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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Agreed with Jawbreaker, everyone can like what they like but it does get annoying when one poster makes maybe a 2/3 paragraph post explaining what they disliked about the match, and which gives enough room for someone to pick apart each point and talk about it offering an alternative view...and then gets a 'well the counters were ace' response. If the counters looked slick and cool to you then that's perfectly fine, but it would be nice to expand upon that and talk about what specifically made the counters feel organinc and awesome to you.

The whole point of a forum is to discuss contrasting opinions and create good discussion, I understand people get bored of the same Angle/Eddie/Davey bashing but usually the sole reason the discussions get tedious isn't because its been discussed before..but rather only one side seems to be making valid points whereas the other side resorts to 'obvious troll is obvious' comments. I'm sure a lot of people remember that Davey discussion a couple of months back in here involving Capone, Crabtree, Legend, Bubz, Myself, Jawbreaker and maybe Seabs as well as Antonio, SuperduperSonic and possibly McQueen which basically broken down into numerous well made points about Davey being rejected by people saying it wasn't a discussion worth having.

Also Jawbreaker: don't think I've forgotten about all that prime Lawler I pimped to you months back, .
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