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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 17th November 2008
Osaka-jo Hall
Tokyo, Japan

A recap of last week’s main event was shown where The Big Show took on Triple H in a non-title match, ending in a disqualification against the new WWE Champion, Triple H after a low blow to avoid a chokeslam. The Game wasn’t done there and went looking for his sledgehammer, and just as he was about to hammer The World’s Largest Athlete right in the skull, ‘The Animal’ Batista’s music hit and he stormed the ring, ducking the onrushing Triple H before taking him down with a monster of a spear to a massive pop. He wasn’t done and went right back after the man who took his title 24 hours earlier at Survivor Series, dragging him right back up before planting him with the Batista Bomb. The incredibly intense former WWE Champion pulled off his T-shirt and threw it in to the cheering crowd as the show then drew to a close with Batista staring down at The Game, lying flat on his back.

The show started to a massive roar when “In the End” played and ‘The Animal’ Batista walked out to the stage with Japanese flags either side of it. He stopped & stared in to the deafening crowd before heading down the ramp looking like he had business on his mind. After picking a microphone up off the apron as he entered the ring, the former WWE Champion told the Japanese fans that he didn’t need to tell them what happened at Survivor Series because everyone knew that Triple H beat him to take away his WWE title.

He then said that he didn’t need to tell them that he didn’t need to tell them what happened last week on Raw because they just saw it, reminding them how he left The Game flat on his back in the middle of the ring. He told them that it felt good and he sent Triple H a message that he’s not going to watch him parade around with the title that would still be his had The King of Kings not resorted to using a sledgehammer at Survivor Series to beat him.

The Animal quickly went on to say that he had a rematch and he’s going to get his title back. That brought out the WWE Champion, Triple H to a ton of heat. With “The Game” playing, he headed down to the ring and went nose to nose with Batista, staring right in to each other’s eyes before going to get a microphone of his own. He told Batista that he expected a reaction and he got the message loud & clear about wanting his title back, but he told The Animal that he might have a rematch, but it doesn’t mean he’ll get his title back because he won’t.

He said that he would beat him anytime any place like he did at Survivor Series, even later on that night, going on to say that like he did to Ric Flair and now Randy Orton, he’d put Batista on the shelf, telling him to forget being WWE Champion ever again. Batista fired back and told The Game that he wasn’t intimidated by him one bit and if he wanted the rematch later on, that was more than fine with him, then dared him to take him out too.

They both dropped their microphones and went face to face again, talking smack at each other when Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff purposefully walked out to the stage with a microphone in hand, not looking at all happy at the prospect of them going at it. He told them both to pipe down and forget about a rematch taking place later on but said that the rematch will happen in five weeks at Night of Champions, getting a big pop after initial disappointment from the Japanese fans.

Bischoff then told them that he was going to give the locals what they wanted as Batista & Triple H were going to compete against each other in the main event with Triple H teaming up with The Miz to take on the team of Batista & The Undertaker. The crowd loved that and Bischoff left Batista & Triple H staring intently at each other with “Back in Black” playing.

{Commercial Break}

*The Opening Match*
Homicide w/JTG vs. Orlando Jordan

Homicide started the match the stronger, but Jordan fought his way back in to it, coming close to the victory after hitting a shoulder jawbreaker. Homicide got his shoulder up though, and frustration got the better of OJ. He missed with a leg drop bulldog, the Miami Hangover and paid the price. With JTG, his former mentor urging him on in his corner, Homicide nailed Jordan as he made his way back up with the West Brooklyn Lariat.

Jordan was all over the place and Homicide took full advantage as Jordan bravely clawed his way back up. OJ was in a spin and as he turned round, the Brooklyn native levelled him with a running arched big boot, turning the lights out on OJ. Homicide dragged him back up and wrapped up the win courtesy of the Gringo Killa, a back to back double underhook piledriver.

After the match was done though and Homicide got his arm raised by the ref, JTG stepped inside the ring and tried to offer his former rookie his congratulations. Homicide wanted no part of it and unapologetically shrugged his way past JTG, heading straight back up the ramp, confusing the hell out of his former mentor and getting a negative reaction from the Japanese fans.

Winner: Homicide by pinfall.

Back in his office, Eric Bischoff was in his office on his cell phone, and just as he ended his call, Carlito and his brother, Eddie Colon walked in to the room. Carlito was in positive mood and told Bischoff how they’d talked about him getting a shot at Sheamus’s Intercontinental Championship before Survivor Series and how he wanted that shot later on. Bischoff said he remembered what they said but asked Carlito if he thought the timing was right after Sheamus lost for the first time week, reminding him how angry The Celtic Warrior got. Carlito wasn’t worried at all and said he was going to strike while the iron was hot, surprising Bischoff who told Carlito that if that’s what he wanted, it was fine by him after he played his part in Team Raw’s victory over Smackdown at Survivor Series.

He wished him luck which Carlito appreciated before leaving the room in positive spirit with Eddie, but as soon as he left, a very angry Ted DiBiase barged right in. Bischoff wasn’t best pleased to see him to say the least and Ted asked him what he was playing at putting him in a pointless tag team match last week, letting Bischoff know how he took The Undertaker to the limit 24 hours earlier. Bischoff put him in his place and told him that what he did at Survivor Series was irrelevant, reminding him that he lost both matches and telling him that he had to deliver week in week out if he wants to be the star that he thinks he is and that he isn’t going to get opportunities handed to him on a plate.

He then told DiBiase that if he wanted to be Raw’s next superstar he needs to go prove it or keep his mouth shut. DiBiase didn’t look happy at all, and it got worse for him when Bischoff said that he was going to give Ted the chance to prove himself next week against The Undertaker, not going down well with DiBiase either who turned round and stormed out of the office, much to the amusement of Bischoff.

A video of Kelly Kelly was shown as she made her way through the back, headed to the ring to take on Queen Kong in her debut match on Raw.

{Commercial Break}

Todd Grisham
conducted an interview backstage with the team of Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig, asking them about their match later on with The Big Show & Justin Gabriel and if they’d bitten off more than they can chew after Cody attacked Show’s former rookie last week after he defeated Hennig. The very smug Cody asked Todd if he knew who they were and what they’re made of, reminding him that they both come from iconic wrestling families.

He also talked about how both their fathers are in the Hall of Fame and how they were inducted in the same year, then stating that he & Joe too will join them one day in that elite group. With Grisham not looking as if he was buying it, Cody continued, saying that The Big Show might be the largest athlete in the world, but said it was just a title. He went on to say that he & Hennig were born to succeed, to climb to the very top and it was in their genes to do just that, and later on they were going to defy the odds and slay the giant.

*Match 2*
Kelly Kelly vs. Queen Kong

Kelly quickly found herself in a whole world of trouble with Kong meaning business from the moment she stepped out to the stage. She was menacing throughout and wasted no time in destroying Kelly, squashing her with the body avalanche, resulting in Kelly falling forward, flat on her face. Kong wasn’t done punishing her and finished the job with the Amazing Bomb, a sit-out powerbomb for the comfortable debut victory.

The Women’s Champion, Melina & Gail Kim were shown watching in the back as the referee bravely & hesitantly raised Kong’s arm, getting a dark stare from her in the process. She then left the ring, turning her head to look at Kelly flat out before walking back up the ramp, still very menacing as she stared in to the crowd.

Winner: Queen Kong by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

*Match 3*
Team Omega (Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms) w/Shannon Moore
vs. The Epitome of Excellence (Christopher Daniels & Kaval)

The new World Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio & Mystico were watching from the announce table with JR & King as the two losing teams at the Survivor Series went head to head. Daniels & Kaval kept glancing across at them with Rey speaking highly of both teams, staring back at Daniels & Kaval on numerous occasions. It was Daniels & Kaval that started the stronger, gaining the ascendancy early on.

Team Omega didn’t lie down and came back firing at them to the delight of the crowd, and as the match entered its closing stages, Hardy looked on the verge of winning the match when he dodged the Warrior’s Way from Kaval and planted him with the Side Effect. Kaval got his shoulder up but Matt took it on the chin and urged him up for the Twist of Fate. A distraction from Daniels though put the brakes on for Matt & Helms, and the latter entered the ring to take Daniels out of the equation.

He connected with a clothesline to send them both over the top and down to the floor. Matt went back to work on Kaval and pulled him up from his knees, getting a surprise as Kaval caught him off guard with a hard right hand to the gut before whipping him in to the corner. Matt reversed it though and charged at him, nailing him with a clothesline and held on to Kaval’s head to run out of the corner and take him down with a running bulldog.

As Daniels & Helms made their way back up on the outside, Matt went to the second rope and hit a diving leg drop on Kaval, getting a two count. On the outside, Daniels reversed Helms’ attempt to send him in to the steps, taking Helms out of the equation. Daniels turned his head to see Matt once again getting ready for the Twist of Fate, and he dived in the ring under the bottom rope in a flash. Matt wasn’t happy at all, and with the ref they tried to get him out, telling him to get back on the apron as Kaval pulled his way back up to his feet.

Daniels was watching him and kept arguing, and as Kaval was back up, he stepped back through the ropes. Matt turned back round and fell victim to the Tidal Wave, a springboard roundhouse kick, enough for the Epitome of Excellence to secure a big victory in front of the tag champs. After being announced the winners, Daniels & Kaval turned their attention to the champions at the announce table, signalling they want the titles around their waist with Rey & Mystico staring back intently at them.

Winners: The Epitome of Excellence by pinfall.

Justin Gabriel was leaving his locker room with his now former mentor, The Big Show, both ready for action. Gabriel thanked Show for saving his ass last week, saying that he didn’t need to do it since he’s not his mentor anymore. Show told him not to mention it and that even though he’s no longer officially his rookie, it doesn’t mean he’s not going to look out for him anymore. He told Gabriel that he’ll always have his back and that he doesn’t like guys like Cody Rhodes going round doing whatever they want, saying that Cody picked the wrong guy.

Gabriel then stopped & pointed down the hall, then the camera panned to show the WWE Champion, Triple H walking in their direction. The Game didn’t stop and asked them if they had a problem, and Show sure did, staring at him angrily. He told Triple H that had it not been for Batista last week, he’d have got a sledgehammer smashed in his face. He then told The Game that he’s going to regret not hitting him, then called him a coward for how he won the title and got himself disqualified last week when he had him beat.

Triple H said that was Show’s opinion, but The World’s Largest Athlete let him know in no uncertain terms that when Batista’s done with him after Night of Champions, he’ll be going after him whether he’s champion or not. The Game didn’t look intimidated despite Show’s obvious clear intent, and the WWE Champion simply told him to get in line before heading up off the hallway, leaving Show & Gabriel unimpressed.

{Commercial Break}

We got a recap of last week’s match between Justin Gabriel & Joe Hennig where Gabriel came out on top, only to get jumped by Rhodes after the bell before The Big Show made the save, seeing off the angry Cody as well as Hennig.

*Match 4*
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel
vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig

Cody may have been regretting his words from earlier on as they quickly found out it wasn’t going to be to easy to slay the giant. They did however do a good job in isolating his former rookie, and the South African struggled to get his partner back in to the action. He managed to turn the tables though when he countered a running cross body attempt from Hennig with a standing dropkick.

Gabriel followed it up with a top rope springboard moonsault, only enough for a two count. He then tagged Show in to the match and the seven foot plus giant quickly took control back, and from then on it looked like it was only a matter of time. It proved to be the case, and despite Cody’s attempts to save his partner from a chokeslam, he ran right in to a knockout punch that put him down & out.

Hennig tried to take advantage of the distraction but couldn’t. Show found himself on the end of a couple of forearm shots, but he easily reversed an irish whip before grabbing him around the throat one more time, this time connecting with the chokeslam to pick up the win, celebrating with Gabriel afterwards along with the satisfied Japanese crowd.

Winners: The Big Show & Justin Gabriel by pinfall.

The Miz was interviewed by Todd Grisham, and Mr. Hollywood was not in a good mood whatsoever. Todd asked him how he felt about teaming up with the WWE Champion, Triple H later on in the main event against Batista & The Undertaker. The Miz strongly said that he’s finally main eventing Raw like he should be and that people all over the world need to realise how a big of a star he is. He also said that he’s aware of how people have been talking about how his team lost to Shawn Michaels’ at Survivor Series, but he said they were just jealous and it wasn’t his fault he was let down by a team of losers and how that wouldn’t be an issue later on.

He was then asked by Todd about facing The Undertaker again after walking out on their match last week, getting himself counted out, but The Miz said that he didn’t need to answer that and walked away. Todd then turned to the camera and said that like last week, The Miz once again, was walking away. Unfortunately for Grisham, The Miz heard exactly what he said and came storming back in to the shot, grabbing Todd with both hands and asking him if he wanted to repeat what he said.

It was met with no response from Grisham who was panicking big time, and Miz told him to apologise, still holding him by the shirt with both hands. Todd did what he was told and said he was sorry with Miz then slowly letting go, but still glaring at the worried interviewer. He then feigned a right hand before turning round angrily and walking out of the shot, leaving Grisham standing there looking like he crapped his pants.

A split screen with the relaxed Carlito and his brother, Eddie Colon on one side and the very serious looking Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus was shown as they made their way through the back with their Intercontinental title match coming up after the break.

{Commercial Break}

>Coming Soon!<

We got a recap from last week where the gloating Team Raw captain & Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus was bragging about leading his team to victory over Smackdown before extending an open challenge to anyone in the back. Kofi Kingston took up the challenge and the fired-up Jamaican was on fire in what was a very competitive non-title match, ending in an upset when Kofi caught him with Trouble in Paradise, leading to a furious reaction from Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior begged him to get back in the ring and dared him to beat him again, claiming he couldn’t and called him gutless when Kofi laughed at him and headed back up the ramp.

In the arena, Sheamus made his way down the ring with a face like thunder, but it got worse as Carlito with his brother, Eddie Colon walked out to the stage. With a microphone in hand, the very relaxed Puerto Rican taunted the Intercontinental Champion, asking him how it felt to be a loser before telling him that he was going to lose again and lose the Intercontinental title at the same time. Sheamus then grabbed a microphone and urged Carlito to shut his mouth and get his ass down to the ring, which he did looking very confident with the extremely pumped-up Irishman watching his every step.

*Match 5*
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito w/Eddie Colon vs. Sheamus (c)

The loss last week sure affected The Celtic Warrior with the no longer undefeated Irishman getting hot & bothered very easily. After a warning to open up his fists by the referee, he got in to it with him, giving Carlito the opportunity to recover. The challenger took the chance, and he stuck on in there with Sheamus all the way, coming within a split second of winning the title when he ducked a Brogue Kick and sent the Irishman spiralling down to the mat with the Overdrive.

Unfortunately for Carlito it wasn’t enough as Sheamus got his shoulder up just before the ref could count to three, leaving both the Colon brothers disappointed. The Puerto Rican shrugged off the disappointment and urged the struggling champion to pick himself back up, stalking him for the Backstabber with Sheamus using the ropes to help him up. Carlito couldn’t wait any longer and went to the ropes, looking to hit the Backstabber, but Sheamus held on to the top rope and the challenger fell to the mat.

Sheamus smirked and pulled Carlito up from his knees to set him up for the High Cross. Carlito though slid down his back to safety and clubbed him across the back to put Sheamus down on to one knee. The fans were cheering as the focused Carlito ran past him in to the ropes, hitting a springboard for a back elbow smash, but Sheamus dodged it by stepping to the side.

The Celtic Warrior was incredibly intense, shimmying round the mat as he watched Carlito claw his way back up, and as soon as Carlito was back on his feet, Sheamus charged at him and took his head off with one hell of a Brogue Kick to retain his title to the disappointment of Eddie and the fans. Sheamus stood defiantly in the middle of the ring as he got his arm raised by the referee with the Irishman lifting his title high up in the air in his other hand.

As he then turned round and saw Carlito flat on his back, Sheamus dropped his title and walked over to his beaten opponent to drag him back up to his feet, setting him up again for the High Cross. His music cut and he stared in to the crowd sadistically, getting ready to slam Carlito in to the canvas again. Just as he was going to lift him up off his feet, “S.O.S” hit & Kofi Kingston charged down the ramp to a massive pop.

Sheamus was livid and he tossed Carlito aside, getting ready for Kofi’s arrival. The Jamaican slid in the ring and ducked the onrushing Irishman before hitting a springboard cross body, and as soon as both men made their way back up, Kofi levelled him with the Trouble in Paradise to another massive roar from the Japanese fans. Kofi stood up and his music hit again, staring down at the fallen Intercontinental Champion with Eddie checking on Carlito.

Winner: By pinfall, and still the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus.

A shot of Batista walking with purpose through the back, game face on with the main event up after the final commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Sheamus was shown walking backstage, not at all happy with the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder, and after walking past Eugene & Goldust, he heard them laughing. He wasn’t amused and turned back to ask them what they laughing at, whether they laughing at his expense and if they think he’s joke, then telling them that they need to look in a mirror. Having given them his two cents, he turned round only to hear them laughing again.

He lost it and flew at them, dropping his belt to pummel the both of them, firing Eugene in to the wall before putting the boots to Goldust. That was until Eugene’s uncle, Eric Bischoff arrived on the scene, yelling at Sheamus to pack it in. The Head of Authority was furious and asked him what the hell he was doing, getting a response from the Irishman that no one calls him a joke, stating that they certainly won’t call him one again, and neither will Kofi when gets his hands on him.

Bischoff told him that he won’t get his hands on anyone if he goes round attacking people like his nephew because he’s got no problem dealing with him even though he led Raw to victory at Survivor Series. He told Sheamus not to take that night for granted and reminded him that at the end of the day he’s just another superstar like everyone else, telling him to remember that and to get out of his face before he did something he’d regret. Sheamus was pissed but did the sensible thing and walked away as Bischoff checked on Eugene as both he & Goldust tried to sit up.

*The Main Event*
Batista & The Undertaker
vs. Triple H & The Miz

All four men were bang up for this one from the moment the bell rang, but it was Batista who was out to make a statement and he took it right to Triple H & The Miz. Mr. Hollywood was in serious danger of tasting defeat after being caught with a spinebuster. The Game though saved the day, causing a distraction when Batista was all set to finish The Miz off. His attention was quickly gained by the WWE Champion as he stepped inside the ring, and The Animal wanted a piece of him, turning his back on The Miz.

It gave The Miz the chance to sneak up behind when Triple H did leave the ring, taking Batista down with a neckbreaker. The Miz couldn’t finish off The Animal and gave his partner the chance. Triple H couldn’t either, failing to hit the Pedigree after Batista countered with a back body drop and then a spear, getting a close two count. The Undertaker & The Miz were brought in to the action and The Dead-Man had the match in the palm of his hand after a chokeslam.

As he then scooped Miz up in to his place for the Tombstone Piledriver, The Game slipped in the ring and pulled his partner down before taking The Undertaker down with a spinning spinebuster. Batista raced through the ropes to get at the WWE Champion, knocking him down with a right hand and then clotheslining him down to the floor. Taker then tagged Batista back in with The Miz clawing his way back up, getting sent straight back down courtesy of a clothesline and then a diving shoulder tackle.

The Animal caught him with a spinning side slam and another spinebuster before shaking the ropes in a frenzy, getting ready for the Batista Bomb. The Game stepped back up on to the apron, but he wasn’t there for long as Batista ran across and knocked him right back down before turning his attention back to The Miz and sending him crashing down in to the canvas with the Batista Bomb to a huge pop, picking up the win for him & The Undertaker.

The fans loved it as “In the End” played and Batista hit the second rope, posing for the crowd as Taker stepped in the ring. The Game sat up on the outside, looking up at the fired-up Animal, staring right back at him as the show came to a close in Japan with The Animal & The Game staring right at each other.

Winners: Batista & The Undertaker by pinfall.

{End of Show}

Quick Results

Homicide df. Orlando Jordan
Queen Kong
df. Kelly Kelly
The Epitome of Excellence
df. Team Omega
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel
df. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig
df. Carlito
Batista & The Undertaker
df. Triple H & The Miz

Superstars Tapings
John Morrison df. Zack Ryder
Melina & Gail Kim
df. The Bella Twins


>Confirmed for Night of Champions<

Sunday December 21st 2008 (34 Days)
Location: Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, Ohio)

WWE Championship
Batista vs. Triple H (c)

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