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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Originally Posted by Generation-Now View Post
lol he blindly defends Strong/Edwards the exact same way he's criticizing people for defending Strong/Richards. I mean, there's being an elitist douchebag, then there's being a walking contradiction...
how have I blindly defended Strong/Edwards? At no point did I ever pretend that it wasn't an overbooked clusterfuck with a whole bunch of stupid shit that dragged it down, but I'm not pretending it was ***** or even close to it. It was an okay match with some really stupid booking and needless shoehorning in of Truth Martini and Jim Cornette, made really good by Strong's fantastic heel performance. I've defended it at great length several times now, I've responded to criticism and explained why I don't agree, and nobody has said anything sufficiently convincing for me to change my mind (something I'm entirely open to doing and have done several times in the past).

Originally Posted by RawIsWar1991 View Post
I've defended my opinion countless times, but you two just can't let it set. I enjoyed the match because it had epic moves, counters and feel-good ending to boot. That's my explanation.

Not everyone is an '...but it's not my opinion, I'm right,' elitist douchebag virgin who hasn't seen sunlight in the last decade. Stop taking wrestling so seriously, and let other people enjoy which you can't seem to enjoy. You could use the old 'Only stupid people enjoyed that match' excuse, but guess what? Wrestling IS made for stupid people.
You haven't responded to any criticism. How is restating the same threadbare arguments "defending your opinion"? I've explained why the match was bad, and you're not responding to anything I'm saying, just throwing out tired clichés that reveal your ignorance.

And yes, wrestling was made for stupid people, but why does that mean it can't appeal to smart people as well? There's wrestling out there that does that, saying "wrestling is for idiots" doesn't make you right. You're allowed to enjoy bad wrestling, and I'm allowed to tell you the wrestling you like is bad. If you're interested in engaging in dialogue with the intention of furthering your understanding (something I did a whole lot when I first came here), I'd be glad to talk about wrestling with you. But if you're just going to tell people what you like, then why are you here? Nobody cares what you like if you're not willing to discuss it with people who disagree. Capone has radically different tastes from me, but he'll defend them well and make me think about them more than I normally would. Segunda Caida keeps pimping whatever lucha he likes (all of it seems to involve Black Terry) and even though I've never really liked lucha when I've watched it in the past, he's making me want to go and get into it. That's what this message board is for. Or should be for.

also, I find the personal jabs to be hilarious considering I haven't watched any wrestling in a month and a half because I've been too busy having a girlfriend.

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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