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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Don't think I forgot about this. Just been busy with my own huge show, so sorry if this might've taken a while. But on with it!! To this much hyped display of writing achievement~!!

Opening video was very vivid and painted a bevy of pictures, although I will admit the second half of the video had my head bouncing around between wrestler’s words, song lyrics, and the images that followed. That was probably more me than you though. One gaping mistake I noticed though was that you had Cena’s ‘mania memory be that he made ‘JBL tap out to the STFU’, when in reality, he hit JBL with an FU and just got the pin. Thought there could’ve been more images thrown in there, but maybe that would’ve made it too long. Also, the way you arranged the images and wrestler’s talk was different than I’m used to, but I got used to it the farther down I got. Those things aside, the entire feel of ‘going back’ was very well done and a great way to kick off the show and let us know that this is indeed the biggest show of’em all.

“OOH YEAAAH!!” The image of the crowd going nuts on that opening vocal is an awesome image to kick off with. An early Side Effect is pretty big, as is already some involvement from that Little Bastard. Wonder why those big points were so early? Finlay being forced to use his resources to a large degree on Hardy is very telling of both Finlay’s general ‘beat you with whatever I can find’ attitude and Hardy’s classic ‘I will not die’ testimony. Nice to see that both of those styles fit that well. Hardy turning the tables on Finlay following the submission count was very called for, the second Side Effect having much more an effect than the first. The TOF spot on the leprechaun chase was pretty sweet, didn’t feel like that made Finlay look too weak and was a great first Hardy hope spot. The next one was pretty immediate, smashing the little guy in the face to great applause, only to have Finlay crank his own back at him, thought this transition of blows was very telling. Thought the finish was a little clunky – a part of me wanted Finlay to go driving back into that exposed ring corner he introduced earlier, but that’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that you used two elements I don’t normally enjoy and that’s the ‘face foot on the ropes’ and the ‘shoulder shoved into the corner’ spots. But personal preference aside, justice gets done for all here and Hardy’s dramatic and emphatic feel-good ‘mania opening sets the stage for what should be an absolute great show. Kirby approves of this Matt Hardy win.

Another small note on Jibbles’ reaction – still don’t like JBL’s attitude towards Hardy.

oh Vinnie. I just love the image of Vince needing a strong new ref or whatever and Shane standing proudly only for Vince to shoot him down. Either way, a solid segment if for no other reason than that Lashley didn’t say much of anything.

Kudos on so far having the champs coming in second. Not very much into this match even though I’ve enjoyed the story going into it, but that’s probably because Kenny D is a little on the fritz in my mind, personally. Kenny playing the big coward here is no surprise, that big powerslam coming at a nice spot. Liked the missed big leg drop, real good momentum changer there. Torrie the Human Shield was a very nice spot for young Doane, making him just that much more of a punk bitch, and even moreso when the overall goal failed and he still got put on his back. And heeeeere’s what I’ve been waiting for. Something to make Dykstra multi-dimensional is hopefully Wilson. Carlito getting dogged here a great way to build on the sympathy for his character, as I personally feel sorry for him. Bonus points for JR calling Torrie a jezebel. Still, a very solid match in a nice place on the card. Could’ve maybe had a bit more to it, but it was still very good and a stark contrast with the opening match at that. One was heartwarming, the other heartbreaking. But again, very nice job.

Is there a reason old school Shawn Michaels is on the poster? Hm….

Awesome commentary point that both guys who’ve won MITB before are actually in both main events tonight, adding some great credibility before the match even begins. Also love the fact that on commentary, everybody had a favorite to win, adding another layer to this. Thought MVP’s full blown inflatable entrance would’ve required him to come out first or last given the time to blow that thing up. Loved Kane coming across as the monster here in the early goings, only to set up for Jeffery doing a ridiculous early spot, good job on that, although I can only think that he’ll find some way to top it as the match goes on. The TOF off the ladder is a nice spot, but I felt it was really out of place here. It was far too early and almost right after another big Hardy spot. The German against the ladder sounds very much painful. The spots are slowly climbing in impact, I like. Ironic that Hardy and Punk work together to take Kane down, eh? Ah, the ol’ ladder tumble. Won’t be the first time tonight. Thought that Kane climbing up after everybody took the huge tumble was a bit too quick. When everyone is down like that, usually there’s moment of ‘awe’ I guess for everyone to just absorb the atmosphere. The transitioning was just a wee bit too quick for me on that. The German from the top was a bit hard to visualize correctly, since there needs to be a bit of room, unless by ‘mat’ you meant the outside padding. The Kane sandwich sequence was really good, Kane looking like a damn dominant force here. Beautiful Punk hope spot here, really got him going. Sunset Flip Tower of Doom?? Shit, that sounds sick on so many levels, a great MITB replay moment if I might add and a great spot for Nitro to hang his hat on. Totally thought Jeff’s Swanton would miss, but thank goodness it didn’t, nice spot there. I keep being reminded that there’s umpteen people surrounding the ring, as well as in the ring. Thought maybe that was a little crowded with six guys in the ring and four bystanders outside. Damnit I cringe every time Benoit hits a headbutt. Can feel things winding down I think, signified by Punk’s huge tumble. Fuck, should’ve stayed with my pick in Orton. Although a quick question – where the hell did Booker go? He got beat up by Punk and stayed down for what seemed like ages. I was just adding up the number of bodies down for Orton to finally go up alone and realized Booker was nowhere to be found in the last third of the match. That aside, big, if expected, win for Orton, but I have a feeling he’s not staying on RAW.

Nice spot for the ‘mania of ‘mania’ spot, the worldwide audience and all.

Great character perspective shot between HBK, Trips, and Van Dam. Marked for the Van Dam split and the HBK prayer.

Close watch match #1 in Danielson/Helms. Goodness, Danielson was in control a great deal early. Wasn’t expecting so much from him so early, but it makes sense when I think about it. Indy guy on a big stage trying to prove himself, I getcha. Oooh, great take by Helms to finally get an opening and capitalize on it. Seems like the only way Helms can beat Danielson is if he’s weakened somehow. Goodness, Helms looking very meticulous here and showing some great psychology. If Finlay hadn’t already lost tonight, he’d be proud. Helms looking like a real pain here, in a good way, now realizing what he’s done to Danielson’s moveset. Still has enough in him for that release Tiger which sounded brutal. Wow, marked out a bit when Danielson kicked out of the Shining Wizard, thought it was pretty much over there, especially coming out of the LeBell. Great dramatized extension on the submission move, really felt the impending intensity there. Oh, the really, really dirty win? Well that all and settles that these two are sure as hell not over with. Still, a very solid match that displayed lots of things for both men that I’m sure will play out in the final leg of this in some way. Yet another heartbreaker, too.

Very nice segment from Foley and Edge here, really taking off their match last year and getting the World Heavyweight title match some build now. Should’ve had Foley say he hopes Batista kicks Edge’s ass ‘right here, in Detroit, Michigan!” Hurts my feelings a bit that you didn’t do that.

Nice package here to kick off Beth/Mickie, really got the feel of the entire feud down in these few seconds.

Liked the geared from the get-go beginning, really fits the tone of this one and sets a great stage. Mickie was in control a great deal from the early goings, told a good story in regards with Mickie having been around for a good bit longer than Beth and taking it to her, almost daring her to be ready for the big time. Almost didn’t like the tide turning when Vicky grabbed the leg, as I thought that made Beth look a tad weak and just like every other heel, which she definitely is not. Marked for the Bow and Arrow on the post, you described that a lot better than I did. Impressive slingshot suplex here, good wording following. I was gonna reach through this computer screen and choke you if Mickie won off the Glam Slam into the roll-up, so I guess good drawing me in there. A regular superplex is usually somewhat overdone as a big spot, but in a women’s match, is very bar and eyebrow raising in my book, so good shot there. I sat here and shouted ‘no’ repeatedly at my screen when Mickie hit the T and got the win, so I will commend you on getting me fully absorbed into this match and really wanting Beth to win…but this, much like the Cruiserweight contest before it, is FAR and aways from being over. Women’s specialty match to follow at Backlash plz. Push the boundaries with these two, please. If there was ever a time to put on a Women’s ladder/No DQ/Cage/Last (Wo)Man Standing match or something like that, that time would be now and it would be between these two women at some point to completely put Beth (and Mickie and the Women’s division, for that matter) over. But yeah, that’s on down the road. Great job here in the present, and even though a face won for only the second time, a personal heartbreaker for me.

Nice intensity from Orton here. He definitely won’t be holding onto that thing for very long at all, but at least give him a little bit of build with it, please. It tires me to see a guy be directionless, win MITB, and then cash in suddenly. That said, Orton is credible enough to be built with the briefcase or the title should he cash in immediately, I suppose.

Another match to play close attention to, wow, all three of them consecutively for me. Hooliganz were on fire here on the outset, really showed some good tag team chemistry. Woh, tag rope choke is a pretty big sign of aggression from the RAW champions, wouldn’t expect something like that from them. Glad that when the WGTT got control, they didn’t immediately go for the injured knee, which is a very easy and obvious thing to do. The back and forth double teams looked really good, solidifying both teams as reach tag champs. Doh, thought the Tower of London was it. But of course it’s not. Certainly not a clean win, so a heartbreaker for me, but I’m sort of glad the submission boss Charlie Haas got the winning move with that Haas of Pain. Really solid match here, both teams showing why they’re really champions, though still not that happy with the result. I think I’ve lost my heart by this point you’ve broken it so much.

Another great package here, capturing the heat between these two men, which will be absolutely off the charts.

Jesus, another take-it-to’em start, but really brutal. God, Kennedy being busted open inside what, three minutes? Yeah, this is gonna be a slobberknocker. Great opening on that, btw, as the animosity built in Flair is just ridiculous at this point. By this match, I can see your match structure all there – one person dominates, big mistake, capitalization, other person. The ring steps incident was the perfect spot for that to get Kennedy some offense, doing his own picking of the knee/leg I see. Thought it’d take something more than a huge boot to make Flair bleed, but it makes the big boot/facewash he got sound sick. This would’ve gotten a bit repetitive and in the same vein as the tag team match, but Kennedy was much less meticulous and much more brutal with it. Still wanted a bit more variety plz. The big ‘fuck you’ with the Kennedy Figure Four was excellent, should’ve seen it coming, and what a great win that would’ve been for Kennedy, but alas, it was not so. Not yet, anyways. The Plunge kickout took this thing to another level to an extent, having Flair kick out of a ridiculous move like that. Low how no matter how brutal Kennedy got, Flair came right back with incredibly old school moves. Flair gets hit by three different Kennedy finishers? Yikes. That’s a testament to the old man’s will, but the right person won. Possibly the biggest heartbreaker on the card, even though the correct person won. Beautiful stuff here from both guys for their efforts, but damn, this makes Kennedy look like a million bucks. If nothing else, he’s the only reason why Orton would stay on RAW in the near future , ‘cause this kid just made a huge case to be the next big thing, kayfabe wise. The emotional Flair ending was really well done, does make me wonder if the old man’s time is up…


The ‘taker exclusive half of this video was phenomenal as far as vivid images go, though the whole package was great too.

You set up the allure of ‘Taker and his streak pretty damn well, I would say. The first match to begin with a truly back and forth opening, good to see a bit of changing before the upcoming decimation. Beautiful job creating that ‘Taker leaping over the top rope spot, the image of him just suspended is always a terrific one. Again, things going back and forth is a great way to have this go. Now here’s some domination and decimation from the big Samoan guy. Jesus, he really is killing him with all this, or at least is trying to. It wouldn’t be a big man match if someone didn’t destroy that chew toy of an announce table, really great spot there. Loved Umaga’s continuous beatdown, still making him look like a total monster by not stopping any of it. BRAVO on this visual with the cigar split/’Taker sit up, just wonderful and made me mark out a good bit. This exchange here was insanely mark-out worthy, really made me believe both Umaga and ‘Taker should’ve gone down at several points. That Samoan Spike sent a chill up my spine. ‘Taker winning is no surprise, but like JBL said, it took it to another level in a sense. While ‘Taker’s streak may not yet have the performances and career of Shawn Michaels on it, ending Umaga’s streak is certainly something to further hang it’s hat on. Great place to further crescendo The Streak. Bravo here.

Finally hearing from Cena, was wondering when we would get that. On that note, still need to hear from a WWE Championship match guy as well as Batista, but we’ll get to that. Cena was on his money here, all pumped up and ready and such.

Another very solid video package, keeping all those things that made this huge in there, although this one was less theatrical than the others, I felt.

YOU SOLD OUT!! YOU SOLD OUT!! YES! Love it. Was hoping you’d take that and run with it in some way. Also lol at the entire Vinny Mac introduction, with his hamminess. No big entrance for Cena? Oh well. And Styles is back? Wow, this one’s got the most storyline pieces to it already. Styles gets his revenge hella early, wow. Glad it was early, seeing as how Vince is still riled up on wanting to destroy Cena so as to not DQ him. Quick count is an obvious thing here. Cena getting drilled because of Vinnie and Lashley’s pointless rendezvous was great, as if these guys needed another reason to hate them. Nice also on the slow count, same motive applying, though I don’t think Lashley should’ve gone all the way to two on the first slow count. This is the third straight match that looks to use the outside to its fair share of abuse (although I don’t think I can say anything in regards to my matches), so let’s see how different it is. Another great heel-dominated segment here, especially with Cena hulking up and Lashley planting him with that spinebuster. The STFU was a great ‘oh shit’ moment if for no other reason than I can picture the look on Vince’s face when faced with the dilemma. The Cena lure into the spear was nicely done. Those goddamn McMahons. Making me hate them even more as the match goes on, though Vince doing the slow count out of arrogance might have been a bit pushing it. Excellent storytelling throughout this one, the closing minutes were really high paced and highly dramatic, though never really in doubt. Beautiful Wrestlemania moment in the conclusion with Austin and Cena sharing brewskies and I’m really glad you went this way. I was probably in the minority with my thoughts of Cena’s not getting a Stunner, although I will say I anticipated it. Great moment to end a great match.

Georgia Dome FTW. From the South, so kudos on that one.

Aw, not closing with this one? Oh well. Was hoping Michaels would get a dramatic and possibly religiously overtoned entrance, a missed moment there. Dramatic brawl beginning is somewhat foreseeable, not much of a way around that one. Van Dam was on fire here, really an ode the psychology that he’s the guy who needs to prove himself here. You and those steel rings steps must’ve had a love affair, because this must’ve been the fifth straight match or something where it’s been featured as a game-changer. Beautiful image of Trips already going for the big kill only to have RVD reverse it and follow with the Michaels traditional Wrestlemania moonsault. The Van Dam/Michaels exchange here was pretty good, RVD getting the upper hand on the champ ‘til Trips makes the save, so to speak. Very much liked the superplex into the Michaels elbow drop. Another Michaels moonsault? Wow, thought that may have been overdoing it a little. Wow, that first SCM was literally from nowhere, didn’t see it coming at all, although I’m noticing Van Dam has impeccable recovery time this match. He got up early from the superplex/elbow drop combo as well as getting up relatively quickly from some totally off guard Chin Music. Five Star through the table has got to have Joey Styles on his feet. Triple H seems like a non-factor right now, he needs something big to happen, it’s being dominated by Michaels and RVD. There’s a big Trips spot…but RVD kicks out? Damn, SNME all over again. Felt like you overdid the Rolling Thunder on this one, would’ve done his third or fourth one had he nailed this one. Now get down and stay down, Rob. Loved Michaels calling to the heavens for a sign, as well as his overwhelming desperation after throwing the ref. Interesting and well done ending, seeing as how Trips took the fall, which I’m sure threw everyone off. This made Van Dam look like absolute gold, and Michaels wasn’t outdone either, but Triple H was very much overshadowed. A one-Pedigree night for The Game at Wrestlemania may cut it any other night, but yeah, he was very much an afterthought for the most part in this match. That said, a great win for Van Dam to nearly outperform Michaels AND pin Triple H on the grandest stage of them all.

Ah, real main event time starting with another very solid video package and an even better introduction with Edge coming into that ridiculous Alter Bridge entrance, really a big time feel now.

Edge taking a majority of the beating early was the right move I thought, seeing as how he’s controlled this thing from the start and Batista definitely wants his licks in on him. Finally no steel ring steps for the turnaround spot, just a nice DDT. Neckbreaker on the rope sounds brutal. Spear through the barricade is fuckin’ huge, especially when a guy as big as Batista is involved. Killer spot there. Edge-o-Matic was huge and must needed after that ridiculous spear to get Edge back into things. Saving Batista’s top rope shoulder block only for ‘Mania is a good spot, showing how far Batista is willing to push himself. Some very nice exchanges here, Edge being forced to revert to a sleeper hold is another good telling spot, as well as his subsequent missile dropkick. NO FUCKING WAY is my reaction to Edge kicking out of a Batista Bomb. Literally a throw my hands in the air moment, so not quite sure how exactly to feel about it. It raises the bar for this match significantly and makes Edge look great, just…damn. Ref bump! Robinson should be dead after that spear, btw. I’m still not sure how to feel about the chair – on one hand, it shows Edge’s ultimate frustration and ambition, yet on the other it won’t get him the gold he so desperately wants. Another finishing exchange here was effing huge with Edge’s Con-Chair-To attempt, but a sick Batista Bomb on the chair no less is really something. Thought Edge recovered WAY too quickly after that to deliver that spear, even when you wrote a good bit of time between them, it just didn’t feel like much, if any, time passed at all. Took almost three spears and three Bombs, but damnit, did it deliver. Really dramatic match here, although still felt like the Triple Threat should’ve ended it all, but I’ll take this and shut up.

With the beautiful package to end it, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Had to do this over a span of a few days, but an incredibly good job here mate. If there’s anything that made me feel like I overdid my World Ablaze any, it was because I had this thing to compete with (on that note, I’m not in any position to judge who did better ) and it pushed the hell outta me. Some final thoughts on the whole card is that I thought you could’ve fit a good bit more in between matches. Yeah, ‘mania skits aren’t the greatest, but they definitely have that aura around it that everything Wrestlemania touches has. Not even a Mae Young segment disappointed me a little. Everything was fantastic, although there were some times where it did feel a bit underwhelming, but that probably has more to do with many of us having been spoiled by the multiple ‘manias of Wolfy many times before. That said, you really stepped everything up to tell great stories, and I found one interesting thing about this ‘mania in that virtually nothing was ended tonight. Only the two title changes might end those feuds, but everything else certainly has new life to continue every angle with plenty of gusto. If there’s anything else, I’m sure I mentioned it in the ramble above, but again, fantastic job with everything and most thorough congratulations on not just getting to, but writing a very quality Wrestlemania here in the Wrestling Forum BTB Section. Welcome to the show…so overall, Kirby was very much in awe and very much approved, no matter how many times you broke his widdle heart


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