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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

If Taker/HHH was indeed the plan since last year, I wonder if they were considering changing it to Punk/HHH once Punk's popularity blew up. I mean, with the way their feud ended and the way they were going with it, it looked like that was the way they were going. I mean why else have HHH pointlessly beat CM Punk when it was Punk who really could've used the win unless they were saving it for Mania? I don't know how long it was planned for Jericho to come back but if it was after NoC, then WWE probably figured they could do a whole "Best in the World" storyline and tie it in with the WWE Title in hopes that would boost the WWE Title's credibility in some people's eyes. Then they decided to just put back on the plan for Taker/HHH.

The only question is then what would've happened with Taker? Would he have indeed faced Mark Henry like it was rumored? Would he have faced someone like Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes and get them over majorly by having them challenge the streak? I mean there's so many possibilities to all ends. I think if they really stress the fact to the casuals that the title "Best in the World" is synonymous with the WWE Title and that is what the whole Punk/Jericho feud revolves around, it could help the WWE Title's credibility to the casuals. But then the problem is the feud won't even be in the three biggest matches on the card if Show/Shaq does happen. So that makes it hard enough to take it as "Two of the best fighting to see who the best in the world at wrestling is!" I think it's possible, but it'll be very difficult with three bigger matches on the card. Maybe if it was just Rock/Cena as the only bigger match it could work, but Taker/HHH and now possibly Show/Shaq just makes it seem like a middle of the card match.

Punk/HHH would've obviously helped Punk out a lot more than Punk/Jericho, and plus if they did that and went with Taker/Jericho, those two matches are about equal in starpower, drawing, and importance so neither of them would look like a "middle of the card" match. It would be like there were four big matches, rather than just three, and the WWE Title match would be one of those big matches.

This all being said, I suspect match quality wise Punk/Jericho is the best option of the bunch, and Taker/HHH they could make another "drama-filled" match like last year. I couldn't see Punk/HHH or Taker/Jericho being as good or dramatic as the two they put on. So at least that's one thing good that came out of all of this.

Haha, true. Of course, the actual complex seedling of a storyline they had with Triple H as COO with the cryptic "Conspiracy" and Awesome Truth and Miz and Laurinaitis and who was pulling Johnny Ace's strings and who was really out to sabotage Punk and could Del Rio be the new Corporate Champion and when was Stephanie going to come back with a vengeance to derail Punk for what Punk did to her father and how he disrespected her and her husband and what was the Bigger Picture of Nexus and why did they bury The Undertaker and who the Anonymous GM was and how did that tie into Triple H as COO and why did Awesome Truth help both sides in the Triple H/Punk war at Night of Champions and why did they never develop the Punk/Trips relationship and why did Punk never get revenge on Nash and why did they have to have Nash and Triple H feud and did Nash really text himself and who brought Nash in and what kind of alliance did Laurinaitis create with Vickie Guerrero and was Dolph Ziggler being groomed all along to overthrow Punk and why was Laurinaitis so wishy-washy with Awesome Truth and are we all supposed to forgive the roster, the announcers and the cameramen for bailing on Triple H and was that leading anywhere and was there ever a "Conspiracy" in the first place and what could have happened if Triple H turned heel at some point this late fall/early winter or thereabouts and who is the girl in the Jericho videos and what kind of relationship does he have with Johnny Ace and is Jericho being deployed to take out Punk for a Higher Power and is Vince going to return and what if Stephanie were back so I could look at her was kind of all thrown in the fireplace, or so it seems.
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