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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown ‘Live!’
Friday 14th November 2008
Carver Arena
Peoria, Illinois

A recap of Sunday’s Survivor Series was shown, highlighting Team Raw’s victory over Team Smackdown with Sheamus securing victory for Raw, The Big Show defeating J.B.L. inside Hell in a Cell in the Loser Leaves Town match, Triple H winning the WWE Championship after using his sledgehammer on both Randy Orton & Batista, and ending with CM Punk leading his team to victory over John Cena thanks to a spear from Edge.

The ring was set up for The Cutting Edge at the start of the show, and “Metalingus” hit to a ton of heat as ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge strolled out to the stage with a big smile on his face. He laughed off the jeers from the crowd as he walked down to the ring in his ring gear, T-shirt and leather jacket. He revelled in the heat and he started off by saying that as eventful as Sunday was, he first wanted to send his commiserations to his brother, Christian, hoping his back heals soon, again laughing off the heat from the crowd.

He then introduced all the members of Team Punk, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez before separately welcoming the man himself, the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk who received a big pop as well as some boos from the Illinois faithful. Punk soaked up the ovation and was incredibly laid back as he joined his team in the ring, shaking hands with all of them, finally Edge. The host of The Cutting Edge let the crowd now just what they accomplished at Survivor Series and how proud they were of beating Team Cena to make sure Cena didn’t receive the title shot on offer for him to challenge Punk at Night of Champions.

He went on to talk about how they stood up for the rest of the locker room to send the powers that be a message, that they’re not to be taken for granted. He then handed over to Punk and the beaming World Champion said that he wasn’t sure whether it was the fact he was close to home or what they achieved at Survivor Series but he was feeling pretty great. He said that walking in to the arena earlier in the day that the atmosphere was different, how many superstars shook his hand & thanked him for what he & his team did in standing up for them.

He went on to say that he hoped management had got their message that they weren’t going to let them have John Cena walk all over the locker room like he did on Raw, but then said that was now in the past. He moved on to say that he’s a man of his word and as promised, he’ll gladly defend his title against the members of his team, but there was one other piece of business he wanted to address, referring to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s demand for an apology. He didn’t beat around the bush and said that like he said on Sunday night, he didn’t feel there was any need to apologise for what he said or that anyone deserves one.

The World Champion and his team were then joined by Smackdown’s General Manager, Tazz who walked out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He half heartedly congratulated them on their ‘victory’ at Survivor Series but was emphatic in letting them know just what he thought of how they did it, reminding the fans how Edge took Christian out of the match and after being sent home for what he did, he reappeared and speared Cena to give Punk the chance to win the match when it looked like Cena had the match won and the title shot in the bag. He then let Punk & Co know that as far as the title shot goes, only he will decide on who gets an opportunity at Punk’s title.

That didn’t go down well with them but Tazz quickly carried on and said though that they’ll all get a chance, as starting later on there will be a tournament with 24 Smackdown superstars competing over five weeks to determine who will face Punk at Night of Champions. Team Punk and the man himself looked shocked, and even more so when Tazz announced that Cena too would be part of the tournament and he would face Jericho in the main event. He then told Edge that he too would be in action, just minutes later after the break against a member of Team Cena, Bobby Lashley. That didn’t set well with Edge as “13” played and the assertive General Manager wished him luck before heading to the back, leaving Team Punk to digest what they were told.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, the ring was cleared with Edge awaiting his opponent and Michael Cole & Matt Striker discussed the 24 man tournament to determine the number one contender tournament, reminding everyone that Edge was about to face Bobby Lashley and that John Cena will take on Chris Jericho in the main event. They also said that they were told during the break that there would be two more tournament matches later on with Elijah Burke meeting Chris Masters and that the Cruiserweight Championship match between J-Red & Johnny Jeter would now also be part of the tournament with the title and a place in the next round at stake. Cole explained he was told that there will be 12 matches over the next three weeks with the winners then competing in four triple threat matches and the winners of those four matches would battle it out in a fatal fourway elimination match with the winner going on to face CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

*The Opening Match*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
Bobby Lashley w/Charlie Haas vs. Edge

Edge found himself in quite the battle with Lashley extremely pumped up, and he took it right to The Rated-R Superstar. Lashley had him rattled & reeling after a flipping release german suplex. It was quickly followed up by a monster of a spinebuster, and after just getting his shoulder up at two, Edge was scooped up for a running powerslam. Lashley ran across the mat with Edge on his shoulder, but the Canadian slipped down to safety and pushed his opponent in to the pads. Lashley hit them chest first and Edge took him down in a flash with the Edge-O-Matic.

It wasn’t enough for the win, frustrating the hell out of Edge. He was livid as he stood back up, backing up in to the opposite corner, sizing Lashley up for the spear. The crowd tried to warn Lashley, and as Edge stormed across the ring, Lashley dodged it and ran the ropes to counter with a spear of his own. A massive pop broke out as Edge hit the deck, but just as it looked like Lashley had the match won, The Rated-R Superstar got his foot on the rope to stop the count.

Lashley showed some rare emotion, looking disappointed as he sat up, but he quickly went back to work and dragged Edge up with him, up for the dominator. Edge slipped down though and shoved Lashley in to the referee, knocking the ref down before turning Lashley round in to a stomp to the gut and planting him with the Edgecution. He then spotted an opportunity and left the ring, grabbing a steel chair. Haas saw him and went straight over, grabbing hold of the top of it.

Edge though shoved the chair in to him and forced him down to the floor, and as Haas flew right back up, Edge levelled him across the skull. Haas was out for the count, but as Edge slipped back in the ring, Lashley was already back on his feet. Edge ran at him but right in to another spear that sent The Rated-R Superstar down to the canvas. Lashley then saw Haas on the floor on the outside and then the chair by Edge’s fallen body. He wasn’t happy at all and bent down to pick the chair up to a big pop, but the ref came round and saw Lashley holding the chair with Edge flat on his back.

He called for the bell to a ton of heat and the anger of Lashley. The big man couldn’t believe it, and as soon as he came round, Edge rolled to safety with his music playing and the fans still booing like mad. The ref stood up and bore the brunt of Lashley’s anger, trying to protest his innocence, but it didn’t work much to his frustration as The Rated-R Superstar headed back up the ramp one relieved individual, smirking back at the pissed off Lashley.

Winner: Edge by DQ.

{Commercial Break}

>Coming Soon!<

*Match 2*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
Elijah Burke w/Layla vs. Chris Masters

Burke & Masters were next up to join Edge for a spot in the next stage of the tournament, and it was Masters who started the stronger. Burke though showed his resilience and came back fighting at The Masterpiece, just as Masters looked like he was about to book his place in the next round. Burke managed to escape just before Masters was about to apply The Masterlock, taking him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Burke was still hurting, but as both men made their way back up, he seized the momentum and rallied with a flying forearm smash and then a lifting spinning sit-out spinebuster.

It was The Masterpiece who had his back against the wall, and as he crawled in to the corner and used the ropes to help get back up, Burke pulled down his knee pads and charged at him, hitting the Elijah Express to a big pop before finishing his opponent off with the Elijah Experience. The fans showed their appreciation for him as he stood up looking delighted to have moved a step closer to a world title shot. His fiancée, Layla quickly joined him in the ring and gave him a quick kiss before then raising his hand, both looking very happy indeed.

Winner: Elijah Burke by pinfall.

A recap of the Cruiserweight Championship match from three weeks ago between Johnny Jeter & J-Red was shown where Red was about to hit the Red Alert on Jeter until Chavo Guerrero stopped him in his tracks to save Jeter his title by a DQ loss before attacking Red and leaving him laid out in the ring. Michael Cole & Matt Striker then spoke about the title rematch later on, letting everyone know Chavo would be banned from ringside.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger were walking through the hallway, neither looking in the best of moods after being part of Team Miz’s dismal defeat at the hands of Team H.B.K. at Survivor Series. As they carried on walking, they heard some chuckling. They stopped and looked right at M.V.P. & Ron Killings, leaning up against the wall without a care in the world. Ziggler & Swagger stared daggers at them, Ziggler especially, and he asked what they were laughing at, getting a quick response that they were the butt of their jokes.

Ziggler fired back and told them they had no reason to make fun of them, accusing them of embarrassing Smackdown at Survivor Series against Team Raw. Killings said his team at least came close unlike Ziggler’s, but Ziggler didn’t beat around the bush and laid all the blame at The Miz’s door, saying The Miz was full of it, running his mouth about how awesome he was when he wasn’t. Dolph then told M.V.P. & Killings that The Miz sure isn’t awesome but he is, and if he was the captain of Team Smackdown, they would’ve beaten Raw unlike them.

M.V.P. was trying not to laugh at him and then told Ziggler that there was only one way to find that out, challenging him to a match later on, but Ziggler said that wasn’t necessary as he’d just spoken to Tazz about the world title tournament. Dolph told M.V.P. that they’d be going one on one next week in the tournament and that he’s going to beat him before going on to Night of Champions when he’ll become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler showed no fear of M.V.P., staring intently at him before heading off down the hall with Swagger following and M.V.P. & Killings watching them.

*Match 3*
Paul London vs. Johnny Devine w/Petey Williams

London & Devine put on quite the show, bringing the crowd in to it, and as the match went on it was Devine who was in the ascendency. It looked like the Canadian was about to wrap it up, going for a springboard tornado DDT, but London countered, throwing him down to the mat after he hit the ropes. As Devine then made his way back up, London nailed him with a super kick to pick up the victory. He couldn’t enjoy his victory though as Williams stormed the ring and attacked him from behind.

He clubbed him down to the mat to a chorus of boos, but as he dragged London up and in to place for the Canadian Destroyer, Brian Kendrick charged down the ramp and in to the ring. The fans cheered as he ran at Petey who let go of London, only to get taken down by a clothesline and then a dropkick from Kendrick, who then hit the Sliced Bread to another decent pop. He helped London up, who looked a bit surprised to see his former partner there helping him out, seeming to indicate that their problems may well be behind them. “Hey You” hit with the fans still cheering as Kendrick nodded at London and then left the ring with London watching him head back up the ramp.

Winner: Paul London by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

Footage from earlier in the day was shown of John Cena entering the building, and boy was he ticked off. Josh Matthews tried to catch up with him for a few words but Cena ignored him and kept on walking, leaving Josh hanging.

Back in the arena, The Empire (Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, William Regal & Katie Lee) headed down to the ring with Katie carrying the Union Jack as always. They were all looking quite pleased with themselves and Barrett wasted no time in cutting to the chase, bragging about their actions last week, attacking Harry Smith and announcing for those who didn’t already know that Smith had broken his ankle as a result. With the fans booing, it only made Barrett more smug, stating his belief that the tag team titles should be vacated as a result as Smith will be unable to compete for some time.

He went on to say that when the titles are vacated, he & Drew would get their hands on them, fulfilling their promise to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions, giving the whole world, especially the UK, champions they could be proud of. That brought out Paul Burchill, holding his title belt with Smith’s former rookie & friend, TJ Wilson along with his girlfriend and Smith’s cousin, Natalya Neidhart. All of them were furious, glaring down with anger at The Empire, and Burchill didn’t beat around the bush.

He let them know exactly what he thought of them, calling them cowards for what they did to Harry, accusing them of taking him out because they knew full well they couldn’t win the titles by beating him & Harry in the ring. Barrett denied it but Burchill quickly interrupted and said that whatever happens to the titles if they’re vacated or not, he’d do whatever it takes to make sure they didn’t get their hands on them. Barrett said there was nothing anyone can do to stop them, but then someone who could, Tazz walked out to the stage alongside Burchill, Wilson & Neidhart.

He told them that only he could make the decision on what happens to the titles but he had made one after hearing about Smith’s injury. He said that Barrett was right in saying that the titles had to be vacated, announcing that he was left with no choice but to strip The UK Pack of the tag team titles. The fans didn’t like it, unlike Barrett & Co in the ring who were loving it. Tazz then changed that and said that The UK Pack was made up of Burchill & Smith, meaning he was stripping them as a team, but said that Wilson wasn’t part of The UK Pack.

Everyone looked on curiously as Tazz then said the only person he was stripping was Smith and that he was giving his half of the titles to Wilson, albeit temporarily. The crowd loved it, but The Empire didn’t. Barrett was livid and let Tazz know just that, but the General Manager told him to deal with it or to disappear if he didn’t like it. Burchill, Wilson & Natalya looked very uneasy about it given their problems as of late, but just before Tazz disappeared, he said that he’d made another decision earlier on, that they’re all going to collide next week with Burchill taking on Regal and Wilson facing Barrett in the World Heavyweight Championship number one contender tournament. He then left them to it with no one sure what to make of Tazz’s announcements.

{Commercial Break}

We were taken to the back where Tazz was walking from when a not so happy looking Michelle McCool walked right up to him and got in his face about not hiring her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes. Tazz didn’t hold back and let her know that he didn’t even need to consider it as he didn’t see them as rookies or even wrestlers, just someone to do her dirty work. McCool didn’t like it but did say she was at least pleased he didn’t hire Beth Phoenix’s rookie (Nikki Roxx) either, and then told Tazz she wasn’t happy about Beth calling her a coward last week either. Tazz said from what he saw, she can’t have any complaint and that next week for their special show down under in Australia, she’ll have no choice but to get in the ring with The Glamazon as that’s when their title match will take place. McCool played up slightly in making out she was fine with it and how she’d prove Tazz wrong by beating Beth and winning the diva’s title.

We went back to the ring and Mickie James was making her way down to the ring with her boyfriend, the United States Champion & King of the Ring, Matt Sydal. She was ready for action and asked Justin Matthews for a microphone. She said that she wasn’t sure if the fans were aware of her opponent who’s been getting in her & Layla’s face backstage over the last few weeks, telling the fans that this chick’s been saying things are about to get crazy. She then said that a few years’ ago she was called crazy and that she has news for ODB, she still can be and she’s about to get crazy on her ass. ODB then made her entrance, swigging from her flask with Mickie watching her every step of the way.

*Match 4*
Mickie James w/Matt Sydal vs. ODB

Mickie did get crazy and was up for the fight against ODB, so much so that when the action spilled outside, they got carried away. It all started when ODB landed on her feet and pulled Mickie out with force, but she wasn’t done there. With Sydal right next to the action, ODB forced herself on him, kissing him as Mickie sat up. She was livid and jumped back up, brawling their way to a double count out. Sydal managed to pull them apart and Mickie to the ramp with the two divas still glaring at each other as “Obsession” played.

Result: Double Count Out.

{Commercial Break}

A video of John Cena getting ready for his match later on with Chris Jericho in his dressing room was shown, and Cena had his game face on, looking well & truly pumped up for that match, the main event set for later on.

Back to back interviews with Josh Matthews from earlier in the day were shown with the two men competing in the Cruiserweight title match later on, starting with the challenger, J-Red. He was asked about the eventful start to his WWE career, going over his problems with and victories over his former mentor (Chavo Guerrero), winning the battle royal four weeks ago to earn a shot at the cruiserweight title and being robbed of the title a week later when Chavo interfered in the title match to cost him the chance to become champion. Josh also mentioned his victory over Chavo last week before asking Red how he felt about the chance of not just becoming Cruiserweight Champion but possibly getting a chance of competing for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Red said it sure has been one wild ride but he’s always risen to the challenge like he did a month ago when he was seconds away from beating Johnny Jeter and winning the cruiserweight title. He then said that he’s not forgotten that night and he was going to make it right by winning later on, also saying that as great as it would be to get a shot at the world title, that’s not what he’s been thinking about, it’s just a bonus, but if he does win, he’ll do all he can to go all the way to Night of Champions to take on CM Punk. Josh then asked him how he felt about Chavo being banned from ringside, and Red said that it would sure as hell help, and if he does win, he hopes Chavo’s watching.

Johnny Jeter’s interview was shown next and the confident Cruiserweight Champion said that some people may have called Red’s ‘journey’ a fairytale but it was the night where it would be coming to a grinding halt, stating that not only is Red not going to get his hands on the cruiserweight title, he won’t get a shot at the world title either. Jeter said that he was the one who’d be victorious later on and the one moving a step closer to Night of Champions where he’ll become the new World Champion.

*Match 5*
Jimmy Yang & Sonjay Dutt vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Ziggler & Swagger were dominant for the majority of the match, but Yang & Dutt did put up a fight to get the crowd going, although it just fired up the determined duo even more. Ziggler in particular was on a mission to make a statement, and it was Dolph that picked up the win after he hit Dutt with the Zig Zag. He wasn’t done there though, and when Yang entered the ring to check on his partner, Ziggler slid back in the ring and hit him with the Zig Zag too, met with a ton of boos from the fans, not that the intense Ziggler or the smirking Swagger cared.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

*Match 6*
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
& World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
J-Red vs. Johnny Jeter (c)

Red & Jeter put on a show for the fans and it was a real battle, both men coming close and fighting back at the other. Jeter was starting to get hot & bothered at the challenger’s resilience, and Red nearly snatched the title out of nowhere, ducking a super kick and running through in to the ropes, coming back and connecting with a Satellite DDT. It was Jeter who left Red frustrated that time, but as the match drew to a close, Jeter missed with a guillotine leg drop to the relief of the crowd. As both men clawed their way back up looking worse for wear, Red was the less steady on his feet, giving Jeter the chance to go for the Genesis Kick.

Red though ducked it and Jeter turned round in to a kick to the gut and a Brainbuster. The crowd were on their feet as the challenger crawled across to the apron, and as he got there, the champion was coming round. Red steadied himself on the apron with the fans cheering and he was feeling it, and with no Chavo there this time, he hit the springboard off the ropes and caught Jeter with the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO to a huge pop. Red didn’t waste a second in going for the cover with the fans counting along with the referee, all the way to three, giving us a new Cruiserweight Champion.

The crowd erupted and Red dropped his head in to his hands in shock. Out of nowhere though, Chavo stormed the ring as Red remained on his knees while the ref collected the title belt. Chavo grabbed it from him, and as the unsuspecting new champion stood up, his former mentor laid him out to a chorus of boos with his own belt. The remorseless Mexican just glared down at him and eventually dropped the title on his former rookie before leaving the ring with the fans still booing and Jeter sitting up looking furious.

Winner: By pinfall, and the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, J-Red.

{Commercial Break}

CM Punk’s former rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez was backstage with Josh Matthews and Josh was told that the Mexican had some news for him. The all smiling Del Rio-Ramirez told Josh that he earlier learnt that he would be one of the men competing in the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the world title. He then said that Tazz told him he would be in action next week against the man he pinned at the Survivor Series, the King of the Ring & United States Champion, Matt Sydal.

Del Rio-Ramirez said he showed people that Sydal isn’t the hero the fans think he is and that he is going to beat him again next week to prove it. Josh asked him if it would be awkward if he did win the tournament as he’d have to face his former mentor for the title at Night of Champions. The Mexican replied by saying it wouldn’t be awkward but an absolute honour to step in the ring with a true champion which he hopes to be.

*The Main Event*
World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Tournament
First Round Match
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Cena & Jericho had quite the battle, but as the match was in its final stages, Jericho came close to the win, only to see Cena kick out of the lionsault and fight his way to the ropes when in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho was pissed, and so were some of the fans. He tried to pull Cena away from the ropes and apply the hold again, but Cena kicked up at him, sending Jericho back and down on his ass. As they made their way back up, Cena fought back, connecting with a diving shoulder tackle and a spin-out powerbomb.

With momentum on his side, he hit the five knuckle shuffle and went looking for the F-U again, only for Jericho to slip down his back and go for the Codebreaker. Cena though stood firm and Jericho hit the deck, and as he made his way back up, Cena took him right back down in to the STFU to an incredibly loud mixed reaction. Jericho tried to get to the ropes but couldn’t, eventually tapping out to put Cena in to the next stage of the tournament. Cena still wasn’t showing too much emotion at the bell, clearly still unhappy about what happened at Survivor Series.

As he left the ring, Jericho sat up in the ring looking extremely unhappy. When he got back up, he went to the apron and demanded a microphone. He got one and said he’s had enough, enough of Cena and how he can’t take another second of him being around. He then said that as long as Cena’s on Smackdown, he doesn’t want to be and announced that he’s going away and won’t return until Cena’s gone. The fans couldn’t believe it and booed him as he stomped his way back up the ramp.

Winner: John Cena by submission.

We were taken backstage to see a very serious looking Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley headed it seemed for the ring and the apology she demanded Sunday from the World Champion, CM Punk.

{Commercial Break}

“I’m All Grown Up Now”

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
made her way out to the stage, all business as she entered the ring and asked for a microphone, getting a mixed response from the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
F’ those of you that are wondering why I’m here t’night, Sunday night at the Survivor Series I had some business to attend to. See last week, the World Champion C-M Punk overstepped the mark in some of the comments he made about John Cena. I let him know just that an’ told him that I expect him to apologise here this evening. . . I’ve been waiting back there all night f’ him to come out here an’ apologise, however it appears he’s chosen to ignore my demands. The thing is Punk this isn’t going away. You need to apologise f’ what you said, and you will, right now. . . I’m not going anywhere, so I suggest you stop wasting everybody’s time an’ bring yourself out here an’ say what you need to.

Steph turned & looked up at the stage, waiting for Punk to show his face, and she didn’t have to wait long.

“This Fire Burns”

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk walked out to a rowdy Illinois crowd, mostly cheered by his home state fans, not looking the least bit bothered by Steph staring at him in the ring. He walked past her with a smile on his face to collect a microphone of his own.

CM Punk:
I know we’re running out of time Steph so I’m gonna cut right t’ the chase, not that it’s gonna make you happy. The fact of the matter is I don’t know what t’ tell you. I already told you Sunday that as far as this apology goes, I don’t have a clue who you want me to apologise to, an’ t’ be perfectly honest, the way I see it there’s nothing to apologise for. I spoke my mind, an’ this is the land of free speech after all, so I’m sorry t’ disappoint you Steph but this apology, it’s not gonna happen.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Look Punk, you an’ I both know you crossed the line last week, and you will apologise.

CM Punk: Really, you sure about that are ya? Just because you want an apology, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get one. I know you’re used t’ getting what you want, but in the real world it doesn’t work like that. There’s a whole lot of things I want, like a trip to the playboy mansion for example. Hell I want the Cubs t’ win the world series an’ the Bears t’ win the Superbowl. However much I want all those things t’ happen, it doesn’t mean they will, an’ even the one thing I want more than anything right now, John Cena t’ disappear off the face of the earth, that won’t happen either. So Steph, this apology, you can shove it straight up your pampered little ass.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: You’re making a big mistake Punk. I hope you know that an’ just who you’re talking to.

CM Punk: Oh I know exactly who I’m talking to. I’m talking to someone who doesn’t have a clue about this whole situation f’ a whole load of reasons, namely one. That being that you’re in the same position as Cena, even more so in fact. See like Cena, you’ve had ev’rything handed to you on a plate, except you’ve had it since the first breath you took in this easy little world of yours. You’ve not had t’ bust your ass an’ work your way up from the very bottom of this business all the way t’ the top like I have. You’ve not had t’ sacrifice anything like we ‘superstars’ have but I’m not gonna get in t’ that right now. The bottom line is you don’t have the understanding or passion f’ this business I love, an’ y’know what the worst thing about you is Steph? No matter how bad a job you do, an’ believe me you do, you never have been or ever will be the one who gets blamed or loses their job because you’re bullet proof. You’re daddy’s little girl who can do whatever the hell you want around here. It makes me sick that people who actually know this business inside out, guys like Paul Heyman get the blame an’ get fired instead when they’re not the problem. That problem Steph is you.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Okay Punk, you’ve had your say, now I’ll have mine. You’re the one that doesn’t understand. Personally I don’t care what your opinion is of me, that’s not my job. You might not like it, an’ yeah you’re not alone in not liking John Cena, but the fact is he’s one of the biggest superstars in the company.

CM Punk: He’s really not, commercially maybe. . .

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: . . . Yeah, that’s the point. Whether you like it or not, this is a business an’ Cena brings us business. That’s a fact. He brings in a lot, an’ I mean a lot of money Punk, money that keeps this company afloat.

CM Punk: Like I care about that. Do you have any idea what damage Cena is doing t’ this business while he’s bringing you in some money that other people could if they were given at least one of the chances he’s had? Just one title shot, one movie role, that’s all it’d take. How long do the fans, an’ I mean the real fans like the ones here in Illinois who actually know what wrestling. . . yeah I said wrestling not sports entertainment. How long will it take f’ you t’ realise that when they chant Cena sucks that he does just that? Just because some clueless kids buy his shirts doesn’t mean Cena doesn’t suck. Legends that have graced this ring say the same thing like the guys back there who’ve been trampled on over an’ over again. Hell one of the best wrestlers of the last decade just walked out because he’s sick of Cena. What don’t you get Steph? He might bring in the cash that ups your inheritance but without the ‘superstars’ you won’t have a company. . . There’s a whole load of talent back there who feel the same way as me an’ Jericho, an’ the way things are goin’, you’re gonna end up without a locker room. As important as the fans are, an’ most of them are complete idiots, without us this company’s worthless. We’ve had enough. . .

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: . . . Look, we appreciate ev’ryone back there. There are no guarantees in. . .

CM Punk: . . . Oh please. You don’t appreciate anyone other than the guys who bring you in the megabucks. There are a ton of guys back there who’ve worked their asses off who at least deserve the chance t’ make the step up, get the ball handed t’ them f’ a change instead of Cena. You can talk all this corporate B-S, it doesn’t fool me. Cena’s had the ball f’ years an’ he’s not worthy of it.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Ev’ryone back there has a chance. If they’re not as popular as Cena, that’s not our fault.

CM Punk: Please. Ev’ryone has the chance? Just not as much as Cena right?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: If anyone wants t’ make it t’ the top Punk, they can. It’s not difficult.

CM Punk: What, like Triple H did? But now he’s had enough of you an’ Batista knocked you back, maybe there is a chance f’ someone else t’ step up t’ the. . . y’know what we’ll call it the plate.

Steph wasn’t amused at stared right at the incredibly laid back World Champion.

CM Punk:
Thinking about it, is that what all this is about? I think we’ve got a case of the woman scorned here. You’re angry like anyone would be if they were playing second fiddle f’ just a belt an’ you’re lookin’ f’ someone t’ take it out on, an’ lucky me, I say something slightly controversial t’ you an’ here we are.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: I’ll tell you where we are Punk. This whole standing up for the superstars thing doesn’t wash with me. You’re just threatened by Cena being here ‘cause you know he can take that title from you. You’re looking out f’ yourself. You don’t fool me. . . Cena’s here t’ stay. I suggest you deal with it, but if you don’t an’ carry on the way you are, being controversial as you put it, you’re gonna find yourself in a world of trouble.

CM Punk: Hey, I’m not trying t’ be controversial f’ the sake of it. Trust me Steph ‘cause I promise you, you’d know if I was.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Is that supposed t’ be a threat? Am I supposed t’ be worried? Let me remind you who works f’ who here, who signs your pay cheque each month. Believe me Punk, making threats against me isn’t smart. If you want t’ keep working here, you’ll do what I tell you to, an’ that means apologise f’ what you said last week an’ f’ what you’ve said t’ me t’night.

CM Punk: Is that right? You want me t’ apologise?. . . Alright. . . Steph, I’m sorry. . .

Punk dropped the microphone in a flash and lifted Steph up off her feet and up for the GTS. Most of the crowd were cheering as the still calm Punk looked in to the stands with Steph wriggling around & screaming. The World Champion then shocked the fans by dropping Steph back down to her feet before picking his belt back up and leaving the ring with the ring with his title over his shoulder and a big smile on his face with Steph stunned & angry staring at him as he headed back up the ramp. Tazz then paced down the ramp, past Punk and in to the ring to make sure Steph was okay, not that Punk cared. He turned round at the top of the stage and looked down at Tazz & Steph looking right back up at him shaking their heads furiously at the unapologetic Punk as the show came to a close.

{End of Show}

Quick Results

Edge df. Bobby Lashley
Elijah Burke
df. Chris Masters
Paul London
df. Johnny Devine
Mickie James & ODB
Double Count Out
Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
df. Jimmy Yang & Sonjay Dutt
J-Red df. Johnny Jeter
New Cruiserweight Champion!
John Cena
df. Chris Jericho

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Matt Sydal, M.V.P. & Ron Killings df. The Pitbulls & Chavo Guerrero

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