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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>New Cruiserweight Champion Crowned!<

We were left wondering three weeks ago whether J-Red would’ve defeated Johnny Jeter to become the new Cruiserweight Champion had it not been for his then bitter mentor’s despicable actions to make sure that didn’t happen.

However last night we were left with no doubt when he battled it out with Jeter with the title up for grabs, a week after defeating Chavo, and he was victorious again to win his first title in the WWE. Red has wowed the fans ever since debuting as Chavo’s rookie earlier this year, and last night he picked up another impressive victory, his most important to date. He wasn’t able to enjoy it though as Chavo made his presence felt again, storming the ring immediately after the match to attack Red, leaving the new champion flat on his back.

It certainly seems that Guerrero can’t get his former rookie out of his head, and it’s fair to say that Red will struggle to get that out of his head on what was supposed to be the best night of his career.

>Four Men Closer to Title Clash at Night of Champions!<

Red’s victory last night didn’t just see him become the new Cruiserweight Champion as he & Jeter were competing in a 24 man tournament to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Tazz decided that he was going to give as many of the Smackdown locker room as possible a chance to fight for the world title at the end of year pay-per-view, stating that there will be a series of 12 matches over three weeks with each winner going on to compete in four triple threat matches, and the final four men will then meet in an elimination match to decide who will challenge CM Punk on December 21st in Cleveland.

John Cena was one of those men looking to advance and he did, overcoming Chris Jericho, which led to Jericho making a shocking announcement afterwards. There were also wins for Elijah Burke over Chris Masters and Edge defeated Bobby Lashley in a controversial match that ended in a disqualification going against Lashley when Edge brought a steel chair in to the ring. It was Edge however that advanced, and we can now confirm the next four matches that will take place next week when the WWE goes down under in Brisbane, Australia:

>New Tag Champions. . . Of Sorts!<

Last week we saw The Empire attack Harry Smith, resulting in him being taken to a local medical facility where it was later announced that he had broken his ankle as a result of the attack.

When Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre & William Regal walked in to Peoria last night, they demanded that Tazz strip The UK Pack of the titles with Smith out of action for an indefinite period. Smith’s partner, Paul Burchill made his way out along with Smith’s long term friend and former rookie, TJ Wilson and cousin, Natalya Neidhart. Burchill let his fellow Brits know exactly what he thought of them, calling them cowards for taking Smith out in the manner in which they did to try & give themselves a better chance of taking the titles.

Tazz however agreed with The Empire and stripped The UK Pack of the titles. He stripped Smith but not Burchill, deciding to hand Smith’s title temporarily to Wilson for him to defend on Smith’s behalf. It wasn’t a popular decision at all with The Empire, and even the new champions weren’t sure how to react to the news. The Smackdown General Manager also announced that next week, Burchill will face Regal and Wilson will take on Barrett with both matches being part of the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the world title at Night of Champions.

How will the new champions and their rivals fair next week when they collide head on?

>Jericho Quits & Punk Pushes His Luck!<

In a night of controversial moments & decisions, Chris Jericho shocked everyone when he let the world know just how much he despises John Cena being on Smackdown, deciding to leave Smackdown until Cena is no longer part of the locker room. Jericho made the bombshell after losing to Cena for the right to take on CM Punk at Night of Champions, and even the World Champion himself was shocked.

Punk was told to apologise for his own outburst at Cena last night by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. However he didn’t do as he was told, letting Stephanie know he didn’t feel the need to apologise or who it was he owed the apology to. He told her how Cena’s presence was negatively affecting the locker room, bringing up Jericho’s decision to take his ball and go home.

It didn’t end there though, not by a long shot, and as Stephanie continued to press for an apology, Punk uttered the words “I’m sorry” before instantly lifting her up for the Go To Sleep. For a moment it looked like the World Champion was going to do something he would surely regret, and for whatever reason, he chose not to and put Stephanie back down on her feet with a smile on his face. As you would expect, Stephanie wasn’t smiling, and neither was Tazz as he made his way out to make sure she was okay and see that the controversy ended there.

Will Jericho & Punk be regretting their decisions? Punk may have felt an apology wasn’t due last week but even he will surely understand that putting his hands on a McMahon is something he will quickly regret.

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