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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by jblvdx View Post
The overrun mainevent of last weeks show drew a 3.4 which Punk was involved in and got top billing for.

The overrun segment of this weeks which had longer overun benefitting it only drew a 3.14 rating

So Punk is partly responsible for the higher rating last week. And yes he is partly responsible for the low rating this week. I just cant stand the short term memory loss peopel have on this thread where a man who cosistently drew good and healthy numbers for weeks has been immediately discounted because of the bad numbers he drew in one show.

This doesnt even make sense. If punk is responsible for the increase then how come the next week he loses viewers in two different segments the same night?

Punk is not the rock, there is no way he can be responsible for viewership increase. It was probably because of no competition on that night.

Originally Posted by lisa12000 View Post
Christ this thread hurts my brain!! It really is ridiculous that people attribute low segments to one person alone (especially if this is a person they dont like!) Punk is obviously not the best draw in the world atm, but he certainly isnt the worst by a long way! Lets face facts, who he is fighting is partly to blame for the low rating; Lets not forget that Miz has been buried over the last few weeks, he had a poor opening segment in the debate, he was the one that botched last week, he hasnt won a match for god knows how long - who would be overly interested in seeing a match with him at this present time esp when we consider that he was "apparently" responsible for low ratings and buy rates in the past!

If you look at it logically, Punk has been getting consistently decent (note i said decent not brilliant) figures over the last few weeks, and then all of a sudden he drops markedly this week? whats the difference? in previous weeks there has been a storyline, something to grab the interest of the viewer (champion vs champion, lauranitis, jericho etc) this week? a random pre EC match with someone who people seem to have little interest in!! He has been booked terribly, in my opinion, since he became champion again, there has been very few storylines to get interested in, although i am of the opinion he would be better dropping the title as he seems better when hes chasing rather than holding the title

Oh btw, for saying this is a pretty anti Cena forum, who do you think they will go with if they decide Punk isnt drawing therefore should drop the title? For those who think it will be Jericho youre living in a dreamworld! Hes leaving not long after WM so why will they give him the title in the long run? he will probably get it for the month run up to EM and thats it! Yep, it will go back to Mr "ratings" (this is partly sarcastic) John Cena! And lets see the forum explode with rage if that happens!!!

Now i will get off this thread before my brain explodes with annoyance over some of the stupid, illogical posts on here
Actually The Miz was drawing good numbers, better than WWE champion punk, until WWE creative mauled him. Even as part of awesome truth he drew around 400k in his segments while punk was still struggling to draw.
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