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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
Haha, true. Of course, the actual complex seedling of a storyline they had with Triple H as COO with the cryptic "Conspiracy" and Awesome Truth and Miz and Laurinaitis and who was pulling Johnny Ace's strings and who was really out to sabotage Punk and could Del Rio be the new Corporate Champion and when was Stephanie going to come back with a vengeance to derail Punk for what Punk did to her father and how he disrespected her and her husband and what was the Bigger Picture of Nexus and why did they bury The Undertaker and who the Anonymous GM was and how did that tie into Triple H as COO and why did Awesome Truth help both sides in the Triple H/Punk war at Night of Champions and why did they never develop the Punk/Trips relationship and why did Punk never get revenge on Nash and why did they have to have Nash and Triple H feud and did Nash really text himself and who brought Nash in and what kind of alliance did Laurinaitis create with Vickie Guerrero and was Dolph Ziggler being groomed all along to overthrow Punk and why was Laurinaitis so wishy-washy with Awesome Truth and are we all supposed to forgive the roster, the announcers and the cameramen for bailing on Triple H and was that leading anywhere and was there ever a "Conspiracy" in the first place and what could have happened if Triple H turned heel at some point this late fall/early winter or thereabouts and who is the girl in the Jericho videos and what kind of relationship does he have with Johnny Ace and is Jericho being deployed to take out Punk for a Higher Power and is Vince going to return and what if Stephanie were back so I could look at her was kind of all thrown in the fireplace, or so it seems.

Ouch. Just reading that hurts my head both from laughter and stupidity. I mean Jesus Christ. I'm amazed anybody in that company can ever walk out the door and make it to work in the morning they're all so damn aimless. Although to be fair to them, I guess half of that stuff was speculated by us lol.
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