouble and the desire to ram Miz’ teeth down his throat ...

That’s it Randy, be a good boy. A wise move. The fact is, Orton, you are not going to be the WWE Champion again for an awful long time. Heading out of WrestleMania 27, I guarantee that the only man that people will be speaking about is the most must-see WWE superstar of all time ... The man who tonight will defeat you and prove to the world that you are simply not in my league as we head towards the Rumble. And that man, Randy, is me ... Because I’m the Miz ... and I’m ...

Orton suddenly takes a threatening step towards Miz who retreats quickly and drops the microphone to the floor ... However, Orton doesn’t follow up, he just wanted to give Miz a warning. He smiles and chuckles to himself before addressing Miz ...

Miz, I can do what I want out there in the ring. And you’ve just made a very big mistake ... I’ll see you in the ring ... for an ... R ... K ... O!

A big cheer for Orton as he steps away smirking at Miz who looks furious at being shown up by Orton here ... The camera switches to HBK who is back in the General Manager office when Michelle McCool walks in with Kharma behind her. McCool looks excited as she taps HBK on the shoulder ...

Good evening, Miss McCool, what can I do for you?

Michelle, looking a little fake, smiles at HBK and it is clear that she is about to butter him up again like she did last week on RAW ...

Hi Shawn ... I just wondered if there was any news for me? Anything you might want to let me know?

Any news for you? About what?

Michelle appears to be angered by this for a second until it dawns on HBK what she is talking about ...

Oh right, yeah I remember. Your proposition for WrestleMania! I remember now.

McCool looks at Shawn a little impatiently ...

So? Any news?

Slow it down, Michelle. I told you last week to focus on your work in the ring and that I would let you know when I heard anything, didn’t I? As it happens, I did make a phone call or two for you but I’ve not heard a response yet. But don’t worry, I’m on the case, I will keep trying over the coming days. You have my word.

Michelle looks disappointed but she nods her head to Shawn and then beckons Kharma to leave as JR and King speculate over what McCool is wanting from HBK regarding WrestleMania as the camera returns to the ring for the next match ...


Cleveland, Ohio | 220 pounds | Money in the Bank contract holder

Jim Ross introduces Miz as one of the favourites for the Royal Rumble match and King, reluctantly, agrees with this assessment mainly due to the Rumble being in Miz’ home town of Cleveland. Miz heads out and raises the MITB briefcase high for all to see before strutting confidently towards the ring with the words of Randy Orton surely ringing in his ears still. King suggests that Miz needs to cut out the arrogant comments before each match as he is giving his opponents more desire than normal to beat him. However, JR points out that Miz has not lost in quite a while now and is on a winning run that could take him all the way to Rumble success and a WrestleMania main event in two months time.

*** VOICES ***

St. Louis, Missouri | 245 pounds

The crowd explode as the man recently reinstated to the Rumble, Randy Orton, heads out towards the ring looking cranked up and ready to take on the arrogant Miz. Orton heads towards the ring quickly rather than his usual slow, methodical entrance and it is clear that Miz got inside his head before when he criticised Orton’s recent actions and mindset. Orton has to be held back from going straight after Miz by the referee and he wisely realises that he is best off staying out of controversy for now and backs away to allow the referee to prepare for the match ...


However, as soon as the match begins, Orton quickly goes after Miz and gets the upper hand of the early exchanges as he takes Miz down and forces Miz onto the run outside the ring. As Orton follows, Miz moves around the ring a few steps ahead of Orton until he slides back in and goes to hit a cheap kick to the back of Orton; his foot is caught though and Orton takes advantage as he begins to pound Miz over and over in the corner, Orton is fired up and ready to destroy somebody here tonight. The match moves on and, for the best part of it, Randy Orton has control as he seeks to demolish Miz and make him pay for his earlier comments. However, the wily Miz finds a sneaky way to counter and he begins to methodically work over Orton. As the match heads for a conclusion, Orton manages to get control of the match on the outside when he rams the head of Miz into the announce table. As he waits in the ring, Miz climbs up onto the edge of the apron and then Orton drags Miz through the ropes with his feet perched on the middle rope ... HANGMAN DDT FROM ORTON! Cover from the Viper, has he done enough?

1 ... 2 ... Miz just kicks out!

Orton drops down onto his stomach behind Miz as he gets slowly to his feet. The Viper pounds the mat with his fists as he prepares for Miz to get up and turn around, the crowd are electric as they wait for Orton to hit the RKO and finish Miz off once and for all tonight ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***


What the hell is he doing here?

John Cena shouldn’t be here on RAW!

JR and King look on in disbelief as the titantron lights up with Cena’s music and video and Orton has been distracted as well as he looks up to the stage waiting to see what Cena is doing out here. However, seconds pass by and there is no sign of John Cena and then his music suddenly stops. It becomes clear that Cena intended to distract Orton as he was about to put Miz away and secure the win and Orton angrily yells out in frustration. Orton turns around to go after Miz again but the Money in the Bank contract holder has recovered now and he is ready ... Miz catches Orton with an unexpected clothesline that sends the Viper crashing down to the mat. Orton gets up and spins to the corner where Miz runs over and hits a jumping clothesline in the corner this time. With Orton groggy now, Miz locks Orton into a facelock and then pulls him down into a backbreaker on the point of his knee. There is no respite for Orton though as Miz holds on and follows it up with a neckbreaker to leave Orton in deep trouble on the mat. As Orton rolls over and tries to get to his feet, Miz stalks after him from behind ... The distraction of Cena’s music has worked to perfection but Miz has taken full advantage as he seeks a big win over the former WWE Champion ... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! MIZ DRIVES ORTON’S FACE INTO THE MAT! Can Randy Orton survive this? Miz makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

THE MIZ (8:37)

Miz quickly exits the ring and allows the referee to raise his arm in the rampway rather than in the ring as Orton seethes with rage whilst scanning around the arena for signs of Cena. There is no sign of him though and Orton cannot believe that he was distracted by Cena in this way tonight. Suddenly, Cena does appear – on the titantron. He looks down at Orton as the fans boo his appearance and begins to laugh at the Viper. It appears that Cena is happy to allow Orton’s rage to fester even more and he looks furious as Cena laughs at him from some comfy recording room somewhere as RAW heads into another commercial break ...



9 days from the Rumble, catch all the action from the new Michael Cole era on SMACKDOWN!

Michael Tarver, the man who distracted the referee last week in the RAW main event to allow Wade Barrett to assault Kurt Angle, heads down a corridor and pauses outside the door marked NEXUS. He knocks on the door and waits for a response until the WWE Champion himself heads out of the door to speak to him.

Michael Tarver, a blast from the past. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive here tonight.

Tarver extends his hand and Barrett – reluctantly at first, it seems – shakes it. Barrett continues to speak ...

Look, Tarver, I just wanted to thank you for that little favour you did for me last week on RAW. It’s good to know that even though you are no longer a member of the Nexus, you’re still Nexus when it matters.

Tarver looks unimpressed though and decides to respond ...

That’s an interesting way of looking at things, Wade. Because let me assure you that I am not Nexus anymore. Last week, you used me by getting your guys here to text me and encourage me to cause the distraction. I thought that you wanted to bring me back to Nexus but it now is clear that you just wanted to find some sucker to do your dirty work.

Barrett looks Tarver up and down with a hardening smile on his face ...

Well, well, well, Tarver, it appears you have found some brains from somewhere. You’ve finally realised that ...

SHUT UP! I wasn’t finished, Wade, I don’t follow your orders no more!

The other members of Nexus appear on Barrett’s shoulders but the WWE Champion assures them that he can handle the situation by waving them to stand down ...

Your real reason for calling me to see you here tonight is that you know that I am one of the Lumberjacks in the upcoming match between Triple H and Kurt Angle. What you wanted to do was convince me to ensure that Angle failed to win the match tonight so that you would only have Triple H at the Rumble. Am I right?

Barrett looks found out as he smirks at Tarver ...

I thought so. Well, I have news for you, Barrett. The time for Michael Tarver doing Nexus’ dirty work is over. My new focus is on my own career and how I can get moving here in the WWE. So I made a few calls and spoke with Chip Butty and it appears that there is a place for me in the new Tag Team division. So I found myself a new partner ...

Into shot walks an unknown guy with a disgusted look on his face who looks to weigh over 300 pounds ...

This, Wade, is Husky Harris. He is the son of former WWE great, Irwin R. Schyster, he is my new Tag Team partner and together we will dominate the Tag Team division in 2011. So, next time you need a favour, do me a favour, Wade. Don’t call me!

Tarver and his new partner, Husky Harris, head away from the Nexus dressing room and leave Barrett staring out with a look of annoyance on his face ... The cameras return to ringside and JR and King hype up the main event, Kurt Angle vs. Triple H. If Angle wins, he will be placed into the WWE Championship match between Barrett and Hunter to make it a Triple Threat. King suggests that Triple H doesn’t want this to be a Triple Threat match but he asked for Angle to be given this chance after Nexus – with help from Michael Tarver – managed to screw Angle out of his chance. JR identifies the reasoning behind this match becoming a Lumberjack Match as the RAW roster begin to make their way out towards the ring for the main event ...



The stars of Monday Night RAW make their way out to ringside and begin to surround the ring ready for the main event match – the likes of Randy Orton, Sheamus, Miz, RVD, Edge, Daniel Bryan, the afore seen Michael Tarver and Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel and more are all there. However, there is no sign of Nexus who are banned from ringside tonight ... RAW’s locker room surround the ring as RAW heads into its final commercial of the night ahead of the big main event ...



(Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner)
Official theme song of WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, GA!

RAW returns with the RAW superstars surrounding the ring ahead of the main event Lumberjack match between Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, Triple H, and the American Hero, Kurt Angle, who is looking to find a way to get into the WWE Championship match at the Rumble.

*** WE ARE ONE ***

WWE Champion

Barrett, with WWE Championship over his shoulder, heads out into the arena and immediately the lumberjacks begin to prepare to throw the champion back out of the arena. However, Barrett has a microphone and he signals for his music to be faded out ...

Relax, guys, relax. I have permission to be out here from the RAW General Manager, Shawn Michaels. He says that as long as I do not interfere in the match in any way, I can come out and sit at the announce table. However, he also says I must come along with none of my Nexus team and he also says that if I interfere, you guys may throw me out of the arena head first.

The RAW superstars eye Barrett suspiciously for a moment but then part to allow him to make his way through to the ring. There is a high moment of tension as Barrett stops in front of former WWE Champion Randy Orton where he smirks and raises the WWE Championship up high. Orton almost snaps at Barrett but a quick thinking Justin Gabriel holds Orton back and reminds him to stay out of trouble for now. Orton backs down and Barrett, smirking wildly, moves on to join King and JR at ringside to call the match. JR welcomes Barrett to the announce desk but King is a little rude to the WWE Champion as he refuses to acknowledge him due to the way in which he won the WWE Championship in the first place – this amuses Barrett tremendously and he outright laughs at King for being so proper ...


Greenwich, Connecticut | 260 pounds

The Number 1 contender heads out to a huge ovation as the WWE Universe cheer him to the ring as the spotlights shine down on him. Spitting his water into the air, Triple H steps into the ring and he locks eyes with the WWE Champion on the announce table and he signals to him that he is going to take away his precious WWE Championship in less than two weeks time and that Barrett better be prepared to play the game. Hunter salutes the fans and then turns towards the stage to wait for his opponent in this main event ...

*** MEDAL ***

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 240 pounds

Red, white and blue fireworks greet the arrival of Angle as he heads down to the ring looking determined to get the win and force his way into the Royal Rumble title match. He also salutes the fans and they cheer him as loud as they did for Hunter before he removes his medals and hands them over to the referee. Angle faces Hunter and the pair of them shake hands before the match can begin – much to the disgust of WWE Champion Wade Barrett who criticises them on commentary for this act of weakness – King corrects him and calls it sportsmanship but Barrett scoffs at the idea ...


If Angle wins, he will be entered into the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble

With the Lumberjacks positioned around the ring ready to throw Hunter or Angle back into the ring – or to keep Wade Barrett and the Nexus out – the two men involved lock up in the centre of the ring and the match is on as Kurt tries to earn his place in the WWE Championship match at the Rumble. The first part of the match passes by with both men having their spells on top as Angle takes control when the match is wrestled on the mat and then Triple H getting on top once the two men get to their feet and brawl a little. The first guy to head out of the ring is Triple H when Kurt Angle clotheslines him up and over the top rope to the outside. Hunter is down on the outside and the likes of DiBiase, Edge and Sheamus take turns to club him over the back and then they help him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Angle looks at the Lumberjacks with a look of confusion but then looks to take advantage as he stomps on the back of Hunter. However, the Lumberjacks decide that they want to take Angle down a little as well and Sheamus and Edge drag him out of the ring and Angle is given some special treatment as well. Both Angle and Triple H are face down on the mat after a beatdown from the Lumberjacks as the referee begins a countout in the ring. The face Lumberjacks on the other side of the ring begin to pound the mat to hype up the crowd even more and both Angle and Hunter stagger to their feet to continue the battle.

As the match winds its way towards its conclusion, it is Angle who is doing everything he can to ensure that he earns his place in the Rumble title match. Angle locks his hands around the waist of Hunter and lifts him up into a German Suplex that has the crowd roaring. Angle keeps his hands locked though and rolls himself and Hunter over to repeat the move. A second German Suplex and then a third follows as Angle looks to take Triple H down. After the third, Angle holds on and tries to pin Triple H ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Hunter!

Angle steps back as Triple H gets back to his feet and he waits for his opportunity. As Triple H turns round, Angle jumps towards him and looks to lift him up and hit the Angle Slam. Triple H manages to counter though as he wriggles clear of it and then he kicks Angle in the gut. Could it be time for the Pedigree? Triple H begins to set up for the Pedigree but Angle back body drops his opponent down onto the mat instead and pounces with a pinfall.

1 ... 2 ... Kick out!

Angle lifts Triple H up and slams him hard down on the mat to buy him some time as he considers how he can win this match. Angle then does something unexpected as he steps back and then clotheslines Triple H over the top rope to the outside again where the Lumberjacks are waiting. However, this time, Hunter lands on the babyface side of the ring and the likes of Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel look to help him back into the ring. As this happens, Bryan and Gabriel have a little disagreement and they begin to argue on the outside of the ring. DiBiase takes a keen interest in this argument as it spills over into the rampway and Bryan and Gabriel are now pushing each other a little as the tension between them shows a little. DiBiase sneaks in behind them ... and hits a double clothesline to the pair of them before heading out of the arena with Gabriel and Bryan staggering after him. Attention turns back to the ring where Hunter has returned and Angle is stomping a mudhole (copyright Stone Cold Steve Austin) in the corner of the ring. Angle spins away and is clearly working himself into a frenzy as he pulls down his strap and prepares to go for broke now. Angle stamps up and down on the mat, jumping a little as he waits, until Triple H turns around ... ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE SLAM TO TRIPLE H! JR suggests that the match is over, that Kurt Angle will be in the Royal Rumble WWE Title match ... Angle makes the cover ...

1 ... 2 ... 3! No, wait! Triple H kicks out at the last millisecond!

Angle looks ready to cry as he realises what has happened. He steels himself and then realises that he has to go further. A belly to belly suplex follows and Triple H looks defeated here as he wearily rolls over onto his front trying to protect himself as he looks to preserve his one on one title shot. Angle though is determined now and he grabs Triple H’s right leg and locks in the submission hold ... ANKLE LOCK! KURT ANGLE HAS THE ANKLE LOCK IN PLACE! Triple H is anguished in pain as he desperately tries to reach the ropes but Angle grapevines the hold and makes it doubly difficult for Triple H to drag himself towards the ropes. Triple H is refusing to tap out but King suggests that he would be better tapping out now and being 100% healthy for the Royal Rumble rather than trying to be a hero right now! Triple H is slowly dragging himself to the ropes, can he make it? Hunter’s head lowers down onto the mat, he is fading now and Angle is desperately trying to wrench the hold in even more. Triple H makes one last attempt ... AND MAKES THE ROPES! The referee tells Angle to release the hold to the despair of the Olympian. He doesn’t release immediately and a few RAW superstars make a move towards the ring to force the release. However, Angle reluctantly does as asked and he lets go of Hunter’s ankle. As the referee checks on his opponent, Angle reflects on what just happened and he steels himself for another attempt at finishing off Triple H and earning his WWE Championship shot.

As Hunter slowly gets up, Angle wastes no time and he hits a chop block to the back of Triple H’s calf that sends him crashing back down. Angle grabs Triple H again and looks to lock in the Ankle Lock once again. However, Triple H grabs the ropes early and refuses to let Angle drag him away from them. Angle is getting desperate it seems and he starts kicking away at the shoulders and arms of Triple H until he releases the ropes despite the warnings from the referee. Angle manages to force Hunter to let go and drags him to the centre of the ring where he prepares for another Angle Slam. Triple H staggers to his feet and Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Triple H wriggles clear ... Counter from Triple H ... ANGLE SLAM! TRIPLE H HITS THE ANGLE SLAM TO KURT ANGLE!

Amazing! Triple H used a desperation move as he used Angle’s own move to take out his opponent and keep himself in the contest. Triple H crawls over to Angle who is dazed now and he makes the cover as he looks to get the important win ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Kurt Angle!

Triple H gets to his feet and he looks down on Kurt who is slowly getting up as well. As Angle gets up, Triple H manages to grab his head and shoves it between his legs as the crowd go wild at what is coming. Hooking the arms, Triple H has Angle where he wants him ... PEDIGREE! TRIPLE H HITS THE PEDIGREE! Triple H hooks the leg ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **

TRIPLE H (9:34)

As the rest of the RAW roster begin to gradually leave the ring and head towards the backstage again, Triple H and Kurt Angle are laid on the mat after a hard fought contest that has ended with Hunter ensuring a one on one match between himself and Wade Barrett at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Triple H is first to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and he looks relieved to have pulled out the win as he turns to face Barrett who is still mouthing off on commentary. With Barrett happy to be one on one with Hunter at the Rumble, he begins to mock Angle on commentary and declares himself correct over the ‘past it’ comments he made about the Olympic gold medal winner; he also claims that he will prove that Triple H’s time in the WWE is over when he defeats him for the WWE Championship in two weeks at the Rumble. Hunter smirks at Barrett and points to the WWE Championship belt and signals that he will win the title before heading back towards Angle who is recovering from the Pedigree and getting to his feet. Kurt looks disappointed and he appears to be unhappy with himself as he props himself up on the ropes. Triple H advances towards him and offers his hand out to Angle and the WWE Universe cheer this show of respect from Hunter. However, Angle, the disappointment in his eyes still clear, looks at the outstretched hand of Triple H and then opts to ignore it as he chooses to exit the ring instead. Angle begins to walk up the ramp and doesn’t look back as he shakes his head in disappointment, despite JR reminding us that he is now a guaranteed entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Hunter looks out at Angle walking away and shrugs his shoulders as if to say he tried. There is a commotion in the arena as the WWE Universe realise that Wade Barrett is sneaking up behind Triple H as well now. However, Hunter spins around and sees Barrett coming. He locks eyes with the WWE Champions and dares him to try it on right here, right now. Barrett, caught out by Hunter turning around, decides to back off and he slides between the ropes and out of the ring where he begins to walk out of the arena staring at his challenger at the Royal Rumble. JR and King suggest that Barrett may have to fight this one face to face with Triple H and King says that he believes we will have a new WWE Champion as RAW fades out with Barrett holding the championship belt up on the stage for all to see and Triple H nodding his head with belief that he will win that title in Cleveland, Ohio ...

***** END OF SHOW *****


Wade Barrett (c) vs. Triple H

CM Punk (c) vs. Christian

Major Broskis (c) vs. British Empire vs. Cryme Tyme vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry vs. Hart Dynasty vs. Usos

30-man Royal Rumble match
Winner will get to challenge for WWE/World Championship at WrestleMania 27
Confirmed Entrants: Big Show, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Sheamus
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