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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Feedback

I mentioned in your feedback for Smackdown how I like the unconventional openings to a show so I was a big fan of this with Miz here. The whole story he was portraying here was excellent, wanting that thrill, striving for that thrill that he always felt he would get coming into the WWE but not finding it despite all heís done was excellent. I liked how you brought up the fact that not only the people rejected him but how the whole locker room did the same thing, makes you realise heís had to fight his way through so much even when getting here to earn some respect. ĎIím never letting go of this belt, because if I donít get a thrill Ė this is the closest thing I have to oneí, I absolutely loved this line, it was perfect for what this whole segment was about I felt. Really strong way to open the show, making sure the focus is still on him despite such a huge main event is great as I know that the WWE in real life would make Miz a complete afterthought if Cena/Hunter was the main event on the show.

An as expected victory for Ziggler here but at least Smith didnít look too bad here. Zigglerís little speech here was decent, very much in character and I laughed when he said get a dictionary, thatís such a typical off the cuff Ziggler comment. The boring, bland face character the WWE gave Bryan here will leave you with a few problems until you can build him up fully which I expect you to do so in due time. Thatís the only reason why I wasnít too keen on Bryan here, it was just standard stuff, I didnít like the comment of Bryan stating he didnít think Ziggler was ready, then saying yeah Ziggler won but he wasnít even trying. Well thatís kind of Zigglerís thing isnít it? Heís s good, he doesnít need to try. Things picked up again when Ziggler got involved, again more nice cocky little comments from him, the taste in women was a nice ohhhhh line. Nice close to this segment, not letting the pair brawl was smart as it leaves a lot to be excited for come Sunday. Good stuff on the whole here.

Interesting little exchange here with Sheamus and Black. Not sure whether this will lead to anything but adds to this bully side of Sheamus at the minute.

Decent match up here between DZP and Truth/Curtis. Pleased to see you building some teams and allowing them the time to go out and do their thing, take note WWE. Iím not too keen on Curtis from what I have seen of him, again thatís probably WWEís fault but a team with him and Truth as was supposed to be could do wonders for him and also allow Truth to do something meaningful so Iím all for this.

Nice line from JoMo here, simple yet effective.

Big win for Morrison here over a very valiant Regal as ever. Iíve no doubts these two would put on a real cracker but I donít blame you for not giving us more from this, very challenging, even tedious at times to keep on writing out TV matches.

Aftermath was the more important factor here and Morrison showing a bit more aggression here in almost demanding a title shot was pleasing to see. Loved the way you wrote Sheamus here, the way you add his accent to things is good reading. When Melina got involved in this I wondered where we were heading but as soon as Eve came out I realised exactly where and itís a nice match to add to a highly entertaining card and itís something a little different too which is always refreshing. Enjoyed the ending with the heels getting the upper hand on the faces, gives them some strong momentum heading into Extreme Rules.

Typical Cena here. Hate his character, his over the top routine but you wrote it well and thatís the main thing, did itís job in hyping Extreme Rules more than the main event tonight which isnít a bad thing.

Always, always gonna be an Orton victory here but seemed a decent contest and at least DiBiase looked somewhat credible here. Main talking point is of course Punk and the attack afterwards, expected it to be honest but Orton escaping his clutches was a nice little twist as Punk then heads off and it builds the tension now heading into Sunday, really giving the fans that urge to see the two tear into one another when they do meet. I wouldíve liked to see something a bit more from the two ahead of such a huge showdown but I do understand why you kept it fairly simple.

Great run down of the card here and some highly entertaining banter from Matthews and Cole.

Tyson Kidd vs. Santino Marella on Raw, never thought Iíd be seeing that, be it on my TV or on BTB but great to see Tyson giving a good showing AND getting a win to match. A slow push would be great to see.

This interview was much better than the Cena one I felt. Trips was pretty spot on throughout and his whole thanking Cena for last week, despite the AA had some solid reasoning behind it. Making sure he didnít forget Miz too was a good touch.

Main event time and as expected some really nice exchanges from both in this one. Theyíve produced strong outings in the past and here would appear to have been no different. The Figure Four and then STFU were nicely done, both men trading blows so to speak but surviving. Very fitting ending, Miz and Riley were always going to get involved and itís smart to have Miz escape here tonight without getting his backside handed to him. Cena wielding the chair and Trips the sledgehammer with Miz being his cowardly self was a great shot to close the show as it just portrays whatís sure to happen come Sunday.

A very enjoyable read as ever Melvis. Really liked the main event, some strong action from both men and Miz again came out looking good from this show, the promo at the start was very good and the ending, despite him running away, was fitting for him as he leaves having one upped both men here tonight. I think youíre starting to rally put your stamp on the show now, moving away from the WWE storylines that you almost had to continue following Mania, seeing Kidd, Curtis/Truth etc getting time to shine is great and long may that continue in terms of building others once Extreme Rules is done and dusted with. Really looking forward to Smackdown and of course the big one itself.
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